Mr. N’s #NFL Week 10 Power Poll #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys had some real problems playing D against the Steelers and then the O line had severe issues. They fell behind and had to battle and battle all game. They see sawed back and forth and when it came down to it they did the last score and won a gutsy one. They had to work way harder than they should have to beat what has been a poor Steeler D. It is a win but man that was pretty ugly.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (3) – The Chiefs got Alex Smith back and one would have thought that was all they needed. Instead the Chief D is having great trouble stopping the Panthers while the O can’t seem to get It going and Smith has already thrown a golden turnover. A terrible start. Must give KC full credit for never giving up. They kept battling on D and Smith never gave up on O. They plugged away, they got the points they needed and sealed the win with a key game winning FG. What a super come from behind win and this shows this team is a team to take seriously. A superb win.

3. Seattle Seahawks (6) – The Seahawks brought their O on the road and it shone. They scored and scored and matched all tossed their way. The Legion of missed tackles continued to have great issues stopping the run. They battled to take a late lead and then in the last play they got away with a Pass INTERFERENCE and won. Congrats, you have slain the Devil in hell. What a win.

4. Oakland Raiders (4) – On the bye, coming off one of the biggest wins in modern Raider history. Can Oakland keep it going and have a 2nd half equal to the first? I hope so as it is a lot of fun to watch this young team go.

5. New England Patriots (2) – The Pats seemed to forget they are the Darth Vader at home. They had great trouble stopping the Hawk O and ‘gasp’ Tom Brady wasn’t all that. They battled back and forth but were never able to pull away. They fell behind late and when it came down to it they didn’t get a call and lost. What a huge loss that shows this team is human and may not need to be dragged into the sun and have a wooden stake pounded through its undead heart. A loss that hurts them.

6. Denver Broncos (9) – The Broncos have brought their D. That is good since their O doesn’t seem to be all that so far. They have a nice lead and if the D can keep up the pressure they could be in good shape. The Broncos turned over the ball in golden fashion and the vaunted D let in some points. It came down to the last plays of the game. The Broncos basically cheated in leaping over the line to block an extra point and then on the return of that ‘block’ the player stepped out of bounds. Of course, the refs missed that and Denver ‘wins’. They actually lost but were given a win by the worst reffing I have seen since the last time I saw terrible reffing. It is a win and it is worth less than nothing as they didn’t really win.

7. New York Giants (10) – The Giants had their ring of honor and they had home field and my could the first half been any more boring? I was watching NHL Hall of Fame induction on commercials and it was more exciting than the MNF. Well the Giants kept it close and were able to hold Cincy to a late FG which gave them the ability to score the winning TD. A good win for a pretty good Giants team.

8. Arizona Cardinals (12) – The Cards came into a game where they just have to show up and they would win. They jumped out to a nice lead and had it well in hand. What did they do? Run up 50? No, they simply decided total prevent was all that was necessary and they stopped trying and let a terrible Niner team back in it. They scuffled around and found themselves tied and only barely squeaked out a win. An ugly, ugly win and makes me question if Arizona is any good at all.

9. Washington Redskins (13) – The Redskins are pretty much having their way against the Vikings. There seems to be not much they can’t do and are well in control at the half. The Redskins took the foot off the gas and let Minnesota back in the game. They even fell behind. They took a late lead and then put the game in the hands of their D. It came right down to the last play and for only the second time since 2010 the Redskins D WON the game. What a win but it was harder than it should have been.

10. Atlanta Falcons (5) – The Falcons are being challenged by a game Eagle D and will have to see if they can get TDs in the 2nd half. A pretty good D performance but they trail a little. The Falcons O was never able to get anything really going and they lost a bad one to a Philly team that is easily beatable. A terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE loss.

11. Detroit Lions (8) – On the bye, the Lions are having a great year by their standards and have every opportunity now to have a shot at the playoffs.

12. Carolina Panthers (11) – Caaaaaam is really bringing his A game today. He showed the MVP style to get his first rushing TD. The D has been solid (better in the first half than they have been most of the year) and this is a very impressive Panther effort so far. Carolina played the best game they have on O and D and put themselves in position to win. However, the D wasn’t perfect and when it came right down to it they gave KC a shot and KC beat them and Carolina lost. Their season hopes for playoffs is over and it is on to next year for a disappointingly bad Panther team.

13. Houston Texans (16) – The Texans are using good D and an effective run game to take early control of this game. They seem to be in control. The Texans never really got much out of their QB but they took a decent sized lead. The D was then able to operate in effective prevent and although they let in a late garbage score, they got this win and get a better hold on this crappy division.

14. Miami Dolphins (17) – Miami had a bit of trouble getting it going on the west coast. Tannehill seemed rusty and it took til into the 2nd half for him to get a rhythm. The Dolphin D kept them in it and they kept getting turnovers and they sealed the game with the last one. A great win for Miami and they are nominally alive in the AFC wild card chase with this win.

15. Baltimore Ravens (21) – The Bad Ravens played another flat 30 against Cleveland. Flacco could do nothing for the first half and when he got a short field in the 2nd half he tossed a critical red zone pick. Baltimore won the game going away but this in no way means this team is any good at all. They play this way against the other 30 teams they lose. A very ugly win.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (14) – All the experts were right, the Steelers really stood up and gave all they had in this match. Their D played much better than they have all year. Big Ben looked hot and the combo of Bell and Brown seemed often unstoppable. They kept going for 2 and missing it and that took lots off the board. In the last 2 minutes the bad Steeler D let in 2 easy rushing TDs and that beat them. A hurtful loss after a good effort and they needed this win in their division.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (7) – The Bengals showed everyone why they just aren’t that good. The D has holes which can be exploited. The O isn’t able to be a high scoring force. The Bengals kept it close and had a shot to put it away but managed only a late FG. Then their D let in one more TD and down they went. A bad loss and this team is just bad.

18. New Orleans Saints (18) – Brees is showing everyone that turnovers are gold and his two picks have been the key difference in the game so far. The Saints obviously need to score more than 0 to have a shot here. The Saints were able to get the offense working and charged back and got to the point of kicking the game winning extra point. Then it was sort of blocked and then kind of returned for a 2 pointer (the guy was out of bounds but that isn’t called on Denver) New Orleans was given a loss. They didn’t lose the game.

19. Buffalo Bills (20) – On the bye, the Bills have had superb games and terrible games. Rex needs to find consistency. It is going to be a long road to reach a wild card in the AFC and methinks the division race is already over.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22) – The Bucs have a secret weapon and it is Jay Cutler. These zillion turnovers in the first half have been the reason Tampa has a lead. The Bucs blew the Bears away in every way shape and form. A great easy win for Tampa.

21. Tennessee Titans (26) – The Titans have come out of nowhere and are kicking the ever-loving CRAP out of Green Bay. Excellent O and great D and now the Titans just have to show they can do this for 60. Tennessee did it for 60, they kept scoring, made some stops and put a major league 40 burger on the Packers. A great win for Tennessee and keeps them alive in their bad division. Nice win.

22. San Diego Chargers (19) – San Diego was in a very competitive match with a team built not dissimilar. The Chargers can run it, can throw it a bit and even tackle now and then. They showed all of this for the whole game and were able to match everything that Miami threw at them. Alas Phil Rivers also turned the ball over FOUR times and those were varying percentages of fine gold. The first turnover may have been 18k but the 4th one that cost them the game was pure 24k .99999 fine and that killed em. A tough loss and they had every chance to win but for the turnovers.

23. Philadelphia Eagles (27) – The Eagles came out with pretty good D and have been able to stop the hot Falcons O. Wentz and crew on O are not getting much done and they need to get more than 7 to win this game I think. The Eagles were able to get the points they needed and put this game away. A good win for a poor Eagle team.

24. New York Jets (23) – Bryce Petty is making the most of his first start. He has looked calm and at ease in the pocket. He has added a rush attack from the QB slot that the Jets haven’t had in maybe a decade. The horrendous discipline problems aside, the Jets seem to be in good shape today. Well poor Petty never was able to get another point basically and the Jets just foundered. Getting only 6 points isn’t enough. I can’t think that Fitz could have gotten more but I am certain Petty will be vilified for ineptitude. The Jets D really needed to not let LA to get more FGs. This is a tough loss and the Jets hopes for the post season are over.

25. Indianapolis Colts (25) – On the bye, A team at the crossroads. They paid Luck the ‘MONEY’ and it appears this may have been a franchise killing mistake.

26. Los Angeles Rams (29) – The Rams have had no luck getting the O going against the Jets. The Rams D has tried to disrupt the young QB but he appears unflappable. They are down and it is not certain they can come back against anyone. The Rams managed to keep battling on O and D and got one more field goal than their opponent. Well played D, pitiful O and a win. I don’t think they can hang their hat on this performance but hey they did win it.

27. Green Bay Packers (15) – The Packers D is just as abominable as I thought it was. Every time Tennessee touches the ball they get a TD. Rodgers is trying to bale water but this is a sinking Packer ship. The Packers tried to keep up but their D just let in so many points that the scoreboard nearly broke. The worst performance by a Packer D in decades. It was a laugher and Green Bay was blown out and are now in a very R-E-L-A-X-E-D under .500. What a horrible loss.

28. Minnesota Vikings (24) – The struggles continue on O and D and the Vikings are going to have to rally from way back to have a shot here. The Vikings had their best scoring since the 5-game win streak. Bradford had a super game and did almost all he could. The D has issues and kept letting Washington score and it came down to Bradford getting one more TD and he failed. Another loss. The Vikes are in trouble but not yet out of it in the standings.

29. San Francisco 49ers (30) – The Niners were blown out in the first 10 minutes but give them credit they never quit. Somehow this bad D played ok and the terrible O was able to get points upon points against a prevent D. The Niners got it to a tie and almost won. They lost by 3 but it was a game effort and that makes them better with this effort than some of the bad teams in this league.

30. Chicago BEARS (28) – Cutler is awful. The golden turnovers – including a pick six – show why this guy should be cut at half time. There is nothing this team can do with that pile of human debris at QB. Chicago was hung, drawn and quartered. Cutler brought this loss to them and it was ugly. They are a dead team walking with Cutler at QB. A horrible loss. Cut Cutler now.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Continuing struggles for Jacksonville on all parts of the game has them down in the first half in this division matchup. The Jaguars D was never able to make the key stops and before they could get any much offense going they were down by nearly a couple of TDs. The Jags scored a late one to make it close but were never in it and lost another in their lost season.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Cleveland came out and played a solid style of D. They stopped every Raven attempt to reach the end zone and were just consistent. They allowed movement between the 20s but in only allowing 2 FGs they did the job. Kessler was not a world beater but he continued to do the job effectively. He was able to drive for one TD and he didn’t turn the ball over. The Browns weren’t that impressive but at the half they led by 1. It was thought that the issues that befall the winless Browns were not from Coach Hue Jackson. Then the second half started and he benched his solid rookie QB to bring in the has been McCown to ‘spark’ the team. Let’s see, 2 INTS and a lost fumble and Cleveland never scored again. This loss is on Coach Jackson. Kessler is the QB, the team just lacks talent. Another Cleveland loss.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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