Mr. N’s #SuperBowl 51 Power Poll with Random HOF Thoughts #NFL

NFL Power Rankings

1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats came out flat and played worse than I have seen them in a Super Bowl since they lost to Chicago 46-10.  No D to speak of, Brady over and under throwing and even throwing a pick 6.  Down 28-3 at one point I kept uttering an F worded what the … – it was unbelievable.  Then they got 6 and it was down 19 at the half.  Then the Second half started and the Pats played D, Brady was on fire and the avalanche slowly picked up mo coming down on the huddled Falcons.  Before the smoke cleared the Pats had it tied and went into OT and put it away.  They are the first team to play a totally crappy first half and still win.  Congrats, you are the best this year. 




2.            Atlanta Falcons (2) – The Falcons had a first half for the ages.  Superb long runs, great passes and catches, Solid pass rush, great pressure, a pick six.  The party was on and they were up 25 and the game looked over.  They looked just like they did in the regular season when they took a big lead and put on prevent.  They played prevent and then their coaches did the stupidest things ever and gave away a Super Bowl.  When Jones made that amazing catch at the 22 they were up 8.  Run three times and kick a FG and they 11-point lead is insurmountable.  They ran once, they went for a pass and took a penalty then huge sack and had to punt.  The D continued its collapse into OT and they lost.  A huge embarrassing loss that will linger next year in the hangover of hangovers.





3.            Pittsburgh Steelers –




4.            Green Bay Packers –






5.            Kansas City Chiefs –





6.            Dallas Cowboys – Their owner is in the Hall of Fame now which is kind of like having a Bank President reward himself employee of the month.





7.            Seattle Seahawks –




8.            Houston Texans –






9.            New York Giants –


10.          Oakland Raiders – So the Billionaire (no mention of his wife Mrs. Howell) pulled out of Vegas stadium and now Vegas and Oakland are up in the air.  Late info from Fox Sports Radio suggests San Diego is ready to offer the Raiders a home come 2019.





11.          Miami Dolphins – Jason Taylor is in the HOF.  I remember one statement made about Taylor during his prime ‘he was a poor man’s Junior Seau’ – that doesn’t sound like a canton endorsing description but they are letting just about anyone except T.O. in these days.





12.          Detroit Lions –  





13.          Tennessee Titans –




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers –




15.          Arizona Cardinals –



16.          Cincinnati Bengals –




17.        Indianapolis Colts –




18.          New Orleans Saints –





19.          Philadelphia Eagles –




20.          Minnesota Vikings – With Bridgewater out likely til 2018 at least this is Bradford’s team and today it seems Dallas may want AP so that is the beginning of quite a face change for this franchise.





21.          Denver Broncos –  With Terrell Davis in the HOF it is official that good players get into Canton not just great ones.




22.          New York Jets – Rex Ryan wishes them luck!





23.          Jacksonville Jaguars –





24.          Carolina Panthers –





25.          Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan uses F words to describe the Bills lol




26.          San Francisco 49ers – Kyle S now seems interested in Jimmy G from NE and not Cousins.  It is not certain if he will be able to keep track of the various Niner game plans during the season.




27.          Baltimore Ravens –




28.          Cleveland Browns –





29.          Los Angeles Chargers –




30.          Washington Redskins –




31.          Los Angeles Rams – Kurt Warner will be in the HOF as a Ram.  Proof positive you can have 2 good years and that makes you a Hall of Famer.



32.          Chicago BEARS –





There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


MR N’s Random #NFL Friday Football Thoughts‏ #NFLThoughts @NFLNetwork

Interesting that Dez Bryant is considering holding out from game 1 if not provided a long term deal.  I rarely think Dallas is smart in personnel decisions but not paying this trainwreck of a player is a smart move.  There are a lot of good young kid receivers coming out of college every year and many do not carry the baggage that Bryant the mother beater does.

The NFL Network has pulled NFL AM to ‘reconfigure/rethink’ it.  Personally I see this as a bad decision as I have just now sickened with the uber sensationalistic crap that passes as morning news on every single channel.  I was all set to watch NFL AM.  Now stuck with sports hightlights until if and when NFL AM comes back.
I just read that Pittsburgh is ‘favored’ to win the AFC North.  I don’t know about that as on the face of it I feel the Steelers still have issues with D for starters.
That is all for now
I am jonesing for NFL and can’t wait for the Hall of Fame game!
MR N the Bears Fan

Hall of Fame Saturday Football Thoughts‏

Kevin Kolb, twists knee walking out to practice? If he was as talented as he is injury prone he would have been the next Joe Montana by now.
Chris Carter is long deserving his honor today.  Andre Reed and Tim Brown are both now long deserving the HOF…There is just such a glut of HOF candidates now the Football HOF needs to do something to remedy it.  I have long thought they need to do a Super class of 15 just to get the numbers back to reasonable.  At the rate they are going, quality candidates who truly deserve to be honored will never get their chance.
Austin Collie’s return to football is stupid at best and tragic at worse.  The media is talking that this is a comeback from some surgery.  He is coming back from severe concussion.  He is quite possibly one hard blow to the head away from being carried off an NFL field dead.  Is that really Collie’s goal?  He needs to consider how he rates being healthy and living a long life with his loved ones compared to playing one more game and possibly dying. 
Tomorrow night begins the television broadcasting season of the NFL!  Now from this weekend onward through to Feb 2014 we will all blessed with at least 1 NFL game of some kind on tv (with the glaring exception of the Pro Bowl which Commissioner Goodell has ruined and turned into something not whatsoever related to football).  Enjoy the game, although it’s pure preseason it has been JUST long enough without football that I will watch every minute of that game!
I’m out!

Mr. N