“Here come the playoffs” Mr. N’s #NFL Week 17 Power Poll #FootballRankings #PowerPoll

NFL Power Rankings


1.            New England Patriots (1) – Michael Floyd went for the goal line on the 2nd first half TD like a drunken man charging towards an open bar.  No doubt that New England knows the value of home field throughout this time.  They are dominating in all aspects in the first half.  The Pats never took their foot off the gas. They scored at will and blew away Miami.  They sit at home in New England and wait for the first victim in the Division round.



2.            Dallas Cowboys (2) – The Cowboys are keeping Dak in the game and if he gets hurt it will not be good for them.  Dak got out alive and Romo tossed a TD.  Butt Fumble tossed a pick.  All seems right in the world for Big D so far.  Dallas proved one thing in the second half.  Mark Sanchez, the walking Butt Fumble, is a complete incompetent.  It was said in the pregame that Sanchez sees himself as the long-term backup behind Dak.  I see him as a long-term popcorn salesman in Jerry World.  A meaningless loss.



3.            Pittsburgh Steelers (3) – Having issues getting offense going against the BROWNS.  The Steeler D let RGIII march the field for a score.  Is Pittsburgh really mailing this in using holiday stamps?  Landry Jones is finding his inner preseason 2016 as he can’t really get anything going.  He has managed one TD and they could still pull out a win but they need to try a little harder.  The Steelers battled back and managed to tie the game and take it to OT.  They looked down and out went for it and won.  They will be tough with everyone trying in the playoffs.



4.            Atlanta Falcons (5) – The greatest show on Georgian turf is tearing up the laughable excuse that is the Saints D.  They I think trailed for a minute or two but now we wonder if they will put up another 50 burger.  The Falcons scored early and often and used almost every weapon they had.  They were up 25 and went into some deep full bore prevent.  The pressure on Saint D stopped and the pressure on Saint O stopped and the points piled up against until Atlanta didn’t cover the spread.  Hope someone had cash with the Saints as that last TD smelled like a Vegas score.  It was a win for them.





5.            Kansas City Chiefs (7) – Took KC a few minutes to get it going but boy did they get it going then. The D started getting golden turnovers and the O started to put up points and they have pulled ahead of the Chargers.  A nice first half.   Kansas City never let up and they used special teams to help ice this win.  KC is deadly because they have strong O, D and special teams.  They rarely make mistakes and they are well coached.  They are #2 seed and have a bye.  They have a slim chance of giving the Evil Empire a challenge when they play at the Death Star in New England on Conference Championship Weekend.  I am just flat out assuming they will handle whoever crawls out of the Wild Card.




6.            New York Giants (8) – A decent effort by a Giant team just going through the motions.  They have managed only 10 points but that is enough with a D pitching a shutout.  Can’t imagine the ones will play much in the second half so they may yet lose this game.  The G-men rested some O but played the D and they got the golden turnovers and the O did just enough to win this game.  May they have this kind of effort when they face Green Bay new week.  A nice Giant like win.




7.            Green Bay Packers (11) – The Packers came out a little slow and didn’t get the O working much in the first 30 minutes.  Held to only 1 TD and one long FG they hadn’t really shown their stuff.  It felt like standing under a snow-covered hill knowing the avalanche was going to fall as soon as someone sneezed.  The second half was a different story.  They outscored Detroit by eleven and the outcome was never in doubt.  They ran the table and win the division.  They haven’t really faced a decent squad in the last six weeks so next week will be the first real challenge since they lost 4 in a row.  Will be an interesting wild card game Sunday.



8.            Seattle Seahawks (12) – Slow start on O with little rush and no points to speak of.  The D put its face into this game and got 2 key turnovers.  The O put up points fast and they are leading and this game could be over now.  The Seahawks fell to full on prevent and barely hung on for a very close and ugly win over a very bad Niner team.  I don’t see much playoff life for this sad excuse for a team.





9.            Houston Texans (6) – A very quiet start for Houston as they appear to have partied a bit too much last night like I did.  Whatever plan the Texans had – get Savage reps as he preps for the Chiefs in the Wild card round – went splat with the concussion and now they just get to suffer under the leadership of one of the most highly paid and terrible QBs in NFL History.  Well I don’t think anyone who has watched Houston play with Brock at QB this year was surprised by how ineffective Brock O was.  The Texans went down with a sputter and are not exactly looking like a team who can win a wild card game next week.  A bad loss.



10.          Oakland Raiders (4) – I understand that Oakland has lost their QB but come on guys.  With no O and D that can’t stop anyone this is ugly.  If they don’t wake up they could be on the road and suffering in the playoffs.   The Raiders just never got it going on O and couldn’t make any stops on D and they were destroyed.  It was ugly and one has to think the poor Silver and Black will be one and done in the wild card round now.




11.          Miami Dolphins (9) – For a team who had a ‘shot’ at moving up in wild card rank they seem happy to be blown out and stay in the 6th seed if the early going is any example.  This Fin squad seems to be running head first into a buzz saw and this could end uglier than it has started.  Dolphins never had a shot.  They couldn’t stop NE O and they couldn’t score against NE D.  A very ugly way to lose and enter the playoffs but they will face a tough Steeler team… anywho so I predict one and done.




12.          Detroit Lions (13) – My oh my.  This team just let the division slip away from them.  They even had a lead for half this game but everyone including the popcorn dealers in the stands knew the Lions couldn’t hold it.  They had the Pack down by 7 but let GB run the field in 30 seconds to make it only 4.  They let in 3 easy TDs in the 2nd half and that was that.  If they go to Seattle and get beat and go home it will be the end of one of the most humiliating collapses and I wonder if the coach and QB deserve to survive this collapse.  A team going nowhere but down who had such great promise.




13.          Tennessee Titans (14) – The Titans are off to an early lead in the meaningless bowl.  Will be left to see how much heart the Titans have with a backup QB just 7 days or so after being eliminated.  The Titans knocked the starting Texan QB out and now get to face Osweiler which means the Titans have this game in control now.  Have to give Matt Cassel absolute credit he had more in him today that I thought he had left.  He was able to work against a fairly game Texan D and he did enough to get them a win.  A season that two weeks ago, had such hope ends with a win and possibly hope for 2017.




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15) – Winston over throwing early and are trailing the Panthers.  Follow that with a pick and the Bucs don’t look like a team with a mathematical shot at making the playoffs.  They are the team allergic to making the playoffs.    Not the inspired play of a team with heart.  They even had a pick that was dropped clean.  Makes one wonder what kind of clubhouse atmosphere this head coach has created in Tampa.  Tampa battled and battled and barely held a lead late.  Bur for stupidity on the part of the Panther coach they probably would have lost.  They snuck out a win and are eliminated.  They are building something here.




15.          Arizona Cardinals (16) – Arizona’s depleted D has been able to handle all the Rams have.  Carson Palmer is playing ok and they have a small lead.  They should win this easily because even this team is better than LA.  Arizona has been able to dominate on D and special teams and even with some O now and then.  The game is well and holy over with more than 10 left in the 4th.  Turnovers just made it uglier.  Well played against a terrible team.  Something to hang a hat on after a bad year.



16.          Cincinnati Bengals (18) – The Bengals are moving it well against the still supposedly tough Raven D.  Cincy is on the verge of putting the game away at the half.  Totally in control early.  The Bengals, gutted by injuries, were never challenged.  They used backup RBs and TEs and DEs and CBs and simply dominated what has often been called a good Raven team.  A fine win in a meaningless game.




17.          Indianapolis Colts (22) – Totally flat and the Colts must have their off season plans and tickets in their suitcases already.  The Colts are just playing rotten with turnovers, missed tackles and mistakes.  The old second half Colts made an appearance.  They battled on O and D and chipped away until they got it tied.  They fell behind and then in a great effort marched the field and won.  A superb win to end a hugely disappointing season.  Perhaps Luck isn’t a total bum but their head coach may not survive this mess.



18.          New Orleans Saints (17) –  A team with nothing to play for and nothing much on D is getting schmucked vs Atlanta.  With Brees doing what he can when he can get his hands on the ball the Saints are in danger of being totally blown out.   I did hear from the broadcast that Dennis Allen is building a good D so it looks bright.  Has anyone watched this Saint team be blown out constantly this year besides me?  The Saints were down a ton and then put up a make Vegas happy 19 and lost by 6.  It was another ugly loss for a team that DOESN’T HAVE DEFENSE.




19.          Philadelphia Eagles (23) – Eagles are played decent D early.  The Eagle D had no answer to Tony Romo but they could have thought he had retired already.  They did pick off Butt Fumble but who hasn’t?  They are tied in a game they should be dominating in.   The Eagles took their sweet time but finally got ahead to stay in the 2nd half.  A nice win for a team that was vastly overrated by most *not me* and they get another pretty high draft pick.




20.          Minnesota Vikings (24) – Solid opening drive followed by a great red zone pick and the Vikes are in control early in this big meaningless game.  The Vikings are getting turnovers and kicking Bear butt and this could be extremely ugly if they don’t fall to prevent.  The Vikes simply sliced and diced the Bears with inspired D and end 8-8.  The team could have been all that and was all not that in the end.  I think they need a healthy Bridgewater and their O line needs help with health and depth.  What a lost chance this season was.





21.          Denver Broncos (27) –  A great effort early by Denver on O and D.  The cheating cheap shot Bronco D is playing like it can and getting away with it.  They have poured in the points and are well in control at the half.  Denver gave their all, both legal and illegal, for their retiring coach and blew out the Raiders.  It was a nice win for a pretty crappy, overrated team.




22.          New York Jets (30) – Starting a bum at QB has the Jets offense sputtering early.  The Jets are living by the Fitz here.  He is better than EJ Manuel but then again so am I and I haven’t thrown a ball since a nerf ball in 1994.  The Jets were able to stop the Bills with some of their best D in months.   They even piled on the points at a level not seen in months.  Best game of the year by a team who has just tried hard to not try for the last 4 games or so.  It was a win.




23.          Jacksonville Jaguars (20) – The ‘resurgent’ Jag O is still alive this week.  Jacksonville is finding something positive in the dregs of this nightmare season.  Bortles is looking just a little like an NFL quarterback again.  A pretty good first half.  Well Jacksonville managed to live out their season in this game.  They led and played well.  The D played badly and let Indy in it.  They drove for the lead and played bad D and lost.  They have a ton of talent and need to find the right leader of a Head Coach to bring it all together.




24.          Carolina Panthers (21) – Another solid effort so far by the Panthers to maybe put a positive spin on this lost season.  The Panthers are playing hard and giving their all which shows a semblance of heart in the Panther uniform.  Caaaaam managed to turn it over a ton *wipe me out in a fantasy consolation round* and still get the game close.  They could have won this in OT with momentum but went for 2 and lost the game.  The gambler.  This is a very ugly way to end an UGLY season.





25.          Buffalo Bills (19) – Starting a bum at QB has the Bills offense sputtering early.  The Bills have no chance whatsoever with Manuel at QB and with McCoy injured.  Me thinks this will not be the shining mark on Lynn’s CV that he might have hoped for.  So, Manuel was so bad that the team put in Cardale Jones.  Jones may have a future in Buffalo but tossing him in here with no reps and in a hopeless sitch was harsh.  He could do nothing, Buffalo did nothing and they were stomped by a bad Jet team to end their year.  If they follow through getting rid of Tyrod Taylor, then this team may be circling the bowl for the rest of the decade.



26.          San Francisco 49ers (25) – San Fran got off to another fast start and had a nice lead over the Seahawks.  Then they decided to start turning the ball over and Turnovers are Gold.  This team is no way good enough to win and turn it over.  They have allowed a ton of points late in the first half and have a long road ahead of them now.  San Fran went hard against prevent and made it very close.  I give them credit to giving Chip and the GM something to remember fondly as they clear out their offices.



27.          Baltimore Ravens (26) – Not much effort from Baltimore D to start.  The Ravens can’t get anything going on O and this is making it a very long day so far.  The Ravens could muster very little in way of offense and they were beaten like a bad dog on D several times.  A team that once had playoffs in their grasp end with a fitting splat.  They were not as good as people thought and they are just as bad as they looked today.




28.          Cleveland Browns (28) – A good start for Cleveland on O and D and that isn’t so unusual.  Can they do it for more than 15 or 20 minutes is the question.  The Browns have played another good 30 minutes give or take the RGIII pick.  Now do they have 30 minutes more in them on the first day of 2017?  Only Cleveland can lose a lead, have the ball inside the 5 to win it and fumble.  They took a lead in OT and let in a TD to lose.  They are 1-15 and my do they need a TON of help.  Cleveland, you are once more …on the clock and for the love of Mike DON’T TRADE THE PICK.  PICK someone.





29.          San Diego Chargers (29) – San Diego really gave their all early and took an early lead.  They turned the ball over and let in a few and they are now trailing and it will be hard for this team to maintain their early effort as they have nothing at all to play for.  The Bolts tried but didn’t have a chance to win with special teams issues and they let in TDs and missed chances and end their life as the Chargers in SD with another loss.  Next stop new home, new coach, new identity.




30.          Washington Redskins (10) – Well isn’t that interesting.  Win and in.  Simply beat a NYG team who has nothing to play for and you are in the playoffs.  What does Washington do? They come out flat and allow a long TD and a FG and can manage no offense.  What the hell is wrong with Washington? If they lose this game I would let Cousins go, fire the head coach, change the team nickname and move to Maryland and hide the fact they ever were Washington.  They have 30 minutes to pull their heads out of their collective asses.  The Redskins D played a pretty good game all game while the O played pretty bad.  They did manage to make a small effort and got the game tied but it wasn’t enough.  They let in a late 3 and then Cousins turned it over again and they lost.  I cannot explain how utterly useless Washington is to have lost this game and eliminated themselves.  I would use a steam cleaner and a fire hose and wash out the front office and the clubhouse.  Can them all, I would want none of this group of losers on my team after this debacle.




31.          Los Angeles Rams (31) – I don’t know how this terrible team got 21 points last week.  They seem to have trouble getting 3 yards on a drive.  They are in trouble when down by 7 and I am doubtful they can get another 6 unless it is against prevent. This team sucks.  The team sucks on O to beat any other suckage they provide.  They evidently had a fight with themselves in the walkway to the locker at the half.  I think at this point if they are planning to demolish the Coliseum the may want to consider leaving the Rams in the building when they blow it up.  A crushing, terrible loss.



32.          Chicago BEARS (32) – The BEARS D is playing like it has all year.  Bad.  Then they tossed a 24k gold red zone pick.  Sigh.  The BEARS can’t turn it over and have any hope.  Their D is just so porous this is a fifty-burger waiting to happen.  The BEARS were whipped for 38 and turned it over a million times.  They lost ugly and now have had the worst season Chicago has had in 29 years.  What a fugly team and they need a so much help.  It has to start with cutting/firing/dismissing/deleting Jay Cutler.  Oh, and draft a pass rusher.






There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan



Who’s #1? Mr. N’s #NFL Week 12 Power Poll #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys came out of the gates with a huge dose of Zeke and they marched the field and scored. The D has played tough against the run and has bent and not broken in the first 30. Dak has been challenged but held up pretty well and at the half are well in control. Dallas D played pretty well. If this D plays like that and the offense is what it is…they can’t be beat. I grow weary of every mother’s expert saying ‘Seattle is the best’ ‘New England is the best’ – – -let’s see either of those teams beat the Cowboys. The O rolled up the Skins D and the special teams and D played well and Dallas has won 10 in a row. They are THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL. A solid win.

2. Oakland Raiders (3) – The Raiders got off to a great start with some solid D and a great Carr led O and they jumped out to a nice lead. Part way along this happy Silver and Black road Carr almost broke his pinkie on a snap and had to leave. The Raider D then faced a veritable buzz saw. They were lambasted for 25 straight points and the Raiders were down and all seemed for naught. Then, in a moment that may live in history in the glory of Raider ball, Carr with a glove on returned. He drove the Raiders for the tie and then led them to a small lead. It came down to the end with the D needing to make one stop and THEY DID! Mack with the sack and the Silver and Black is BACK! What a fantastic win and this team is THE BEST IN THE AFC!!!!!!

3. New England Patriots (4) – The Pats found themselves in a dog fight with a hated division rival. They had trouble scoring and they had a lot of trouble stopping the Jets. They trailed for most of the game but they kept it close. They were given the ball with not much time left and down by 1. It seemed predestined as New England drove for the leading score and then the D shut down the Jets. A solid Division win on the road. Well done.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (5) – Luck is with the Chiefs. They couldn’t score at all in the early going but still got 9 from D and special teams. The O finally got some life and went toe to toe with Denver and all the while the Chiefs played solid D. The game was tied and went OT. The Chiefs had no luck to move the ball until the 14th min of OT and they did enough to seal the win. A gutsy win on the road that sets them nicely in the Wild Card race.

5. New York Giants (6) – Evidently the Giants *probably rightly* think they don’t have to try all that hard to win. They have allowed the Browns O to push them around the field. They are bending not breaking and are trading TDs for FGs. They will likely win but this is a LOT harder than it should be. The Giants were able to use their D to take over the game in the second half and they won this game for them. Not a great effort but it can be hard to beat terrible teams. It is hard to self-motivate. It was a win.

6. Detroit Lions (9) – The Lions brought the energy for the first half. Stafford made a lot of moves and throws but some were to air. The Lions D made some great plays BUT the Lions were the Same Old Sorry Assed Lions and made key self-defeating penalties and cost them two turnovers. They have crept out to a 3-point lead but the laughable excuse for a head coach has used up all his challenges. Even money if they can win this. Detroit’s O shut down in the 2nd half and they could barely manage any yards. They fell behind and were in trouble. Instead Stafford led his team on a great drive to tie and then the Lion D grabbed a pick and gave them the chance to win. Detroit gutted out a win. Well done. They are alone atop the NFC North.

7. Atlanta Falcons (11) – Finding themselves barely leading in a shootout. The Falcon D needs to tighten up a bit but on the positive they are in the lead. The Falcons O was not to be denied. They poured it on *So As To Speak* against the Cards and just held on and won it pretty easily. The Falcons are making a nice surge now. A good win.

8. Miami Dolphins (12) – Had a slow start but got it going a bit and are in a bit of a tough slugfest yet ahead at the half. The Dolphins got it going early in the second half and took a nice lead. There seemed to be a kind of prevent happen. The Dolphins D struggled mightily against the NINER O and very nearly lost the game. They sneak out a very ugly win and are lucky they won this one.

9. Seattle Seahawks (2) – It was said before this game started that Seattle had a really long trip here. Evidently jet leg was felt by the O line. Seattle gave Wilson no protection. He ran for his life or was sacked. The Seahawks managed only a FG and a safety and that is all. The fierce TB D just manhandled them. The Hawk D played ok but by letting in even one TD it was over. What a bad loss for a team that was looking like a real powerhouse. You don’t get your ass handed to you like this if you are a powerhouse.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (13) – Not only did Pittsburgh get a nice Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving they got to play scrimmage against a bunch of turkeys. Ben was able to do whatever he wanted and they combined for 4 TDs and that was 3 more than they needed. The D handled all Scott Tolzien had and more. A pretty relaxed win for Pittsburgh. Happy Holidays!

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) – Mrs. N my soulmate and co-football watcher with me states that the Buc D has come to play and boy have they. Turnovers are gold and they are fighting Seattle tooth, fang and claw. The Bucs D was the story. They dominated the line play, they sacked and harried and bothered Wilson. Winston and his offense got only 2 TDs but that was one more than they needed. What a great win by a team that is looking more and more like a tough team to play. Well done.

12. Washington Redskins (7) – Washington’s D didn’t have an answer to Zeke early and then had trouble stopping Dak later. The Skins O moved between the 20’s and couldn’t get any further. They can’t win this game if they trade FGs for TDs. They need a lot more D and a LOT more O or they are going to lose this game. A very tired Skin D just didn’t have anything. Cousins did all he could to win this game and got them THAT close. They lost a close one and it hurts a little but it really lays at the feet of the NFL for scheduling them a Sunday Night and a THURSDAY afternoon. Tough loss.

13. Carolina Panthers (10) – The Panthers started out slow in this match. They had trouble scoring against the Raider D and the Panther D was missing their MLB Luke. They fell well behind and it seemed like a hard day for them. Well look out because here comes Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Newton rose to the occasion and drove them for 25 unanswered and they took the lead. But then the Panther D couldn’t stop the Raiders and they fell behind again. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam had one shot to tie but he was destroyed by the Raider D. This loss basically eliminated the Panthers. What a tough loss.

14. Buffalo Bills (15) – The Bills seem to be guilty of mailing this in in the first half. They better get one hell of a locker room pep talk of they could lose to a bad team. The Bills came out strong in the second half and got the O working. They were able to pull ahead and stay ahead. The D, missing a key secondary component from early on, struggled some but made the stop it had to and they won the game. It was ugly in that they had to battle to beat the Jags but it is a win.

15. New Orleans Saints (19) – Superb O has been the story for New Orleans. They have scored and scored and scored against what can be a good D. Their poor D has let in a ton and it may be that this game will be a ‘last team who scores wins’ one. The Saints put an end to that concept quick. Brees rolled up the Rams D and spit it out. They nearly put a 50 burger on them. A pretty easy win for the Big Easy. Well done.

16. Baltimore Ravens (18) – The Ravens are pretty much having their way against the Bengals. They can’t get all the TDs they might want but they smartly keep kicking it and are well in front. The Ravens made the most out of kicking FGs and playing D. They were well ahead but a kind of prevent let in a TD and that made it close. They held on and when it came down to the end the D made a great stop and they won. They will need to face the resurgent Steelers to decide this division. I still think in my heart of hearts this team isn’t very good. It was a win.

17. Denver Broncos (8) – The Broncos had a slow O start but pretty good D but stumbled and trailed early in a really quiet start. The Broncs got it going and managed to trade score for score and got the game tied and went to OT. They played a defensive minded OT and then with time nearly expiring the coach went for it on a 62yd FG and missed and that was the game. A bonehead coach call and down goes the Broncos. What a loss.

18. Houston Texans (16) – Houston is struggling to get any O going here and their D has played tough but been beaten on some big pass plays. Unless they can manage to get a roll going on O they are in trouble already. The Texans were victimized by the Charger pass game all day. The O struggled for most of the day. It finally came down to a last shot for the O and when push came to shove they just couldn’t do it. This team may crawl on its belly to the AFC South Title but my Gawd will that be an ugly Division title.

19. San Diego Chargers (22) – Rivers started a little slow but got it going and has led a couple of great drives for TDs. The Charger D has not been challenged too much by a bad O and San Diego is in the lead. The Bolts managed to get just enough TDs and then the D made a solid effort (albeit against a substandard QB). They had to make one stop to win and they did. A gutsy win for the team with heart.

20. Arizona Cardinals (14) – The Cards got Tyrann Mathieu back but he hasn’t helped so much. They are in a shootout against a great O and this O can’t hold up if you ask me. They need better D in the 2nd half and they need more points to win. The Cards O was not able to get any more points. Palmer is just too much of a turnover machine. The Cards D didn’t bring their A game and the O was barely a D and that made the whole thing an ugly L. This team may be done after this loss.

21. Tennessee Titans (24) – The Titans allowed a BEARS drive for a TD and then they shut them down and played superb on D. The Titan O started a little slow and then started to roll and are now completely dominating this game. The Titans were so far in front they went into full on prevent. It was such good prevent that they ended up barely holding on for a slim win because of a drop in the end zone. They should have just won this going away but they let Chicago back in it and that is why this Titan team is a pretender. It was a win.

22. Minnesota Vikings (20) – Vikings D seemed to have too much turkey on Wednesday night as they looked very sleepy for much of the first half. Only once, late, did they man up and make a key stop. They had one good drive but a bunch that collapsed. They trail a bit at the half and need to get a whole heck of lot consistent on O and D to win this game! The Vikings exercised an effective short pass game in lieu of a run game and got the game tied and then into a lead. Minnesota had a 3-point lead with 4 minutes left and had the Lions pinned at the 2. All the D had to do was stop Detroit 4 times and keep that team from gaining a silly 60 yards and they win. What did they do? They let Detroit march into field goal range and allowed a tie. Then with inside 2 and a shot to win the O tosses a golden pick and they lose. Well done, the team earned this loss.

23. Indianapolis Colts (21) – The Colts, who are bad with Andrew Luck, had to play without him. The offense, which sputters with Luck, did virtually nothing with Tolzien. The D had no chance against the Steeler’s big three. The only time Indy got into the end zone was when their punter threw a 35-yard completion on a trick play. The rest of the night Pagano kept going for it on 4th down and turning the ball over on downs. If they had kicked 3 after 3 after 3 they might have forced Pittsburgh to work harder and maybe make a mistake. Alas that is hyperbole as Indy did nothing and lost. A poor team.

24. New York Jets (23) – The Jets really looked petty by not using Petty. They brought back in Fitz and they lived by Fitz and died by the Fitz. He was very Fitz like. He drove the Jets to a lead and then it was up to the Jets D to make the stops. They didn’t and the Jets lost. Another loss but it was a decent effort.

25. Green Bay Packers (28) – Evidently the bad Packer D just had to play the Eagle O. They could shut down that O and that made them look NFL capable. Rodgers did his best 3 yard per completion as he threw 3,500 passes for 310 yards. The Pack won a game. Congrats. If you win out I will eat my Bears baseball cap.

26. Philadelphia Eagles (25) – Evidently the vaunted Eagle D can only perform well once every 5 games and this wasn’t one of those nights. They were crap. They let GB think they are good. The Eagle O was total crap and this was a terrible effort and this rotten team lost another.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (26) – Dalton isn’t helped being without his #1 WR as he is making bad throws. The D has bent a lot and broke once and they can’t score any way and are trailing badly. The Bengals didn’t give up and managed to get a score to make it a one possession game. Dalton is still more the reason they struggle than why they win. They had a final shot to tie the game and Dalton failed again. Their season is in the dumpster after this loss and they can thank Andy Dalton.

28. Los Angeles Rams (27) – The D has been shredded in the first half. Goff has looked great in his second start. He is mature and making excellent throws. They are down at the half but have every chance the way their Rookie QB is slinging the rock. Goff did pretty darn good here. He did turn it over but it was the D that failed miserably. They could stop nothing and the Rams were blown away. If Fisher wasn’t on a hot seat before he is now.

29. San Francisco 49ers (29) – Give San Fran full credit they are giving their all here. They took an early lead but the woe-begotten D has been beat and they trail and it is a long road for this poor excuse of a Niner team. San Fran didn’t give up today. They fell well behind but that didn’t deter them. You might say Colin K wouldn’t stand for that! He led them back and brought them to within one score. He led a late drive and got within about 1 yard of winning but lost. A game effort by the Niners.

30. Chicago BEARS (30) – Well they played a good 5 or 6 minutes. Since then there hasn’t been much to note here. D unable to stop Tennessee and the O can’t do a thing. This could be severely ugly unless a miracle occurs in the 2nd half. The Bears O had a good second half but it could have been superb if the stupid receivers hadn’t dropped at least NINE passes – 2 that were TDs. The Bears lost because a guy dropped the game winning TD as time expired. An Ugly loss. The only uglier thing was the pre-game mention that Chicago might want to STICK WITH CUTLER in 2017. AAAAAAAAAAGH. Cut that walking piece of SHIT and do it NOW.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Jacksonville is playing just like they do every single week. Today it is working somewhat well since there is not much effort put against them on O or D. Doubtful they can pull off an upset unless it is gifted to them. The Jags D had trouble with LeSean McCoy. Bortles ran wild and tossed more than a couple of TDs. This was the best Jag effort in weeks. In the end, it came down to one shot to win and they couldn’t do it. A game if losing effort.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Using McCown at QB puts them down at the start. The D has played ok and only let in 2 TDs in the first half. Getting only 2 FGs isn’t going to cut it. If they can get TDs they have a shot. I don’t think they have a shot. The Browns were overwhelmed in the 2nd half by the Giant D. Turnovers were gold, are gold and is gold so as to speak. They could not score much and down they went on the much shorter road to 0-16.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan

NFC EAST Preview 2016 #NFL #NFLTrainingCamp

NFC East


If one watches the NFL Network one would think the Super Bowl winner is coming out of this – the best division in football. However I decided to analyze the whole thing myself and here are the results.

Washington Redskins – The most complete team in a pretty terrible division. They have a solid QB and good WR and TE. They need something at RB but their D is a lot better now that they have a shutdown CB. They play the NFC East so that means 6 wins and if they can go 3-7 the rest of the way?

I think so

all things great and they could be 9-7 and win the division,

all things equal 9-7 and they win the division

all things poor and 9-7 and win the division.

I say 9-7 and win the division.

The Dallas Cowboys – all I heard is how great that O line is and then I see that their LT let in more sacks last year than ever and their Right side is weak. Add that a QB who is a hit in the collarbone from retirement and A RB rookie who is being so anointed he may float in the clouds and a mother beating WR who can’t catch a TD legally in the playoffs AND a d that is terrible and did nothing to improve and watch the fun.

If it all works they go 8-8 and don’t make the playoffs

If it is as it is they are 6-10

If Romo’s shoulder busts week 2 they finish 4-12

I say 6-10.

New York Giants – The New York Giants are a team missing key parts on OL and at RB and they only have OBG at WR. That is Odell Beckham Gloves. He can’t catch a cold with bare hands and his stickem gloves make him what he is. The D is terrible and this team is not going anywhere this year.

If it all works they will be 7-9

if it’s as it is then 6-10

if it’s bad it will all be bad 3-13

I see 6-10 and tied with Dallas in a distant bad 2nd.

Philadelphia Eagles – this team had nothing anywhere and then lost their RT due to drugs. No QB of any talent, no RB, no WR, No linebackers, one pass rusher and maybe one guy who can cover. Gonna be ugly

If somehow they can get some O then 6-10 is possible.

If it is just how it will be then 4-12

if they are bad 4-12

they will be 4-12

A rotten division again that we will see media talk about every single hour of every single day.


Mr. N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL NFC East Preview 2015‏ #nflpreseason #nflthoughts

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys had stuck to a plan to get where they were last year.  Using a great O line to power a running game took pressure off Romo to win it himself.  Now Murray fled via free agency and they have replaced him potentially with a bunch of never was’ and has been’s.  They have a very aged and fragile Tony Romo and 3 good WR and an aged but talented TE.  The O line is great.  The D needs a pass rush and they turned to a violent court convicted offender and a guy who used drugs at the combine to help.  They lost one of their not very good starting CB to injury which makes what was not great less than that.  With all that and their likelihood to turn to Romo to pass for every first down again I don’t see much for this team.  A pretty easy schedule awaits them.  I don’t see a potential high mark or even a low mark.  They will be 10-6 and that may win the division or it may not.

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are Chip Kelly’s team from top to bottom now with him in full control.  He is building a team exactly how he wants one and he is jettisoning great talent for his own reasons.  All will be well if there is a Super Bowl in the next couple of years in Philly.  Otherwise, the axe will invariably fall and Kelly will be back in the Pac-74.  They have oft injured Sam Bradford et al at QB, potentially overused and nearly done DeMarco Murray at RB and a slew of receivers who are long on hope and short on proven ability.  The O line is pretty good.  They have decent Special teams but need better return effort.  The D has issues all over and isn’t built to sustain production when the offense flits on and off the field with such high speed.  It will be a long year again with a team that can outscore some and not stop many.  If all goes well the team will win 11 and challenge for the division title.  If the O gets hurt then the team could be 7-9.  I think another 9-7 and likely out of the playoffs.

New York Giants – The G-men have won two of the last 10 Super Bowls.  Interestingly enough there are precious few players remaining from the glory days beyond Eli and the long snapper.  The Giants had severe issues with O line last year and used their first pick to add Ereck Flowers and he should stop the revolving door to Eli.  The NYG offense is superb with Eli, workable running game, Superstar ODB plus other WR and a good TE all protected by a better line.  The D has a new Coordinator and Spagnuolo just needs one star to make it work – he has JPP – until JPP blew most of his hand off.  There are issues on DE/LB/S/CB.  They have good special teams but need better returners.  The Schedule is pretty easy but this team may not have D.  If the D can make some strides, this team could be 10-6.  If they O are held back by pre-eminent D’s then this team may be 7-9.  I think they will be 9-7 and probably outside looking in.

Washington Redskins – Give credit to Washington for sticking with a plan and not just tossing out RGIII and trying to re-invent the egg again.  So it is RGIII with a revamped O line (they were horrid last year) and that is to give RGIII health insurance and help Alfred Morris run like he used to.  So far in the preseason the benefits haven’t been seen.  This new line, with 1st round pick Scherff on the right side, may grow together and the Skins must hope it’s sooner rather than later.  The D was beyond horrible last year (again) and they have added lots of people in the hopes that new is better.  It has to be better as that D really can’t be worse.  The Redskins have a plan and if they can keep on it they will get better for the future but short term eek.  I think if everything comes together for them they might approach 8-8.  I just don’t see it so I think 5-11 and hope they keep on keeping on because the future will get brighter.

As always I love any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements!  NFC South is next, then NFC West then…the highly anticipated…Preseason Power Poll

MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s Random #NFL Friday Football Thoughts‏ #NFLThoughts @NFLNetwork

Interesting that Dez Bryant is considering holding out from game 1 if not provided a long term deal.  I rarely think Dallas is smart in personnel decisions but not paying this trainwreck of a player is a smart move.  There are a lot of good young kid receivers coming out of college every year and many do not carry the baggage that Bryant the mother beater does.

The NFL Network has pulled NFL AM to ‘reconfigure/rethink’ it.  Personally I see this as a bad decision as I have just now sickened with the uber sensationalistic crap that passes as morning news on every single channel.  I was all set to watch NFL AM.  Now stuck with sports hightlights until if and when NFL AM comes back.
I just read that Pittsburgh is ‘favored’ to win the AFC North.  I don’t know about that as on the face of it I feel the Steelers still have issues with D for starters.
That is all for now
I am jonesing for NFL and can’t wait for the Hall of Fame game!
MR N the Bears Fan

MR N’s #NFL NFC East Preview‏

NFC East


NFL Preview 2014
Division: NFC East
Team: Dallas Cowboys
Coach: Jason Garrett (or also known as ‘the guy who must have naked pictures of Jerry Jones otherwise how has he not been fired already’)
QB: Tony Romo

Offensive outlook: This team should be able to score lots of points BUT Romo is older and coming off back surgery, DeMarco Murray is an injury waiting to happen and although Dez is a super star the remainder of the receivers are either old or unproven to the most part. Brandon Weeden doesn’t make me think this team is ready to have Romo out for any period of time.

Defensive outlook: The loss of Sean Lee gutted the heart and soul of the D. Not having Ware rushing will hurt too. A bit of a patchwork D that needs a lot of young guys to step up and the wiley vets to have another gear to call on. It could roll south fast if they don’t come together.

Schedule projection: This team has a brutal post bye schedule. My worst case for them is 4-12 and that could happen if they stumble in the division. Best case might be 8 but I see 6-10 and a new coach and QB in Dallas in 2015.


Division: NFC East
Team: New York Giants
Coach: Tom Coughlin
QB: Eli Manning

Offensive outlook: At first blush one has to think they can’t be as bad as last year. Eli can’t be picked off that much again, the line has to be stouter and they have a healthy RB option. I think they will likely be better and score more and only a small chance has Eli imploding and going down for the last time.

Defensive outlook: This is a work in progress. Their success is hinged on older vets having one more good year and I don’t care for that flavor of football soup. I think their secondary will be less scorched but they will be pushed around a lot.

Schedule projection: A tough schedule here too and a team that may not be able to deal with the tough games. There are many in a row that could strip this team of spirit and send them into a tailspin. 4-12 here isn’t out of the question. If they get a couple of lucky bounces I see them 6-10 too.


Division: NFC East
Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Coach: Chip Kelly
QB: Nick Foles

Offensive outlook: They have a hot young QB, superb RBs, depth at TE and a decent line but some questions as to the effectiveness of a denuded WR corps. They should still score often.

Defensive outlook: A more effective D then they get credit for, they have been building quietly and have a good pass rush and some up and coming secondary men.

Schedule projection: This schedule also is tough (they all play the powerful NFC West) but they may be the only team in the division that wins more than they lose and I think 9-7 gets them the division ‘sham-pionship’.


Division: NFC East
Team: Washington Redskins
Coach: Jay Gruden
QB: Robert Griffin III

Offensive outlook: A solid O with RGIII healthy and possibly solid if Cousins is leading them too. I think with DeSean and Peter Waiter and Morris and company they could be explosive.

Defensive outlook: I think the downfall here is that the D has a couple of playmakers and a bunch of non-entities. I think they will be in many shootouts and will be hard pressed to score more than this D lets in.

Schedule projection: Same deal here, tough schedule and they can win some but will lose more than they win. I think 7-9 and second place is the likely finish. They upset Philly in either and they could win the division but I doubt it.


NFC East projected:

Philadelphia 9-7
Washington 7-9
Dallas 6-10
New York Giants 6-10


Post-script: I sincerely believe that this division is so bad they don’t deserve a playoff slot for winning it and the playoff spot should just go to the 2nd best in the NFC West.

MR N the BEARS Fan

Random Football Thoughts As Mini Mini Camps Roll On‏

Hey all,

well interesting things keep popping up on the radar…

Today, The Dallas Cowboy D took a HUGE hit with the season ending loss of LB Sean Lee. He is the Dallas Defensive QB and when he went down last year the D collapses. All their improvements will be hurt by the loss of this key player.

Earlier – Michael Vick said he can take the Jets to the Superbowl. I wonder if that is because he knows a guy who has a nice plane and can carry all the Jets to the stadium to watch 2 other teams play for the title?

Also today – Miami Thug Mike Pouncey says he has no apology for his part in the bullying scandal. Not surprised…he has never apologized for flashing gang signs and wearing a ‘Free Hernandez’ t-shirt.

Lastly, RIP Malcolm Glazer. He had an unique style and like it or not he built the Bucs into world champs and was basically a common sense owner and will be missed.