“#Jets live by the Fitz and die by the Fitz” Mr. N’s Week 3 Power Poll #NFL #NFLThoughts #PowerRankings

NFL Power Rankings


1. Denver Broncos (1) – Continuing to play solid D and despite some really inaccurate and poor throws by Siemian they are battling well. The Bronco O went off and scored with some great passing late and the D turned it on and put this one on ice. The Broncos continue to roll and now one wonders if they can be beaten. A super win.

2. New England Patriots (2) – The Pats had everything against them and no chance to win. So what happened? Darth Vader flipped the script and his O was great, his D amazing and they blew out Houston and won. They are nearly impossible to beat at home and it makes no logical sense. Good if hard to understand win.

3. Minnesota Vikings (4) – Had a slow start on O and D and only a safety to show they were even here until a punt return TD. The Vikes need to get the O going and they could yet win this game! The Vikings used special teams and D scoring and superb D play to put away the Panthers. A fantastic road win over a powerhouse and that makes them a powerhouse.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (18) – Wentz has done it now. He has torn apart what had been an upcoming D and the Eagle D is playing really hard. The tackling is sharp and the coverage is tight. Wentz is a revelation and he is the real deal and the Eagles are now a top 10 team. Superb win!

5. Baltimore Ravens (10) – Raven D still looks stout and Flacco is doing just enough to get the points needed to combine with that D play to keep them in control. The Ravens struggled on O and just managed to play enough D to keep it close and then they got a clutch late FG (imagine how that feels Minnesota???) and they won it. A pretty poor team that is 3-0 and are this season’s Atlanta as they are no way this good and have a hard fall coming.

6. Green Bay Packers (8) – I don’t care if Aaron Rodgers throws for 12 TDs in this game, he and the offense are still not what they are supposed to be. The D is playing well against a bad Lions team and they have a nice lead. The Packers put it away but their bad D made it awfully close. A win but they are not that good.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (14) – The Chiefs have played super D and their ability to get the ball from the Jets is the difference maker here. The Chief O has been very productive and Alex Smith is really pitching a nice ball today too. A great effort by the Chiefs and they now have asserted themselves as the next best thing in the AFC West after Denver. A good, solid win.

8. Seattle Seahawks (15) – The Seahawks roared out of the blocks and had this game over before San Fran could even put their cleats on. The D has been dominant *best game so far* and the O has been very productive. The only negative is the injury to Russell Wilson and that will in the end determine how much of a win this blow out win is. A solid win.

9. Dallas Cowboys (16) – The Cowboys were able to run a full contact practice on national tv and it went well. They just ran up and down the BEARS and it was much more of blow out than the final score showed. Be that as it may, this in no way means the Cowboys are very good. Let’s see them win against a tough team.

10. Carolina Panthers (7) – The Panthers are playing solid D but not getting much O and are in a battle after a special teams error. This could be one that goes down to the wire. The Panther O just had no shot against the fiercest D this side of Denver. The Panthers just couldn’t score and down they went to a better team.

11. Arizona Cardinals (5) – The Cards O is doing so little it’s like a whisper while the D is playing like crap. WHAT THE F****?????? Well turnovers are GOLD and Carson Palmer has the Midas touch. They had good pass D but couldn’t’ stop the run and they let in so many rushing TDs that it was impossible to come back. The special teams mistakes helped put them down. An allegedly talented team that got thumped by a way less talented team. Sad and confounding and a bad loss.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – What in the ever loving hell happened to the Steelers? The lack of effort on O and the porous D has the Steelers utterly buried and now they just have to hold their nose until the final gun sounds. The worst game a Steeler team with Ben and Tomlin have played in years and they should be ashamed. An ugly UGLY loss.

13. Oakland Raiders (13) – The Raiders are struggling with O and D and seem to be unable to make it work on either side of the ball. This game could be one where the last team to make a basic drive wins. Late surge against sleepy D and suddenly the Raiders are in control. The Raiders battled and battled and bent on D and very nearly broke but held on for a close win. Don’t plan any Super Bowl parades as this win may mask that this team still has issues.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (9) – The Bengals still seem to be bungling the ball and the play and are in a tough fight with the Broncos. Their D is not able to slam teams down like last year yet and we are 2.5 games into the season. The Bengals had more trouble stopping the Bronco O and before it was even near the end they were so far down this was done. The Bengals are the Bungles and they are stumbling down to Cleveland levels.

15. Houston Texans (3) – The Texans might as well as not even have gotten off the bus. It didn’t appear they did. The O was shut down, the D was battered on the ground and in the end this was a first class butt kicking. Houston needs to find itself and one day they need to beat New England in New England. Ugly loss.

16. New York Giants (11) – Absolutely kicking the crap out of a pitiful Skins D and this could be a 50 burger if it rolls like this into the 2nd half. The G-men battled all through the second half and kept taking and losing the lead and when it was on the line, another turnover (which is gold) cost them the game. A bad loss and their vaunted D didn’t look very vaunted today.

17. Washington Redskins (21) – The D is being shredded. The one shot that had at a pick was dropped by the self-proclaimed best corner. If they can’t play D it doesn’t matter if they play O. Cousins turned it on and got the Skins back in the game. They battled all 4th quarter and when they had a shot they took the last lead and their D sealed the deal. A great win that they may build on.

18. Miami Dolphins (20) – Inconsistent play with some good O and then bad golden turnovers has the Dolphins in a fight with a Brown team that has plenty of issues and a rookie QB. The Dolphins got themselves a double digit late lead and then gave it away and went to OT and managed to hang on and win what was a pretty badly played game all around. It was a win.

19. Atlanta Falcons (29) – The Falcons had a gas as they played against a D that couldn’t tackle or cover and guessed so wrong they let running backs jog into the end zone. It was a blowout. It would have been bigger but the Falcons D does suck and that made it just a hair closer. A win but come on, anyone could gather 11 people and beat the Saints D.

20. New York Jets (12) – The Jets live by the Fitz and die by the Fitz. The 4 turnovers by early in the 2nd half are pure gold *as always* and you combine that with D having issues and this game is actually more of a blowout than the score shows. A bad loss and now the Jets start playing a bunch of tough games so this could be very ugly soon.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) – The Bucs were able to go toe to toe with the Rams for 3 quarters. Solid if not great O and ok if not amazing D and they traded score for score. Then the rule – turnovers are gold – took over the game and the almost back to back turnovers have turned this game and only a miracle can save the Bucs from a tough loss at home to a team they should have schooled. The Bucs are close but have been lightninged to a long delay and with 2 minutes left can they somehow come back? The Bucs drove the field and in the end went splat and lost. Oh well.

22. Buffalo Bills (30) – The Bills will claim gassing their OC has bred this but I think it’s just being done with mirrors. Out to a huge early lead. Can they hold it? They Bills held, put more on via special teams and D and running the ball. A super relatively easy win for a Bills team that now needs to find some secret mojo if they want to beat Darth Vader next week. A great win.

23. Los Angeles Rams (26) – The Rams have been amazing on the road today. Right from the start the O was able to match everything thrown at it and the D has been able to just keep them in the fight until 45 minutes were up. A solid couple of golden turnovers now has the Rams in position to steal a win. Can they hold on and win it? They have a small lead and a long weather delay but can they come back from an hour plus wait and win the last 2 minutes? They did it. They held on but couldn’t have done it if Tampa had either used the clock better or threw one in the end. A win but an odd win.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (23) – The Jags are not able to get much if any O early but may have a tiny something going late. A pretty weak first 27 minutes for this team. The Jags didn’t give up and started using their young D and even took a late lead. Sadly, they just missed by that much AGAIN. Being really close and 0-3 is a bad combo and this team is sinking fast.

25. Indianapolis Colts (31) – The Colts had a slow start on O but Luck turned it on and have allowed Indy to play with a very game Bolt team. Can Indy’s D make enough stops to give Andrew a shot at winning this? Well the game came down to two plays. A huge bomb to TY Hilton and boom the Colts have a lead and then one heck of a golden turnover and boom the Colts have a win. Ok they are 1 and 2 but no they are not a challenge for the AFC South unless Houston loses both to them and perhaps even then I wouldn’t buy it. It was a win.

26. Detroit Lions (22) – Leave it to Detroit to play badly, turn the ball over in a golden fashion and generally play stupidly and give Green Bay the sense they are still a good team. Same old Sorry Ass Lions down by a ton before the half. The Lions Bad D and poor play gave them another loss. They defeat themselves as much as anyone beats them.

27. Tennessee Titans (25) – The Titans are not able to do much on O or D and are just stumbling through a pretty tame first half. They made it worse by taking the last 2 minutes off and now the Titans are in a hole. The Titans are interesting as they go as far as their interest level and Mariota can take them. He either drives them to a win, like last week, or he makes terrible decisions and they lose like this week. A team that needs a ton of help. An ugly loss.

28. San Francisco 49ers (27) – Whatever minor success they had week 1 is gone and off down the street. The Niners have no D and no O and Gabbert is doing his best to get Kaepernick another shot at starting in the NFL. An abysmal effort and they are well and holy blown out no matter what the final score is. A bad loss.

29. San Diego Chargers (28) – The Chargers D played good and not and good and not while Rivers struggled to get production. Will wins out and San Diego started to put up points and has them in a very close one. It may be last team scores wins here. The Colts D let in a huge pass completion that cost them the lead late. Then with one drive for them to make magic they turned it over and that was golden. A hard loss for a team that gives all they have with an injury stripped roster.

30. New Orleans Saints (19) – Pitiful, awful, rotten…no not describing a certain Republican candidate here, I am talking about the Saint D or lack thereof. They couldn’t keep up with Atlanta scoring as Brees has some issues but my goodness this is the worst D in the league. The BEARS have an excuse with their injuries…what is the deal here? These bums are healthy. A rotten team whose D is sinking them faster than New Orleans after a big rain.

31. Chicago BEARS (24) – The Chicago BEARS were a team with a chance at 9-7 before it started and 8 of their 11 D starters got hurt. The only injury that helps is Cutler and that sonuvabitka is trying to get back fast. This team, with no center, no feature RB now, no D is not surprisingly getting pummeled wherever they go. A lost year. Here’s hoping they get first pick and land a QB. Oh yeah, they got blasted by Dallas but Hoyer didn’t suck so yay?

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Not getting much from rookie Kessler but they got 7 from the D and they need other forms of production to keep in this game. The Browns battled back and had a shot 20 secs left to steal a win and of course in Browns fashion, missed the field goal. They then lost in OT. What a dark cloud over this once long ago proud franchise. Sad.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!



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