MR N’s #NFL #Superbowl Weekend Power Poll #SB50 #Superbowl50

 NFL Power Rankings

1.              Denver Broncos (2) – The Broncos came out with a solid game plan and executed it to a tee.  They relied on D and got a lot of help from Carolina mistakes and Ref decisions.  The offense was beyond putrid but the D was able to get the job done.  They won one for Pat and for Peyton and the next person who says they can repeat is the stand up comedian of the year.  A team that finished first because of their win but I tell you this team is in no way the best in the NFL.

2.              Carolina Panthers (1) – The Panthers came out nervous.  Caaaaaam missed at least 3 wide open receivers for what would have been long gains or tds.  There was a challenge that the NFL got wrong and ruled not a catch and that changed the game completely and took away what would have been a Panther lead in the 1stquarter.  For all the over throws, penalties and turnovers the Panthers deserved to lose.  They were the worst team today.  I would love to see the Panther effort that they used against Arizona –  play against the Broncos.  I see them as the huge fave for the Super Bowl in 2016.  A bad loss for a great team.

3.                Arizona Cardinals.

3a.            New England Patriots.

4.            Kansas City Chiefs.

5.            Green Bay Packers.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers.

7.            Seattle Seahawks.

8.            Minnesota Vikings.

9.          Washington Redskins.

10.          Cincinnati Bengals.

11.          Houston Texans.

12.          New York Jets.

13.          Indianapolis Colts.

14.          Detroit Lions.

15.          Buffalo Bills – LeSean McCoy offseason training is beating 2 off duty cops nearly to death with a champagne bottle.  Methinks he is in a load of trouble once he is arrested.

16.          Philadelphia Eagles.

17.          New Orleans Saints

18.          Miami Dolphins.

19.          Oakland Raiders.

20.          New York Giants.

21.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

22.          Jacksonville Jaguars.

23.          San Diego Chargers.

24.          Baltimore Ravens.

25.          Atlanta Falcons.

26.          Los Angeles Rams.

27.          San Francisco.

28.          Chicago BEARS.

29.          Cleveland Browns – Evidently they covered for Manziel when he showed up drunk at practice.  The fine for the Browns should be huge for this horrific behavior..

30.          Tennessee Titans.

31.          Dallas Cowboys.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan


Mr. N’s #NFL Conference Championship Power Poll‏ #NFLPlayoffs

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – The Panthers got out to their now typical fast start but unlike other weeks they never let up.  The Rush offense was unstoppable, Caaaaaaam was brilliant, the D was fierce and unbeatable.  Before the dust settled Carolina was up multiple scores.  The only question left was would Carolina put up a 50 burger.  That was answered when they finally took the foot off the gas with less than 2 minutes left.  A complete and total domination of a good team.  It is hard to see how any team can beat this balanced beast now.

2.            Denver Broncos (4) – Denver brought their A game on Defense and dominated the game from the start.  Manning looked better than he had all year.  He kept making throws.  In fact, Peyton Manning kept tossing some H eckuva G ood H urls throughout the game!  The Broncs had the Pats down and nearly out but they went into a version of prevent and allowed New England to move all over the field and come within two points.  They finally stopped the 2-point conversion and recovered onside desperation and Denver wins!  They likely will be massacred in the Super Bowl and Peyton should retire but congrats Denver.

3.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – Arizona came out and wanted to test how golden turnovers can be.  They proved they are 24k .99999 pure gold.  If Carson wasn’t tossing multiple picks, he was being sacked and fumbling.  Add to that a special teams fumble by Patrick Peterson and you had the recipe for a blowout.  Big Arizona, on both O and D line, was pushed around by Carolina.  They were overmatched and thoroughly defeated.  A complete butt whipping.  Take heart Arizona, you are close but you may just need a better QB.  Carson Palmer has I think taken a team as far as his ability will go.  A good year that ended with a bad loss.

4.            New England Patriots (3) – The Pats came out with their best planned cheat and found a buzz saw of D.  Brady was pounded, punished and pummeled.  The uncoverable receivers were covered, battered and knocked around.  With more 3 and outs than first downs it was fun to watch the first half.  The Pats were able to move the ball late against the Denver version of prevent.  New England is like Jason from Friday the 13th.  It seemed for a while they would simply just not die.  They got to within 2 and blew the 2 point and seemed beat.  They went for an onside and somehow didn’t do it legally and FINALLY the EVIL CHEATING SCUMBAG PATRIOT team is defeated.  I guess Romo can see Brady in February…they can get together in Cancun for some sun and not Super Bowl playing.  A good loss for a team that only got this far by cheating.  How did that one feel Bill and Brady? Felt pretty good to me!

5.            Kansas City Chiefs.

6.            Green Bay Packers.

7.            Pittsburgh Steelers.

8.            Seattle Seahawks – Evidently Marshawn Lynch is going to retire.  Smart if he does as his body won’t keep taking that pounding much longer.

9.            Minnesota Vikings.

10.          Washington Redskins.

11.          Cincinnati Bengals.

12.          Houston Texans.

13.          New York Jets.

14.          Indianapolis Colts.

15.          Detroit Lions.

16.          Buffalo Bills – Buffalo hires the first ever full time Female coach.  Who cares? If she can do the job, then good for her.  I will be happy when gender and sex orientation is just a non-issue the way skin color should be.

17.          Philadelphia Eagles.

18.          New Orleans Saints

19.          Miami Dolphins.

20.          Oakland Raiders – Will Oakland end up as the NFL team in England by 2022?  It appears that isn’t outside the realm of impossibility.

21.          New York Giants.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

23.          Jacksonville Jaguars.

24.          San Diego Chargers.

25.          Baltimore Ravens.

26.          Atlanta Falcons.

27.          Los Angeles Rams.

28.          San Francisco.

29.          Chicago BEARS.

30.          Cleveland Browns.

31.          Tennessee Titans.

32.          Dallas Cowboys – The first Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft has Dallas taking a QB in the first round.  That would be smart, they sure do need a QB.

 As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!


Mr. N’s #NFL Division Weekend Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings #NFLPlayoffs

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – The Panthers came out on fire on O and D and Special teams.  They couldn’t have scripted it better.  Caaaaaaaam gets them to the end zone.  The D nails a golden turnover and it’s 14-0.  A few moments later and another child in the end zone seating has a football and a smile and it’s 21-0.  The Panther D dominated every aspect and got another pick and the Panthers added FG and another TD and it was 31-0 at the half.  Carolina then rolled out their prevent D that they used facing New Orleans during the regular season.  They played soft zone with no rush and no coverage and guess what? They allowed 3 TDs.  They made the odd stop here and there and allowed just one more FG and finally recovered the onside and won.  They were superb when trying and when they quit trying they were pushed about.  My recommendation for next week is try hard for 60 minutes against Arizona.  A win but it should have been easier.

2.            Arizona Cardinals (5) – The Cards found a tougher matchup then they had before.  They managed an early TD but then couldn’t get any pressure and fell behind.  The O drove for the lead and the Card D just had to make a stop and win. They didn’t make a key stop and then they did knock a hail mary to the ground but that was allowed.  In OT they won both a coin flop and flip and then Carson Palmer hit Larry Fitz for 2 passes that went about 85 yards total and the game winning TD.  They await a tough Carolina in the NFC Championship game.  Good win.

3.            New England Patriots (6) – The Pats came out with their standard game plan.  New England was able to somehow hold the intense pressure of a strong KC pass rush off totally with a non-descript O line.  Brady hit every throw and The Pat D was able to shut down the KC O.  By the time this game got to the 4th quarter I was very bored and New England moves on.  There is little excitement in watching a team that has cheated for 15 years continue to win by any means necessary.  If anyone wants a Super Bowl of at least more interest than sleeping time, let’s have New England eliminated next week somehow.  It was another zzzzzz New England home playoff win zzzzzzz.

4.            Denver Broncos (4) – Denver struggled to get points for most of the game.  They held Pittsburgh to very few points.  It was a brutal slugfest with no turnovers, few penalties and just a lot of back and forth battling.  Denver found themselves down by 1.  Peyton Manning, who looked poor most of the day, got the team finally into the end zone and then a 2 pointer.  A super defensive stop and a late FG and Denver has iced the game.  If they can play beyond the pale D next week they might have a slim chance against New England and it’s cheating.  Good win.

5.            Kansas City Chiefs (3) – The Chiefs were unable to do anything that brought them to this point of the season.  There was a glimmer of ok special teams but the D was unable to make any plays, the O was unable to make many plays until it was too late.  Was Reid out coached? Maybe.  Was the D overmatched? Laughable maybe.  Was the O unable to beat that D? Very laughable maybe.  Did KC lose because it was pre-ordained and no team can beat NE at home because it isn’t fair? That explains this mess.  Sad way for a good season to end but not unexpected.

6.            Green Bay Packers (7) –  The Packers D came out and played better than it can but kept the score low.  The Packer O line played like an NFL O line and it’s not one.  The Pack kept it close and then even took a short lead.  The Pack fell behind and trailed late.  Rodgers made a miracle 4th and 20 toss to mid-field and then threw a hail mary that seemed to be knocked to the ground during the catch but was allowed.  Then there was OT and a coin toss that didn’t flip and caused Aaron to react as he did below.  The 2nd coin toss went against GB. The Pack D reverted to form and couldn’t tackle and lost the game.  Go home Green Bay.  Learn how to play D.


7.            Pittsburgh Steelers (8) – The Steelers showed a ton of heart from the git-go.  Big Ben showed he could battle with only one arm.  The receivers stepped up and did the job with many big splash plays.  The Steeler D flew all over the field and really made the difference early.  They held a small lead and finally there was a key play.  Their rookie RB fumbled and that golden turnover was the difference maker.  The D couldn’t make those next stops and the lead was gone.  They never were able to score again but for a late desperation FG and down go a spirited Steeler team.  A heck of a try by half of a team.  It was a good effort and a nice classy way to end the season.

8.            Seattle Seahawks (2) –  The Seahawks came out and found themselves on the receiving end of a buzz saw.  They couldn’t stop the run; Wilson threw 2 golden picks.  The D couldn’t stop the pass or the run and their offense couldn’t get anything done and when the clock struck zero at the half they were down 31 and clearly the team that didn’t belong on the same field.  Lucky for hapless Seattle they faced only weak prevent and Seattle was able to move the ball and make Troy and Joe think they were good.  They put up 3 quick TDs.  The D stopped a Carolina team that stopped trying to do anything.  They got to within 7 and then tried and failed an onside kick.  While their opponent took knees to end the game the Seahawks, in a gutless and childish way, dove over the line.  That is beyond unsportsmanlike and immature.  They were defeated, it was over, lose like men not like kids.  What a humiliating way for what had been a proud franchise to lose.  Shameful and they should all apologize.

9.            Minnesota Vikings.

10.          Washington Redskins.

11.          Cincinnati Bengals – Adam Jones barely apologized on Instagram. He should have his right to play in the NFL removed from him.

12.          Houston Texans – Short definition of JaDaveon Clowney? Draft Bust.

13.          New York Jets.

14.          Indianapolis Colts.

15.          Detroit Lions – The Lions are keeping Caldwell.  It must be important to lose lots of games with a very placid head coach on the sideline.

16.          Buffalo Bills/

17.          Philadelphia Eagles – Eagles hired Doug Pederson *sp* as their new coach.  Interesting is that the odds for them to win the Super Bowl in 2017 went from 40 to 1 to 50 to 1 with this hire.

18.          New Orleans Saints

19.          Miami Dolphins.

20.          Oakland Raiders.

21.          New York Giants.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

23.          Jacksonville Jaguars.

24.          San Diego Chargers.

25.          Baltimore Ravens.

26.          Atlanta Falcons.

27.          Los Angeles Rams – the new stadium in L.A. will make the Jerry Dome look like a flea market.

28.          San Francisco 49ers – Chip Kelly is their man and now you can’t find a Kap jersey on the discount rack anymore.

29.          Chicago BEARS.

30.          Cleveland Browns.

31.          Tennessee Titans.

32.          Dallas Cowboys.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Mr. N’s Wild Card Weekend Power Poll #NFL #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – On the bye and they get to host the seemingly ‘Super Bowl fave’ Seahawks.  My thinking is that this may just not be close and it will be a lot of footballs handed to kids in the end zone by Cam before he dabs all over the place.  They know how to beat Seattle and this may not even be a speedbump for them.

2.            Seattle Seahawks (2) – Seattle came out in the cold and had terrible problems getting the O working.  Unable to muster anything in the first half the only positive was that they had a D that held Minnesota to only Field Goals.  Once the second half started it continued the same.  When it seemed that Seattle might just be shut out there was a miracle bad snap, terrible D, lucky toss and suddenly Seattle was in business.  A moment later and they had a touchdown.  Then a golden turnover and it was a FG and a lead.  The D played hard but the O was quieted down.  With the game on the line the D made 2 huge mistakes and Seattle was about to be eliminated.  But for a missed field goal this team was done.  They will now take their horse shoe up their ass hides to Carolina where the Panthers should not be so accommodating.  A lucky, LUCKY L-U-C-K-Y win for a team that is a shadow of what it used to be and no they are not very good.

3.            Kansas City Chiefs (3) – Was going to be a battle of two strong D’s.  The Chiefs came out with solid D and pulled out 4 super turnovers in the first half.  The Special teams have amounted for all the points and Alex Smith has missed some key shots.  If they can put up even 3 more in the second half this could be over.  It is still a ball game.  KC came out and kept picking off the ball and finally got production from the O.  A TD put it out of reach and the second TD made it a laugher.  Great win.  They lost Maclin and that could hurt but for now if they pack that D they can give NE a hell of a battle next week.

4.            Denver Broncos (4) – On the bye heading into a showdown with a battered Pittsburgh team with an old man at QB.  They need the D to perform lights out or even a beaten up Pittsburgh team might take them down.

5.            Arizona Cardinals (8) – On the bye they have lucked out with getting an over confident GB team coming to town.  The Card D and blazing pass O should be able to rip apart the Packer line and laughable secondary.  We are going to see if Zona can beat Carolina me thinks.

6.            New England Patriots (10) – On the bye a team struggling with injury and lack of talent faces a game KC team.  It is even money if New England can cheat enough to beat the Chiefs.

7.            Green Bay Packers (11) – The true Packers played the first quarter, their O line sucked, they had no secondary and trouble stopping the run.  The Pack got lucky with a pass and kept up the pressure and took over the game.  Much is being made that this team is good on D *they are not* and that Rogers has the O working *he is an injury waiting to happen*.  Barring a humungous upset this sad excuse for a team should be slaughtered by the Cards next week.

8.            Pittsburgh Steelers (12) – The Steelers found themselves playing a bitter division rival in a monsoon.  The offense was unable to get any real traction for most of the early part.  Tomlin was smart enough to keep kicking threes and he had a lead and a shutout.  Finally, the Bucs got a TD and held a lead.  The D played a very good game *you never know how well the Steeler D will play on any given Sunday*.  They let in a late TD and then let in a FG and then a very late TD and found themselves down with less than 2 to play.  The late FG won them the game.  Now they take this motley crew to Denver.  Oh by the way, the game was a disgrace.  Pittsburgh’s coaches were out of control, members of the O line played dirty too.  Unfortunately, both Big Ben and Antonio Brown were badly injured by illegal hits by a madman.  Had the refs properly called every dirty play from the first moment this game would have been in control.  Terrible reffing led to this mess.  It was a win.  Oh and a superb catch by Bryant *makes ODB’s catch look like an easy grab*

9.            Minnesota Vikings (5) – Minnesota played solid D for the first 45 minutes.  The Vikings O couldn’t get more than 3 points at a time but Zimmer wasn’t afraid to kick them when he had a shot.  They had a bad defensive lapse and allowed a late TD.  AP the child beater fumbled and it was golden and suddenly they trailed for the first time all game.  They made a good defensive stop and got the ball back with 2 minutes or so.  A great drive and they had a chip shot FG to win the playoff game.  Blair Walsh missed.  It was a gimme and he missed.  I would cut him immediately.  You can’t miss that kick and be on my team.  Terrible heart breaking loss.  Teddy did his job, the D did the job, Zimmer did the job and Walsh didn’t do his.

10.          Washington Redskins (6) – Came out on fire with solid D, that forced a safety.  Solid O that led to a quick 11-point lead.  Pitched a shutout and had the game in control early.  Then it all just fell apart.  Turnovers, bad plays, misplays on D and before they turned around they were down by 3 scores.  A team that has a future but seems to still need to work on getting consistency on D and tightening up their O to be mistake free.  We will see what they can do in free agency and the draft to keep moving forward.

11.          Cincinnati Bengals (7) -The Bengals O had great trouble getting anything going in a monsoon.  Shut out for the first half basically.  The Bengals D was able to hold the Steelers to only FGs.  The second half brought a new McCarron who drove the field and he did all he could to put the game in the hands of Cincinnati.  McCarron was excellent in the second half and he did everything he could to win the game.  The fumble by Hill was a critical error.  The egregious, vicious, evil, intent to kill hit by Burfict on Brown was unconscionable and he should be BANNED from the NFL forever.  Adam Crapman Jones needs to be removed from the game *he is out of chances*.  Marvin Lewis should be fired immediately.  It is up to him to control his team and he didn’t.  Horrible way to end their season.  Colossal embarrassment for the Brown family and the Bengals should be ashamed.

*That the NFL thought it was a good idea to have the same Ref at this game as was at the last matchup that went out of control puts some of this blame on the NFL.  The Stand Up Comedian is at fault there.  Those Refs who worked last night should never work in the playoffs again this year.  They missed so many calls that could have controlled this game.  The NFL should be ashamed*

12.          Houston Texans (9) – Just about as bad a first half as they could have.  Hoyer terrible and his decision making has turned the ball over 4 times.  D has been solid but with no O and 4 golden turnovers they are lucky to be down 13.  They need to get it together or this is over quick.  They didn’t get it together.  Hoyer turned it over more times than Waffle House does pancakes on a Sunday.  What a rotten effort and terrible injury to Watt and this was over.  Ugly way to lose a game and end a season.  They need a QB and perhaps some consistency from the Head Coach.

13.          New York Jets.

14.          Indianapolis Colts.

15.          Detroit Lions.

16.          Buffalo Bills – Rex has hired his brother Rob to coach the D.  Bet Rob will like not being screamed at so much on the sideline now!

17.          Philadelphia Eagles.

18.          New Orleans Saints

19.          Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins hired Adam Gase to be their coach.  The former BEARS O/C wasn’t nice enough to Chicago to at least take Cutler with him.

20.          Oakland Raiders.

21.          New York Giants.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

23.          Jacksonville Jaguars.

24.          San Diego Chargers – part of a 3 team race to LA and the early word is they may be the odd man out.

25.          Baltimore Ravens.

26.          Atlanta Falcons.

27.          St. Louis Rams – one of the teams that may be outmaneuvering the Chargers out of a L.A. home.

28.          San Francisco 49ers – Their search for a head coach has led them to interview the O/C of Cleveland.  Yes, Cleveland.  If that doesn’t say San Fran has a problem I don’t know what does.

29.          Chicago BEARS – The BEARS say they are fully committed to Jay Cutler at QB in 2016.  My thinking is that they should be fully committed to a loony bin for thoughts like that.

30.          Cleveland Browns.

31.          Tennessee Titans.

32.          Dallas Cowboys – it is official, dead man coaching will be back in 2016.  I don’t know what he has on the Jones family but it must be gold plated.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 17 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (2) – If the doubters questioning how good this team is wish to continue that discussion please put in this game tape.  When it was all on the line and first place overall was there for the taking they dominated.  Every facet of the game, every aspect, all 60 minutes.  Carolina is the best and the road to Super Bowl 50 goes through Carolina.

2.            Seattle Seahawks (7) – The Seahawks brought their A game on the road.  Explosive offense, dominant defense and this game was over by the half.  A superb game that was a laugher.  Now this team is on a roll and ready to face an opponent on the road on Wild Card Weekend.

3.            Kansas City Chiefs (3) – Kansas City had a shot at the division with a win and help and they played hard on D and pretty ok on O and found themselves well out in front.  The D seemed to fall into prevent and by late in the 4th quarter it was down to a less than one score lead.  Some final inspired D play and Kansas City barely got out with a win.  Now how well will they do in the Wild Card is the question.

4.            Denver Broncos (6) – Osweiler and the Broncos struggled in the first half and turned the ball over 5 times.  The Broncs could barely hold a 1-point lead.  Elway made a call and the archeological remains of Peyton Manning were discovered.  Ol’ flop ball came in and did such amazing things…he handed off the ball over and over.  He threw 5 yard, even 6 yard passes.  He overthrew on deep balls.  He has been risen to stand above Zeus on Mount Olympus now tho.  One would think the Messiah had come back but no it was just Manning.  Wait ‘til he is tossing his ball in the winter weather and watch it wobble.  Nothing has changed, he is still way over the hill and will not lead Denver to a Super Bowl.  It gives them home field but that won’t be enough in my view with that old man at QB.

5.            Minnesota Vikings (5) – It was time to see if, finally, Minnesota could slay its dragon.  It started out slow.  The Vikes D was able to bash the QB who used to be known as a healthy Aaron Rodgers and keep the Pack off the scoreboard for the most part.  The Vikes had issues getting much more than field goals early too.  They kept up the D pressure and finally Teddy was able to get the offense going.  Add to that a bit of defensive magic that saved Teddy’s bacon and the Vikings were up 20-3 over their immortal enemy.  Sure they let in 10 points basically against prevent but the outcome was never in doubt.  An amazing win that finally put Minnesota on top of Green Bay.  Now they earn the right to host the Seahawks.  Good luck guys!

6.            Washington Redskins (9) – The Skins are playing 7 on 7 and ripping up a really terrible Cowboy team.  They were up by 24 in a meaningless game and may just prevent Dallas back into it.  Washington was able to put the foot back on the gas for a couple of more drives and put the game away.  Solid performance and no one key got hurt so they are as ready as they can be for Wild Card week.

7.            Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Battling to be in this game and they need the win for a bye spot.  The Bengals D must really give it in the 2nd half to have a shot here.  The Bengals D did a solid job in the half and the O got the job done.  A good win for Cincy in a game they should have won.  Now they will wait and see what seed they get.  (it was 3)

8.            Arizona Cardinals (1) – Did Arizona get the invite to this game?  It appears not.  There was no evidence they could play O and certainly no evidence of the D showing up at all.  They were blown out right from the start and this is not how you want to prepare for the playoffs.  If they don’t clear this mess up they will be a shocking one and done.

9.            Houston Texans (12) – A team who knows what is at stake and are taking advantage of that with a great performance at the half.  30 minutes to the division title.  The Texans simply rolled over Jacksonville.  Solid O, Solid D and good special teams.  A laugher and a nice way to clinch the division and get into the playoffs.  Can they make any noise in January is the question.

10.          New England Patriots (8) – With few healthy players left the Pats are battling to stay in the game against a Dolphin team set on beating them.  They really will have to cheat in the 2nd half.  The Pats didn’t seem to have much heart in this one.  They even seemed to not try to cheat much.  They lost kind of quietly and if they can lose the first seed that will be funny.  They did and it is.

11.          Green Bay Packers (11) – The Packers had a win and win the division situation.  They found a Minnesota D that were not able to push around.  For thirty minutes they managed only a field goal as Rodgers was knocked all around and despite getting to his feet looking in pain and dazed many times with a camera right on him…the paid Pyro and the Idiot of NBC never noticed that.  In the second half the Packer D let in a TD fast and then was able to hold down the Vikings but by then they were in a hole.  The O was never able to score enough.  This team stumbles into the playoffs now as a wild card.  They go to Washington.  With a bad O line, an injured Rodgers, no real wide receivers and a D that is suspect I believe these Packers are a one and done.

12.          Pittsburgh Steelers (13) – The Steelers are battling a game Cleveland squad with a bit better D performance and they can possibly steal a playoff spot if they can get it going here.  The Steelers D really attributed themselves well and stymied the Brown O and with the great passing by Big Ben the Steelers sealed the deal and have made the playoffs.  Congrats.  Now get your D to play well every week.

13.          New York Jets (4) – Do the Jets realize they can be in the playoffs if they win? They are playing pretty badly with drops etc. and find themselves deep in a snow drift in Western NY.  They better pick it up.  They didn’t pick it up.  The Jets had every opportunity to get this done but the D couldn’t make the necessary stops and Fitzpatrick ended his good season being Ryan Fitzpatrick.  I have always said this QB is a 2 TD/3 INT guy and that is basically what he did to cost them the playoffs.

14.          Indianapolis Colts (14) – With the Wife of the landlord from Three’s Company at QB the Colts are in trouble against a game Titan team.  The Colts used both the actress from Three’s Company and the QB formerly known as Josh Freeman to get 30 points and a win.  Of course they are out of the playoffs and likely have gotten their coach fired but they did win.  This team needs a HUGE amount of help.

15.          Detroit Lions (17) – The Lions are playing Ok and taking advantage of golden turnovers and have this game in hand without much effort.  The Lions D got taken apart a bit in the 2nd half but Stafford and the O was able to score the last score and win them a meaningless game.  Congrats Detroit, I would fire Caldwell.

16.          Buffalo Bills (19) – Sexy Rexy must like playing spoiler as he is playing it to the hilt.  The Bills are dominating the game and are 30 minutes away from breaking the hearts of the Jets. Revenge was sweet for Ryan today.  The Bills D played decently for maybe the first time in 6 weeks and the Bills O did just enough to break the hearts of the Jets and send them home to watch the playoffs on TV.

17.          Philadelphia Eagles (27) – Playing a team who doesn’t care and using a D that can’t play and this is a bit of a shootout.  Which rotten team scores last wins.  The rotten Eagles scored last and won.  Nondescript D managed to make the necessary stop and the Eagles have clinched their choice of sofa seating for watching the playoffs.

18.          New Orleans Saints (23) – The Saints, with nothing to play for are engaged in a classic NFC South Shootout.  Can Brees toss 400 yards and lotsa TDs? For the sake of one fantasy playoff game I hope so.  It is close at the half.  The Saints D actually played better in the second half and then they got a key pick and were able to take it down the field and win the game.  Congrats to New Orleans a nice way to end the regime of Payton and Brees.

19.          Miami Dolphins (28) – The Fins are playing hard today and are at least tied with New England at the half which is a moral victory.  The Dolphins did better than a moral victory.  They got a victory.  Tannehill looked a bit like an NFL QB and they managed to beat their rival.  Meaningless but shows they had some heart in the last game.

20.          Oakland Raiders (15) – The Raider O seemed to be overwhelmed in the first half by a tough Chief D.  Oakland’s D got beat a couple of times and they had a big hole to climb out of.  Credit to Oakland they didn’t give up.  Albeit against prevent, the Raiders drove to within 6 and had a shot but were just unable to get it done.  A pretty good effort.  This team has a great core of talent and will be heard from often in 2016.

21.          New York Giants (16) – Terrible D that hasn’t tried for 2 weeks but an O that is trying has them in shootout for what should be Coughlin’s swansong.  The Giants scored a lot but when it counted they couldn’t get the last one.  The D let in a ton and that is the story of the Giants.  Another loss and likely the end of Tom Coughlin.  A great coach with a good record but in my view averaging 8.5 wins a year doesn’t equal Canton.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22) – Tampa wound up walking into a buzz saw.  Whatever issues Carolina had in the last two weeks have been taken care of.  Outplayed on O and D the Bucs never had a shot.  This was a slaughter and Tampa probably deserved a better ending to a year in which they made some nice strides.  They will be better in 2016, especially once Kwon Alexander returns at MLB.

23.          Jacksonville Jaguars (20) – The Jags are struggling on O and having issues on D too.  (as usual).  Down a load at the half the Jags need to get the offense working or this is a blowout.  The Jags never got the O working, Bortles had an uncharacteristically bad day with golden turnovers.  The D gave up points upon points and the O couldn’t even make it close.  A year when Jacksonville made strides.  They have a core, on O, and need to fix up the D so losses like this are much less frequent in 2016.

24.          San Diego Chargers (21) – The Chargers are giving what’s left of their all in this game and kept it within 1 point for 30 minutes.  They fell behind but battled back late and took a lead and then in the end the D let in a TD.  The Chargers are team with terrible leadership, a soon to be fired head coach *probably fired by the time this is posted* and a very old QB.  They need a ton of help and I wish them luck in Los Angeles.  It was a tough loss. (and so far McCoy survives)

25.          Baltimore Ravens (25) – Giving their all again in a division game and they could steal this one from Cincy if they can keep up the pressure.  How about that? Baltimore isn’t very good and can be beaten.  Cincy put the Ravens away and they simply didn’t have the O or the D to get this game.  A loss to end a bad year in Charm City.

26.          Atlanta Falcons (24) – Atlanta playing like a team with a D that is more rep than ability.  In a shootout and keeping pace with New Orleans.  Don’t know who will win this yet.  The Falcons D tightened up and the game see-sawed as a tie for most of the second half.  In the end Matty Ice did his Matty Melt and tossed the game losing golden pick.  A loss that showed how many problems this alleged good team has with defensive lapses and bad turnovers on O.

27.          St. Louis Rams (18) – A team with nothing to play for playing ok on the final weekend.  No real offense but Ok D and they have battled to get the game to OT.  After scuffling about in OT they finally got to within a shot of winning the game with a FG and it was blocked.  A lot of effort by two sad sack teams.  And then the Rams D quit and they lost.  Does Fisher keep his job? Keenum should keep his QB job.

28.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – A team with nothing to play for playing ok on the final weekend.  No real offense but Ok D and they have battled to get the game to OT.  After scuffling about in OT they finally had a defensive lapse that has put them in danger of losing the last game to a FG and they blocked it.  Does anyone want to win this?  SF did.  It is a win and congrats you finish not the worst in the NFL!

29.          Chicago BEARS (26) – What a woeful effort.  Bad Cutler is back; the D is playing ok but the team is barely even going through the motions.  They need a heck of a motivational speech at the half.  Musta been an ok speech as they burst out and scored a couple of TDs and took a lead but the D let one more score in and the BEARS end the year on a loss.  What an ugly home loss but fitting for an ugly year.  Oh and congrats you won just enough games to cost you a top 5 draft pick.

30.          Cleveland Browns (29) – Nothing to play for and no one at QB the Browns are playing hard against Pittsburgh at the half.  The Browns gave effort that they could but being without any ability at QB just was too much and they could barely muster any points.  A loss for a team that now stands with the chance to re-do the QB position again.  Do they use #2 to get one of the top 3 College QBs?

31.          Tennessee Titans (30) – Gotta give Tennessee credit for showing heart on O and D for at least the first 30 and are giving Indy all they can handle.  Tennessee with a cast of ‘who is that’ playing QB at times were able to almost win this game.  A really good full game effort.  The Titans may have the first pick overall but they don’t need a QB and will have their choice of the best available unless they can trade that pick for a bushel basket of talent.

32.          Dallas Cowboys (31) – “I don’t know what Dallas is doing on defense” That quote by the color guy pretty much defines the laughable state of this already ‘Super Bowl contender 2016’ sad sack rotten Cowboys.  They were battered and bashed and once totally destroyed they have scored a couple.  How many naked pictures of the Jones family does DEAD MAN COACHING have?  The Cowboys were able to make it within a couple of TDs but never really contended.  Greg Hardy was, is and will always be a SCUMBAG.  The Cowboys lost again.  Their D is terrible.  I will keep track of how many paid analysts say this pile of crap is a Super Bowl 51 contender.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Mr. N the BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 16 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – The Cards dominated from the word go with great O, superb D and dominant game planning.  A blowout from the moment it started and a complete laugher.  If I was a betting man, then I would not hesitate to put my money on Arizona being the BEST in the NFL now.

2.            Carolina Panthers (1) – Trying to be undefeated but are meeting a tough challenge in Atlanta.  Will have to really gut it out in the second half to get it done.  Well it turned out that Carolina couldn’t gut it out.  The Panther offense couldn’t muster more than just 2 FGs after an opening TD and that just didn’t get it done.  They went quietly and now they must soul search.  After preventing a bad Giant team back into last week’s game and then letting a poor Falcon team beat them…can they flip the switch?

3.            Kansas City Chiefs (5) – Pretty much rolling over Cleveland with superb D and pretty good O.  Game basically over at the half.  The Chiefs had to really go hard on D to keep this game kind of in control.  They managed to just score enough to seal the deal and they clinched the playoffs.  They were really challenged and won the game.  Evidently KC had the right memo but Carolina and Pittsburgh missed that paper work.

4.            New York Jets (7) – A great start for the Jets.  They need to keep the pressure up and they have a 25% shot of stealing this game.  The Jets had the lead for most of the game playing good D and ok O.  They were only up by 7 late in the fourth and everyone in the world knew what was coming.  Brady ran the field on them.  The Jets lost the toss in OT then were given a late Christmas present by the Pats and got the ball and won the game.  Now New York has their playoff hopes in their control.  A great win.

5.            Minnesota Vikings (11) – Super game from start to finish.  To be fair they faced a team who didn’t seem to try but they were exceptional on D, O, Special Teams and coaching.  They jumped out to a lead and pulled away and blew a team going through the motions out of the water.  It was a dominant win that guaranteed them a playoff spot.  Well done Minnesota.  Can you do it again next week against your dragon in its den?

6.            Denver Broncos (12) – Denver had trouble keeping the Bengals out of the end zone to start and Osweiler had some difficulty getting his feet under him but the Broncos persevered.  The D kept up the pressure and eventually made their presence felt.  The Bronco O got it going and even found an effective run game.  Full credit to Denver that in the end they pulled out the win.  Well done.  Now they are in the playoffs and can figure out what the next step to success is.

7.            Seattle Seahawks (3) – How the Seahawks were unable to match the ferocity of St. Louis on D is beyond me.  Seemed like a lack of effort on all phases and this loss could put Seattle on the road to Green Bay or Minnesota in the playoffs now.  A bad loss for a team that looked bad.

8.            New England Patriots (4) – Pats finding the Jets D hard to deal with and will have to pull out every dirty trick in their book to win this one.  The Pats kept the game within a score until late and once more Tom and Gronk marched the field to tie and went to OT.  Belichick inexplicably gave the ball to NYJ and watched has his D was unable to make any stops and they lost.  They may yet get the home field advantage but they have made that a bit harder now.

9.            Washington Redskins (10) – The Skins took only about 5 minutes to get their legs under themselves.  Cousins was fantastic with accurate and sometimes brilliant throws.  Again and again he threaded the ball into tight spots for first downs and touch downs.  The D played alright and Cousins led a great offense and the Redskins won the NFC Least title.  Someone had to win it!

10.          Cincinnati Bengals (9) – Cincy gave all they had with a rookie QB and a D trying to get it done in tough weather conditions.  In a game with huge playoff implications for both teams the Bengals played better in this matchup than they usually do under Dalton’s leadership. McCarron looked good for the most part and for most of the game the result was in doubt.  In the end they lost a close one but they have to feel good about going forward with McCarron who has proven himself to me that he is a legit NFL QB.

11.          Green Bay Packers (8) – An unexpected result in this game.  Aaron Rodgers was bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the Cards.  He was sacked, sacked, sacked and sacked…he was picked and picked, he fumbled and fumbled.  Green Bay’s D was as bad as everyone but Troy Aikmen knows it is.  The Packer O was unable to do much and a much humbled Pack team must try to R-E-L-A-X before week 17.  A total humiliating blowout and a lot of fun to watch.

12.          Houston Texans (13) – The Texans are playing to keep the Division in their grasp and are dominating in all 3 areas.  Great, great start to the game.  The Texans poured it on and put the game away.  A great win that puts them one more win from being in the playoffs.  They are in control, and albeit a win over Tennessee, looking good.

13.          Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Pittsburgh in a win and win and in and they are not giving the effort to needed to win this game.  They are being outplayed early by a rival who wants to upset them.  The Steelers D just chose a really bad day to not show up.  They let Ryan frickin Mallett to complete about 75% of his passes and the Ravens scored many more than Pittsburgh could muster.  A loss that puts them outside looking in to the playoffs and they need to win next week and get a ton of help.  A bad loss.

14.          Indianapolis Colts (14) – Colts have playoffs on their mind and are playing well and out in front at the half.  The Colts were able to keep it going even with the archeological remains of Charlie Whitehurst starting for them at QB. They fell into a strong prevent and although allowing lots of pass yards late they pulled out a win and keep their nose above water until week 17.  They need to win again and I believe get a lot of help.

15.          Oakland Raiders (17) – Guessing honoring Al Davis with a ‘just win, baby’ was the mantra on Christmas Eve.  Oakland just won.  They were massively penalized, made little offensive headway except in OT and snuck out of possibly the last game in Oakland with a win off the foot of ol’ Seabass.  It was a win; it was ugly but they just won baby.

16.          Detroit Lions (18) – The Lions issues on O and D are apparent again and they are having trouble getting ahead of a game Niner squad.  The Lions kept it rolling and were able to develop a decent pass offense and put the game away.  It is a win for Detroit.  It is meaningless and although it has been strongly stated by paid network talking heads that they have gotten better lately…they are pretty much the same old sorry assed Lions.

17.          St. Louis Rams (19) – The Rams found their good game juice once more.  They have now swept the Seahawks.  In a season of disappoint and failure the Rams have played 2 good games against Seattle.  A terrific defensive game and Case Keenum has shown he is a capable NFL QB.  A great game for St. Louis.  They just only have had 5 of these this year.

18.          New York Giants (15) – Evidently the Giants were only playing to make the playoffs as I have never seen a team not try as well as New York did here.  No offense, no defense, the coaches didn’t seem to care.  They got eliminated and showed 0 heart.  It was shameful and they all owe the Mara’s a game check.  If that is the best they can muster they may as well just forfeit week 17 now.  A terrible effort that is an embarrassment to the franchise.

19.          Buffalo Bills (22) – The Bills are going through the motions but some of the motions have gotten them a couple of field goals.  Not a game of people trying very hard so far.  Best result in a month with the best performance by the Bills D.  Rexy got one good game out of his team and this is a win.  Of course being already eliminated takes some pressure of them but they tried harder than their opponent and got the win.

20.          Jacksonville Jaguars (16) – The Jaguars have been known this year for their excellent O and questionable D and boy did that ring true today.  The D started out slow and got rolled up by the Saints.  By the time the Jags started to claw their way back it was too deep a hole to climb out of.  Good O, although the turnovers were bad and hurt them, and bad D and another loss for a young team that needs to get better on D.

21.          San Diego Chargers (20) – San Diego found some left over heart and gave it a good try in Oakland on a night when Football shouldn’t be played.  The D held down Oakland throughout regulation and only had issues in OT.  Rivers got almost enough done to pull it out but ended up just short.  Another loss for a team on the move.

22.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21) – The Bucs are battling to keep the game to one score and if they can keep the effort up they could be in this to the end.  The Bucs D got beat up by the BEARS and the offense turned it over and they just didn’t look in sync.  They got it within one score but it was not enough.  Another loss for a team that will be much better next year.

23.          New Orleans Saints (25) – The Saints brought their A game on O and a mediocre kind of C game on D but that was a good enough combination to tear up Jacksonville.  Brees was on fire basically on one leg and the D didn’t suck the way they often do.  A solid win in a lost season.

24.          Atlanta Falcons (26) – Laughingly still alive in the playoffs, Atlanta is playing this like their Super Bowl and is giving all they have to knock Carolina out of the undefeated ranks.  The Falcons gave their all.  Matty Ice was back and played well. The Falcons D had one of their ‘good’ games.  Much will be made of this win but and it’s a big BUT, the Falcons still are not any good and if they think this makes their season sunshine and roses…they have some surprises coming.(late note…they are now eliminated).

25.          Baltimore Ravens (29) – The Ravens are treating this like their Super Bowl and are dominating and if they can keep it up they will go a long way to sticking a knife in the Steeler playoff hopes.  The Ravens played super on O and D and they were able to muster one good effort to beat their rival and possibly ruin Pittsburgh’s playoff dreams.  That is about all this spoiler team can be happy about in a terrible year.

26.          Chicago BEARS (29) – The BEARS have some O and a little D and are battling the Bucs in a game of two old time rivals who neither have anything to play for.  The BEARS played a solid game on O and even got a bit of D to allow them to grab a win against a good young team.  One of the better games for Chicago this year.  Unfortunately, they have only had about 4 of those.  It was a win.

27.          Philadelphia Eagles (23) – The Eagles came out fast and scored 7, the Eagles D then played like usual crap for a very long period.  The Eagles offense managed to make one quick score late in the game.  Except for the two quick scores the dog and pony show that is the Eagles O was a joke.  Chip Kelly is confident he will return in 2016.  I hope he is renting/leasing in Philly and not a home owner there.  A bad loss with penalties, turnovers and mistakes abundant.  Pretty descriptive 60-minute example of a year in Eagle football. (late note, Chip was ‘released’…hope he was renting)

28.          Miami Dolphins (24) – Miami has nothing to play for and are playing like they are nothing.  The Dolphins got more of an effort out of their guys in the second half and they were able to get the game within 6 but that was all they had.  The Dolphins are a team that needs to start over.  AGAIN.

29.          Cleveland Browns (27) – Kind of like the woes of Scarecrow…if they only had an O.  The Browns D is trying but the O can’t figure out how to beat the Chief D.  This could be a long ugly one.  Cleveland found some traction on offense and even scored a touchdown!  Cleveland tried hard in the second half and put a pretty good scare into KC.  In the end they were just THAT close and they lost another.  Good effort.

30.          Tennessee Titans (30) – Titans are in position to get the first pick and they could use it.  Terrible O and D and this could be very ugly.  It was ugly.  The only positive that Tennessee could pull out of this mess was ‘hey we didn’t get shutout’.  That is little consolation in another butt smacking.  They have first pick overall but I still think two teams are worse than them.

31.          Dallas Cowboys (31) – Decent O and Decent D has the Cowboys tied in a low scoring snorer in Western NY at the half.  Evidently Dallas decided that effort wasn’t worth putting on the plane to NY.  No effort, no heart.  I swear if Dead Man Coaching isn’t gassed on Black Monday he does have incriminating docs and or porn pics on the Jones family.  A terrible effort and they were dominated by a moribund team whose D is nothing close to be effective.  Oh and Greg Hardy is a SCUMBAG.

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – I will say this, SF is playing for their jobs and there is a lot of heart and effort on the field as they battle for a win.  The Niners gave a pretty good effort and lost by only a couple of scores.  I credit them for trying in this one.  Tomsula still looks like a guy who can’t figure out a puzzle and is just confused.  They can keep him; they just need to get rid of about 40 of their 53-man roster.  Another loss by the worst team in the NFL.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Happy New Year to all the readers!

Mr. N the still ill with a bad flu BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 15 Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            Carolina Panthers (1) – They had a tussle for about 5 minutes and since then have rolled up the Giants, rolled over the Giants, chewed the Giants up and spit them out.  One has to wonder if a 40 burger is in the offing here.  The Panthers pulled out to a 4 score lead and then went into hard core prevent and let a terrible Giant team all the way back to tie it.  A late FG keeps them perfect but they should learn from this that prevent makes bad teams think they are good.  An Ugly win.

2.            Arizona Cardinals (2) – A pretty usual game plan for the Cards.  They kind of mailed it in early and coasted along in a game that was way closer than it should have been.  Then the Card D turned it on and started to pull the game away.  Their young running back was given the rock over and over and he ran over the Eagles!  This game was a blow out and the Cards looked set moving forward…until the best Safety in the NFL tore his mcl.  What impact will the loss of the athlete formerly known as the ‘Honey Badger’ have on Arizona?

3.            Seattle Seahawks (3) – Slow start by a sleepy D was aided by a strong response by Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are close to putting this game on ice by early in the 2nd half.  Seattle never really was challenged after the first 5 minutes.  The D played well and Wilson put the game away.  A good win that puts Seattle back in the playoffs albeit in a Wild Card slot.

4.            New England Patriots (4) – Simply rolling over a nothing opponent.  Yawn. Nothing to see here.  The Pats won and covered at home against a team that didn’t have a chance.  Another win.

5.            Kansas City Chiefs (5) – The Chiefs have their destiny firmly in hand.  Playing a team with nothing to lose and not much talent on O, D or coaching has helped their cause.  Out in front early by being on the receiving end of errors and coaching mistakes.  They can only make this close with serious 2ndhalf prevent.  They didn’t prevent too much.  They cruised out to an easy win and have the playoffs pretty well in hand.  They just need to keep winning.  A good win.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Pittsburgh D is kind of schizo lately.  Today they are working a ‘don’t get beat deep’ scheme that is hurting them on nearly every play.  The Offense is having trouble answering Denver and the D is getting ripped.  Down by 10 in the first half they have a long road ahead of them in the 2nd half to win this game.  The Steelers O stormed back and Big Ben hit Brown over and over and slowly and then quicker and quicker caught up and passed the Broncos.  The D made the final stops and Pittsburgh won a key game and now have their playoff destiny in their hands.

7.            New York Jets (7) – The Jets had to battle, mostly against themselves, for the whole game.  They made mistake after mistake and with missed field goals, extra points, penalties and missed assignments and drops.  The Jets were lucky to be playing a bad team to only be down by 1 at the half.  They pulled it together a little in the 2nd half and managed to eke out a win.  They keep alive and although this was very ugly it counts as a key W.

8.            Green Bay Packers (9) – The Packers took their game on the road and have found much more inclement weather than they expected in the California, albeit northern California.  Uncharacteristic sloppy play on O and characteristically sloppy play on D has the Packers in a tight battle with a young Raider team.  Green Bay could still put this away if they clean up their game in the 2nd half.  Green Bay had a hard time putting this away.  They did but their issues at corner were badly exposed.  Green Bay has clinched playoffs with a not pretty win but it counts.  Rodgers barely got 200 yards passing to keep fans of his concerned.

9.            Cincinnati Bengals (17) – The Bengals had a slow start but the D turned it up and McCarron has been efficient.  The Bengals are not really facing a challenge and one gets the feeling this game is already over barring really bad prevent D.  The Bengals played solid D for the whole game and McCarron was efficient and ran the offense well.  It wasn’t a blowout but it was a decent win for a team that now clinches the playoffs.

10.          Washington Redskins (11) – Awesome start, Cousins is superb and is leading the Redskins beautifully.  Up to a large lead and one wonders what flavor of Slurpee RGIII might be selling from his push cart on the streets of DC.  Cousins is the franchise QB and this team is on a roll today.  A really nice win for Washington.  Great O, solid D.  They now have sole possession of first and can win the division if they win out.

11.          Minnesota Vikings (12) – The Vikings are playing well from the start with solid pass, run, special teams and D. Out to a double digit lead the Vikings are off to a good start in their quest for playoff glory.  The Vikings put this game away and did it pretty easily.  Solid game by Bridgewater and the Viking D.  A great win that puts them about one more win from clinching the Wild Card.

12.          Denver Broncos (8) – Denver D has brought their A game and has been able to keep Pittsburgh mostly in check.  Osweiler has shown that he can respond well to one bad game last week.  He has looked solid and professional and led the offense driving for TD after TD after TD.  A super first half and now we must see if Denver can keep it up in the 2nd.  The Broncos had a 17-point lead and the best D in the league to hold it.  What happened to the D?  People will go on ad nauseum about how Osweiler never got any points in the second half but if the D had not allowed 24 unanswered points then Denver would have won.  A bad loss I put solely on the Defense.  It is no longer the best in the NFL.

13.          Houston Texans (20) – The Texans are losing the field position game and that has them hamstrung on O.  Yates has turned it over, there have been fumbles.  Unless their D makes itself heard from and the O gets going their shot at the division will end.  The Texans, down to their 7th string QB or such – ok 5th…stormed back to take a late lead.  Now Brandon Weeden can put on his resume that he did lead a team from Texas to a victory in the NFL!  I almost had given up hope but no the Houston Texans have slain their dragon!  They for the first time EVER have beat Indy in Indy!  Superb win and now they have the division in their control.  They win out and they are in.  Way to go Houston!

14.          Indianapolis Colts (13) – Hasselbeck seems his best when kinda dinged up.  He is leading the team effectively and with some decent D the Colts are in control.  They need to keep it up but this game is going the way they would like it to.  The Colts couldn’t muster any offense in the 2nd half and the D got beat when it really had to make stops and now Indy is out of first place.  A bad loss and this may finally point to a changing of the guard.  They now need help to make the playoffs.  This team was a preseason Super bowl pick by many.  What a mighty fall.

15.          New York Giants (14) – For a few minutes the Giants seemed like they were battling.  Now they are fighting for their lives as their bad D is being shredded.  Can they keep it within 3 scores?  The Giants went down 4 scores and then were able to score 4 against prevent D.  That they still lost does mean that the Giants suck and are one game behind Washington and the light is getting dim for NY playoff hopes.

16.          Jacksonville Jaguars (10) – The Jags Excellent O hasn’t been able to get on track.  They keep turning over the ball and the D is the missing link.  A pretty bad start for a team that still had a shot at the playoffs if they got help.  The Jaguars were able to make one drive but when the game was on the line they just couldn’t get it done.  A bad loss that pretty much breaks the back of this young team.  They will be heard from in 2016.

17.          Oakland Raiders (15) – After a slow start the Raiders started to make themselves a part of this game.  The D has been able to get key golden turnovers and Carr was able to drive the field late and bring the Silver and Black back within 1.  If Oakland can keep the momentum going, they could yet steal this game from a demonstrably better team.  Carr was able to hit Cooper over and over against bad corners but the D couldn’t make the key stops needed to keep them in this.  They lost a game by 10 but they gave about all they could and it was a game effort.

18.          Detroit Lions (19) – In a dome, on the road, the Lions found their O and tore up one of the most hapless D’s in the NFL.  The Lions D was even able to harry and stop the Saints when they attempted to score.  Solid D and a working O and even with huge prevent in the last half the Lions won a meaningless game.  It was a win.

19.          St. Louis Rams (23) – A team with nothing to play for found their ‘good game’ mantra and played lights out for 3 quarters.  Incredible D, terrific pass and run and good special teams.  This game was over by the end of the 3rd.  They coasted out and let Tampa run the field but they won it.  Another good win for a team that has had 3 games like this in amongst a lost season.

20.          San Diego Chargers (25) – In playing in what could be the last ever home game in San Diego the Chargers are doing their home crowd well.  Solid offense, good D and the Chargers could have a massive blowout if this continues.  The Chargers won this game going away and that is what the team is doing.  I have never witnessed the last game for an NFL team in their current city and it was kind of sad.  The fans of San Diego supported the team, the San Diego city council didn’t.  I think it will be odd to have the L.A. Chargers in the NFL.  A good if melancholy win.

21.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16) – Tampa came out flat and Winston had no answer to a fierce D.  Before the smoke cleared at half time the Bucs were down about 4 scores.  Tampa managed to put up a ton of meaningless points against prevent but the loss pretty much doomed this young team.  They can look towards 2016 for the next step now.

22.          Buffalo Bills (18) – Oh the Bills have issues.  The D can’t seem to make any stops and their lack of effort is painfully visible sometimed.  A terrible first half and this team’s faint playoff hopes are sinking fast.  The Bills D is the reason this team lost today.  The O did ok and did get within 10 but not having any effective D is why this team won’t make the playoffs.

23.          Philadelphia Eagles (21) – The Eagles tried to come out with their ‘fast’ O game plan and the D tried to keep up and for maybe ten minutes it seemed to work.  The Eagles then found out that their O doesn’t work against most any D and their D couldn’t stop a running back…they were blown out and find themselves still two wins from winning the division but it seems very unlikely.

24.          Miami Dolphins (22) – The sad sack Dolphins look sadder than usual.  Tannehill has been ok but the mistakes and penalties on D have combined with simply bad D and they are getting blown out a by bad Charger team.  The Dolphins were thoroughly manhandled and although they got a late score vs. prevent it was a pretty badly played game by a pretty bad team.  Bad loss.

25.          New Orleans Saints (24) – The Saints have a terrible D.  If you have any questions, please review the first half video of this game.  They made the Lions look like the greatest show on turf.  Detroit ran roughshod all over the Saints D.  They fired their D coordinator and that didn’t help.  This team now has an aged QB with a foot injury, a head coach who has been given his ‘look for another job if you feel like it’ papers and they ran up some cheap points against prevent but they didn’t get enough and another loss followed.

26.          Atlanta Falcons (29) – The Falcons are playing like the team with a shot.  Their O is on point and the D is playing very feisty.  The Falcons are out to a nice lead and could have this game put away if the D keeps playing tough.  The Falcons D got beat to get the game tied but Matty Ice didn’t melt today.  Atlanta was able to do just enough to win this game.  This is superbly meaningless for a Falcon team that is all but done this year but it was a win.

27.          Cleveland Browns (26) – Manziel brought the Browns out fast and scored the first points to the shock of a home crowd.  The D was not able to capitalize on the opportunity and has let Wilson rip them time and again.  If Cleveland isn’t careful their fast start may be a distant memory in what could be a blowout.  This wasn’t as bad as a blowout as it could have been but it was a big loss and Cleveland did well to just lose by as much as they did.

28.          Baltimore Ravens (27) – The Ravens have nothing to play for and are playing that way.  Harbaugh went for it on his on 15 and failed and that pretty much defines how this Raven team is playing.  They also are wearing a pretty ugly pair of pants.  Down a ton and pretty much not trying today.  The Ravens never really were in this and lost out quietly.  A team that is beyond circling the bowl.  I do note they have now lost 2 in a row by WAY more than 7 so I hope they keep track of that stat now.

29.          CHICAGO Bears (28) – The BEARS have made mistakes and cannot afford to make them to have a shot in this game.  The O can’t really get it going and the D is making classic BEARS D mistakes and unless Cutler pulls one out of his butt this could be over early in the 2nd half.  This game was over.  The Bears simply had no answer for the Vikings O and the D just isn’t up to stopping much of anyone.  Another ugly loss in an ugly season.

30.          Tennessee Titans (30) – Not really having a chance in this matchup they are playing badly and have turned it over.  This one is over and it’s not even a blowout yet.  The Titans were able to keep the game competitive for most of the second half but faded in the end.  It was no 58-0.  Losing by 17 is a moral victory for this team in a game like this.

31.          Dallas Cowboys (31) – How ‘bout ‘dem Cowboys? What a great performance by Cassel.  The ridiculously bad pick he through got him benched for a never was.  Kellen Moore did throw a TD but the ‘Boy D lost the game with key errors.  In the end the GIF to see is Tony ‘I suck’ Romo watching as Moore throws a ‘Hail Jerry’ and Romo is so excited and jumping, thinking Dez might catch it…then it is like someone tosses a bucket of cold water on Romo as the pass is picked off and Dallas is DEAD.  The Cowboys are eliminated officially and GREG HARDY IS A SCUMBAG.  Oh and Tony, are you still seeing Brady in February? Perhaps you and your wife going to have brunch with Tom and Giselle about the 19th or something?

32.          San Francisco 49ers (32) – A bad team is playing bad and it doesn’t seem like Gabbert and company have any shot of scoring any points against the Bengal D.  This could end ugly.  It wasn’t so ugly.  SF simply was out played by a kid QB who has never started in the NFL and SF’s O was unable to do much at all.  Basically the worst team in the NFL lost another.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

Merry Christmas to all the readers!

Mr. N. the BEARS Fan