End of #NFL Mandatory Minicamp Thoughts #NFLMinicamp


We are about 6 weeks or so from training camp and ODG actually showed up at a team event!


Several teams quit a day early like my BEARS. Well it shows need for improvement doesn’t necessarily define required work in the NFL.


I have been thinking about the tale of two teams this week. Both teams are now in the category of doing something never before done in the NFL that will be or has been then outlawed.


One team has repeated done things that helped them win championships but the season after the NFL says ‘that was not right and cannot be done again’.


The other team is doing something so they will lose every game and get the top draft pick. That will be banned after this season.


Team 1 – New England – doing all it can within and without the rules to win.

Team 2 – The Jets – cutting all stars to tank and get the first pick.


A tale of two franchises.




Random #NFL Free Agency Thoughts #NFLFreeAgency

Hey NFL fans!

Plenty of changes have come to the NFL with free agency.  Latavius Murray is now the feature back of the Vikes and our resident Vikings Fan is over the moon!  Glennon is the QB in Chicago and let me speak for every BEARS fan everywhere when I say anyone or anything is better than Cutler.  Kendell Wright is an interesting WR for Chicago.  Marshawn Lynch out of retirement to Oakland would be a story.  If the Giants are paying J-P-P-one-hand all that cash then they expect more from him than I do.

Best line I heard this week from Dan Patrick’s show – with the assault charges dropped against Revis – now there is no record of Revis hitting anyone in 2016!

Oh and the Pats seem primed to win again and Jerry is doing Romo right by stringing him along!

Thoughts?  Tons other stuff has happened.  Check out your fave NFL source for all the moves!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan

2016 NFC North Preview #NFL #NFLThoughts #TrainingCamp

NFC north

Hey everyone, normally I start AFC East and go by the numbers but if the NFL Network can spend 80% of its training camp coverage on the 4-12 Dallas Cowboys I get to start with a preview of my favorite team’s division.

The Green Bay Packers appear to be the class again. Rodgers seems healthy * a hit in the head away from retiring *, Nelson appears back, Their RB has lost weight, their D is younger and their schedule is easy.

If it all breaks for them, 14-2, if it’s a bad year with injuries 10-6. I suggest 13-3 and they win the division.

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off a great year that ended with a bad kick. They have gotten more weapons on offense and the D is still solid. AP is a child beater but seems still capable. The sked here isn’t bad either (whole division plays the NFC Least so that is a good thing).

I think the Vikes could get 11-5 and maybe sneak the division but they could also find Teddy can’t get it done and fall to 7-9. I bet 10-6 and in the wild card discussion.

My CHICAGO BEARS are back and are once more trying to fix the O line, get the D better and hope Cutler can play decent. They could have weapons on O and they could have better O and D. The Sked is easy.

If the BEARS find it all they might get to 10-6 and be in the wild card talk. It could all blow up and be Cutler’s last year with 6-10. I think 9-7 and just out of the playoffs.

Detroit Lions are a team that can’t take another losing season so this will be painful for them. They have a new line on O, no receivers to speak of, questionable RB who fumbles a lot and a QB who is a joke. The D is missing pieces and has about one great LB and CB and that it’s it. No schedule helps this hot mess.

If they have a great year they are 6-10, a bad year will end 4-12. I think they are 4-12.

AFC South next…


MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL NFC North 2015 Preseason Preview‏ #nflthoughts #nflnetwork

NFC north

Green Bay Packers – The first thing I wonder is how does a team that continually drafts late every round build a team of superstars on offense?  How does every other team miss on the Cobbs/Nelsons/Lacys/Rodgers etc?  The Pack are loaded on Offense with every player coming back.  The D has had changes, especially in the back end, but they drafted to meet those needs.  The Pack just needs the D to be mid talented (which they are) and their O to be virtually unstoppable and watch the results pore in.  They have a tough schedule but like the Ravens, they know how to give as good as they get.  If they get inspired D they could win 12 games.  If they D gets pushed about they might only win 10.  I split the difference.  This team goes 11-5 and is at least one of the top 3 in the NFC with a shot at Super Bowl 50.

Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings finally have a franchise QB for the first time in recent memory and an all pro child beater (not to mention Running back) plus depth of varying degrees of talent at WR and TE.  The Vikes O line has already took a hit with their RT going down for the season in the pre-season.  Their 3rd round OL pick must step up immediately.  The D under Zimmer greatly improved in the first year and should only get better with the excellent talent taken in the 1st and 2nd round of the draft.  Like every team in this division, they face a tough schedule.  There are a few spots they can take advantage of and I think if the O is dynamic and the D stalwart the Vikes could win 10 games.  If the O line can’t protect Teddy then they might struggle to reach 8-8.  I pick mid point here too. 9-7. That will give them a very outside chance at a Wild Card but this team is looking and trending upwards for their new stadium in 2016.

Detroit Lions – The Lions were a picked up flag from being in the Divisional round of the playoffs for the first time in at least this century.  The loss of Suh is significant but my prevailing opinion is that he is about two on-field misconducts away from a season long suspension and that is a when not an if.  To task Ngata and a kid to help replace the production on the D line is not a bad option.  The Lions still have a decent D line, a solid LB corps and a growing solid secondary.  This is a D that can influence a game.  Stafford needs to continue to tighten up his passing game.  Megatron is still elite but aging gracefully.  Ebron needs a healthy sophomore season to give Stafford more options.  Golden Tate is the younger star on this receiving corps.  They have Joique Bell and draftee Ameer Abdullah to give them a great RB combo finally.  Their special teams is a problem and they need consistency from both FG and Punts and some semblance of effective play on both coverage and returns.  This could still be an issue.  The Lions are strong but their schedule is brutal.  They will be pushed almost every week up to their bye and if they can end 4-4 at the half that will be an accomplishment.  Pulling off another 4-4 post bye against a second half schedule that is also brutal will be a win for them.  If they can play lights out and Stafford can dominate with the passing game and the special teams do the job – they could win 11.  I don’t see that against this schedule so I think 8-8 is the result for a team better than that record.

Chicago Bears – The bringing in of a new regime at Head Coach and GM bodes well for a franchise that has struggled for nearly a decade.  Fox should be able to bring success to the Windy City but it doesn’t appear it will be in 2015.  The loss of 1st round pick WR Kevin White for at least the first 6 if not the whole 16 games is a big hit.  Having Jay Cutler still at QB is a millstone to success of the team.  They are switching to the 3-4 D (they drafted Goldman to play NT) and this kind of switch usually creates growing pains.  The Bears have 3 ok WR (Jeffrey is a star with health and a good QB), a durable if aging RB and a talented is prissy TE and they have 2/5 of a pro bowl line.  They get to play their own improving division and they get to play the NFC West.  Yeah.  Here is their deal.  If all goes really well they will be 7-9.  If things go badly they might be 3-13.  I think my sad sack 2015 Bears will be 4-12.

There you have it, as always I appreciate any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements!

MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s Random NFL Thoughts 2 Weeks Out of the Draft‏ #nfl #nflthoughts #nflnetwork

Well been a couple of weeks since I posted about the draft.  Thought about doing a whole draft grade for each team but have been busy, tired and actually read one on Bleacher Report that was pretty good (check it out if you need draft grades).

Ok let me start with Ray McDonald the scumbag.  I drank the koolaid initially and felt ‘a dirtbag who sacks the QB for us is our dirtbag’.  I hated Rickey Henderson with a passion until he joined the Toronto Blue Jays and helped them win a 2nd World Series (I liked him for 4 months then hated him again after he left).  McDonald was defended in a Mike Huckaby defends a child predator style by Bears owner McCaskey who said he talked to the parents but not the woman who is the victim of McDonald. ‘Women victims have bias against those they accuse’.  I know, I think some owners should just own and not be heard.  Well McDonald struck a woman who was holding a baby and now he’s no longer a BEAR.
I did love what burgeoning team leader Kyle Long said after McDonald was cut “Good Riddance”.
The NFL deal with the Pats and Brady and the deflated ball or two is just another fine example of the NFL not knowing how to deal with anything.  If you can’t figure out which tool was used to measure the balls and each one gives a totally different set of figures…how can you figure out if balls were deflated or not?  By the way…when the balls were “deflated” NE led Indy 17-7.  When the balls were all fully inflated NE beat Indy 28-0.  Real impact on the game for sure.
OTAs are on now but there is very little NFLN coverage.
Hope everyone caught up in the Texas Floods are ok.
Take care football fans,
MR N the BEARS Fan

Thoughts About the Hot Chicago Bears Rumors‏ #NFL #NFLDraft #ChicagoBears

Bears graphic

I awoke today to the non stop talk about the BEARS trying to work out a deal with Tennessee for the number 2 overall pick.  I am in favor of this for many reasons but the big one is CUTLER would be dealt which would make a huge difference to the psyche of the team.

If Chicago can trade Cutler, the #7 overall and cash considerations to land the #2 overall and then take Mariota then make it so.  Colt McCoy could start until the new young QB is game ready and bang the BEARS have a franchise QB.
And I will be doing a mock draft in a couple of weeks as everyone else is doing one!
What do you think? I enjoy a good debate.
MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL NFC North Preview‏

NFC north

NFL Preview 2014

Division: NFC North
Team: Chicago Bears
Coach: Jim Trestman
QB: Jay Cutler

Offensive outlook: This is an offense set to explode. Cutler has a myriad of weapons with in my view the best WR pair in football, Forte and a great young rookie RB and solid TE and a vastly improved line. They will put up points like Trestman did in the CFL.

Defensive outlook: The D has improved with free agency pickups and draft picks. They have a strong pass rush, solid LB with depth and an improving secondary. They will get better as the season goes on.

Schedule projection: The schedule isn’t too hard and this team can outscore most. I see the high bar being an incredible 13-3. I think they will be no worse than 11-5.

Division: NFC North
Team: Detroit Lions
Coach: Jim Caldwell
QB: Matthew Stafford

Offensive outlook: Stafford can toss the rock with the best of them and he has Megatron. They have issues at RB but have improved TE. It remains to be seen if Golden Tate is a worthy #2 WR. They will do alright but expect mistakes.

Defensive outlook: Others really like this D, I don’t. I see continued lack of control, discipline and poor LB and secondary play expected. They will not do well.

Schedule projection: If they excel against their own division they might win 8 but I see a 6-10 year for the Lions.

Division: NFC North
Team: Green Bay Packers
Coach: Mike McCarthy
QB: Aaron Rodgers

Offensive outlook: Rodgers is amazing, Lacy is coming on as a great RB, they have solid WR (Rodgers makes almost anyone look good at receiving) but their line must be improved to keep Rodgers healthy. They will score but sometimes they will stumble.

Defensive outlook: The Packers D is a lot of reputation and they need a big year from vets and they need immediate help from youngsters in the poor secondary. I think they will be a bit better but still beatable more often than they want.

Schedule projection: If they do amazing and the D and O click they could win 10. I think they will win 9 and lose 7 and watch the playoffs on TV.

Division: NFC North
Team: Minnesota Vikings
Coach: Mike Zimmer
QB: Teddy Bridgewater/Matt Cassel

Offensive outlook: If they start Bridgewater right away they will have issues but gain great experience. If Cassel is the QB they will have issues and circle the bowl. AP is their only weapon and that doesn’t win many games in an outdoor stadium.

Defensive outlook: The Vikings are hoping the big draft picks of the last few years are ready to roll. Hunter Smith is a star at Safety but the Vikes are lacking much star power now and will be pushed around.

Schedule projection: This could be a long year for Vikings Fans. I think it could be 3-13 without much effort. They probably start 0-5 for sure. I will be kind and suggest 4-12.

NFC North projected:

Chicago Bears 11-5
Green Bay Packers 9-7
Detroit Lions 6-10
Minnesota Vikings 4-12

Next up the NFC South!

MR N the BEARS Fan