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NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys allowed an early FG and then have turned it on and are blowing away the hapless Browns. This could be a 50 burger. The Cowboys pretty much did what they wished and simply won it going away but took their foot off the gas and were kind. A very easy win.

2. New England Patriots (2) – On the bye and waiting to take on the next challenge and are eyeing first over all if the Cowboys just slip a little.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (3) – The Chiefs are not the same without Alex Smith but so far it is enough to have a small lead over a very self-defeating Jags team. D enjoying a feast of golden turnovers. Kansas City D and special teams are doing what they need to and have the game in hand. Aided in no small way by a really bad mistake by a replay official. The Chiefs won a close one but I guess with no starting QB a close win is a good win.

4. Oakland Raiders (4) – Wow, it was nice to see the Silver and Black back and rocking at home! Carr seemed to know he didn’t have a lot of chances to throw so he handed it off. Latavius Murray ran wild and set career highs. The D was fierce and kept their cool too. A brilliant game from start to finish. The Raiders have set the tone now and can no longer allow the ‘bad games’ to occur. This is your year Oakland; it is yours for the taking. A great win.

5. Atlanta Falcons (5) – Early on the Falcons D had real trouble dealing with Winston and couldn’t cover Mike Evans as he kept ripping them. Luckily for them Matt Ryan kept pace and even took a slight lead at the half. What a half time speech! The Falcons came out and ripped Tampa a new one and won it going away. A great division win.

6. Seattle Seahawks (9) – The Seahawks once had the Legion of Boom to rely on along with the 12th man at home. They certainly don’t have offensive line. The Seahawk D was FLAT in the first half and basically the whole game. They were run over by the Bills and have huge issues stopping the run. Wilson changed his game and was much more effective. He found his superstar TE and put up huge numbers there. This game dissolved into a shootout and the Seahawks won. A good if flawed win.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – On the bye and hoping that Baltimore and Pittsburgh just kill each other this week.

8. Detroit Lions (14) – A turnover by Stafford, pure gold, cost them a FG but they have managed to keep battling and the Lions have a short lead at the half. The Lions led most of the way and then went back to their self-defeating ways. The Lions gave up the lead late and then had a miracle drive of their own and now it’s OT. Way to go Stafford and Detroit. They managed to eke out a win with an OT TD and they are now in the running for the division. Well done.

9. Denver Broncos (6) – The Broncos came to Oakland found the Silver and Black are back! Siemian was battered and bothered all game. He couldn’t find anyone open and he practically set a record for futility with consecutive 3 and outs. The Bronco D did a lot of their late hit cheating but some of it was flagged tonight. The weakness, run stopping, was exposed on national TV as the Broncos were run over and over. The Broncos have been destroyed and that reign is over.

10. New York Giants (15) – Eli is having a super game and he is ripping a questionably good Eagle D for score after score. The D and special team are not that good. The Giants O had this game well in hand but the really really BAD Giant D has the game now in doubt and it’s an open question if they can hold on to win. Eli tried to throw the game away but the questionable Giant D did what Minnesota’s D couldn’t – they won the game for them. The Giants are now a distant 2nd place in the NFC East behind Dallas.

11. Carolina Panthers (17) – Caaaaaaaam has had trouble getting much going against a game Ram D but he did get one TD and so far, that is enough. Me thinks they will need more than 7 to win this game. The Panthers took my advice and added 3 and then added 3 more. They played a lot better on D and even their poorly performing secondary did a decent job and they win an ugly close one. It is a win.

12. Arizona Cardinals (12) – On the bye and a team now desperate on D with Tyrann Mathieu hurt. This team needs consistency.

13. Washington Redskins (13) – On the bye and hoping that the Giants and Eagles just kill each other this week.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (8) – Big Ben is brave if not effective and the Steelers are trailing and need to get some O to have a shot here. With absolutely no offense and couple that with bad special teams and this Steeler team is going down hard in a tough division game. This could be the end for Pittsburgh. An ugly loss and Ben looks no way near able to play.

15. Green Bay Packers (11) – The Pack special teams let in a long kick return TD. The Pack Crappy D followed that up by allowing a lot of points and they find themselves down to a pretty bad Colts team. Rodgers could still dig a win out but this is a lot harder to do then it should be. The pitiful Packer D kept allowing points and Aaron even tossed a pick. The Packers started putting up TDs fast but in the end, it was too little too late and now Aaron can R-E-L-A-X in third place after a very BAD loss.

16. Houston Texans (16) – On the bye and in pretty good shape in a pretty bad division.

17. Miami Dolphins (18) – The Dolphins are in a division battle shootout. Good O and some poor D and they are trading scores and could very well be last team who scores will win. Dolphins have a late lead and with any luck they might have a chance to win this one. The Dolphins got the last score and won the game. It was hard fought but a nice win.

18. New Orleans Saints (24) – New Orleans has come to the San Fran area and found their own version of a gold rush. Brees and the O put up a 30 burger in the first half against the extremely laughable Niner D and but for the Saints D being nearly as laughable this would already be a laugher. For laughing sakes. The Saints pretty much took their foot off the gas but still managed a 40 burger. A pretty easy win for a team with a pretty poor D.

19. San Diego Chargers (20) – Fast start to the Chargers as Rivers and co. were able to score a couple quick and they had a nice lead and seemed like the game was in control. Then the Bolts D let the Titans start to move and they barely held the lead at the half and a bad D performance in the third means the Chargers are battling from behind again. The Chargers have been able to take advantage of Golden turnovers and have grabbed a decent sized late lead and once more the Charger D must see if they can hold for a win. The Chargers D really stood up and they won the game for San Diego. It was a shootout and they used points off golden turnovers to tell the tale. A good win the team with heart.

20. Buffalo Bills (19) – The Bills went on the road to the west coast and didn’t bring their D. Tyrod Taylor really got the running game going and used that to score and score. The Bills just couldn’t find a D that could stop the Seahawks. They kept themselves in the game but this team isn’t built to win shootouts. The Bills scored 25 and that should be enough to get them a win. They allowed 31. A well-played game by half the team (the O) and in the end a tough loss.

21. Baltimore Ravens (23) – The Ravens are quothing that they are able to control a gimpy Big Ben and have a small lead. Can their D just hold down the Steelers for 60? The Ravens D has been able to keep a hobbled Big Ben down and with some nice special teams they have a solid lead. The Ravens have come off a bye with solid win and can see now if they can right their previously sinking ship.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) – Solid Buc O to start. Winston and Evans are a great combo. The D played a pretty good first half and they are within one score. Wow. They decided to not play D in the 2nd half and Tampa got killed. It was an ugly loss.

23. New York Jets (22) – Fitz is being Fitz. He is getting points but the D is letting them in and this is becoming a last team who scores wins game. Fitz got hurt and that has hampered the Jets ability to create O and they are trailing the Fins late. The Jets managed to grab a lead and now it becomes can their D hold it? The D couldn’t and the Jets lose a tough division match and this may stick a fork in the Jets for the year.

24. Minnesota Vikings (10) – The positive is that Bradford has had a lot more protection and the Vikes D got a golden turnover. The bad is that early on all that means is they are still trailing the Lions. The Vikings were able to overcome some issues with kicking and bad coach decisions to find a way to march to a lead. They gave the game to their D with 23 sec left and they win with a stop. So? OT as the Viking D stunk for 2 plays. The Vikings D added to this by allowing a Detroit OT TD. This loss is equally shared by their incompetent kicker who missed an extra point, their coach who didn’t try 2 FGs and their D that couldn’t make a stop in the last 5 minutes of the game. A TERRIBLE well-earned loss.

25. Indianapolis Colts (27) – A great start with a quick TD and the Colts have piled it on. The Colts D is not very effective but they are barely holding their own. It is an open question as to whether they can hold this lead. The Colts expanded the lead and then in a rollicking finish the D bent and bent. They let in a TD every 2 minutes but when it came down to it…Luck got the first downs he had to and they won a great upset on the road! What a win!

26. Tennessee Titans (25) – Slow start but it is a west coast road game for this Titan team. They let in a lot of points early but Mariota won’t be quieted. He has battled back and the D has been better and early in the 2nd half they have a lead. Where will it go from here? Mariota led the O to keep Tennessee in the game. Then Mariota turned the ball over and that has put them deep in a hole. Is there a miracle comeback in them? Mariota kept them battling but it was his golden turnovers that cost them the game. A good effort on the road but like Jacksonville they can’t turn it over when they aren’t that good. Another loss.

27. Philadelphia Eagles (26) – Terrible D performance has them trailing big and if not for a special teams kick return they would be in a huge hole. This just in, the Eagles have gone for it twice on 4th in the red zone and it has cost Philly 6 points. Stupid coaching decisions 101. The Eagles were well behind but came back against a combined bad and prevent D and now are within one score late. The D got them the ball late and Wentz had a shot. He couldn’t do it and they lost a big division game and now are in a tail spin.

28. Chicago BEARS (28) – On the bye – the good is they are using Howard, the bad is Cutler is there. A season of nightmares but at least the Cubs won.

29. Los Angeles Rams (29) – The Rams D has played a very solid first half. The Rams O under Keenum is just flat and Keenum is booed every time he misses a pass. This is ugly and it may just be Goff time. The Rams were strangled on O for most of the game. They managed a FG when the game was in question and a TD when it may have been against prevent. They need to fix the O. The D played well but with no O they had no shot and down they went. A bad home loss. Goff time?

30. San Francisco 49ers (30) – Would that they could play D…well the Niners suck and are really trying hard to get back down to 31 or 32. A terrible D performance in the first half. They got a few points but are still well down and have plenty of work to do. The Niners were never able to stop New Orleans enough or score enough. A team whose D just got worked over and this was just an ugly loss.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – The Jags are having more of their typical problems on the road. Bortles has been picked and it was golden. They can’t get any O outside some Ivory rushing and are having trouble getting any points. The Jags have turned the ball over 4 times and that is pure 24k gold. You can’t turn it over 4 times, be as bad as they are and expect to win. No surprise here, they lost and looked self-defeating in doing it.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Kessler is a revelation at QB but with his C ejected and the ream struggling on D this is going to be another long day for Cleveland on the road to 0-16. The Browns never had a hope and never managed much whatsoever and that is the story of the Browns. Another loss for the worst team in the NFL.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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