End of #NFL Mandatory Minicamp Thoughts #NFLMinicamp


We are about 6 weeks or so from training camp and ODG actually showed up at a team event!


Several teams quit a day early like my BEARS. Well it shows need for improvement doesn’t necessarily define required work in the NFL.


I have been thinking about the tale of two teams this week. Both teams are now in the category of doing something never before done in the NFL that will be or has been then outlawed.


One team has repeated done things that helped them win championships but the season after the NFL says ‘that was not right and cannot be done again’.


The other team is doing something so they will lose every game and get the top draft pick. That will be banned after this season.


Team 1 – New England – doing all it can within and without the rules to win.

Team 2 – The Jets – cutting all stars to tank and get the first pick.


A tale of two franchises.




Mr. N’s AFC East Preview #NFL #NFLThoughts #NFLPreseason

afc east


This division has belonged to New England for so long that…it will again this year.

New England – they have no Brady for 4 games, an O-line looking for consistency, questions at RB too. They do have Brady and Belichick for 12 games and a pretty easy schedule.

If they split without Tom and roll their late schedule they could be 13-3

All things equal they will be 11-5

If they get swept early and the O-line collapses it could be 9-7

I expect 11-5 and win the division.

New York Jets – they got Fitz back but have questions on D and at O-line. They have a tough schedule too and they are relying on Fitzpatrick to get them to the playoffs.

If Fitz has one more year in him and O-line is stout they could be 11-5

If Fitz is Fitz then 9-7 is expected

If the team collapses they could be 7-9

I expect 9-7 and out of the playoffs again.

Miami Dolphins – Tannehill is better but the team is lacking D and depth at O and have a tough sked.

If it all works they could be 9-7

If they tread water expect 7-9

If it collapese 5-11 and a new QB in Miami

I think, 7-9 and more turmoil in South Florida

Buffalo Bills – so long since the playoffs…one more year…beset by injuries and suspensions and a tough schedule and a stupid name change at the Ralph and it is not a good year for the Bills.

If it all works they could be 9-7

If it is what it should be then 6-10

If it fully collapses in a heap they will be 4-12

I think 6-10 and last in the the division


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL AFC East Preview ‏ 2015 #nflnetwork #nflthoughts

afc east

1. New England Patriots – The Pats have been in the news since they won the Super Bowl and it hasn’t been for a good reason. I believe everyone is now tired of the discussion of how inflated a football is supposed to be. If Goodell’s vendetta is allowed then NE will be without Brady for the first 4 games. That is a caveat to keep in mind that could make the Pats 1-2 before their bye (probably 2-1 with Brady) The Pats have an uncertain value with Garoppolo as the backup so that is an open question. They have solid C and Tackles (some issues at guard), They have Gronk, 2 decent WR and a mix of talent at RB. They have great Linebackers, an issue or two at the Line and lots of questions in the secondary. They still will score a ton and win a lot guaranteed in the last 12 games. If they get on a roll they could win 13 but if the 4 game ban is intact then they might struggle to win 10. I will say 11-5 and they win their division but don’t expect a Superbowl 50 run.

2. Buffalo Bills – The Bills have the longest streak of not making the post season and that could finally end in 2015. If Buffalo had a modicum of QB ability they could go deep into the playoffs. They have a bombastic new Head Coach in Sexy Rexy Ryan, they have LaSean McCoy at RB, Watkins and Woods at WR and Clay at TE. They even have an aged Percy Harvin to be a help around the edges. The QB mess is defined when you see that Matt Cassel is the best option they have. Yeah. Their O line is not a strength and needs to step up. Their D is beyond amazing. They have a front 4 that can dominate and get to the QB which means the Bills can use 7 in coverage every down. They have a great pass rush, a super rush D and young solid CBs. Good special teams too. The Bills schedule is one that has potential for success. If the Bills QB situation gels and they get a basic positive production there then this team could be 12-4. If the offense drags the team down then the D alone can make them 9-7. I think they win one of the AFC wild cards and finish 11-5.

3. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins made two big offseason additions. Brought in Former Jet front office guru Tannenbaum (look at how good he did with the Jets?????????) and Suh, the goon. The Dolphin D had one strength – the D line and now Suh makes the front line better. Alas their linebackers are poor and their secondary is questionable too. Their kicking game for both FG and punts is not great. They have a good young QB, they drafted a decent WR and have Jarvis Landry. Their running game is based on a guy who has never had more than 19 carries in a game. Their schedule is a tough one. I see this team not making the playoffs and that should be the end for the GM and Coach. I think if the team’s offense struggles and the D doesn’t stop the pass they could be 5-11. If all breaks well for them then they could win 8 games. I think mid ground is more likely and I see them a poor 6-10.

4. New York Jets – The Jets had a lot of hope with the newly developed D and landing Brandon Marshall and a new Head Coach and GM and I don’t know what else. Then the preseason happened. Sheldon Richardson did everything he could have done to be suspended for a year (speeding 143 in a 55, turn out lights to avoid police, have a 12 year old in the back seat and have a loaded gun under the seat ((and the smell of marijuana)). He could have only done worse had he kidnapped the 12 year old. Then Geno got punched in the face and let the hijinx begin. They have no QB to speak of, their running game is nothing special, their WR is nothing special (especially with that kind of QB tossing to them) but their line is still strong. The D is lacking a vet on the line but they added much needed help to what was the worst secondary ever in the history of the NFL. This team will have a super year if they go 6-10. They could suffer a 2-14. I think they will stumble and fall apart until they end 3-13.

As always thoughts, arguments or agreements are appreciated!

MR N the BEARS Fan

**AFC East Preseason Preview‏**

afc east


NFL Preview 2014
Team: New England Patriots
Coach: Bill Belichick
QB: Tom Brady

Offensive outlook:

Brady is older, Gronk is recovering. The RB scheme is together for one more year, the young WRs have a full year with Brady now. The O line is decent. If Brady gets hurt it may be messy. If all healthy they should be productive but not in 2007 terms.

Defensive outlook:

Chandler Jones has become a premier pass rusher and that paired with the effective play of Rob Ninkovich gives the Pat front 7 some punch. The free agent addition of Revis and Browner could make their DBs actually effective. Should be stronger D this year.

Schedule projection:

They have a tougher first 8 games so don’t be surprised to see them close to .500 but they should roll the last half and I believe 11-5/12-4 is reasonable for the ol’ Pats

Team: New York Jets
Coach: Rex Ryan
QB: Geno Vick/Michael Smith J

Offensive outlook:

Vick ostensibly has stated that Smith is the starter but we all know it’s likely Vick will start at least until he’s carried off on a back board about week 6. CJ2K is an upgrade to the running game. Decker adds a better set of hands to WR and they improved the TE area. The Jets O has no place to go but up but the QB situation may still drag them down until Geno either gets it or gets replaced by Tajh Boyd.
Defensive outlook:

The D is better than one thinks and have several up and comers and they could be a very solid D if Milliner can take a step up at corner. The fact is they often spend too much time on the field trying to make up for the offensive issues. That may continue.

Schedule projection:

This is a pretty tough schedule for a team that isn’t the strongest one in the league. I think 6-10 would be a great year for them, 4-12 or 5-11 isn’t out of the question.


Team: Miami Dolphins
Coach: Joe Philbin
QB: Ryan Tannehill

Offensive outlook:

A team with some strengths like Wallace (overpaid and positioned as a #1), and adding Knowshon Moreno could help the running game if he can be healthy. They need a better pass catching TE and still need help at WR. The Line is patchwork and needs to grow together while Tannehill is woefully inconsistent.

Defensive outlook:

This D is coming together nicely. Brent Grimes is one of the best Corners, they have a solid pass rush and their front 7 is strong. They can hold other teams in check and they don’t require many points to get their team a win.

Schedule projection:

I think this team could surprise slightly if things break right. They could be 8-8 but they could also be 6-10. I seem them 2nd best in their division and they might sneak a 9th win if Tannehill improves.


Team: Buffalo Bills
Coach: Doug Marrone
QB: EJ Manuel

Offensive outlook:

A discussion point this summer wa is there another team with ‘triplets’ ala the Cowboys of the 90’s. Don’t laugh, I think Buffalo could be that team. It starts with large ifs but they have young Manuel who could grow quickly, they have CJ Spiller and they drafted Sammy Watkins. They added Mike Williams from TB to add to a young WR corps. Chandler is a decent TE. Manuel needs time to grow and may struggle still. A team that will be sharp and a tough play once or twice in 2014 but could challenge with a strong offense in 2015.

Defensive outlook:

The D was really coming along but suffered a huge blow with the season ending loss of Kiko Alonso. They have a good front 4 but a hole at linebacker. Their secondary is going to get better with experience. They could have been amazing, they will be good.

Schedule projection:

A pretty tough schedule that could get this team beaten to a point they lose their mojo. 4-12 is likely. A good year would be 6 wins and I think if they win 8 it would be equal to a Superbowl for this young team.


AFC East projected:

New England 11-5
Miami 8-8
NY Jets 6-10
Buffalo 4-12

AFC North is next up if not more than that! Would love to hear other’s thoughts about it, every view is valid, perhaps someone has inside scoop that the rest of us would like to know!

MR N the BEARS Fan

Random Football Thoughts As Mini Mini Camps Roll On‏

Hey all,

well interesting things keep popping up on the radar…

Today, The Dallas Cowboy D took a HUGE hit with the season ending loss of LB Sean Lee. He is the Dallas Defensive QB and when he went down last year the D collapses. All their improvements will be hurt by the loss of this key player.

Earlier – Michael Vick said he can take the Jets to the Superbowl. I wonder if that is because he knows a guy who has a nice plane and can carry all the Jets to the stadium to watch 2 other teams play for the title?

Also today – Miami Thug Mike Pouncey says he has no apology for his part in the bullying scandal. Not surprised…he has never apologized for flashing gang signs and wearing a ‘Free Hernandez’ t-shirt.

Lastly, RIP Malcolm Glazer. He had an unique style and like it or not he built the Bucs into world champs and was basically a common sense owner and will be missed.


Talking #NFL QB Movement‏

This week the thoughts turn back to what the NFL revolves around…who is under center. There is a lot of talk about which QB will be drafted by who…at the same time there are a lot of QBs moving about and have already moved.

Let’s start:

– Michael Vick to NYJ – well he might have been a game changer for the Jets 5 years ago. Now you have to wonder if he can stay healthy enough to start 3 games. Further you have to wonder if the signing of him is going to ruin any slim chance Geno Smith has at NFL success. If they start Smith and he struggles for one series, the fans will be screaming for Vick. If (and when) NY benches Smith for Vick that might be the move that destroys Smith’s fragile psyche forever.

– Mark (Buttfumble) Sanchise is available. The BEARS may sign him. If they do that will not help in the creation of a safety net behind Cutler. Chicago QB backup right now looks like it will be Jordan Palmer and Mark Sanchez – wow, BEARS Fans will have to hope Cutler starts all 16.

– SF got Blaine Gabbert. He probably at this point has a 1 in 10 shot at a decent NFL career as a backup and a 9 in 10 shot at being one of the biggest washouts this side of Ryan Leaf.

– Houston got Ryan Fitzpatrick. That is a smart move and now have a talented and mature vet who can help a young drafted QB grow and keep the franchise afloat as they move forward.

– Dallas got Brandon Weeden and now they won’t have to hold their breath WHEN Romo gets hurt.

– Schaub to Oak – personally I really liked the 2 QBs they had – Pryor and McGloin – more than I do Schaub. It is possible that Schaub wants to prove he isn’t Mr. pick six but I don’t know how much I would put on that possibility occuring

That is just some of my thoughts on the NFL’s fave position.  What are yours?  I’d love to hear from you.


MR N’s #NFL Week 6 Power Poll‏

NFL Power Rankings

1. Denver Broncos (1) – Played as good as they had to. Was close for a short time but they won going away.


2. Kansas City Chiefs (3) – Poor offense to start the game. Great D, good special teams and just enough offense…The KC recipe for undefeated success.


3. Green Bay Packers (5) – Defense good early. Rodgers just barely able to get it done. A tough team win.


4. Seattle Seahawks (6) – Had a tough game at home. They had to battle to win. Not a great win but a win nonetheless.


5. San Francisco 49ers (7) – Gave Arizona a shot early but then they got some decent D…a good catch or two, some good runs and it was a win.

Staley vs Bloodline

6. New England Patriots (8) – Played badly enough to lose. Aaron Dropson has gotta be the biggest case of stonehands in the history of the NFL. Someone buy that kid some stickem because he is abominable. They amazingly had a gutsy come from behind win that was one for the ages but not one they get much credit for. Any decent team woulda put them away after that last Brady pick.


7. New Orleans Saints (2) – Played well on the road until the last 2 minutes. In the end their ‘vaunted’ offense (heck I have vaunted them this year) couldn’t get 10 yards to win the game and then the D couldn’t make a stop.


8. Indianapolis Colts (4) – What can be said…they faced some powder blues, it was a road game, it was Luck’s first prime time game for Monday night…The Colts basically stunk out the joint. They now face Denver…play better guys or else.


9. Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Solid game played by all aspects of the team in the first half. A late second half collapse lead to OT but they managed to pull out a pretty unimpressive win.


10. San Diego Chargers (12) – Rocked the Colts all night. Strong offense, solid D and awesome powder blues. Let’s see them do it again!


11. Miami Dolphins (9) – on the bye. They now hopefully are getting healthy and figuring out the ‘what’ that was lately wrong and going back to the ‘right’ of the first three games…or this stay in a top 1/3 spot is very short term and they face a lengthy fall with another loss.


12. Detroit Lions (14) – Good D, poor O. Second half Offense was suddenly good and the team won it going away.


13. Dallas Cowboys (17) – Good Offense but D is now suffering severely from injuries and the team is still just not that good.


14. Chicago BEARS (19) – D limited by injuries, shredded by running game. Some effective turnovers created by the D and Cutler was excellent and it was a nice short week win.


15. Baltimore Ravens (11) – D good early. The team simply can’t score enough to win.


16. Tennessee Titans (13) – Gave their all on the road. Simply are not good enough without Locker. A good try.


17. Cleveland Browns (16) – Got it done early. The Cleveland D let them down and although it was a fair try by the OFF it wasn’t enough.

Cleveland Brown

18. Arizona Cardinals (15) – The game was winnable but they let SF pull away. Palmer is just way too Palmer-like to give them a chance to win on the road.


19. Buffalo Bills (20) – Poor decisions on and off the field. Great effort but they came up just short.


20. St. Louis Rams (25) – Jumped to a nice lead, the Offense roared and the D put up points too. A very impressive total team road win by blowout. Well done.


21. Washington Redskins (21) – RGIII showed more finally but sadly he still can’t play D for the Skins…neither can the Skins D. That is their issue. They would have fallen some this week but there are just too many bad teams. They have to take a number and play worse. Maybe next week against the BEARS?


22. Philadelphia (27) – D struggled as usual. A great game by Foles led to an inspired offense that put up the needed points and got them a good win. Now the question in Philly will be how long will a hammy keep out Vick? Perhaps he is being Wally Pipped by Foles now.


23. Carolina Panthers (30) – Blew away a flat team. Their second great game this year. Caaaaaam was terrific. A great win but we really need to see some consistency from the Panthers. Who is this team?


24. Pittsburgh Steelers (29) – They seem awfully old, however, Big Ben got it going, completed an impressive percentage of his passes. His accuracy coupled with decent D play got them a nice win as they schooled another rookie QB.


25. Houston Texans (18) – Offense issues (hint…they suck), D troubles (um…where is that pro-bowl shutdown D?). The team collapsed. They are barely a shadow of last year’s Texan team.

next man up

26. Oakland Raiders (21) – Battled well, early, on the road in a loud stadium. A second half pick sealed it, another Golden turnover that killed any shot in a very energetic KC homefield.


27. New York Jets (23) – gave a good effort early but Geno turned in another ‘rookie’ QB effort. D got pushed around. It was ugly.


28. Atlanta Falcons (28) – It should only be able to get better now. They will be hard pressed to do any worse after their bye. The injury to Julio Jones tho probably won’t help them.


29. Minnesota Vikings (24) – Amazingly flat. Cassel and the rest of offense was bad, the D showed no focus. Outside tragedy was supposed to unite the team and let them gel. It didn’t. It was ugly, they got thrashed and I think I hear Freeman’s cell ringing…anyone wanna trade for Ponder?


30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26) – Offense was well led by their rookie QB but the D was incapable of making any stops. They are rapidly returning to their part of the ‘Bay of Pigs’ era.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Played as well as they could. Made mistakes but Blackmon was great, their D was ok. Another game effort by a team who is showing signs of life.


32. New York Giants (32) – Run offense was strong. D can’t cover fast, tall or competent Wide Receivers. Eli’s picks are pure gold. 0-6. They defeat themselves.

Eli Manning


There you have it, as always I appreciate any thoughts, comments, arguments and agreements. I am just chuffed when someone reads this! I also will take cash…preferably tens and twenties!