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NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 9
1 1 Philadelphia One would hope the doubters about this super team will all be quieted now.  They utterly destroyed Denver (albeit a terrible Denver with an old and pretty useless D) and Wentz seems to love his new weapon Ajayi.  They are about as flawless as any team and are heading to their bye with the trip to Minnesota in February in their sights.
2 2 Minnesota On the bye and looking ahead wouldn’t this D against Phlly be an entertaining NFC Championship game?
6 3 New Orleans The Saints are on a roll, a good Saints roll – probably full of fried catfish with some amazing creole spices and tasty cheese.  They are hotter than they have been since their Super Bowl year and they have a test this week.  If they keep winning they may be a challenger for Philly.
3 4 Pittsburgh On the bye and are pretty much in the best shape this team has been, can they remain focused going forward?
4 5 New England On the bye and since I don’t have any respect for them they fall a spot.
7 6 LA Rams The Rams are adding success to their exciting style of play.  They easily put a 50 burger up on the Giants and just rolled along.  The interesting thing is the D is starting to take shape and if that comes into focus and you add that to the explosive O and LA has something to be excited about.
12 7 Jacksonville The Jags came off a bye and evidently Bortles didn’t forget that he had a good game pre bye.  Now for two weeks  in a row Jacksonville has looked like they have a NFL QB.  They even benched all world Rookie RB Fournette for the game and never missed a beat.  A team that now has a legit shot at taking the AFC South title.
5 8 Seattle The Legion of oops played a lot on Sunday and boy were there oops.  The Seahawks are a mistake filled team with a potentially explosive O but only if they can hit the deep passes.  This is a good but not great team.
10 9 Dallas The Cowboys were given a disgusting reprieve and were allowed to have their woman beating scumbag play and they rolled to a win.  I refuse to give them any credit as long as that miscreant escapes his punishment.
13 10 Washington The Skins played another solid game but this time they used D and timely O to come up with a soild road win.  The Skins D showed no quit and was a force for the whole 60.  They haven’t had this much effort very often this year.  It may be too late but if they played like this the entire second half they could resurrect their playoff hopes.
9 11 Houston The Texans lost their QB but showed tremendous heart in the effort they put out.  They did just about everything but win and that kind of effort will win them a lot of pride if not actual wins.
11 12 Kansas City The Chiefs seem to be the shadow of who they were when they started the year.  The flaws in D are getting exposed and they look beatable by any good running back.  Alex Smith can’t make every throw and they all need to be made the way the D is playing.
16 13 Tennessee The Titans took on a bad Ravens team and beat em.  These Titans are still a bit of an enigma.  They are not as good as many thought but they can manage to win a game.  I just think they are not quite playoff caliber yet but give them another year.
14 14 LA Chargers On the bye and the Bolts need to see if they can regain the mojo they had before New England stole a game from them.
18 15 Carolina Caaaaaam used his renewed running skills to dominate the game and give the Panthers a nice division win.  The whole world seemed to give them no shot but Caaaam and Luke turned the tide.  The D was ferocious and the O did just enough to win one.  They will have to be better than New Orleans but they are much better than Atlanta.
23 16 Detroit The Lions went into Lambeau Field and pounded the Pack.  It was a glorious win and one they haven’t enjoyed in that building since the days when Fontes coached and Barry ran.  What a superb division win over a now very BEATABLE Packer team.
22 17 Oakland Oakland looked flat for 30 and then found a running game and managed to eke out a win against the Dolphins.  It didn’t actually save the season but it was better than a loss.
8 18 Buffalo The TNF monster bit the Bills.  They were flat, unable to perform and looked lost.  They looked like a team that played hard on Sunday and couldn’t get ready for a TNF game on the road.  It will happen to everyone practically for the rest of the year.  They need to bounce back against the Saints.
27 19 NY Jets The Jets took advantage of being at home on TNF and torched a flat Bills team.  This was a great win but home teams on Thursday have every chance to do this every week going forward.
28 20 Arizona The Cardinals have transformed into a strong run team with a touch of passing and some decent D and are starting to get momentum.  AP is still a child beating scumbag but he has crawled out of his NFL grave and is running like a man who beat his child and got away with it.
29 21 Indianapolis The Colts took down a Texan team spinning out of control.  Brisset looked great and perhaps having Luck not staring over his shoulder helped there.  A solid win and they even played some D.  Lets see them do this again.
24 22 Chicago On the bye and having a decent year all things considered.  Will be interesting to watch them play GB this week.
19 23 Baltimore The Ravens were in the game all game but were unable to make the key plays necessary to win.  They lost a close one to a relatively unsure team.  They needed this win on the Steeler bye week to try to keep pace.  They are in bad shape now.
15 24 Green Bay The Pack are back!  Back to how they played in 1990!  Ah the wonderful days of the ‘Bay of Pigs’ games from way back in Pete Axthelm’s days on ESPN Countown.  They were massacred by Detroit and now I am ever hopeful the BEARS can pile on this week.
17 25 Atlanta Atlanta got beat over and over by the Panther run game and Matty Melt couldn’t make the throws when the game was on the line.  The Super Bowl hangover is a looooooooong hangover.
21 26 Cincinnati The Bungles were destroyed by the Jags.  The once, when Zimmer was their Co-ord, vaunted D was destroyed.  Their red haired nightmare QB can’t score any points.  A team in total disarray.
26 27 Miami The Dolphins did all they could against the Raiders but win.  They led often, they battled back when down to make it very close.  A good effort in a tough loss.
25 28 Denver The no fly zone is the come fly with me zone.  The Broncos suck at D and are worthless at O and suffered a monster 50 burger being served to them.  It did me good to laugh at the vaunted Denver D getting pasted.
20 29 Tampa Bay The Bucs are terrible.  The root of this is the lack of leadership shown by Winston.  He was a scumbag lying, assaulting piece of garbage in College and now that has come to the NFL.  The antic of being too hurt to play but not to cause a fight in a game…no QB of any salt does that.  This team is going nowhere with that unconvicted felon at it’s helm
31 30 San Francisco The Niners continue to push Beathard out at QB but for the added pleasure he now has to look over his shoulder too.  They were beaten by an understrengthed Cardinal team but they gave a fair account of themselves.
32 31 Cleveland Congrats Cleveland you moved up one slot because you are a hot mess but not as smelly as the Giants.
30 32 NY Giants The G men stunk out the NFL in a fashion I don’t believe I have witnessed for decades.  The sheer magnitude of their suckage…they had to be awarded 32 slot.  It can’t be worse than it is right now for New York.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

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