Mr. N’s NFC South Preview #NFL #NFLThoughts #NFLTrainingCamp

NFC South


Carolina Panthers led the way last year and this year have somewhat of a nice schedule and most pieces back including Benjamin at WR to have another nice road to the playoffs.

If all goes well they could end up 14-2 and have home field throughout
If they lose a few then they go 13-3 and just win the division and maybe have no bye as there are a LOT of 13-3 NFC teams.
If they struggle they will still go 11-5

I like 13-3 and third seed so they are home against a Wild Card team.

New Orleans Saints have a superb offense but really need the D to show up some or this will not be fun and I don’t think the D will show up.

If they find D to go with scoring then 10-6 is on the plate
if the D does what it can then 8-8 is what they will be
If the O can’t work either then 5-11 is that nightmare

I say 8-8 and watch the fun as Brees throws for 5000 yards

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back with Winston a year older and maybe he can connect with his WR a bit better, especially with long passes. The D needs to step up to.

If they find it all comes together then I say 9-7 is their record.
if they have some Winston and D issues then 7-9
If the D is bad then 6-10.

I expect 7-9 which is one better than last year and perhaps playoffs in 2017.

Atlanta Falcons won their first 5 last year and I don’t think they may win 5 in 2016. This is a team led by a poor excuse for a QB and has issues at WR and O line and D. Boy do they have D issues.

If they have success then they could be 7-9.
If they are what they really are then 4-12 is it.
If it blows up then 3-13 is likely.

I give them 4-12 and another ugly year in Atlanta.


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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