“The #Broncos Packed Their D” Mr. N’s #NFL Week 4 Power Poll #PowerRankings

NFL Power Rankings


1. Denver Broncos (1) – The Broncos packed their D here. The Denver team just dominated the poor Tampa O. The only thing that was the fly in the ointment was the injury to Siemian. That brought about the debut of Paxton Lynch and he played pretty good for a totally untested rookie. The Broncos just shut down everything Tampa had and put this game away. Only another stupid weather delay held up the inevitable of a solid D dominated win. Another typical Denver win. Best team til they lose.

2. Minnesota Vikings (3) – It is almost a simplistic game plan. Play stifling D, play just enough O and get some decent special teams and win. The Vikings dominated with their D and again allowed their mandated 10 points. Bradford does a fine job just getting the points needed and this team is nearly undefeatable. I don’t believe anyone outside of Denver has a shot against this team. Superb win.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (3) – on the bye, are they for real? Maybe, let’s see them kick another good team’s ass and we will know for sure.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (12) – Wow, I guess they just needed LeVeon to come back. The Steelers were firing on all cylinders tonight. Superb O led by Big Ben, Antonio and LeVeon – triplets if there ever was a group and dominant D and the Steelers put this away early and just piled it on. The two late garbage scores mean nothing. The Steelers slaughtered the Chiefs and look all world and ready to go again.

5. Green Bay Packers (6) – on the bye, the Pack need to show they can beat handily all teams not named Minnesota. They have to protect Rodgers more and maybe play some D.

6. Seattle Seahawks (8) – A good start on the East Coast by the Seahawks. Decent D and some solid O and they have an early lead in this one. The Seahawks were able to use a gimpy Russell Wilson to maximum effectiveness and the Seahawk O made up for a questionable Seahawk D and pulled out a nice win on the East Coast. A good win but this team, forgive me if you have read this before, HAS ISSUES.

7. Dallas Cowboys (9) – The Cowboys got off on the wrong foot and quickly had their D pushed around and found themselves down on the road. Slowly Dak and the O started to chip away and as the game wore on the Dallas D started to play really good defense. I have to admit I was impressed by the quality of D played by Dallas. With solid O played late and the continuation of the D the Cowboys won this game by just a score. It was an impressive win and now I call the Cowboys a good team. If they can play D like this, they may have a shot at the playoffs.

8. Oakland Raiders (13) – The Raiders are amazing so far. They have brought their game onto the East Coast and are playing good on O and D and have a slim early lead. Can they do this for 60 and not get tired? The Raiders played a superb game for 60 and got a lead and held on for dear life and won a good one. Does this mean the Raiders are who I hoped they were? I need to see them play this hard again.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (14) – Did simply getting the dirty playing scum Burfict back change everything for this team? That may show greater issues in Cincy. However, there was a new tone today. The Bengals dominated on both sides of the line with great pass protection and run blocking and superb pass rush and run stuffing. The game was over quick. They made one coverage mistake that cost them 7 but that was it. Otherwise they ran, passed and played D and kicked FGs and won it handily. A good start…they need to do this consistently and against Pitt and Balt.

10. Houston Texans (15) – Houston is finding themselves in a tough battle with a lesser opponent. Some good O and some problems. Some good D and some problems. They need more consistency in the 2nd half to win this game. The Texans battled and battled and played just enough O and just enough D to sneak out a tough fought win. Well done and now they are in total control in their division.

11. Atlanta Falcons (19) – The Falcons have great pass O and some rush and with a modicum of D they are leading the Panthers handily early. The Falcons O impresses me. Ok, these guys can score and score and score. They are not very good on D but they play D enough to let that high powered offense to give this team wins. They are the best team in the NFC South and this could be their year to win the division. I don’t fancy they can beat Minnesota or Denver but they don’t have to in order to win the division.

12. Baltimore Ravens (5) – The Ravens have had a lot of trouble dealing with a feisty Raider team and their O can’t get much going. Without a better performance from Flacco this could be a long day for Baltimore. The Ravens were in a fight until the last play of the game but their D got beaten just a little too much and Flacco couldn’t get it done. A very tough loss and this might have burst the bubble of a team that seemed better than they are.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (7) – The Chiefs were supposed to be an AFC powerhouse but this game has to give them second thoughts on that. They could do nothing on offense and their D had no chance against a relentless Pittsburgh attack. Almost from the first whistle to the end this game was out of hand. The Chiefs need a major regroup. They were destroyed on national tv and looked bad too.

14. Carolina Panthers (10) – Carolina has played better D. But for a pick 6 the D has been pretty bad especially against the pass. The O is doing ok but they are trailing in a hostile environment. The Panther’s vaunted D got hung, drawn and quartered. Would anyone believe a Panther D would allow a 300 YARD receiver and a 500 YARD passer? It keeps being said that this is a great D on a great team. It used to be a great D. Great D’s don’t allow 500 yards passing. The Panthers are falling fast and are not the team that lost the Super Bowl…they are not what they were 8 months ago.

15. Los Angeles Rams (23) – The Rams brought out their D today and I have to say I think week 1 was just the aberration. This D is for real. They have come together and they dominate a game. Superb pass D, terrific rush D. The offense isn’t amazing but they do enough to get it done. This is a lesser man’s version of the Vikings. Solid win and this is the BEST team in the NFC West.

16. Washington Redskins (17) – Cousins has looked sharp early with great affinity hitting Reed for TDs. If only the Skins D could stop the run, they would be in control but they are in a battle thru the first half. The Redskins D finally got better and managed to shut down the Browns in the second half as Washington got a win. It was a tougher fight than they probably thought it would be but it is a win.

17. Buffalo Bills (22) –A super start for Buffalo. Able to dominate on D and get effective O and the Bills are up 13-0 on the hated Pats. Can they keep this going? I don’t believe so but we will see! The Bills played great D and ball control and rolled up and defeated their hated enemy. A great shut out win that Buffalo will need to build on and maybe yet they can save a season that has been sliding downhill since New York. A great win.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (24) – The Jaguars were winless with nothing to lose but home game concession revenue. They came out fast and Bortles got the O going with excellent passing. By the time the 2nd half started the Jags had the game pretty much in hand and after this dispatching of the Colts they may even start to think they can save their season before it slips completely away. A good win.

19. New York Giants (16) – The G-men had hopes of being a quality team. They met a buzz saw in Purple tonight. The O was shut down and pummeled by Vikings and when they had a chance to make key stops themselves they couldn’t. The OBG side show is getting silly. If he can’t perform then his antics are not really put up able! The Giants fell to earth and are staring up at the Eagles again.

20. New England Patriots (2) – Darth Vader is meeting his on Luke Skywalker early here. No Offense at all and the Pat D making mistakes has the Pats down almost 2 full scores. If this continues like this *highly doubtful* I think I will laugh very loudly. The Pats were beat and SHUT OUT at home by Buffalo. It appears that Belicheat just decided the game didn’t matter. I can’t believe it but it seemed like New England just quit and they lost. Ugly. Sure Brady is back but he can work them back up in my poll because quitters get dumped in my books.

21. Arizona Cardinals (11) – The Cards were in a blood bath from the start against a tough Ram team. Palmer tossed a red zone turnover and that was 24k gold and killed whatever chance the Cards had. The D had issues stopping the pass and the run. There were times when Gurley just rolled through them and that made me shake my head. I had said pre-season that this team was my odds on fave to go Super Bowl. That was wrong. This team is bad. They are 1-3 and are a deserved 1-3. I am of the feeling they are not good and will not make the playoffs.

22. Miami Dolphins (18) – Well it is not fun to play these Thursday night games and playing on the road basically dooms a good team. So this didn’t work for Miami at all. They had O line issues last Sunday and they continued. No ability for Tannehill to get any rhythm and he got battered. The Dolphins just laid a huge egg and were dominated and lost badly but it was a Thursday game so not much was expected.

23. New York Jets (20) – The good is Fitz isn’t turning it over every play but the bad is the D is getting beat and the O can’t keep up. This could be over early in the 2nd half. The game never really got close to being a Jets game. They couldn’t stop the Hawk O and whatever Fitz could muster, half the picks of the previous week, wasn’t enough. Hope the Jets get used to Ls as they have a lot of them coming in the next 4 weeks. A bad home loss.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) – Poor Tampa. Jameis got schooled early and often at home. No chance to complete any or do any effective hand offs. The Tampa D got beat just enough to put them down so much not even a thunderstorm could save them. They have been hit by a storm and the storm was the Bronco D. An ugly loss.

25. Indianapolis Colts (25) – The Colts tried to take this on the road and it didn’t work in England either. The inability to cover receivers is bad in any time zone. The Colts D had no answer to the Jag O and Andy Luck couldn’t get enough out of that poor excuse for an offense to get them back in the game. A hard division loss in a foreign country that will give them nothing nice to think about as they face the BEARS instead of being on a bye week. Stupid NFL. Hardly fair.

26. New Orleans Saints (30) – The Saints came out hot and Brees got a quick lead. The terrible Saints D even played decently for a bit. Then reality set in and the usual started. Brees scores, D lets in one, Brees fails, D lets in one. The Saints fell behind and then as it rolled on they fell 2 scores down with time running out. Brees led them on one great drive and then got the ball back and did it AGAIN. The D managed to let San Diego defeat themselves and New Orleans has a win. They suck but they won’t be 0-16.

27. Chicago BEARS (31) – The Bears under the inspired leadership of a real QB (Brian Hoyer) played solid O and the D had their best game of the year. But for a complete brain fart on Special teams the BEARS had the Lions well and truly beaten. The end result was a nice win and if they can just keep Cutler off the damn field the Bears just might win a few. A good win.

28. Detroit Lions (26) – The Lions got destroyed by a fierce D and had no answer to that all day. The D was beaten over the course of the day and never were able to stop the Bears when it counted. They got a lucky kick return and that made it closer than it was. They were soundly beaten and are suddenly the worst team in the NFC North. A bad loss.

29. Tennessee Titans (27) – Titans are giving all they have and are actually tied against the Texans as the first half ends. A pretty good effort, the question is can Tennessee muster this for 60? The Titans actually played another solid full 60-minute game but they were just THAT close to tying it late but couldn’t get it done. A game effort and I believe this shows the team isn’t as hot a mess as I thought. They are a luke warm mess!

30. San Francisco 49ers (28) – The Niners came out hot and Gabbert was able to put up solid numbers and get TDs early. The Niner D held for a bit but time, attrition and lack of talent took its toll and soon they were tied and then lost the lead and when it came down to it Gabbert couldn’t make the plays needed and down they went. This team is just not very good.

31. San Diego Chargers (29) – The Chargers came out and laid an egg early. The Chargers couldn’t get any early traction against a universally terrible Saint D and the Bolts were down 2 TDs. Well the Chargers managed to wake up and started to play O and even a little D and they got it tied. The 2nd half brought solid O and at one point the Chargers had a 13-point lead with under 5 left and one would think that would be safe. Nope. What is amazing is how fundamentally unsound the Bolts played in their last 3 series. It was like they no longer cared and they blew the lead and threw away a shot at getting a winning FG. The ugliest end to a game I have seen in a long time. San Diego, you suck.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – D had issues early but tightened up late in the first half. Kessler is a revelation at QB. An underappreciated college QB who can play effectively in the NFL. The Browns O used a great rush O to storm back and tie the game early. The Browns again couldn’t play 60 and when they could put themselves in control, they turned over the ball – that is golden – and down they went. A team that just plays under a black cloud.


There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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