Mr. N’s #NFL Week 6 Power Poll #PowerRankings #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings


1. Minnesota Vikings (1) – On the bye and simply awaiting the next victim.

2. Dallas Cowboys (4) – Time for a legitimate…How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys? They are playing on the road in Green Bay and for 30 minutes have basically kicked the shit out of the Packers. I am blown away and haven’t seen a Cowboy team this good since the early 90’s. The little issues with Prescott likely stem from his idiot of an owner telling everyone who’ll listen Romo is starting next week. Why would they take out a QB who has this team on a roll? A great first half. The Cowboys have added a great 2nd half to that mix and have blown away Green Bay in Green Bay. A total team victory and this team is a Super Bowl contender. Unless they replace Prescott with Romo. A super win.

3. Seattle Seahawks (6) – The Seahawk D has taken a page from Denver and is playing dirty with all the late hits on Matt Ryan that are not called. The Seahawk O is scoring nearly at will and this game is close to getting out of hand. The Seahawk O got shut down in the 3rd quarter and even fell behind. The D was scorched for 15 minutes or so too. Then in a nice comeback the O retook the lead and the D made a ‘stop’ *maybe DPI but hey they let them play lots* and the Seahawks win. They are on a roll. A great win.

4. Washington Redskins (8) – A team with many injuries giving their all early. Cousins has played a strong first half and the D is playing hard. A continued effort will be key to their chances of success here. The Redskins were able to overcome a pick 6 golden turnover and put up enough points to pull out a tough division win. Washington is now still not done in the NFC East.

5. Buffalo Bills (9) – Bills managing to keep the Offense rolling early. Decent D too. The Bills have used great rushing O and on and off D to get them a small lead and they have every chance to win this in the second half. The Bills simply tore the game open in the second half and put a forty burger on the Niners. A dominant and explosive win that keeps the Bills on a hot streak and this team looks good. A great win.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (12) – Off to a superb start against the Raiders. The O is working with both pass and run and the D is stifling the Raiders. A great start. Can they put the Raiders away? The Chiefs never had this game in doubt. They controlled on O and D and put away the Raiders. Kansas City looked like a well-rested team that came to play and played well. Superb win and if they play like this they may yet win the AFC West.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (2) – A very very slow start to the game for Pittsburgh but they are finally waking up. The Steeler D has been terrible and the injury to Big Ben could be the death knell for what was a promising year for Pittsburgh. It’s even money if they can even beat a bad Dolphin team. The Steelers just stunk today. Turnovers, lack of effort and lack of ability shown and they were handily beaten by a terrible team. Pittsburgh has now been thumped by an Eagle team that is no longer looking legit and now by a horrible Dolphin team. The Steelers just are not good.

8. Atlanta Falcons (7) – The Falcons D is being exploited by the Seahawks in all phases. The Offense is getting battered with some very cheap shots on Matt Ryan. Nothing is working for Atlanta and they need to get it going or this will be a blowout. Atlanta really gave them a scare by pouring it on in the 3rd quarter and playing great D for a bit but then the D couldn’t make stops in the 4th and the Falcons couldn’t get it done. They lost a close one on the road in a tough environment and they are still a good team that lost a tough one.

9. Oakland Raiders (5) – The Raiders don’t seem to have realized they are in a tough division matchup here. The Raider D has been beaten over and over and Carr can’t get much going. They need to find something fast in the second half or this will be an ugly loss. The Raiders never got anything going and never were able to find a way through a tough Chief D. They still lead the division after this loss but this is a huge missed opportunity and could really hurt Oakland come tie breakers. A bad loss.

10. New England Patriots (15) – The Pats haven’t come out on fire and the D early seems to have issues dealing with the run. The Pats managed a late, late score but just don’t look like the Foxboro Pats. They need to turn it on or they could be beat at home by the Bengals for the first time since 1986! All is for naught as the Pats exploded in the second half and put the game away. It wasn’t as pretty as it could have been but it is a win.

11. Houston Texans (11) – I have seen some bad QBs and Brock Osweiler is pretty bad. The play of Houston’s O in the first half and in fact into the 3rd quarter and into the 4th was pretty poor. The D had trouble stopping Gore from running (and Luck) and the game looked over. Then, Brock suddenly became the man and in 3 minutes tied the game and then led them on the drive to win in OT. This was beyond ugly and this team isn’t very good but they lead the division and it’s a win.

12. Green Bay Packers (3) – This was supposed to be a battle of two titans and it is not. Green Bay has been not looking good at all on O with Rodgers missing passes badly. The D has been knocked about and can’t seem to contain or cover Dallas. They are down a lot at the half and could be blown out on home field which would be nasty. The Packers just couldn’t get any offense going. Rodgers kept turning it over and just looks like a shell of what he was. The Pack D had no answer to the Dallas juggernaut and this game proves two things. Turnovers are gold and the Packers are bad. They are not what anyone including me thought they were. A bad loss for a team that is just bad.

13. Arizona Cardinals (17) – The Cardinals are consistent…they will throw deep, deep and deep. Most weeks this doesn’t work so well but most nights they don’t face Revis the Vacation Island booker and his cast of misguided wide receiver accompaniers. The Cards were able to do what they wanted and the only time a pass was incomplete was when Palmer missed it. Superb running and catching by Johnson, solid D and playing a crappy team combined for a great easy win.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (18) – Jags D having issues early but bending not breaking while the O is trying to get over an early red zone golden turnover. The Jags were never able to get the O going and if they can’t get any traction, they are done before the game gets to the 4th quarter. What can I say except the Jags didn’t have quit in them. They kept battling on O and D all through the end and Bortles did just enough to give them the win while Ramsey played amazing D and sealed the deal. A good win by a young team that isn’t dead yet.

15. Baltimore Ravens (13) – Only the fact that Baltimore isn’t all that is the sole reason this game is 28-0 in the first quarter. Baltimore dominating in time of possession early. If Baltimore could only do more than punt, punt, punt they would be way out in front. As it is, they have a short lead at the half and it could still go either way. The Ravens O once more had a shot to win a game and the D gave away a lead and the O couldn’t score and down they went. They just aren’t that good.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (14) – Cincy playing fair D early but the O isn’t doing much although they have had opportunities. Cincy D is playing really well give or take blown coverages. Dalton hasn’t been able to muster much but they are still within reach and a hard effort could win this for them. The Bengals luck ran out quickly and as the D kept letting in points the O couldn’t match them and down goes the Bengals. The late scores against prevent made this seem closer than it was. An ugly loss.

17. Denver Broncos (10) – The Broncos came out uneven and had issues from the start stopping the Chargers O. On the other side Siemian never got anything going and was 3 and out more times than I could count. What was so surprising was how much Denver was dominated physically on both sides of the ball by a Charger team who is down 16 regulars. The Broncos never looked good on O and the D only looked good in the minds of the broadcasters. When they did accomplish something, it was because they were cheating and it still wasn’t called. With this loss I brand Denver a fraud and they are not who I thought they were. They are a mediocre team.

18. New York Giants (21) – Eli is perfecting the 3 and out and it will be a long day if that is all they do on offense. The Giants managed one TD but basically suck on O. They need to find rhythm or they are losing their 4th in a row. The Giants turned on the O late and managed to pull out a win. This isn’t time for parades but it is better than another loss.

19. Carolina Panthers (16) – What used to be the Panther D is still not much and they haven’t got much out of Caaaam early. The Panthers D has been shredded and it is almost going to be prevent D time and anything Carolina musters is because New Orleans has decided to let the score. The Panthers O was solid just as their D was terrible and they lost one solely because the D on the Panthers is just terrible.

20. Detroit Lions (24) – A bad team battling a young team to an early tie. The Lions keep doing what they can to win and what they can to lose the game too. Mistakes and penalties have taken away opportunities to succeed but their bad D is playing a better game and they are in a last team that scores wins game again. The game played out exactly like that with each team trading scores until the end when Detroit scored a FG and this bad team won. They aren’t any good but they have another win.

21. New Orleans Saints (26) – The Saints scored early and their moribund D is able to control Carolina early. Brees is tearing it up and it is but for a couple of overthrows that this isn’t 35 points in the first half. Only a complete collapse will take this win out of the Saints hands. The Saints traded scores and got the last one and that was that. A classic pinball game that New Orleans can win when they play a D worse than their own.

22. Tennessee Titans (27) – Mariota is moving the Titans all over but not getting all TDs so that is troublesome. The Titans are battling bad Brown team and If they can keep the pressure up for 60 they should succeed against a team that quits. The Titans were able to give it all for a full 60 again and just managed to pull out a win. It wasn’t pretty since they were challenged by a BAD Browns team but it was a win!

23. Los Angeles Rams (20) – D has allowed an early TD, will see if the D is the good one or the bad one today. Not much rush offense but Keenum playing well while the D is on and off. Last team who scores may win. The Rams O was great today but that D just isn’t what it was early on and now this loss brings them back to .500 and one has to wonder if they are any good or not.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22) – On the bye. Normally a team doesn’t slide having a week off but Tampa just isn’t very good.

25. Philadelphia Eagles (19) – The Eagles are having issues protecting Wentz and that could hamper the O significantly today. Managed to get a TD but the D is not able to stop Washington early while the O line is having tons of trouble protecting Wentz. Wentz was able to get some scores in the second half but not enough to catch Washington. In fact, the pick six they got makes the team seem like it was better on O than it was. A loss by a team fading quickly into its 4-12 persona.

26. San Diego Chargers (31) – The team with heart just won’t quit. Rivers is carrying this team on his back. He drove the field over and over and whether they got 7 or 3 it was enough to carry the day. Superb passing, consistent running, amazing O line play was the driving force. The D played amazing and shut down Denver over and over. It was alleged that it was all Paxton Lynch who made the Broncos play bad. Well this was Siemian and they looked like crap against a Charger D using street kids as corner backs. A gutsy win for a team that doesn’t quit. Well done.

27. Miami Dolphins (29) – Miami showed more life on O in the early going then they have all year. Miami has played their best O and d in the first half and if they can keep it up for 60 they can take down a vulnerable Steeler team. Miami deserves full credit for playing their best game and soundly beating the Steelers. I didn’t think Miami could play this well and it may just be their opposition played really badly but it was a win.

28. New York Jets (25) – It was said in the pregame on ESPN that either the Cards or the Jets could yet get on a roll and make the playoffs. When I got up off the floor from laughing I said to the tv ‘have you seen the Jets Boomer?’ The game started and Fitz is Fitz and that got them 3 points. The alternative seems to be Geno the bum so it doesn’t get better. My solution? Cut Smith, make Fitz 3rd string, start Hackenburg with Petty backup. If Kessler can do it who says Hackenburg can’t? As for the game, Revis is a bum, the D was terrible, the O was bad and they were shredded. A terrible loss.

29. Indianapolis Colts (23) – How Cleveland Browns was this game? Indy played a solid first half and had a nice lead and then added on and had the rush game flying. The D played solidly too. All of this for 57 minutes. Then the O stunk and the D stunk and they went to OT and they stunk and lost. What an ugly loss. What a terrible team.

30. Chicago BEARS (28) – Hoyer is doing a fine job of commanding the O but they need more production; as for the D it continues to be the girl on the hill. The BEARS D pitched a shutout in the first half which is a miracle and the O is getting it done. If the D keeps it up the BEARS may have this game. Alas the D couldn’t keep it up. They started to break instead of bend and they kept letting in scores until they trailed. Then it came down to the offense getting one more set of downs to set up a shot at winning and they failed. Down goes Chicago and this was a team effort at losing.

31. San Francisco 49ers (30) – Niners yet to really explode under Kaep but it may take more than 15 min to get the rust off. Kaep tossed a nice TD and the D has had some good moments. They will be challenged to keep it going against a game Bills team. The D didn’t have much in the second half as it was ripped wide open. The Niners were just blown away and they need to regroup after this severe butt kicking. A bad loss.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Energetic Browns early on both O and D. The Browns are getting some offense and the D has made a few stops. They are still in this game but need to show much more effort late to keep having a chance. Cleveland tried harder, longer than they have all year. They came THAT close to winning. It was a game effort but in the end, it was another loss.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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