Mr. N’s #NFL Week 13 Power Poll #PowerRankings

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 13
2 1 Minnesota The Vikings brought their A game D and shut down what had been a recently effective Falcon O.  Keenum did his just enough as one of the most efficient QBs in the NFL and the Vikings won their 8th straight.  They are as of now the BEST team in the NFL and I wait to see somone beat them again.
3 2 New England The Pats played Buffalo and it was never close.  It got very ugly when Gronk tried to kill a Bill for the sin of picking off Tom Brady.  One game is way too lenient. He should be banned rest of year.  The Patriots have risen to the #2 slot because many of the other top teams are either losing or playing like crap when winning *waves to Pittsburgh*
1 3 Philadelphia The Eagles had a chance to rewrite history. Go to Seattle, the site of a terrible game for Wentz and beat the badly weakened by injury Hawks.  What happens?  A repeat of the year before as Philadelphia had no answer to Seattle and were beaten handily.  Philly may be better now that they lost this game but they have a lot to learn from here.
7 4 New Orleans The NFC South ‘first’ round of playoffs met and what a battle it was.  The Saints were battered by a fierce Panther D and Brees was harried at almost every turn.  The thing that couldn’t be stopped?  The Saints Rushing O.  Kamara and Ingram just ripped Carolina a new one and propelled the Saints to a great victory. This is one heck of a tough team.
6 5 LA Rams Great game for LA over a bad opponent.  The game was close a few times but in the end they just blew out Arizona.  Goff and company are having too much fun for being so good this late in the season.  I don’t see Super Bowl this year but they will have fun til they are eliminated.
5 6 Pittsburgh I can’t help but think this version of the Steelers must be causing long dead Steeler players and managers and owners to turn in their graves.  The huge LACK of effort is beyond any comprehension.  Yep they won a game late but COME ON.  They look like utter crap and if they look like this against New England they will be soundly thrashed.
9 7 Seattle Seattle showed a ton of heart and some pretty effective defense by a group of no names to beat what was the best team in the NFL. This is without a doubt their best win of the year and now it remains to be seen if they can keep this torrid pace up.
8 8 Baltimore What a great win for Baltimore.  They did whatever they wanted and the O was resplendant for the first time this year.  They put up 44 points and punished the Lions.  A great win and a team that controls it’s own destiny.
10 9 Jacksonville The Jags took down the Colts in a laugher and looked smooth in the process.  The Jaguars now control the AFC South and the only team that can beat them for the division this year is themselves.
4 10 Carolina The Panthers gave all they had but they cojuldn’t stop the run.  They had good pass rush and were able to score plenty but the holes against the run was the downfall and down they went in a tough game.
12 11 LA Chargers The Chargers now are mathematically tied for the Division in the AFC West.  They are hot.  They had to give their all to beat a troublesome Browns team but they did it.  When the sticks were down the Chargers did enough to win and sealed the deal.  A gutsy little team with explosive O, a SUPERB pass rush and more heart than Pittsburgh has shown in it’s last 8 games.
13 12 Tennessee Tennessee was never really challenged and they just handled the Texans nicely.  The Titans are in control of their own destiny but I still have strong doubts about Mariota and his ability to lead this team.
17 13 Oakland The Raiders used a good run game and managed to get past the hapless Giants.  That it was a one score result tends to give me more thoughts that LA is the team to beat in the AFC West and not Oakland or KC.
20 14 NY Jets Well done Jets.  The D had trouble stopping KC but that wild west O was able to score and score and they snuck a win.  This is the team of NEW YORK.  I am one that thought they were tanking and I was wrong.  Now the Jets are playing for their slim playoff lives and they are exciting to watch.
15 15 Atlanta The vaunted Falcons O met the Vikes D and that rest is 9 points only.  They were hamstrung and had no shot to move the ball against a tough D.  The Falcons can beat woe begotten teams but not big boys and they are NOT going back to the Super Bowl unless they buy tickets.
16 16 Cincinnati The Bengals need to ba ashamed of themselves too for their conduct on MNF.  They were part and parcel of the disgraceful way the game was portrayed.  Add to that they were well in control for most of the game and blew it and lost.  A team that would plunge if so many others weren’t bad too.
14 17 Washington Well the Skins got pasted by the Cowboys and they should be well embarrassed.  That ends their playoff chances and now Cousins can see if there is another place for him *San Fran now has a QB*.  An ugly way for the hopes for 2017 to die let me tell you.
11 18 Houston The Texans are nearing the end of the rope.  They couldn’t get anything going against Tennessee and the D couldn’t make the stops.  They are out of it this year and must just play out the string after what was such a promising year with DeShaun.
19 19 Detroit Stop me if you have heard this before but this was the Same old Sorry Assed Lions and they were smoked by Baltimore.  A full on 40 burger and they looked bad being beaten and stomped on *literally*.  The Lions can put for sale signs up now as their hopes for the playoffs have gone bye bye.
30 20 Miami What a great game for Miami.  They took apart a Broncos team and did it without breaking much of a sweat.  Great O, solid D, good special teams.  It was one of the best Dolphin efforts in years. They deserve full credit for the thumping they gave Denver.
18 21 Buffalo The Bills were manhandled by the Pats.  They couldn’t score, they couldn’t stop them and when they tried they were assaulted.  It was an ugly loss and probably puts a rather large fork in the Bills.  They may not be mathematically out of it but trust me they are out of it now.
21 22 Tampa Bay The Bucs brought the thug Winston back and he played well.  He should be kept on the field in a glass bubble and let out only on Sundays.  That would keep women safer.  The D did the rotten thing and let GB not only come back and tie but lost to them in OT too.  Ugly loss.  They will regret not whipping on GB for the next few years when Rodgers the robot is back.
25 23 Green Bay The Packers managed to pull out an OT win and keep their extremely thin playoff hopes alive.  They should beat Cleveland which means it will have to be Week 15 when they are officially eliminated but that time is coming.  You will not make it with 7 losses and there is significant doubt a 10-6 team will make the wild card in the NFC.
26 24 Dallas The Cowboys managed to pull out a win and keep their extremely thin playoff hopes alive.  They should beat The Giants which means it will have to be Week 15 when they are officially eliminated but that time is coming.  You will not make it with 7 losses and there is significant doubt a 10-6 team will make the wild card in the NFC.
24 25 Indianapolis Indy got beaten badly by Jacksonville.  The worm has turned in the AFC South.  They couldn’t score and they were run over too.  The Colts need to see about player development so the last 4 games aren’t a waste of time.
27 26 San Francisco The Niners have found a QB and his name is Garoppolo.  He is the difference maker and he makes everyone better on the O and that makes the D more rested and better.  Look out now for the Niners are not a push over any more.
23 27 Arizona The Cards were knocked over pretty easily by the Rams.  They had no answer to the Ram O and could only manage to make it seem close for a while.  They were simply overmatched and outplayed.  They are toast for the playoffs and it’s on to 2018 now.
22 28 Kansas City The stink rising out of KC is reaching dead skunk proportions now.  They managed to get the O working but the D was crap and they were defeated by the Jets.  They have lost so many now they are barely in a tie for first and I still openly question if this team can win another this year.
28 29 NY Giants The mess that is New York Giant football reached a crescendo with the benching of Eli to play Geno.  Geno was a more mobile piece of garbage and led the G-men to ANOTHER LOSS.  Now the positive is that this got rid of McAdoo and Reese and now poor Eili is back but the lowest point in franchise history is not something easily overcome with a couple of firings.
29 30 Chicago The BEARS D BLEW the game.  TruBEARSky did just enough to put the BEARS in position to win and they just needed a stop but no.  The BEARS D let the Niners march the field and let their old kicker beat them.  Shameful.
32 31 Cleveland The Browns gave a good effort against the Chargers.  They led early and kept it close.  It was another good 35 or so minutes from Cleveland.  They can’t finish but they at least try for most of the game.  They deserve the 31st slot.
31 32 Denver Finally Denver has done it and played so badly, so consistently they have overcome a winless team to be the WORST team in the NFL.  They were manhandled by the Dolphins.  It was ugly and that is an apt definition of the Broncos.  What a fall for a team a lot of people (NEVER ME) thought was good.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 10 Power Poll #PowerRankings

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 10
1 1 Philadelphia On The Bye and they simply sat and stared as the rest of their division kindly lost.  Now they get to kick sand in the face of the sad sack owner who whines more than Napa Cowboys.
2 2 Minnesota Played a superb little game and used some explosive passing to combine with the great D to seal an easy win (that was tricky when the D let the Skins back in now and again).  Toughest call for this team is who plays QB.  They are ready for a serious challenge and that starts with the Rams.
3 3 New Orleans Arguably the best team in the NFL right now.  The Saints have it going with superb running, good passing and a surprisingly strong D and good special teams.  This team could go very far.
4 4 Pittsburgh Crawled on their bellies out of Indy with a win.  They mailed it in so completely that Pennsylvania had to borrow stamps from Maryland.  They need a much better effort and better coaching to continue on the path to AFC Championshipland.
5 5 New England Won the game with some solid O and decent D albeit against a horrid O.  The Pats keep winning, I keep not respecting them.  We seem to have a thing going in that way.
6 6 LA Rams The Rams are a hot young team who keeps doing what it takes to win.  They have a dynamic offense and seem able to face all comers.  This week they face the Viking D.  If the Rams win, they are making a statement.  If they lose they may not be able to to beat the big boys and that is another statement.
7 7 Jacksonville The Jags found themselves in a heck of a battle with the Bolts with character.  They battled all game and it was a see saw affair.  Only after one of their own players blew a sure win did they manage to hang around and win it with a FG.  A gutsy win and the Jags are not going away just yet.
8 8 Seattle The Seahawks played hard and won on the road on Thursday night Shit show I mean TNF.  They suffered severe injuries that in the end may do more harm than the W does good.  What’s left of them must play this week in a tough match and it will be interesting to see what they have left.
15 9 Carolina A strong Monday Night performance with Caaaaaaaam having fun and the team nearly rushing for 300 against what was a great NFL rush D.  The Panthers are keeping it interesting for the Saints and I hope the talking heads now realize one NFC Wild Card at least is going to the NFC South.
13 10 Tennessee The Titans were challenged by a bad Bengal team and tried to prove turnovers were Gold early.  They then got it in gear and won the game.  It was ugly and it was much too hard fought but it is a win.  They are not much of a challenge to the Jags but they can probably beat everyone else in the division.
16 11 Detroit The Lions had a lot of trouble for a good part of the game against Cleveland.  One can legitimately question the Lion D.  They put the Browns away and won it easy but they are still not very good and beating a hapless Browns team doesn’t make them Super Bowl contenders.
12 12 Kansas City On the Bye and need to have used this time to get healthy and try to shore up the gaping holes in the once vaunted D.
10 13 Washington The Skins gave their all and then some and nearly beat the Vikings but it was in the end another hard fought loss.  They may be the Miss Congeniality of 2017.
9 14 Dallas What a superb pleasure it was to watch the Cowboys be beaten like a woman who dates Zeke (or Dez’s Mother).  The D had no chance, the O line was shredded and if anyone else says this is the best O line in football they need their head examined.  The Cowboys are sinking and it seems nice to me.
11 15 Houston This would have been exciting with DeShaun vs Goff but alas this was a track meet and all Houston could do was hold the stopwatch.  The D was ripped apart and they had no chance  to score with Savage proving beyond doubt he just isn’t very good.
14 16 LA Chargers The most unwatched team in LA showed a ton of heart again.  Rivers and the Bolts did everything *including getting Rivers dinged up* but win against a superior Jags team.  They led most of the game and just lost it by THAT much.  A super effort.
17 17 Oakland On the Bye and the Raiders are still trying to make everyone including me believe their post season hopes aren’t over but I am leaning heavily that they are.
24 18 Green Bay The Pack took their moribund O and went to Chicago and beat on my BEARS.  It was a solid win for a team going no where fast.  Just let them play a team that will try on D and watch the fun.
18 19 Buffalo The Bills have now lost 2 in a row and yet still control their own destiny.  Today they benched Tyrod Taylor for a rookie who tossed a TD against a prevent D.  This has a 99% chance of blowing up in their face and they better be married to Peterman as Taylor is walking/running from this team in 2018.
20 20 Arizona The injury marred Cards lost a hard fought game to the injury marred Seahawks.  They never led but they kept it close and that is a moral victory in what was a loss.
19 21 NY Jets In a head scratcher the Jets simply didn’t seem to try and made the hapless Bucs look like the Pats.  A bad effort that actually let them be defeated by Ryan Fitzpatrick.  They better suck it up because it could get ugly now.
21 22 Indianapolis The Colts were the beneficiaries of the Steelers mail fraud.  They were able to use a good team effort to overwhelm a poor effort by Pitt for most of the game.  They played good D and got some O and were very close but lost it in the end.  One of their best games this year.
23 23 Baltimore On the bye and a team that could use the rest of the year off, they are going no where fast.
25 24 Atlanta The Falcons went and destroyed a bad Cowboy team.  NO, this doesn’t mean the hangover is gone and they are ready to challenge in the NFC South. They beat a poor Cowboy team.  Lets see them win 2 in a row.
29 25 Tampa Bay The Bucs went and beat a theoretically better team with a good effort by a bunch of no accounts.  The play of Fitzpatrick was the good Fitz and they D played better than it has in weeks.  Solid win.
30 26 San Francisco The Niners got their first win! Congrats to SF!  They were able to totally out play NYG in every facet and in the end they put the game away.  A great win.  Can they grow from this?  We will see.
22 27 Chicago What an embarrassment that game was.  TruBEARSky played super and the O was solid.  The D, that had been playing so well simply laid a huge egg.  They let a young, untested and lightly talented QB to walk all over them.  They should have beat Green Bay and now this golden opportunity is gone.
26 28 Cincinnati The Bengals battled the Titans and for a while looked like they would win.  Burfict the scumbag got ejected *Why is this PIECE of garbage allowed in the NFL???* but the Bengals eventually faded and lost.  They just aren’t any good.
27 29 Miami The Dolphins, going in one of the best run defences, got destroyed by the Panther Rush attack.  They allowed nearly 300 yards on the ground and were destroyed.  I can’t explain it.  The Fins D is the strong suit, perhaps the week 1 bye is wiping them out.  Fatigue can kill in the NFL.
28 30 Denver How do you come back from a 50 burger?  Get pasted by a hated rival.  The Broncos looked so bad against NE that they are really working hard to be the worst in the NFL.  Brock time isn’t all it’s supposed to be cracked up to be but frankly neither is the D.
31 31 Cleveland Winless and still a team playing about 30 good minutes.  They need some consistency at QB and the Coach/Management has to follow a plan.  They are going no where with the mess that is leading this team.
32 32 NY Giants Just when you thought the Giants had hit rock bottom they played the winless Niners and stunk out the joint.  Just terrible on O and D and they lost and are beyond any doubt the worst team.  It is simply a miracle that they did win one game.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 8 Power Poll #PowerRankings

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 8
1 1 Philadelphia It seems Philly thought they could mail it in and didn’t put much effort into the game for a while.  Upon giving their heads a collective shake they rallied and blew out the Niners.  Still the best in the NFL, until they lose again.  This just in, the rich got richer with adding Ajayi for nothing.  What a steal and boy does this set this team up for the Super Bowl.
3 2 Minnesota The Vikings went across the pond and slept through the first half and made England think Cleveland had a shot.  Thankfully the 2nd half was a bit more effective for Minnesota as they put away the Browns in cake walk fashion.  That was an ugly start to a solid finish but a win is a win.
4 3 Pittsburgh Bend don’t break defence started and ended with the Steel curtain.  They played a sloppy brand of football and let Detroit move between the 20s but Pittsburgh showed some character and gutted out a win.  The long catch by Ju Ju was ironic considering the crap Bryant said about him.  Not a pretty win but it counts.
5 4 New England The Pats got another win by any means necessary.  They nearly blew the game to LA and had great difficulty stopping Rivers.  There were several times when calls went NE’s way (I still think they league is paying them back for Bounty gate) and they crawled out with a win.  They are 6-2 but in my world they are a bad 4-4 so they are a not impressive 6-2.  This just in they traded Jimmy G and now unless Belicheck thinks he can toss the rock I don’t know who is backing up a rapidly aging and badly hit Brady.
6 5 Seattle You can’t say enough for the Seahawk O but at the same time you cannot say enough how bad the Legion of oops is.  Wilson and the O won this game for the Seahawks after their D gave up the game.  They won but as the weather gets colder and the field conditions get worse they will need someone on the D to make the odd tackle to get them any where.
8 6 New Orleans The Saints managed to get a win against the fiesty Bears.  They played some good D and scored just enough points to win altho it would have been a heck of a lot closer if the BEARS TD had been allowed to stand.
7 7 LA Rams On the bye and the most exciting team in the NFL gets to see if they can keep it going in the second half.
9 8 Buffalo The Bills won a nice game with some dominant D and some solid O and special teams.  They jostled with the Raiders for 30 and then blew them away.  Adding WR Benjamin makes this team one that is serious about hunting down the vulnerable Pats.
2 9 Houston Man, I feel for Deshaun.  He does all he can do and he basically sets wins up on a platter and then must sit and watch the D blow it.  This flashed me back to RGIII’s rookie year when he would win games for the Skins and watch the D lose them.  Who ever would have thought that a Texans team that can put up 30+ every game can’t win because their D allows nearly 40.  A bad loss.
11 10 Dallas The Cowboys won a big game on the back of a woman beating scumbag who is now FINALLY suspended.  It will be fun to watch the Cowboys struggle and to have all the talking heads trip over themselves explaining away the struggles by saying …if Zeke (the woman beating scumbag) was here…Good luck (not) Dallas. The sked gets hard and your team is gonna suffer lol.
14 11 Kansas City The Chiefs seemed to have found their offensive mojo against the once vaunted Broncos.  Great O and some inspired D and they simply outplayed Denver.  Lets see KC do it again.
12 12 Jacksonville On the bye and the Jags will now be another team who needs to see if they can keep it going in the second half.
10 13 Washington The Skins had another tough game and the D had trouble dealing with a woman beater.  (kind of like the perversion of justice handed out by the local cops in Dallas and the courts in Dallas too.).  This has been a really tough stretch for Washington and for the most part they battled.  The schedule gets easier now and they could still be heard from for a wild card.
13 14 LA Chargers The Chargers went to New England and if two of their TDs had counted they would have won.  They made it close and played a hell of a game.  Hard to beat Darth Vader on the Death Star when the universe doesn’t allow any calls against  him.  Good game in a loss.
15 15 Green Bay On the bye and tried probably to dig up a QB somewhere.  They didn’t and they are going to suffer badly going forward.  Not the worst news for me, The BEARS Fan
16 16 Tennessee On the bye and the Titans have been on and off and hot and cold.  Will the real Titans play the second half?
17 17 Atlanta The Falcons managed to crawl on their bloated stomachs out of the game with the Jets with a win.  This team is in no way good or able to beat anyone of any talent.  They are a bad team playing with a mediocre QB and a Super Bowl Loss Hangover.
18 18 Carolina The Panthers parlayed the return of Keuchly into a passionate D that dominated.  The O did very little but it was little enough to let them get a win.  They are still having huge issues on O and D.
20 19 Baltimore The Ravens looked superb but they did against at home against a tired team.  They did play solid D and good O but you can’t take much from this as this is an outlier and not truly representative of the abilities of the Ravens.  That Flacco got hurt actually is a flat line event as he is no longer any good any way.
19 20 Tampa Bay The Bucs look bad and have little or no O.  They were shut down again and Winston now looks like he may not be NFL worthy.  A team in GREAT Trouble.
27 21 Cincinnati The Bengals managed to just beat the Colts.  This was a pretty ugly effort by every facet of their team.  They won but my goodness this vaunted D had trouble with the Colt O.  That seat must be hot under Lewis.
21 22 Oakland The Raiders can be given credit for playing a soild 30 minutes but they ran out of gas, luck and D and got rolled up by Buffalo.  The season is now very much in doubt and I don’t think the Silver and Black can pull this one out.
22 23 Detroit The Sad sack sorry ass Lions actually played about 30 good minutes but with their O being only able to operate between the 20’s it was inevitable that they would lose.  The coaching decisions continue to make little sense and how long that coach lasts as this team sinks is a good question.
23 24 Chicago The BEARS gave a good shot in New Orleans.  This game really turned on the TD catch by Miller that was changed to no catch.  It is hard for a guy who ruptured an artery in his leg to hold on the ball while grabbing his injured knee.  That BAD call cost them 7 and likely gave the game to New Orleans.  A good effort and Trubisky looks like the Second Coming for Chicago QB.
24 25 Denver The Broncos got whupped by KC and their D had no answer for the speed of KC.  That is surprising as this D is purported to be the BEST EVER.  This just in, they are not, they have no QB, their O is weak and their D can be beat.  A team in big trouble.
25 26 Miami For the first time this year the ugliness of playing on TNF appeared.  A Dolphin team that has looked solid on D and was getting it’s legs on O with a legit QB simply looked tired, out of sorts and unable to focus.  This was probably aided by the fact they have been going hard since week 2 and have no byes this year.  A total mess but can’t put much on this as this was TNF.  This just in they traded their RB for a bag of chips.  The year is over for Miami.
26 27 NY Jets The Jets played a decent game and did everything but win against Atlanta.  It is funny that watching the Jets is entertaining as they just sling the ball all over and sometimes they score.  They aren’t great but they can be fun to watch.
29 28 Arizona On the bye and they still intend to go with Stanton at QB.  Too bad they couldn’t just stay on the bye.
28 29 Indianapolis The Colts managed to nearly beat the Bengals.  They are a team with huge holes every where and I am not certain they will win many more this year but they did give this a good try.
30 30 NY Giants A bad team on a bye.  Sometime during the bye their top CB got suspended indefinitely.  That is the second member of the secondary suspended.  Maybe this head coach doesn’t really reach the players?
31 31 San Francisco Got utterly pulverized a second week in a row.  Their young rookie QB had another tough learning experience but it wasn’t going to be pretty while he got his feet under him.  They had a good plan, let Beathard learn and see if he is the guy or then go for Cousins in 2018.  Ok so, why did they trade for Jimmy G????? Are they trying to find their inner Brown?
32 32 Cleveland The Browns led at the half this week for the first time this year.  Unfortunately they had to play the second half and got smoked.  To add insult to their winless season they were in negotiations with Cincy for McCarron and failed to finalize the deal by the deadline.  Only Cleveland can do that.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 7 Power Poll #PowerRankings #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 7
1 1 Philadelphia Well I guess Monday night showed the football world that the NFC East title goes through Philly.  Let the talk about Dallas fade away now.  What a team.  The D is astounding and Wentz is dramatic and dynamic.  Until someone beats them they are the BEST.
2 2 Houston Took a bye and now they get quite the little challenge in week 8.  On the road to Seattle, this will show us how far Deshaun has come.
3 3 Minnesota The D is the beast that powers this squad.  With ok kicking and some offense here and there this is the team to beat in the NFC North and if they get steady O they can challenge Philly.
5 4 Pittsburgh The Steelers took down a division rival who’s only talent is having a scum bag who tries to injure and a red haired nightmare at QB. They had good O and played decent D and won it.  They need to continue to show this level of ability for me to believe they can challenge Houston.
7 5 New England The Pats beat the Falcons using all their patented ways including fogging up the stadium.  The D shut down a Falcons team that is but a shadow of itself.  Brady still looks 40 and a few more hits and he may be taking a 40 winks dirt nap.  They won. Whoopie. They are still 3-4 in my mind.
10 6 Seattle The Seahawks played a great game.  I cannot make as much out of it as others since they only stomped all over a Giants team who can barely get 43 people to stand for the anthem let alone 53 to play.  Just because NYG beat Den doesn’t make them good and the win by Seattle was well done but they didn’t beat an NFL team.
14 7 LA Rams The most exciting team in America took the show on the road wowed the Brits.  I can’t guarantee the Rams will win every game going out but I can guarantee it will be fun to watch them try!  What a great team effort they bring and with a great young coach things look good in LA!
16 8 New Orleans The Saints went to Geek Bay and slayed the Dragonless Dragons.  A simple mopping of the floor of Green Bay by the Saints ended all the Pack talk.  Without any doubt this is the BEST team in the NFC South.  Now they have to face the BEARS.
11 9 Buffalo The Bills did what they had to and they won a hard fought game.  Solid and intelligent QB play combined with good Running and that great D and here come the Bills.  Solid special teams too.  The Bills make ya wanna shout!
8 10 Washington The Skins gave their all on the MNF.  They played the Eagles very tough for 30 and then just got steamrolled by a better team.  It is kind of unfair that they are measured up by how they play the Eagles.  Measure them by how they kick the crap out of the hapless Cowboys.
12 11 Dallas The Cowboys blew out the Niners who are winless and started a rookie QB.  They have a woman beating scumbag at RB and a mother beater at WR who is crying for the ball.  This is a bad 3-3 team and could be pasted this week.
20 12 Jacksonville The Jags had another great week and Bortles set team records with his effort.  If, IF, they can get that play from the QB and add to it Fournette and that D then Jacksonville will be playing in January.
21 13 LA Chargers Well now what do we have hear but the Chargers have found their mojo!  They must have decided that winning was better than losing because now all they do is win.  They shut out the hapless and incapable Broncos and looked great doing it.  Go Bolts.  Someone go to one of their games ok?
4 14 Kansas City The wheels have come off in KC.  What was what a superb O sputter and sputs.  The D that was to be shut down doesn’t shut the door on any team at any time any more.  If they don’t win against Denver they may be heading south super fast.
6 15 Green Bay The Pack fell to earth with a thud.  ALL the talk of how they would coast without Rodgers ended with the first bad play by GB.  They were beaten badly and looked bad doing it and now one has to wonder if they can win any game without Rodgers.
17 16 Tennessee Well they crawled past the worst team in the NFL with an overtime win.  I guess you could laud the D but you must have grave concerns about the severe lack of O.  The Titans have had bad O issues even with Mariota so they have problems.
15 17 Atlanta Oh the Super Bowl loss curse is alive.  The Falcons looked like garbage, played like garbage and lost handily to a not very good Pat team.  The offense has gone south and the D isn’t what is was in the early part of the season.  They may be hard pressed to make the playoffs.
9 18 Carolina The Panthers swaggered into Chicago and lurched out losers.  Caaaaaam turned it over and learned again turnovers are gold.  Unable to get any O going they played good D but never were in the game.  The Panthers have a TON of issues.
19 19 Tampa Bay The Bucs lost a close one to a stong Bills team.  They had about as good of an effort as I have seen them put on this year.  Let’s see them do it again and they might win one.
18 20 Baltimore Flacco found out the Viking D is what QB nightmares are made of.  The Ravens never had a shot in this game and were quite lucky to get the points they did.  They are more than a step below the Steelers and maybe John’s bro can find him a college coaching job after he is canned.
30 21 Oakland The Raiders from Week 2 appeared and wow.  Carr looked amazing, the D played ok and Cooper finally woke up.  I would love to see them do this again as this win puts them back in the race in the AFC.
22 22 Detroit On the bye and didn’t move an inch because heck I don’t move them much if they fluke out a win.
28 23 Chicago As a long and hard suffering BEARS Fan this team is giving my Sunday afternoon weary Football soul a lift.  Mitchell TruBEARSky is not Joe Montana but he gets it done.  They have won 2 in a row for the first time in way over a year.  Can they keep it going?  They have D, some O, solid special teams and seem like a team who is just having fun.  Go BEARS!
13 24 Denver Shut out by the Bolts! What a great thing to happen to the no longer swaggering Broncos.  The no fly zone has become the come fly with me but the offense is the no score zone and now the question is not can Semien do it but how long until Lynch comes back.
26 25 Miami That was so unfair to everyone who picked against Miami and Cutler.  Cutler got creamed, they brought in a real QB and now the Dolphins are a dangerous team.  The longer Cutler is out, the better shot Miami has of challenging the Overpoweringly WEAK Pats.
23 26 NY Jets Nothing surprised NY more than a real QB coming onto the field.  McCown did what McCown can do and turned the ball over a lot and they lost.  The Jets are very loose on offense and they can score but they can look ugly in the attempt none the less.
24 27 Cincinnati Went and got whupped by Pitt.  Dalton was the Red haired nightmare of a QB I knew he was.  Burfict showed again that he should be banned FOREVER for his kicking a Steeler in the head.  There is no logic for the NFL to not suspend the 1,000,000 time offender.  The Bengals are a mess.
25 28 Indianapolis Shut out and looked bad doing it and then looked worse with the tossing of each other under the bus.  I am not sure Andrew Luck will want to come back and play for this team.  That O line couldn’t block snails from crawling past them.  Terrible team.
27 29 Arizona So much for AP being the new David Johnson.  Turns out he is just AP and he signed up for 11 carries for negigible yards.  Palmer went down and since they won’t put Mahomes in they are going to sink with Stanton.  Whatever impossible hope they had is gone.  Sharpen the fork and stick it in them deep.
29 30 NY Giants The Giants took a couple of weeks to show everyone that with NO WR they suck.  They were shut down and looked pedestrian.  The O line is terrible, the run game is terrible, the receivers *excepting the rookie TE* are terrible and the D ain’t what it was.  Boy they stink.
31 31 San Francisco So much for the Niners being close in every game.  They were blown out and it probably had a lot to do with the bitter pill of turning to a rookie QB for the long term benefit but short term pain.  Hoyer can keep it to within 3 while they lose but they get no where doing that.  Beathard may be the real deal. It will be ugly while we watch to see if he is.
32 32 Cleveland The Browns lost again.  This time they lost their LT and they continue to play musical QB.  With no concept of a plan they can not make any progress.  I am at this point not sure if Cleveland can ever resurrect the franchise and maybe they need to blow it up and move it to England.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Preseason Power Poll Teams # 32-25 #NFLTrainingCamp #NFLPreseason

NFL Power Rankings


Hey everyone! The off-season has come to an end, the regular season is just about 4 and a 1/2 weeks from now and now is the time to whet people’s appetites for the fun that is to come!


I will be doing my Preseason power poll as a backwards countdown from 32 to 1.


We start with the bottom 8…


32. The New York Jets – A team that has embraced the word tank. They divested themselves of most key veterans and have done little to put any talent out at the majority of their positions. They are aiming to get QB Sam Darnold with the first pick *the fly in that ointment is that Darnold may not go pro but that would be Jet luck.


Worst and most likely case – 0-16
Best case scenario – 3/13


31. Chicago Bears – A team that traded the moon for a QB and now must pay the piper. They have RBs, a decent O line and better D than before but there is an atmosphere of free falling here and they play a tough schedule.


Worst Case – 1/15
Likely – 2/14
Best Case – 4/12


30. Buffalo Bills – The Ralph will be the scene of much Ralphing this year with this group on the field. Led by an ownership group that doesn’t seem to have any direction, this team is going to struggle.


Worst Case – 2/14
Likely – 3/13
Best – 5/11


29. San Francisco 49ers – New regime and they are building a good base but they need to grow together and get experience and that will take time. They are also in a pretty tough division so the learning part may not be pretty early.


Worst Case – 3/13
Likely – 4/12
Best Case – 5/11


28. Miami Dolphins – This team was going to be a top 15 but then Tannehill got hurt and they dug the rotting corpse of Jay Cutler out of his football grave and gave him the starting QB job. Any hope this team had went south with Cutler trying to sign his contract but over throwing the pen and signing the plant on the desk.


Worst Case – 2/14
Likely – 4/12
Best – 5/11


27. Cleveland Browns – They are not going to be as bad as they have been lately simply because other teams are worse and they get to play them. They are getting a bit more talent and may challenge teams more consistently as they grow.


Worst case – 2/14
Likely – 4/12
Best case – 6/10


26. Los Angeles Rams – A team trying to grow with a young QB who needs to learn fast. They may yet get something going with Goff but this is a tough Division and they have a hard sked.


Worst case – 3/13
Likely 6/10
Best case – 7/9


25. Los Angeles Chargers – A new town, an old QB and a tiny little stadium to play in this year. A head coach with no experience but a D that is getting better. They have already suffered a key injury losing who was touted as potential offensive rookie of the year (Mike Williams WR).


Worst case – 4/12
Likely – 6/10
Best – 8/8


Next post starts with team 24…


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

End of #NFL Mandatory Minicamp Thoughts #NFLMinicamp


We are about 6 weeks or so from training camp and ODG actually showed up at a team event!


Several teams quit a day early like my BEARS. Well it shows need for improvement doesn’t necessarily define required work in the NFL.


I have been thinking about the tale of two teams this week. Both teams are now in the category of doing something never before done in the NFL that will be or has been then outlawed.


One team has repeated done things that helped them win championships but the season after the NFL says ‘that was not right and cannot be done again’.


The other team is doing something so they will lose every game and get the top draft pick. That will be banned after this season.


Team 1 – New England – doing all it can within and without the rules to win.

Team 2 – The Jets – cutting all stars to tank and get the first pick.


A tale of two franchises.



10 Days Before the #NFLdraft: #NFL TV Thoughts #NFLNetwork

nfl draft 2014
We are headed towards the NFL Draft.  Haven’t been able to follow it as closely this year since Path To The Draft on the NFL Network has sucked this year and is so bad we stopped watching it.

What has happened as of yesterday is the must-ignore NFL broadcast crew has been formed.

CBS was Nantz/Simms and back in the day, Mike Carey.  Mike Carey was vilified by critics ostensibly for errors but I believe it was more due to his color.

Now CBS is going with Nantz/Romo and Dean Blandino.  The Comedian who knew nothing about being a ref is now going to be the on-air ‘ref’ expert with Romo the untested.  Me thinks muting CBS prime time and 4:30pm games this year may be mandatory.

I think Dean Blandino should go run a comedy club.