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NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys had hoped to simply dominate and put away the upstart Eagles. Unfortunately for Dallas Dak Prescott is human. He has had to listen to the ‘Romo is practicing’, ‘This could be Romo’s team’ talk all for the last 2 weeks. He tightened up and frankly he played like a 4th round draft pick today. He made bad throws, he took bad chances. The Boys were able to hold Wentz down but not out as they were caught late and forced into OT. It was actually a gutsy call by Prescott that won them the game. A good division win for Dallas.

2. New England Patriots (5) – A solid start for New England has them in control in the first half. The Pats simply rolled and rolled and rolled here. Brady was fully in control and did whatever he wanted. The Pats D made a lot of dirty hits and it was very cheap. In the end the just rolled over the Bills. A key division win but no way a surprise.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (3) – The Chiefs are in a battle against a bad Colt team. The injury to Alex Smith held down the O in the first half. The Chiefs got it going and put up an insurmountable lead. They fell to prevent but it never put the game in doubt. Another solid win by a KC team that is part of the trifecta of the best three teams in the AFC who are all in the West. A great win over a terrible team.

4. Oakland Raiders (4) – The Raider D looks like it flew across country and not a simple Florida drive as they are having trouble stopping Tampa. The Raiders persevered and began to rip up Tampa D more often than not. The Raiders might have won this easily if they hadn’t set the ALL-TIME record for most penalties in a game. The Raiders tried to self-defeat like a Lion team but they aren’t Detroit so in the end they snuck out another win on the road. This gutsy Raiders team is making me a believer in the Silver and Black again.

5. Atlanta Falcons (9) – The Falcons were at home but played like on the road. The D gave up too much to an overrated has been of a QB who looks best with his head banging off the turf. Matty Ice was able to score every time he had to and it turned into a last team scores wins. The Falcons scored last and they won. The D stopped the sucky Packers and hung a loss on Green Bay. Superb win.

6. Denver Broncos (12) – The story here was the Bronco D. They scored first and they harried and hassled and often cheap shotted on Rivers. The Denver D must have gotten almost ¾ of all the points Denver scored. Once they had the lead and time was winding down they fell into prevent and but for a late stop it nearly prevented them from winning. It was a win over a game Charger team.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (8) – The Bengals were able to be pretty effective on O but the D struggled against a powerful Skin pass attack. The game went back and forth with Cincy taking and giving up a lead until it was tied late and then it ended. Tied. Hunh. What a weird year the NFL is having.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – On the bye. The good news is Big Ben is nearing a return and that means the season may not be lost.

9. Seattle Seahawks (2) – Good offensive output early and the D got a turnover that was golden for 6 so a good start for Seattle. The Seahawk D slowly started to allow yard after yard in the second half and before they noticed they were trailing. It all came down to Russell Wilson and he got them within 2 yards or so of a win but that still means they lost. A bad loss to a bad team. To not be able to beat the Saints D means the Hawks O is BAD.

10. Minnesota Vikings (6) – I have seen some scary things on Halloween night and one of the scariest is the play or lack thereof of the Vikings offensive line. The total lack of ability set the tone for the utter lack of offense from the Vikes from start to finish. The D that is excellent is getting tired and tired of being all the team has. The Vikes were dominated by a pretty worthless BEARS team. This was a terrible loss and one more and the freefall will begin.

11. Green Bay Packers (7) – Well how ‘bout them Packers? They scored plenty and their terrible D allowed plenty. The Packers even had the lead late and came down to the vaunted Aaron Rodgers making one more drive for the win…he COULDN’T do it. He lost. Rodgers lost. It was his fault and he lost and by the way, he lost. The Packers can only beat teams that aren’t very good which makes them not very good.

12. Arizona Cardinals (11) – They are ‘hung over’ from their 6-6 tie on MNF and are frankly playing like shit. Well it stunk until later in the 2nd half. They were down like 23 and when they finally started to play on O they were too far down to catch up. It was an ugly loss that they earned by not really trying for 35 minutes or so.

13. Washington Redskins (14) – Ok day by the Skins D but a super day by Cousins. The O matched everything thrown at them and but for a missed kick here and there they might have won this game. They tied the game and need to keep up this offensive prowess going forward.

14. Detroit Lions (13) – Detroit is making it necessary to again try to come from behind as they haven’t accomplished much early. Stafford was not able to find his mojo this week. Too much Texan D and no way to answer that. The Lions D didn’t play bad but they gave up enough to lose and down goes a team that had been on a roll.

15. New York Giants (16) – On the bye. Being on a bye made them look better than a lot of team that played badly. Can NYG keep it up by playing themselves?

16. Houston Texans (17) – The Texans have gotten off to a good start on O and D and are early in control. The Texans played their best defensive game in weeks today. They were able to handle anything Detroit had and brought great pressure often. Osweiler wasn’t great but he did enough and they got a good win and now control a crappy division.

17. Carolina Panthers (19) – The Panthers are off to a superb start and playing way above their pay grade. They are really taking advantage of a lackluster Cardinal effort in all phases. The Panthers were able to get so far out ahead that they were able to hold on and win. They played a good day on O but the questionable D looked questionable as Arizona made it close. A bad Panther team wins a game because their opponent gave it to them.

18. Miami Dolphins (23) – On the bye and coming off a couple of great rushing performances from Ajayi. Can they do it three times in a row?

19. Buffalo Bills (15) – Not what Buffalo wanted – Taylor getting dinged on a VERY ILLEGAL hit that wasn’t called and the D has been beaten twice now they must come from behind. The poor Bills didn’t have any ability to stop Brady in the air or even on the ground. They were battered by cheap shotting D and never had a chance and lost a bad one. This hurts them in the wild card more than the division.

20. San Diego Chargers (20) – The Bolts proved again that turnovers are gold. Rivers was picked more than once and the hits he took were severe. They faced a D that plays to the whistle, past the whistle and past when the whistle is retired. They were down from the start but battled as hard as they could. Rivers had a decent day passing give or take his turnovers and even got some good running game involved. The Charger D was decent but the offensive scores they allowed did cost them the game. A tough loss for a team who wins the award for heart.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) – Winston looking all world and the Buc D is playing well as they lead early. The Bucs found themselves in a toe to toe battle. The O scored some and then didn’t. The D stopped some and then didn’t. It came down to late FG chances and the wind was on Tampa’s side as it went to OT but then their O didn’t play well. The game ended with a bad tackle attempt and down goes Tampa at home. A loss that hurts them.

22. New York Jets (24) – The Jets are having trouble on O and D early but since they are playing Cleveland they should be ok in the second half. The Jets were welcomed by the bad play of the Browns in the 2nd half. The Browns D returned to not tackling and let the Jets roll it up. NY caught em, passed em and held on for a close yet still quite ugly win. It was a quite ugly win.

23. Baltimore Ravens (26) – On the bye and another that looked better by not playing.

24. New Orleans Saints (27) – Saints are having trouble moving the ball against Seattle and stopping the Seahawk O early. The Saints never gave up and kept pushing the ball up the field. Brees overcame a slow start and ripped up the Hawk D and finally got a lead. The Saints Moribund D actually made a stop when it mattered and the Saints win one.

25. Tennessee Titans (28) – On their way early, complete and utter domination. If only they had done this against a BAD Colt team they would be on the way to 5-3. Like they are playing a high school team but doing a good job of it so far. A nice easy win for Tennessee.

26. Philadelphia Eagles (22) – The Eagles and Wentz actually had a pretty good game. They were able to battle Dallas and keep toe to toe with them on O and D for the whole 60. Wentz is certainly capable and the O line performed much better this week. Alas the D got burned in OT and down went Philly. They still look like a 4-win team.

27. Indianapolis Colts (25) – The Colts D has bent many times and broken only once. They may need another late comeback here. The bad Colts played a typical game here. Bad D was all over and to help bury them Luck had a pretty bad day too. The Colts were miserable, are miserable and need a major overhaul at practically every position. An ugly loss.

28. Chicago BEARS (31) – Cutler sucks. The BEARS had a great game defensively playing against a terrible O line. Cutler didn’t turn it over (he does suck) but he did hand it off to Howard well. Jordan Howard is a superstar and that fact Chicago didn’t use him for 2 weeks still makes no sense. The BEARS never trailed and simply overwhelmed what had been the best team in the NFC. Let’s see them beat someone else. Oh, and Cutler sucks.

29. Los Angeles Rams (29) – On the Bye. A team that needed a bye to try to figure out where they go from here.

30. San Francisco 49ers (31) – On the bye and who would have thought not playing would make this sad excuse for a team look better?

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (18) – The days of Jacksonville getting any credit in this poll are gone. I hope for their sake that Cleveland loses again because this team is looking all the world like the WORST team in the NFL. Talent doesn’t mean everything or anything in Jacksonville. Just a Halloween horror show to watch. A very ugly loss.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Another good start for Cleveland. The question is can they play 60 today? Does Cam Newton wear normal clothes after a game? Answer to both is no. Cleveland’s D played a terrible second half and let the Jets roll up the score and Cleveland made it close late but they simply lost another that they led by mega double digits. Another ugly Cleveland loss.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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