Mr. N’s #NFL Week 5 Power Poll #PowerRankings #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings


1. Minnesota Vikings (2) – They played ‘Creeping Death’ while the Vike D took the field and that is so appropriate. This D is just a wall of death and they are killing any chance Houston has to win this game. With Bradford and the special teams combining for 24 in the first half this game is basically over. The Vikings put up 30+ which is like 50 for any other team. They did let in their most points yet (13) but that was just prevent D. A superb win that was easy and now it’s on to the next victim.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (4) – Wearing the gawdawful Bumble Bee unis they are in a fight for their life against a questionable Jets team. Often they can run amok but are having trouble getting their D to stop the Fitz led attack. The Steelers need to give their head a shake and wake up. Well I guess Tomlin tore the roof off the clubhouse because the Steelers came out buzzing and really stung the Jets. A lot of activity in their hive of defense and constant swarming by the O and the Steelers won this one going away. J

3. Green Bay Packers (5) – The Packers were able to use all their weapons in what wasn’t a great game but it was effective. Rodgers got Nelson, Cobb, Adams and even their big weighted running back productively into the game and the D did enough to hold Eli to under 200 yards. Green Bay still doesn’t seem to be as good as it was a few years back but they are rolling as long as they don’t face Minnesota.

4. Dallas Cowboys (7) – The Cowboys came out in an incredible fury on D and played some of the best D that I didn’t even know they had the ability to play. Prescott looked fine at QB and Elliott tore the Bengals a new one with his ground work. From the start until they went into clock killing prevent the Cowboys dominated on all phases. This is one of the best games I have seen Dallas play in years and now, until they are beaten, they are the BEST team in the NFC East and if they play D like this going forward they are a legit contender. A great win.

5. Oakland Raiders (8) – The Oakland Raiders had some early trouble against their hated rival but Carr never gave up. They missed a kick early and that might have had an impact but no they battled. The D came and went but Derek Carr would not be unbound. Taking advantage of golden turnovers and displaying the now famous Raider Gunslinger attitude the Raiders came from behind and beat the Chargers. A fine win for a team that is now tied in their division.

6. Seattle Seahawks (6) – On the bye, they are not what they used to be but with everyone else in their division stinking up the joint lately it don’t take much for them to impress. Let’s see what they do in week 6.

7. Atlanta Falcons (11) – The Falcons came out on fire and on the road against what was thought to be one of the best D’s in football they have dominated. They have dominated on both sides of the ball with a defense playing even better than it has anytime this year. Atlanta has battered Denver for rushing yards, ripped the secondary for passing yards and crushed the Denver O line with amazing pass rush ability. This is the best game I have seen Atlanta play since 1998 and they are a Superb team. What a fantastic win.

8. Washington Redskins (16) – The Redskins D has had some tough times against Baltimore but the O is getting it done while still struggling some. The Offense needs to get a lot more productive if they want to have a shot at winning this game. Washington brought the D in the second half and played superbly for the last 30 and won this game on the backs of solid fundamental D. Very well done. If they can play that kind of D in division they may yet have a shot in the crappy NFC Least.

9. Buffalo Bills (17) – Notorious for not travelling well the Bills, coming off an emotional win last week have come to sunny SoCal and kicked Ram ass. The Bills D seems legit. One in New England might have been an accident but two now, counting today, is a trend. Taylor just did the little he had to and that was enough to put up the points that when added to a pick 6, gave them a nice win. Superb effort on the road and Buffalo is quickly appearing to be a decent team and could hang around in the wild card discussion. A great win.

10. Denver Broncos (1) – The Broncos had the opportunity to have the world see that their D could stop the best O. Then the game started and the vaunted Denver D was battered and bashed and ripped and torn and then the O was blasted for sacks and picks and fumbles. At one point they were down 17 at home and although they got a late score to make it closer it wasn’t close. This D can’t be the same class as Minnesota if they get beat like this. The Broncos are not very good if the D isn’t good. What a terrible loss.

11. Houston Texans (15) – Well there isn’t much you can say here. The Texan O has no chance in hell of getting anything substantive against the Viking D and the Texan D is having trouble stopping Bradford. A bad combo. Game is over at the half. The Texans were never able to get any O working and the D got beat too many times and in the end a garbage TD made it not as ugly as it was. No shame in being schooled by the Best team in the NFL.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (13) – On the bye, they get Charles back at RB, they have looked really good and pretty flat. They have every opportunity to make a mark this year and will bear watching to see how hard this D can play the rest of the way.

13. Baltimore Ravens (12) – The Battle of the Beltway is a closely fought battle with some O from Baltimore and some D but they need a lot more consistency to win this one. In doubt at the half. The Ravens were completely shut down by the Skin D and never scored again. It was a nail biter but in the end the utter lack of Raven ability to score doomed them. This team was once undefeated and WAY over rated. A bad loss.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (9) – The Bengals seem to have forgotten they had to play once they got to Dallas. The O was stifled, the D was porous and gutted by the run. Before they shook the sleep out of their helmets they were down 4 scores and it might take 7 years to come back. They got a couple of cheap late scores against prevent but in reality they were pounded and just don’t look very good. A bad loss.

15. New England Patriots (20) – Evidently Brady isn’t rusty. He has come out and torn the sad sack Browns a new one. They are up by 3 TDs and show no signs of letting up. This could be a fifty burger. Just a total destruction on O and D. Brady just kept up the pressure and the Pats rolled over the Browns. A solid win and now we need to see this team play a good team.

16. Carolina Panthers (14) – One would have thought Derek Anderson, some running and the Panther D would be enough but alas the ingredient over emphasized (all year so far) is the D. Of course turnovers are gold and 4 turnovers will destroy most teams. The Panther D just isn’t any good. Anderson struggled to get many points but he did keep them in the game until when it came time for a stop the Panther D couldn’t do it and they lost the game. A bad loss for what is a bad team. An aside, Caaaaam on a Segway was a pretty stupid thing and he should be more concerned about getting healthy rather than doing that.

17. Arizona Cardinals (21) – The Cardinals may have been desperate for a win but if they hadn’t been able to get the turnovers from San Fran it might not have mattered. They ran the ball well but that only led to 1 TD, the passing O was not impressive and if San Fran had controlled the ball all game we might be looking at a 1-4 Cardinal team. People read a lot into two of their close losses…they should read something out of this close win. This win hasn’t fixed every problem with Arizona, don’t start printing playoff tickets yet.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (18) – On the bye. The D seems to be getting better, as does the O. With Houston and Indy being deeply flawed this young team of comers may yet still have a shot at the division.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (3) – Well someone needs to tell Phillly that their bye is over. The D has been terrible and the O hasn’t been able to accomplish much and unless they turn it around it is going to be a very ugly loss that will destroy them in my power poll. Well Philadelphia was unable to get the points they needed to get a comfy lead. Wentz got them just ahead late but the D just stunk out the house and let Detroit beat them. Beating Pittsburgh was a fluke, this team may be the 4-12 team I thought they were and they may have just won 3 of their 4 at the start. Ugly loss that dooms them.

20. Los Angeles Rams (15) – The Rams O never were able to get much consistency going against a tough Bill D. Keenum struggled against pressure and tough coverage. The Rams D had no answer to Shady McCoy and the turnovers were golden. The Rams fall to earth and now it is an open question as to just how good this D really is. A tough loss.

21. New York Giants (19) – The G-men couldn’t find the D to stop the variety of offense put at them by Green Bay. Normally they could just score and score to keep up in shootouts but Eli has had some offensive problems the last two weeks. He got barely anything in the air and the ground game is a mess. The Giants are fading fast. A bad loss.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (24) – Tampa really seemed up for Monday Night and Winston did an admirable job of battling for the whole 60. The Bucs took advantage of turnover after turnover and when they couldn’t score 7 they took 3. They found a decent rush attack and Winston did toss a TD and with a rookie kicker hitting on all cylinders they won a nice division win. Well done Tampa.

23. Indianapolis Colts (25) – Luck and his boys seem no worse for having to play fresh off playing in England (the silly NFL social experiment may show that a team CAN play in London – eek) and the Colts O is playing pretty good. The D is getting beat and they are barely ahead in a tough battle against the BEARS. The Colts D allowed a ton of yards but Luck had an answer for it all. I give them full credit for battling for a win in a hard situation. A good win but that D is pretty bad.

24. Detroit Lions (28) – Well Detroit is off to an amazing start and Stafford is ripping it up. A good performance by a bad Detroit D has them well out in front. Can they not self-defeat today? That remains to be seen. The Lions played classic Lion ball. Bad penalties, turnovers and questionable D but they kept it close and Stafford did just enough to get a close win. Well done. They suck but it was a nice win.

25. New York Jets (23) – The Jets D is playing mediocre but Fitz has not turned it over a zillion time so the Jets are actually ahead in a game they likely should be being blown out in. What will the last 30 minutes bring? The Jets tried but had no answer to the Steeler O and couldn’t get much out of Fitz and they are 1-4 and it is just going downhill from here. Ugly loss.

26. New Orleans Saints (26) – On the bye…still looking for their D but they couldn’t find it. It is now seen on the backs of milk cartons all across Louisiana.

27. Tennessee Titans (29) – Tennessee has been all offense in the first half. Amassing their best O in a half they have a lead over Miami and now need to show they can hold it and perhaps expand on it. The Titans O was run very effectively with Mariota running and throwing. Murray was solid on the ground and the D played well and they got a nice win. They need to play this well against good teams.

28. Chicago BEARS (27) – The BEAR D is having a harder time today and have had great trouble making stops when needed. Thankfully Hoyer and Howard are getting it done and they have the Bears only 3 down at the half. We will see if the BEARS D can play a little in the 2nd half. The Bears O was superb in the second half and Hoyer did everything he could to give Chicago a shot to win. The BEARS D just stunk in the second half and cost them the game. A bad loss.

29. Miami Dolphins (22) – The Dolphins are just flat out terrible. The only reason they are remotely in the game at the half is a special teams TD. Tannehilll is terrible and the D is just deplorable. They are a basket of deplorables. If they can find any rhythm…They couldn’t. The Dolphins went quickly and quietly. Their last gasp ended with a Tannehill pick. A rotten team and vying for worst in the NFL.

30. San Francisco 49ers (30) – The more I watch Blaine Gabbert, the more he looks like Blaine Gabbert. I had the ‘rare’ opportunity to concentrate on his ability as a QB on Thursday night and have come to the conclusion that he is who I thought he was. He has never been a solid NFL QB – he wasn’t in Jacksonville and he isn’t in San Fran. The Niners didn’t play well but 3 golden turnovers were the difference. They lost by 12 and gave up 17 points off turnovers. Ugly. A team with little talent and a ton of issues and it won’t get prettier as it goes on.

31. San Diego Chargers (31) – If it wasn’t for bad Bolt luck they wouldn’t’ have any luck at all. The Chargers got off to a good start and even had a lead on and off through the day. The Chargers did turn the ball over 4 times and those cost them the points that would be more than the difference. In fact, they lost finally because their snapper dropped a snap and they were beaten. What an ugly loss but this team is almost as cursed as Cleveland.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – The Browns don’t have to worry about losing a game after being competitive. They were not even in this game when they sat in the locker room. This will not be a pretty 2nd half and with Kessler hurt it just got uglier. It ended pretty ugly. A game played in an impossible situation and when Kessler went down it all went down. Another Brown loss.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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