“You are Who You are” Mr. N’s #NFL Week 13 Power Poll #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys took a page from the ‘hey it sucks to play on TNF’ book. They looked often flat and struggled on O and D against a team they should have just rolled over. They got enough out of Elliott to seal the deal. They then got enough out of the refs to steal the deal. By any virtue of imagination, the Cowboys should have been tied and gone to OT where anything could have happened but they were awarded a win. It was ugly and you can thank the NFL for the horror show that is Thursday Night Football.

2. Oakland Raiders (2) – The Raiders seem to have not found their mojo yet. The D is having great trouble even appearing to be tackling dummies to the Bills rush and the more they fall behind the more one has to wonder if the D can muster anything and if the O can muster a comeback. What a difference a half makes. The D suddenly found their groove and Khalil Mack showed clearly why Von Miller couldn’t’ even tie his cleats. Mack dominated while the O opened up and caught and passed the Bills. The Raiders then blew out Buffalo and won this game in a laugher. The Silver and Black, hard on the nerves but fun to watch!

3. New England Patriots (3) – Pats have taken a West Coast vacation. Lots of sun and sand and touring movie star houses, oh and they are kicking the ever-loving crap out of the terrible LA Rams. This game was a breeze for the vacationing Pats. They enjoyed the sun, saw the Kardashians and had cocktails and oh yeah, they stomped the Rams. An easy win.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (4) – The Chiefs are supposed to have D and efficient O. There is no D here but plenty o’ O and they were tied in a shootout but snuck out to a lead. Last team to play bad D here will lose. The Chiefs used O I didn’t think they had and they pulled out to a nice lead. They went to prevent and that got them down by 1. Then Eric Berry made a spectacular pick on a two point try and won the game with the return. Amazing win, this team is going to be very dangerous if they can play offense like this in the playoffs.

5. Detroit Lions (6) – The Lions O is doing great and their D is doing what it often does and they are in a shootout at the half. Last team who scores wins. Detroit changed the script and played good D in the second half and got turnovers and sealed the game. Solid game by Detroit and they are nicely out in front in the NFC North and there isn’t thing one Geek Bay can do about it.

6. Seattle Seahawks (9) – Seattle got the gift of an advent pick on the first play and never ever looked back. Losing Thomas for the year may take the OOM out the Legion of Boom but that didn’t stop them on Sunday night. It was never in doubt. Seattle blew the doors off and trounced the Panthers. They are in the driver seat in their amazingly crappy division.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – Pittsburgh was in control from start to finish. Big Ben got it going with his weapons and scored only 3 TDs but it seemed like they could have scored more. The D played a strong game and Pittsburgh was never challenged. They won this handily and are still neck and neck with the Ravens for the Division.

8. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Ravens on a roll-on D and surprisingly on O. They can do no wrong and this game, now up by something like 3 TDs may be over at the half. This game was over. The Ravens blew out Miami and are making a point they may yet be heard from in the AFC North. A nice win.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11) – The Bucs went on the road and suffered a ton of injuries to the receiving corps. By the end of the first quarter they were testing out popcorn salesmen to see if they could run routes. They battled on O and D and got into a see saw match. They got a couple of great golden turnovers and Winston got them the winning score. The D held on for the great road victory. They are a game or so out of the division lead and now in the Wild Card and control their destiny. Way to go Bucs.

10. New York Giants (5) – The ‘vaunted’ Giants D got whupped today. No pass rush seen at all, the secondary looked like a bunch of overpaid hacks. The O was flat and could do little. They got a cheap TD late against prevent to make this game seem closer than it was. A rotten game and they saw their win streak go splat. It is a game like that which makes one wonder if they are just pretenders who will be one and done come playoff time.

11. Atlanta Falcons (7) – Defense seems to be something left of Christmas lists here today. Atlanta has marched the field a few times but have had trouble getting TDs. It may be last team who scores wins here. That was quite the amazing second half for Atlanta. They were down 2 scores but they battled back and brought themselves into a one point lead very late – for about a second or two. Then the Falcons went for two, Matty Melt tossed a pick and it went for 2 and they lost. Yep. No refs messed this one, the Falcons did it all on their own. What a way to lose and if any other team in their division has ability then the door just popped open.

12. Denver Broncos (17) – The Broncos went on the road and brought their D. Unfortunately, they had to bring their O too and it was as useless as it always is. Only a terrible Denver Bronco team who is being called great by reputation, can play a close game against a bad Jag team. Denver won this and currently have crawled into a Wild Card spot but don’t anyone be fooled. This Bronco team sucks.

13. Washington Redskins (12) – The Skins had 10 days to prepare and were taking on an offensively challenged team prone to turnovers. So? They struggled and couldn’t make the necessary throws, protect the QB or run well. The D was burned and burned and the Skins were defeated. They now sit out of the playoffs and it is their own damn fault for blowing a winnable game.

14. Arizona Cardinals (20) – The Cards have been a disappointment for most of the year and this game didn’t look good for them. They are undermanned on O and the D has had issues and they faced an offensive powerhouse. What happened? A fantastic performance by Palmer with no picks this week as they scored again and again. The D played well and this was the best game Zona has had in weeks. They still are basically a walking corpse but it was a good win.

15. Miami Dolphins (8) – Me thinks the Dolphins were reading the press clippings about their win streak as they are getting walloped here. What a terrible effort. They need to give their collective heads a shake or they are toaster cased here. The Dolphins were blown out and looked rotten. What a terrible effort and this loss hurts them in the playoff chase.

16. New Orleans Saints (15) – The Saints are in the shootout everyone thought they would be in and this will be a last team who scores wins. Well New Orleans D won the competition today – which D would suck more. They let in a lot of Lion points and then Brees had an uncharacteristically bad day and some golden turnovers too. The Saints lost and this hurts them as they had a chance to gain ground in the NFC South but blew it. A bad loss.

17. Buffalo Bills (14) – The Bills brought out a great game plan and ran and ran. Nothing could stop the run so they just ran and ran and ran. The D was pretty good early and they had a nice lead in a tough road environment. Then the roof fell in. The Bills O was shut down and the D was ripped and before they knew it they were down 14 and it was all over. A tough loss for the Bills who now have a difficult road to the wild card if not impossible.

18. Cincinnati Bengals (27) – This is about the best effort this poor Bengal team has shown in more than 6 weeks. They are kicking it with solid O and good D and are well in control. Cincinnati was in cruise control and never looked back. They ran up a nice lead and played good D. If they weren’t buried in the AFC they might take more from this but alas a meaningless win on the way to missing the playoffs.

19. Houston Texans (18) – No O, it doesn’t usually work in Texas with good field conditions and Oswieler is terrible in the snow. It is an open question whether than can score even a point here The Texans struggled and muddled and did get a point or two and a cheap TD late but never had a shot and lost. They continue to crawl on their stomach through mud and debris into the playoffs..

20. Indianapolis Colts (23) – Well that was quite a day for the Colts. How nice of them to get a Christmas present early. The Jets simply decided to gift them a game. Luck threw well with no pressure or threat from a backfield. Indy ran easily against a non-existent Run D. The Colt D was able to run over the Jet O with little effort. It was like Indy played a CGI team. A simple blow out win which proves even a bad team can destroy someone who doesn’t try.

21. Tennessee Titans (21) – On the bye and while on the bye they are now tied for first. If they win out they will win their division. It is in their hands. Can they pull it off or is this idea just a bunch of Malarkey?

22. San Diego Chargers (19) – The Bolts at home got into a classic San Diego type of game. They played good D and missed some plays. They played some great O and missed some plays. They had a lead, they gave it up. They pulled ahead, they turned it over. They had a great play and a bad play. In the end, they fell behind and couldn’t come back. It wasn’t their best effort and this pretty much ends any hopes San Diego had before they move to LA too. A tough loss.

23. Minnesota Vikings (22) – The Vikes had pretty decent D for the game and it held down Dallas and kept them under 20 points. The O had spurts but found it tough sledding to get into the end zone. They managed to keep it close into the 4th and made one late drive for a TD to make it a 2-point game. The Vikings were set to get the 2 pointer but the refs ruled that they wanted Dallas to win so they didn’t call the penalty. Minnesota was awarded a loss by the refs. Too bad.

24. Green Bay Packers (25) – Inclimate weather is the only thing holding back Green Bay’s O in the first half. Seeing Rodgers bang his head off the turf marks the 10,000th time he has done this but the NFL has decided concussion protocol doesn’t apply to him. When he retires early ala Troy Aikman…oh and Green Bay has a slim lead. Green Bay was able to use their crappy D to hold down the crappy Texan O and Rodgers tossed another TD and the pack wins. What was sweet was how Detroit won so GB is STILL 2 out and the wild card is in the NFC East. Have a RELAXed time missing the playoffs.

25. New York Jets (24) – Who knew how much the Jets hated their head coach? That was the biggest ‘lets get the coach fired by a shitty effort on national tv’ that I have ever seen. They didn’t try in any facet of the game. This was abominable and if I was the owner I would consider firing 53 players. Just a disgrace and the Jets lost and looked bad doing it.

26. Carolina Panthers (13) – Caaaaaaaaam didn’t wear a tie and got benched for 1 series. Carolina forgot they had to play and got smashed for 60 minutes. This was about as ugly a loss as Carolina has suffered in years. A full on forty burger served on national tv. This embarrassing loss ends any shot Carolina had and they will be sitting at home this year wondering what the hell happened.

27. Chicago BEARS (30) – playing in a blizzard the BEARS D has had some great plays and some terrible plays. They let SF march the field a couple of times but bent and didn’t break. Late the BEARS scored a TD. Turnovers will be critical with 2 bad teams in the snow. The BEARS were able to pile it on like snow blown by wind and never looked back. Solid rush O aided by terrible weather and Chicago won a game! Means little but it’s a win. What sucks is Baker Mayfield is staying in college. Sigh.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (26) – The Eagle D is the issue here or the utter lack of any such a thing. Wentz is showing it might have been good that he wentz in the 2nd overall pick *ok I stole that from Stugotz*. They are down and could be out already. The Eagles were out. Wentz turned it over and the D was shredded and down went the bad Eagles. The D has played maybe 3 good games but when you look like crap like that…you are NOT good.

29. Los Angeles Rams (28) – One would have thought that with a near 50 burger served on this alleged D last week that they would come roaring out today. Nope. The Rams signed Fisher to an extension (he was 1 yard from a Super Bowl title in 1999 – LAST MILLENIUM) and they are playing terrible. This could be very ugly. This was ugly and nothing is uglier than this loss AND an extension to Fisher. What a mess LA is.

30. San Francisco 49ers (29) – San Fran has played about as good as they can in the snow in Chicago. O has got them a couple of FGs and the D has only let in one TD. It will be a lot of effort for San Fran to maintain themselves in these conditions. Well SF just never got acclimatized and were off their feed. It got so bad they put Gabbert in! They were destroyed by the BEARS and if Cleveland wins one…they can yet be 32.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Well Jacksonville gave all they had here. Their D battled and disrupted the Bronco’s laughable O. The Jags O struggled but got a little here and there and kept it close for most of the game. A decent effort by the team that needs still a ton of help and another loss for Jacksonville.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – On the bye. The Browns have 4 left and now we have to seriously wonder if they can win even 1 game this year. If they sign Jay Cutler in 2017, as a BEARS fan I would thank them, but that might mean another 0-16 then.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan


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