Mr. N’s AFC West Preview 2016 #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp #SundayBlogShare



Oakland Raiders – yes I have drunk the kool-aid and for this to come to pass Oakland will have to find it in them to win easy games, win easy games ON THE OTHER COAST and win tough games *at least half of them*

I like Carr, Cooper, Murray and the D lead by Mack and think this is the year

if all goes superbly and the Silver and Black is back then 12-4 is possible.
If it all goes as it should then 11-5 is it
if they can’t man up it could be a disappointing 8-8

I think 11-5 and Division Champs

Kansas City Chiefs – They have a balanced if not exciting O and a D that can be a force sometimes. And a tough schedule.

If they exceed expectations then 11-5 is possible
if they are who I think they are then 9-7 is their record
if it all falls apart then 7-9 is what is will be

I say 9-7.

Denver Broncos – the laughable world champs will be preseason #1 in my poll but they will fall from that spot as soon as the season starts. No QB, no real offense, a D beset by losses and a tough schedule.

if somehow their QB can complete a pass and not butt-fumble they could be 10-6
If Butt-fumble is their QB and he is who he is then 8-8 it will be.
If they are completely destroyed they could be 5-11

I say 8-8 and an ugly 8-8.

Speaking of ugly I present…

San Diego Chargers – They have destroyed any hope of success with their top pick. They didn’t take a LT at #3 as they had paid their bad LT a lot of money so he is their guy. They have an aging O, a D with major issues and a tough schedule. Combine with a team likely being voted out of their town and run by morons…

If they scrape together some success they could be 6-10
If they are a complete mess then 5-11
if it all collapses then 3-13 is possible.

I say 5-11 but for the life of me I can’t see 5 wins on their schedule.


Preseason Power Poll will be out on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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