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NFL Power Rankings


1. Denver Broncos (1) – Well a team that lucked out with a Super Bowl win and now is almost universally touted to maybe return to the game…that didn’t seem to take with a bad team who turns the ball over, can’t stop the run or rush the passer or defend against a receiver. I have heard over and over how this secondary is the BEST. Best at being beaten by receivers perhaps. They are lucky they aren’t down by 4 tds at the half. The Broncos managed to score one TD in the second half when having a 20-yard field. Other then that the O was stifled. The D was the dirtiest, cheap shotting scumbag D I have ever had the misfortune to witness. If you can only be a ‘Good’ D if you cheat, then you are NOT A good D. They lost the game and then used a late time out to ‘win’ it. An ugly small w win and they are NOT going to Super Bowl 51 unless they buy tickets.

2. Green Bay Packers (3) – The Packers are struggling some with getting through the Jag D and have really worked hard to get a lead at the half. The D has some serious issues. Rodgers was able to get it going in the 2nd half and the D bent and bent but finally didn’t break and they sneak out of South Florida with a very hard fought win but it was a good win.

3. New England Patriots (6) – Well Jimmy G was impressive for a first start but he wasn’t Tom. The Pats bad O line blocked like all pros, the questionable Pats weapons were unstoppable sometimes and the Pats flat D could cover and rush. A really solid performance and until they are beaten they are the team to beat in the AFC north and possibly the AFC.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (5) – The Bengals D seems to be having trouble getting their feet under them early and are being battled by a Jet O. Dalton is getting some success from passing and that is all that is keeping the Bengals in a game that is playing much closer than it should be early. What a battle, they gave and took on O and D and in the end they got the W. That was a bloody fight but this W is worth bragging about.

5. Oakland Raiders (7) – Rather solid O and rather unappealing D has the Raiders early on keeping pace in a shootout. The Raiders played great O and somewhat porous D and then with what had to be one of the gutsiest things I have ever witnessed they went for 2 when they could have tied and they got it. The D almost lost it but they won one they would normally lose. Win 2 more of the next 3 and the Raiders are back!

6. Houston Texans (9) – Houston had some trouble getting O early but managed to grab a lead with a good pass. The D has been difficult for Chicago to deal with but not the dynamo it is supposed to be and now they trail at the half. Osweiler and the Texans really concentrated when it mattered. They got the rush and passing on and really played solid D and put the game away. A solid win for Houston.

7. Arizona Cardinals (2) – The Cards seemed to have picked up the Patriot deck for most of the game. The team with solid O line couldn’t block, the team with great WR weapons couldn’t move the ball, the team with a great D couldn’t rush or cover. The Cards battled on and actually got to within a foot of a win and their kicker missed another and cost them the game. They need to show what they are supposed to have in week 2 or this team is a mirage.

8. Carolina Panthers (4) – The Panthers offense seems to have shaken off any Super Bowl hangover and somehow shook off what had to be the worst warbling of an anthem since Roseanne at the Padres game. Caaaaaam shows he has the stuff to make it work again and if only they could play some run D they would be running away with this game. A solid first half. The Panthers offense got slowed by illegal (uncalled) hit after hit on Caaaaam. They had a turnover, which is gold and that cost them the lead. The D played really well in the second half and Caaam, despite getting badly concussed *due to an illegal hit not called* **and being allowed to stay in the game despite being badly concussed and I do NOT care how much manure the NFL shovels to say Caaam wasn’t concussed** put them in the position to kick the game winning field goal and they did. Oh then a tacky, cheap, very late time out took that off the board and the next one missed. Carolina did all they could to win the game but they need to stop the run and the NFL must protect Caaaam or he will be the next to retire at 27.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (12) – Like clockwork they had this game in the bag practically right out of the gate. Shazier was amazing at LB and is the key to the Steeler D. Big Ben, Antonio Brown and D’angelo just ripped the Skins a new one. An easy win by a team who can do this as long as Ben is at QB. He gets hurt and…

10. Minnesota Vikings (11) – The Vikings are a team in some kind of turmoil. The O can’t seem to gel around Hill, the running game is being stomped and their kicker can’t hit even half an upright. What an ugly start to what should be a promising season. They HAVE to get better or … well we can hold off on that sentence as the Vikes managed to put together a couple of drives, hit a few kicks and with some nice D they won the game. That was a hard fight but they won it. They need help on O and maybe Bradford can provide it.

11. Seattle Seahawks (10) – The Seahawks seem to have forgotten they have to make an effort to beat a bad team on Sunday. Hopefully a stern locker room speech will inspire a bit of effort in the 2nd half. This was not an easy thing by half. Remarkably some of the biggest questions were would Seattle be able to play enough D to win this game? Wilson, who got intentionally injured by the evillest vicious goon to ever set foot in the NFL (Suh) gutted it out and did just enough to win the game. A hard fought and ugly win.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (13) – What the hell happened to KC and if they don’t wake up in the 2nd half this will be the upset of the week. Terrible, TERRIBLE start. Full credit to the Chiefs for a great locker room speech. They didn’t surrender, they battled back and played solid D and crafty O and slowly closed the gap until they tied it late and then amazingly won it in OT. A great win for this team.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (8) – Good offense early but the D has been hit and miss and they need a lot more shut down D to steal this game from one of the leagues best. Have to give the Jags full credit for they battled right to the end and only missed sneaking one out by the slimmest of margins. They can build on this effort. Tighten up the D and keep the O rolling and watch for this team.

14. Baltimore Ravens (15) – Very solid start with excellent O and solid D and they are looking much better as a sum of their relatively poor parts. A good first half. The Ravens D really showed something in the second half and took control of the game. The O couldn’t do much but they did enough combined with a solid D to get a win.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18) – Difficulty stopping the Falcons pass offense is hampering the Bucs and the main reason they are having trouble in the first half *beyond inability to score TDs easily* A superb effort by Winston in the second half put the Bucs way out in front and the D did just enough to hold on for a nice division victory.

16. New York Jets (14) – A pretty good offensive performance has the jets leading more than trailing in the first half. A solid start to the season so far. The Jets did all they could but win the game. They battled on O but a late Fitz pick killed them. They will only go as far as the typical Fitz can take em. A tough loss.

17. Washington Redskins (16) – Boy that was ugly. Cousins threw more into the ground than close to the arms of his receivers. He looked nervous which made no sense. The Skins D couldn’t cover and were torched over and over and in the end this team playing like this will be hard pressed to win the winnable NFC East.

18. New Orleans Saints (17) – The Saints are playing a classic old school (re-early 2000’s Raider) game with lotsa O and very little D. Early prediction, last TD scored wins. The Saints O continued to score and their D continued to let them in. In the end they let in the last one and missed a long field goal and down went a Saint team that needs to play D.

19. Miami Dolphins (19) – Very little to no O but some D has them in a close if not very well played game. The Dolphins should count themselves lucky to be in the game at the half. The Dolphins played hard D *Suh even tried to destroy Wilson – he should be banned from the NFL forever* but couldn’t get much O going and when it was on the line they failed and lost. A hardy try but still a loss. New England must feel good as every team in their division lost week 1 so they can be no worse than tied for first or alone in first. *alone in first darn New England*

20. New York Giants (24) – The G-men have some solid O working but their 200-million-dollar D is early showing that cash spent doesn’t mean better. They need to tighten it up in the 2nd half. The Giants did tighten up the D a little in the second half and after Eli put them ahead they managed to stop Dallas when they had to. A hard fought and good win on the road in a division rival’s house.

21. Detroit Lions (28) – Excellent first half with great O and solid D. Can they do it for 60 minutes? The Lions could not play D in the second half but they keep scoring and if they score last they win. They scored last after a superb drive by Stafford. A great win for Detroit.

22. Chicago BEARS (20) – The BEARS have looked pretty good in a tough road atmos and Cutler is being better than worse. The D has had some success. Overall the BEARS have to be happy with this first half. Can they do this for 60 is the big question. That question was answered with a resounding NO. Chicago needs to understand the game is more than 30 minutes and a good 30-minute effort just leads to a loss. Not a nice way to finish a pretty well fought game.

23. Buffalo Bills (21) – The Bills D is having all sorts of trouble dealing with Baltimore’s rather inconsistent receivers and still it seems Sexy Rexy put reigns on Ty Taylor. They need better D before worrying about the O. The Bills had no answer to a tough D and failed to muster any offense in the second half and have to be very disappointed to drop one that they should have won.

24. Indianapolis Colts (22) – The Colts lack of D is apparent as they were gashed by Detroit in the first 30. Luck also needs better protection. Could be a long day. The Colts have exploded in the second half and if they played D this would be a laugher. As it is, this is a repeat of Saints/Raiders and last team who scores wins. The Colts D blew it and lost a heartbreaker at home. Ugly loss and ugly D.

25. Philadelphia Eagles (29) – I have seen a lot of rookie QB’s first play in the NFL and I have never seen better. A QB with no experience and he just marched the field. Amazing!!!!! Wentz continues to look comfortable and that is beyond incredible. Eagles even showing some D. Good first half of football. Well done as they followed it with a great second half. I never thought the Eagles had this in them and now I need to see them do it again.

26. San Francisco 49ers (32) – Well that game plan worked. Solid Running game, and a D that shut down a pretty crappy O but a shutout win is a shutout win. Very impressive…let’s see them do it again.

27. Dallas Cowboys (25) – Prescott not getting in the end zone but moving between the 20’s and getting 3’s while the D is just what I thought they were, terrible. The Cowboys had a very hard time getting 7 points and couldn’t get the ball to the Mother beater and when it was on the line they ran out of time and lost. How about Dem Cowboys? lol

28. Tennessee Titans (27) – The Titans have been surprisingly effective on both O and D and if they keep this up in the 2nd half they could have their first win of the year. They couldn’t keep it up and the D just allowed Minnesota to pour in enough to beat them handily. The Titans have a lot to learn about closing out a game.

29. Los Angeles Rams (23) – OMG that was horrible. No offense, not a hint of offense. The D seemed to lack the leadership of all the vets they canned and they were schooled by a team with less talent than Alabama. If this doesn’t change fast, then Fisher is gone by the bye. Horrible loss. By far the worst team I have seen this year give or take Cleveland.

30. San Diego Chargers (26) – Lambo should really kick for Green Bay. For a team with little D and little O they are dominating in a road game they have no business even being remotely involved in. A superb first half. What a heart breaking last 36 minutes of a game. The D slowly got beat the O did nothing and when it was on the line they couldn’t stop a QB sneak. What a horrible loss for a team that can’t afford to lose games they have in hand.

31. Atlanta Falcons (30) – The Falcons O is doing a fair job of getting past what is at least on paper a growing better Buc D. The Falcons Questionable D is holding up well in the first half. The bad D showed up in the 2nd half and put them so far down in a hole that Matty Melting Ice couldn’t dig them out of it. A loss they fully earned with D that bad.

32. Cleveland Browns (31) – RGIII is not looking like a good gamble for the Browns so far. Terrell Pryor is looking like a super WR and he was a good QB once too. The Browns are going to understand a law of Mr. N that has existed for years – Turnovers are GOLD. A not clean start to the game. The Browns D was terrible in the second half and RGIII doesn’t look like the answer and this was a bad loss. Me thinks there are problems in Cleveland already. With RGIII out for 8 games, they may just improve a little.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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