Mr. N’s #NFL Week 10 Power Poll #PowerRankings

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 10
1 1 Philadelphia On The Bye and they simply sat and stared as the rest of their division kindly lost.  Now they get to kick sand in the face of the sad sack owner who whines more than Napa Cowboys.
2 2 Minnesota Played a superb little game and used some explosive passing to combine with the great D to seal an easy win (that was tricky when the D let the Skins back in now and again).  Toughest call for this team is who plays QB.  They are ready for a serious challenge and that starts with the Rams.
3 3 New Orleans Arguably the best team in the NFL right now.  The Saints have it going with superb running, good passing and a surprisingly strong D and good special teams.  This team could go very far.
4 4 Pittsburgh Crawled on their bellies out of Indy with a win.  They mailed it in so completely that Pennsylvania had to borrow stamps from Maryland.  They need a much better effort and better coaching to continue on the path to AFC Championshipland.
5 5 New England Won the game with some solid O and decent D albeit against a horrid O.  The Pats keep winning, I keep not respecting them.  We seem to have a thing going in that way.
6 6 LA Rams The Rams are a hot young team who keeps doing what it takes to win.  They have a dynamic offense and seem able to face all comers.  This week they face the Viking D.  If the Rams win, they are making a statement.  If they lose they may not be able to to beat the big boys and that is another statement.
7 7 Jacksonville The Jags found themselves in a heck of a battle with the Bolts with character.  They battled all game and it was a see saw affair.  Only after one of their own players blew a sure win did they manage to hang around and win it with a FG.  A gutsy win and the Jags are not going away just yet.
8 8 Seattle The Seahawks played hard and won on the road on Thursday night Shit show I mean TNF.  They suffered severe injuries that in the end may do more harm than the W does good.  What’s left of them must play this week in a tough match and it will be interesting to see what they have left.
15 9 Carolina A strong Monday Night performance with Caaaaaaaam having fun and the team nearly rushing for 300 against what was a great NFL rush D.  The Panthers are keeping it interesting for the Saints and I hope the talking heads now realize one NFC Wild Card at least is going to the NFC South.
13 10 Tennessee The Titans were challenged by a bad Bengal team and tried to prove turnovers were Gold early.  They then got it in gear and won the game.  It was ugly and it was much too hard fought but it is a win.  They are not much of a challenge to the Jags but they can probably beat everyone else in the division.
16 11 Detroit The Lions had a lot of trouble for a good part of the game against Cleveland.  One can legitimately question the Lion D.  They put the Browns away and won it easy but they are still not very good and beating a hapless Browns team doesn’t make them Super Bowl contenders.
12 12 Kansas City On the Bye and need to have used this time to get healthy and try to shore up the gaping holes in the once vaunted D.
10 13 Washington The Skins gave their all and then some and nearly beat the Vikings but it was in the end another hard fought loss.  They may be the Miss Congeniality of 2017.
9 14 Dallas What a superb pleasure it was to watch the Cowboys be beaten like a woman who dates Zeke (or Dez’s Mother).  The D had no chance, the O line was shredded and if anyone else says this is the best O line in football they need their head examined.  The Cowboys are sinking and it seems nice to me.
11 15 Houston This would have been exciting with DeShaun vs Goff but alas this was a track meet and all Houston could do was hold the stopwatch.  The D was ripped apart and they had no chance  to score with Savage proving beyond doubt he just isn’t very good.
14 16 LA Chargers The most unwatched team in LA showed a ton of heart again.  Rivers and the Bolts did everything *including getting Rivers dinged up* but win against a superior Jags team.  They led most of the game and just lost it by THAT much.  A super effort.
17 17 Oakland On the Bye and the Raiders are still trying to make everyone including me believe their post season hopes aren’t over but I am leaning heavily that they are.
24 18 Green Bay The Pack took their moribund O and went to Chicago and beat on my BEARS.  It was a solid win for a team going no where fast.  Just let them play a team that will try on D and watch the fun.
18 19 Buffalo The Bills have now lost 2 in a row and yet still control their own destiny.  Today they benched Tyrod Taylor for a rookie who tossed a TD against a prevent D.  This has a 99% chance of blowing up in their face and they better be married to Peterman as Taylor is walking/running from this team in 2018.
20 20 Arizona The injury marred Cards lost a hard fought game to the injury marred Seahawks.  They never led but they kept it close and that is a moral victory in what was a loss.
19 21 NY Jets In a head scratcher the Jets simply didn’t seem to try and made the hapless Bucs look like the Pats.  A bad effort that actually let them be defeated by Ryan Fitzpatrick.  They better suck it up because it could get ugly now.
21 22 Indianapolis The Colts were the beneficiaries of the Steelers mail fraud.  They were able to use a good team effort to overwhelm a poor effort by Pitt for most of the game.  They played good D and got some O and were very close but lost it in the end.  One of their best games this year.
23 23 Baltimore On the bye and a team that could use the rest of the year off, they are going no where fast.
25 24 Atlanta The Falcons went and destroyed a bad Cowboy team.  NO, this doesn’t mean the hangover is gone and they are ready to challenge in the NFC South. They beat a poor Cowboy team.  Lets see them win 2 in a row.
29 25 Tampa Bay The Bucs went and beat a theoretically better team with a good effort by a bunch of no accounts.  The play of Fitzpatrick was the good Fitz and they D played better than it has in weeks.  Solid win.
30 26 San Francisco The Niners got their first win! Congrats to SF!  They were able to totally out play NYG in every facet and in the end they put the game away.  A great win.  Can they grow from this?  We will see.
22 27 Chicago What an embarrassment that game was.  TruBEARSky played super and the O was solid.  The D, that had been playing so well simply laid a huge egg.  They let a young, untested and lightly talented QB to walk all over them.  They should have beat Green Bay and now this golden opportunity is gone.
26 28 Cincinnati The Bengals battled the Titans and for a while looked like they would win.  Burfict the scumbag got ejected *Why is this PIECE of garbage allowed in the NFL???* but the Bengals eventually faded and lost.  They just aren’t any good.
27 29 Miami The Dolphins, going in one of the best run defences, got destroyed by the Panther Rush attack.  They allowed nearly 300 yards on the ground and were destroyed.  I can’t explain it.  The Fins D is the strong suit, perhaps the week 1 bye is wiping them out.  Fatigue can kill in the NFL.
28 30 Denver How do you come back from a 50 burger?  Get pasted by a hated rival.  The Broncos looked so bad against NE that they are really working hard to be the worst in the NFL.  Brock time isn’t all it’s supposed to be cracked up to be but frankly neither is the D.
31 31 Cleveland Winless and still a team playing about 30 good minutes.  They need some consistency at QB and the Coach/Management has to follow a plan.  They are going no where with the mess that is leading this team.
32 32 NY Giants Just when you thought the Giants had hit rock bottom they played the winless Niners and stunk out the joint.  Just terrible on O and D and they lost and are beyond any doubt the worst team.  It is simply a miracle that they did win one game.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 9 Power Poll #PowerRankings

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 9
1 1 Philadelphia One would hope the doubters about this super team will all be quieted now.  They utterly destroyed Denver (albeit a terrible Denver with an old and pretty useless D) and Wentz seems to love his new weapon Ajayi.  They are about as flawless as any team and are heading to their bye with the trip to Minnesota in February in their sights.
2 2 Minnesota On the bye and looking ahead wouldn’t this D against Phlly be an entertaining NFC Championship game?
6 3 New Orleans The Saints are on a roll, a good Saints roll – probably full of fried catfish with some amazing creole spices and tasty cheese.  They are hotter than they have been since their Super Bowl year and they have a test this week.  If they keep winning they may be a challenger for Philly.
3 4 Pittsburgh On the bye and are pretty much in the best shape this team has been, can they remain focused going forward?
4 5 New England On the bye and since I don’t have any respect for them they fall a spot.
7 6 LA Rams The Rams are adding success to their exciting style of play.  They easily put a 50 burger up on the Giants and just rolled along.  The interesting thing is the D is starting to take shape and if that comes into focus and you add that to the explosive O and LA has something to be excited about.
12 7 Jacksonville The Jags came off a bye and evidently Bortles didn’t forget that he had a good game pre bye.  Now for two weeks  in a row Jacksonville has looked like they have a NFL QB.  They even benched all world Rookie RB Fournette for the game and never missed a beat.  A team that now has a legit shot at taking the AFC South title.
5 8 Seattle The Legion of oops played a lot on Sunday and boy were there oops.  The Seahawks are a mistake filled team with a potentially explosive O but only if they can hit the deep passes.  This is a good but not great team.
10 9 Dallas The Cowboys were given a disgusting reprieve and were allowed to have their woman beating scumbag play and they rolled to a win.  I refuse to give them any credit as long as that miscreant escapes his punishment.
13 10 Washington The Skins played another solid game but this time they used D and timely O to come up with a soild road win.  The Skins D showed no quit and was a force for the whole 60.  They haven’t had this much effort very often this year.  It may be too late but if they played like this the entire second half they could resurrect their playoff hopes.
9 11 Houston The Texans lost their QB but showed tremendous heart in the effort they put out.  They did just about everything but win and that kind of effort will win them a lot of pride if not actual wins.
11 12 Kansas City The Chiefs seem to be the shadow of who they were when they started the year.  The flaws in D are getting exposed and they look beatable by any good running back.  Alex Smith can’t make every throw and they all need to be made the way the D is playing.
16 13 Tennessee The Titans took on a bad Ravens team and beat em.  These Titans are still a bit of an enigma.  They are not as good as many thought but they can manage to win a game.  I just think they are not quite playoff caliber yet but give them another year.
14 14 LA Chargers On the bye and the Bolts need to see if they can regain the mojo they had before New England stole a game from them.
18 15 Carolina Caaaaaam used his renewed running skills to dominate the game and give the Panthers a nice division win.  The whole world seemed to give them no shot but Caaaam and Luke turned the tide.  The D was ferocious and the O did just enough to win one.  They will have to be better than New Orleans but they are much better than Atlanta.
23 16 Detroit The Lions went into Lambeau Field and pounded the Pack.  It was a glorious win and one they haven’t enjoyed in that building since the days when Fontes coached and Barry ran.  What a superb division win over a now very BEATABLE Packer team.
22 17 Oakland Oakland looked flat for 30 and then found a running game and managed to eke out a win against the Dolphins.  It didn’t actually save the season but it was better than a loss.
8 18 Buffalo The TNF monster bit the Bills.  They were flat, unable to perform and looked lost.  They looked like a team that played hard on Sunday and couldn’t get ready for a TNF game on the road.  It will happen to everyone practically for the rest of the year.  They need to bounce back against the Saints.
27 19 NY Jets The Jets took advantage of being at home on TNF and torched a flat Bills team.  This was a great win but home teams on Thursday have every chance to do this every week going forward.
28 20 Arizona The Cardinals have transformed into a strong run team with a touch of passing and some decent D and are starting to get momentum.  AP is still a child beating scumbag but he has crawled out of his NFL grave and is running like a man who beat his child and got away with it.
29 21 Indianapolis The Colts took down a Texan team spinning out of control.  Brisset looked great and perhaps having Luck not staring over his shoulder helped there.  A solid win and they even played some D.  Lets see them do this again.
24 22 Chicago On the bye and having a decent year all things considered.  Will be interesting to watch them play GB this week.
19 23 Baltimore The Ravens were in the game all game but were unable to make the key plays necessary to win.  They lost a close one to a relatively unsure team.  They needed this win on the Steeler bye week to try to keep pace.  They are in bad shape now.
15 24 Green Bay The Pack are back!  Back to how they played in 1990!  Ah the wonderful days of the ‘Bay of Pigs’ games from way back in Pete Axthelm’s days on ESPN Countown.  They were massacred by Detroit and now I am ever hopeful the BEARS can pile on this week.
17 25 Atlanta Atlanta got beat over and over by the Panther run game and Matty Melt couldn’t make the throws when the game was on the line.  The Super Bowl hangover is a looooooooong hangover.
21 26 Cincinnati The Bungles were destroyed by the Jags.  The once, when Zimmer was their Co-ord, vaunted D was destroyed.  Their red haired nightmare QB can’t score any points.  A team in total disarray.
26 27 Miami The Dolphins did all they could against the Raiders but win.  They led often, they battled back when down to make it very close.  A good effort in a tough loss.
25 28 Denver The no fly zone is the come fly with me zone.  The Broncos suck at D and are worthless at O and suffered a monster 50 burger being served to them.  It did me good to laugh at the vaunted Denver D getting pasted.
20 29 Tampa Bay The Bucs are terrible.  The root of this is the lack of leadership shown by Winston.  He was a scumbag lying, assaulting piece of garbage in College and now that has come to the NFL.  The antic of being too hurt to play but not to cause a fight in a game…no QB of any salt does that.  This team is going nowhere with that unconvicted felon at it’s helm
31 30 San Francisco The Niners continue to push Beathard out at QB but for the added pleasure he now has to look over his shoulder too.  They were beaten by an understrengthed Cardinal team but they gave a fair account of themselves.
32 31 Cleveland Congrats Cleveland you moved up one slot because you are a hot mess but not as smelly as the Giants.
30 32 NY Giants The G men stunk out the NFL in a fashion I don’t believe I have witnessed for decades.  The sheer magnitude of their suckage…they had to be awarded 32 slot.  It can’t be worse than it is right now for New York.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 7 Power Poll #PowerRankings #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 7
1 1 Philadelphia Well I guess Monday night showed the football world that the NFC East title goes through Philly.  Let the talk about Dallas fade away now.  What a team.  The D is astounding and Wentz is dramatic and dynamic.  Until someone beats them they are the BEST.
2 2 Houston Took a bye and now they get quite the little challenge in week 8.  On the road to Seattle, this will show us how far Deshaun has come.
3 3 Minnesota The D is the beast that powers this squad.  With ok kicking and some offense here and there this is the team to beat in the NFC North and if they get steady O they can challenge Philly.
5 4 Pittsburgh The Steelers took down a division rival who’s only talent is having a scum bag who tries to injure and a red haired nightmare at QB. They had good O and played decent D and won it.  They need to continue to show this level of ability for me to believe they can challenge Houston.
7 5 New England The Pats beat the Falcons using all their patented ways including fogging up the stadium.  The D shut down a Falcons team that is but a shadow of itself.  Brady still looks 40 and a few more hits and he may be taking a 40 winks dirt nap.  They won. Whoopie. They are still 3-4 in my mind.
10 6 Seattle The Seahawks played a great game.  I cannot make as much out of it as others since they only stomped all over a Giants team who can barely get 43 people to stand for the anthem let alone 53 to play.  Just because NYG beat Den doesn’t make them good and the win by Seattle was well done but they didn’t beat an NFL team.
14 7 LA Rams The most exciting team in America took the show on the road wowed the Brits.  I can’t guarantee the Rams will win every game going out but I can guarantee it will be fun to watch them try!  What a great team effort they bring and with a great young coach things look good in LA!
16 8 New Orleans The Saints went to Geek Bay and slayed the Dragonless Dragons.  A simple mopping of the floor of Green Bay by the Saints ended all the Pack talk.  Without any doubt this is the BEST team in the NFC South.  Now they have to face the BEARS.
11 9 Buffalo The Bills did what they had to and they won a hard fought game.  Solid and intelligent QB play combined with good Running and that great D and here come the Bills.  Solid special teams too.  The Bills make ya wanna shout!
8 10 Washington The Skins gave their all on the MNF.  They played the Eagles very tough for 30 and then just got steamrolled by a better team.  It is kind of unfair that they are measured up by how they play the Eagles.  Measure them by how they kick the crap out of the hapless Cowboys.
12 11 Dallas The Cowboys blew out the Niners who are winless and started a rookie QB.  They have a woman beating scumbag at RB and a mother beater at WR who is crying for the ball.  This is a bad 3-3 team and could be pasted this week.
20 12 Jacksonville The Jags had another great week and Bortles set team records with his effort.  If, IF, they can get that play from the QB and add to it Fournette and that D then Jacksonville will be playing in January.
21 13 LA Chargers Well now what do we have hear but the Chargers have found their mojo!  They must have decided that winning was better than losing because now all they do is win.  They shut out the hapless and incapable Broncos and looked great doing it.  Go Bolts.  Someone go to one of their games ok?
4 14 Kansas City The wheels have come off in KC.  What was what a superb O sputter and sputs.  The D that was to be shut down doesn’t shut the door on any team at any time any more.  If they don’t win against Denver they may be heading south super fast.
6 15 Green Bay The Pack fell to earth with a thud.  ALL the talk of how they would coast without Rodgers ended with the first bad play by GB.  They were beaten badly and looked bad doing it and now one has to wonder if they can win any game without Rodgers.
17 16 Tennessee Well they crawled past the worst team in the NFL with an overtime win.  I guess you could laud the D but you must have grave concerns about the severe lack of O.  The Titans have had bad O issues even with Mariota so they have problems.
15 17 Atlanta Oh the Super Bowl loss curse is alive.  The Falcons looked like garbage, played like garbage and lost handily to a not very good Pat team.  The offense has gone south and the D isn’t what is was in the early part of the season.  They may be hard pressed to make the playoffs.
9 18 Carolina The Panthers swaggered into Chicago and lurched out losers.  Caaaaaam turned it over and learned again turnovers are gold.  Unable to get any O going they played good D but never were in the game.  The Panthers have a TON of issues.
19 19 Tampa Bay The Bucs lost a close one to a stong Bills team.  They had about as good of an effort as I have seen them put on this year.  Let’s see them do it again and they might win one.
18 20 Baltimore Flacco found out the Viking D is what QB nightmares are made of.  The Ravens never had a shot in this game and were quite lucky to get the points they did.  They are more than a step below the Steelers and maybe John’s bro can find him a college coaching job after he is canned.
30 21 Oakland The Raiders from Week 2 appeared and wow.  Carr looked amazing, the D played ok and Cooper finally woke up.  I would love to see them do this again as this win puts them back in the race in the AFC.
22 22 Detroit On the bye and didn’t move an inch because heck I don’t move them much if they fluke out a win.
28 23 Chicago As a long and hard suffering BEARS Fan this team is giving my Sunday afternoon weary Football soul a lift.  Mitchell TruBEARSky is not Joe Montana but he gets it done.  They have won 2 in a row for the first time in way over a year.  Can they keep it going?  They have D, some O, solid special teams and seem like a team who is just having fun.  Go BEARS!
13 24 Denver Shut out by the Bolts! What a great thing to happen to the no longer swaggering Broncos.  The no fly zone has become the come fly with me but the offense is the no score zone and now the question is not can Semien do it but how long until Lynch comes back.
26 25 Miami That was so unfair to everyone who picked against Miami and Cutler.  Cutler got creamed, they brought in a real QB and now the Dolphins are a dangerous team.  The longer Cutler is out, the better shot Miami has of challenging the Overpoweringly WEAK Pats.
23 26 NY Jets Nothing surprised NY more than a real QB coming onto the field.  McCown did what McCown can do and turned the ball over a lot and they lost.  The Jets are very loose on offense and they can score but they can look ugly in the attempt none the less.
24 27 Cincinnati Went and got whupped by Pitt.  Dalton was the Red haired nightmare of a QB I knew he was.  Burfict showed again that he should be banned FOREVER for his kicking a Steeler in the head.  There is no logic for the NFL to not suspend the 1,000,000 time offender.  The Bengals are a mess.
25 28 Indianapolis Shut out and looked bad doing it and then looked worse with the tossing of each other under the bus.  I am not sure Andrew Luck will want to come back and play for this team.  That O line couldn’t block snails from crawling past them.  Terrible team.
27 29 Arizona So much for AP being the new David Johnson.  Turns out he is just AP and he signed up for 11 carries for negigible yards.  Palmer went down and since they won’t put Mahomes in they are going to sink with Stanton.  Whatever impossible hope they had is gone.  Sharpen the fork and stick it in them deep.
29 30 NY Giants The Giants took a couple of weeks to show everyone that with NO WR they suck.  They were shut down and looked pedestrian.  The O line is terrible, the run game is terrible, the receivers *excepting the rookie TE* are terrible and the D ain’t what it was.  Boy they stink.
31 31 San Francisco So much for the Niners being close in every game.  They were blown out and it probably had a lot to do with the bitter pill of turning to a rookie QB for the long term benefit but short term pain.  Hoyer can keep it to within 3 while they lose but they get no where doing that.  Beathard may be the real deal. It will be ugly while we watch to see if he is.
32 32 Cleveland The Browns lost again.  This time they lost their LT and they continue to play musical QB.  With no concept of a plan they can not make any progress.  I am at this point not sure if Cleveland can ever resurrect the franchise and maybe they need to blow it up and move it to England.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 6 Power Poll #PowerRankings #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings


Last Week Week 6
3 1 Philadelphia The Eagles played on the road on a Thursday and looked dominant.  They have structure and talent on O and D.  The QB is a force, the play calling is excellent.  They have a great pass rush and run stopping and play solid special teams.  For now, without a doubt, this is the best team in the NFL.
5 2 Houston My oh my, me thinks we can bury the QB question in Texas forever now.  DeShaun is the man and he is the reason this team is the best in the AFC.  They now can score with anyone and outscore most.  Combine that with the Texan D and  you have a great young team with attitude.
9 3 Minnesota The Vikings did what I have been asking my BEARS to do for a decade.  They took out Aaron Rodgers and the fans of the other NFC North teams all popped corks on champagne bottles.  The division is the Vikes for the taking.  They are finding some O and Teddy is coming back now. The D is the best in the NFL and despite the Packer apologists plain hopes, the Vikes are going to cruise to the division this year.
1 4 Kansas City The Chiefs just mailed it in and looked ugly doing it.  There was no excuse for what happened.  They have a choice with my poll…take down the Raiders on TNF and get back to it or lose and drop out of the top 15.
12 5 Pittsburgh Well done Steelers.  Found a balanced O and played stellar D and knocked off the undefeated Chiefs.  If the Steelers can play like that for the rest of the year then this team will challenge Houston for the AFC spot in Minny in February.
2 6 Green Bay Oh how the Packers have fallen.  Without golden boy Aaron they cannot get up.  They had issues on O and D with Rodgers and he just used his magic to get wins.  Take that away and a pedestrian offense with no run game and a D that can’t stop a fart in the wind and you have a team destined to battle to stay out of the basement in the NFC North.
8 7 New England The Pats are remarkable.  Evidently the NFL feels they owe them something for Deflategate as they awarded another win to them.  They lost to the Jets but a TD was ruled not a TD and the Pats got a W.  They should be 2-4 and are a WEAK 4-2 and cannot keep getting these breaks.  The D is bad, the O is bad and Brady looks like he should have retired after the Super Bowl win last year.
10 8 Washington The 2nd best team in the NFC East is a gutsy little squad who can bring it in all facets of the game.  Cousins is leading a solid O and that D is a beast at times.  If it wasn’t for Philly they might be the big cheese in the NFC.  Can’t wait to see them play their next game and show the Eagles what they have.
7 9 Carolina The Panthers can’t really be faulted for losing to Philly but I do fault them a little.  They had the home field advantage and should have been more prolific but they just couldn’t get it done and now have to take on a game BEARS team who may surprise this badly, BADLY flawed team.
14 10 Seattle Ah Seattle.  What a great time for a bye.  The teams ahead of them stunk so they moved up!
15 11 Buffalo Ah Buffalo.  What a great time for a bye.  The teams ahead of them stunk so they moved up!
16 12 Dallas Ah Dallas.  What a great time for a bye.  The teams ahead of them stunk so they moved up!
4 13 Denver Wow did Denver ever buy a lot of postage for this game.  I mean they express posted their O, they Fed-Exed their D and their Gameplan was UPSed.  What a useless effort.  I cannot in any way shape or form excuse this team getting whipped by a TERRIBLE Giant team – AT HOME.  Shameful.  They better try against the Chargers or this is a losing streak.
19 14 LA Rams Gotta love the Rams O.  They are vibrant exciting and young.  They are currently reminding me a lot of the early ought Raiders who just outscored everyone.  The Rams D makes the odd play but they need more consistency from that side to take the next step.  They are THIS close to good.
6 15 Atlanta This team is THIS close to bad.  How the Falcons lost to the sad sack Dolphins is beyond comprehension.  There should have been no way they couldn’t put up 30 against the Fins.  That their D let a Cutler led O beat them? Ugh, that was butt fugly.
20 16 New Orleans The Saints are getting it done and every now and then they play a little D.  Brees had a solid game putting a 50 burger on the Lions and the Saints proved that turnovers are still gold!
21 17 Tennessee The Titans get credit for 15 good minutes of football as it came at the right time to overwrite the 45 minutes of bad they played to start MNF.  A great come from behind win in a game that never should have been in doubt.
11 18 Baltimore The Ravens took the BEAARS a bit lightly and then found out that Flacco is a one Super Bowl Win overrated has been and look what happened?  Beaten by the BEARS at home.  The QB looked terrible and the D got beat by the BEARS.  Pittsburgh must have grinned watching this result.
13 19 Tampa Bay The Bucs.  Took me back to the old days of a Bay of Pigs game.  To let an ancient has been child beater run wild and then let a geriatric offense score 38?  Winston got hurt but the prob here is D and the sad lack thereof.  So much for their post season hopes, I am sticking a fork in them.
17 20 Jacksonville The Jags gave their all and nearly beat a tough Rams team.  They made a couple of key misplays on special teams and that was the difference.  A great effort none the less.
25 21 LA Chargers Break up the Bolts or at least attend one of their games!  They are on a 2 game winning streak and if they can pounce on a down Bronco team it could be three.  I am getting impressed at the heart shown by a team with no home to play in.
18 22 Detroit Life is good when the things expected occur.  The sun rises, the sun sets, the Lions are the same old sorry assed Lions.  They were blown out by the Saints.  They scored against prevent to make it closer then it really was and then they turned it over a lot to seal it.  What a sad team with a vastly overpaid bum at QB.
22 23 NY Jets The Jets were Jobbed.  They scored a TD to tie it and that would have given them every shot to win over a deflated Pats team. (only fitting for NE to look DEFLATED) but the NFL took it from them and gave the Pats a win.  We will see how they bounce back off that heart breaker.
24 24 Cincinnati On a bye and they just sat and maybe got healthy or maybe Dalton got older.
23 25 Indianapolis The Colts played a good 45 and got blown out for 15.  Goes to show that although it’s no guarantee – it is better to play good late and not only early.  This team has huge turnover issues and problems with D too.
27 26 Miami The poor excuse for a Cutler led nightmare won a game.  I am not sure how and what I am sure is they still suck and getting a cheap win over a Falcon team that didn’t try doesn’t change that.
28 27 Arizona The Cardinals struck gold with AP much in the way AP strikes his kid.  They managed to out score a D challenged Buc team and for the moment look like a team on the rise.  Give em a week.
29 28 Chicago The BEARS have a QB and now they have 2 wins!  Trubisky is doing enough to lead the team to victory and that is the key.  I don’t care how he does it and he doesn’t need to be Elway…I will take Tebow-like if it gets Chicago 10 wins.  A great win on the road.
32 29 NY Giants The Gmen came out and found an offense and D.  They went to Denver with nothing to lose and won the game handily.  I can’t figure out how and hurt my face when my jaw dropped watching it.  Lets see them win another.
26 30 Oakland The falling of the Raiders is getting bad.  They lose to KC on TNF and I am not sure they stay out of 32.  A Raider team going nowhere on O or D.  They need to get fixed quick or there is something seriously wrong here.
30 31 San Francisco The Niners gave their all and maybe just maybe found a QB in Beathard.  They almost stole one from Washington and look pretty good on O and D.  Maybe this young group of Niners is going to bring some life back to the Bay (kinda Bay now) area.
31 32 Cleveland Well the Browns reclaim 32 with a terrible outing against Houston.  They didn’t even try for 30.  They were blown out and never had a hope.  They are now playing musical QB and that is a sign of a franchise that has NO FRICKING clue.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 3 Power Poll #PowerRankings #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings


  Last Week Week 3
2 1 Kansas City There is one power team in the AFC West who seems to be heads and shoulders on top of the rest and they reside in KC and play in a LOUD stadium. The speed on O is amazing and Smith is QBing like he never had before.  Good D and Good coaching.  No flaws visible *yet*
4 2 Green Bay The Pack got physically pasted for most of the game and then they just crawled up and back into the game.  The play of Rodgers reminded me of him playing the BEARS.  A solid win and now they seem to be the team to beat in the NFC.
3 3 New England The Pats D showed again they have serious issues and that Brady is at least the 2nd best of all time (Montana fan here forever) and he and the O can’t be given the ball and 2+ min and then think you can stop them.  A superb if predictable come from behind win.
9 4 Minnesota Wow, evidently Case Keenum just needed a week of practice. The O was on fire and the D was solid and now with Keenum or Bradford or even Bridgewater I think this team is on the rise.
1 5 Oakland I hope it was the glare of prime time or the travel to the East Coast or the raw emotion of the events of the day but boy did the Silver and Black suck on Sunday Night.  If they play that bad again they are not who I thought they were.
6 6 Atlanta The Falcons nearly lost to the sad sack Lions. In fact but for a highly questionable rule call *don’t forget they would have lost to Chicago if someone had caught a TD pass instead of dropping them* they could be 1-2 and digging out of a hole.  This Falcon team is not who we think they are I think their injury riddled D has problems.
16 7 Tennessee The Titans are starting to make a believer out of me.  They have won two in  a row and are starting to look good.  This division match will be a good test.
18 8 Washington The Best game by the Skins I have seen almost since the glory days of the 90’s.  Superb on O and D and they look all the world like the best in the NFC East.  Lets seem them do it again.
5 9 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh has been trying to get their O under control and that is still a work in progress.  For the D to collapse and be unable to stop the run?  They better get that fixed fast or this team’s hope for 2017 may be in bad shape.
17 10 Philadelphia Philadelphia actually played pretty well only at the end.  They let a prevouisly left for Dead Giant team sorta find themselves.  They probably mailed it in for 3 quarters.  They did gut out a late win and that is positive.  They should have blown out the Giants but this was a win.
15 11 Houston The Texans have something in DeShaun Watson.  They may also have something in RB Foreman.  They need to see if Hopkins is young enough to be part of Texan Triplets.  This game showed how tough their D is and how effective their O is.  It also showed how gunshy their coaching is.  IF they had gone for it on 4th and 1 they might have won but alas…the fear of New England beat them as sure as Brady did.
14 12 Dallas Well the Cowboys gutted out a victory and even the woman beating scumbag and the mother beating scumbag balled out and did enough to get them a win over the collective best the AARP Arizona has.  It was a necessary win or the Cowboys nation would have eaten it’s own navel.
12 13 Tampa Bay The Bucs met a northern buzz saw and got thumped up one side and down the other by the Vikes.  Does this make them terrible? Probably not but it would make me feel better if they play better this week.
8 14 Carolina Speaking of terrible losses.  I was flabbergasted at how badly the Panthers played.  They got shut down by the worst D in football and then got blasted.  What an ugly performance.  This team is in dire straights already.
10 15 Baltimore Can someone explain to me which Raven team is which?  They got utterly pasted in England and look like crap and now they get no break and play Pittsburgh.  They better figure it out fast or this could go south faster.
11 16 Arizona Well it was kind of mean to have Arizona play on MNF after all several of their starters normally eat dinner at 4:30 and are in bed by 7pm.  All kidding aside about how old they are but really…how old are they?  Their one bit of youth on the D line is just a complete draft bust so far (Window).  Palmer tries but he still is what he is which is on a good day 3TD and 2INT and a bad day 1TD 3INT.  A team sliding down hill.
7 17 Denver I believe some thought 7 was not high enough for Denver last week.  To get your ass handed to you by Buffalo??? What the heck was that?  Their QB play was suspect, the D was beat.  I need to see if Denver is for real or just another mirage.  Terrible loss.
13 18 Detroit The Lions fans have created a list and want Goodell to check it twice.  They literally say the NFL is out to get them.  Yes the call to take the TD away from Tate was specious but the Lions did so many same old sorry assed Lion things that they lost this game well before that last play was called and the time ran off.  They self defeat still better than any other team.  Oh and Stafford is an over paid never was.
22 19 Jacksonville Will the real slim Jags please stand up? Please stand up? Please stand up?  The jeckyl and hyde of the NFL was the good doctor of butt thumping as they pasted in the UK.  Talk about Anarchy in the UK…fake punt when up 37?  Good thing that didn’t lead to a brawl.  They won convincingly but they still have to learn how to win with dignity.
24 20 Buffalo Well done Buffalo! You brought a superb D and a productive O and beat a team that on paper you never had a shot to beat.  They dominated the game and if they could only do that again I would start to think they might have something in the Ralph.
21 21 LA Rams On a short week they scored another forty burger and won another game.  I am not 100% sold that their D is of any value but their O is growing and getting better.  Heck I saw Gurley take a hit.  Let’s see what this week 4 challenge does for this young upstart of a team.
23 22 Indianapolis The Colts found offense with Brissett and he is a pretty fair QB.  TY Dropton had a big day and the Colts D even played well for at least 3 quarters. In the end they held on and won over a bad Brown team.  Lets see them win another one this YEAR.
19 23 Seattle The Seahawks got pounded pillar to post by the Titan O line.  The Legion of Boom was a legion of OOPs as they were smacked and missed tons of tackles.  If this D has days like that in it in the future then this team is in SEVERE trouble.
27 24 New Orleans The Saints had a game for the ages and dominated the whole 60.  A great performance by a D that I didn’t think had a pulse. The O was on point.  I have to think this had more to do with how bad Carolina is and not how good this team could be.  I will change my mind if they do it again.
20 25 Miami Cutler is Cutler, he can’t help himself.  He took a team of modest talent and had them almost shut out by a team trying to lose every game.  It didn’t seem possible but Jay Cutler is a bum and he will drag the Dolphins down into football hell like he did with my BEARS.
31 26 Chicago Speaking of which.  Wow.  Evidently they learned from Tennesse how effective a power running game can be.  The use of Howard and Cohen ran over the Steelers and gave them a win with Glennon still doing his best ‘play Trubisky’ movement.  I would like to seem them steamroll GB but I am a realist and know that ain’t likely.
25 27 LA Chargers If no one goes to a Chargers game will it count if they lose?  Or is that when they lose?  They were pushed and ran over by KC.  They are either over matched or hard luck but either one gives them losses and more and more empty seats in the place universally touted as ‘no bad seat’  – no bad seat but most are empty.
32 28 NY Jets Well that is no way to punt a season!  The Jets played strong on D and O and blasted the fish.  McCown looked at least 3 years younger and it looked like the secondary could cover.  I would like to see this band of nothings do that for 30 more minutes again.
29 29 San Francisco The Niners had their best game of the year on TNF and looked like a world power with that O.  They got plastered on D but it must make SF faithful happy to see the O actually score points.  They lost but it was close.
28 30 NY Giants The G-men get credit for playing a good 35 or 45 minutes but in the end they couldn’t hold the lead and they lost.  They are 0-3 and have the worst record of any NY based team.  They need O line help and until that comes we can’t actually figure out if Eli or the running game is any good as it’s hard to do anything behind that line.  The use of Marshall was a nice change and could help if they continue to remember his number.
26 31 Cleveland The Browns are winning the battle of Ohio this year by not being the worst team from Ohio.  They may not have a win but they have been competitive in every game for at least part of them.  They have talent and I still think they could get 4 or 5 wins yet this year.
30 32 Cincinnati This is the worst team in Ohio, East of the Mississippi and in the Continental US.  I have never seen such a collection of bums.  Dalton is an abysmal failure at QB and they should just cut him.  He has led the O to only 2 TDs, completes about 50% and they hadn’t scored a TD until GB and they still lost this game.  They are the worst and I hope Marvin Lewis has invested his money wisely.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Week 1 Power Poll #PowerRankings #NFLThoughts

2017 Power Poll Week 1
Last Week  Wk1
2 1 Green Bay Played a solid game and won it pretty easily.  Too early to really judge how good the Pack D is until they play a team with an actual offensive line.
4 2 Oakland Was a superb game from start to finish.  Given a gift of a free possession they never looked back and kicked a much hyped Titan squad all over the place.  The Silver and Black look very legit early.
1 3 New England They got pounded in the 2nd half, 4th quarter specifically.  It seemed that Brady was flat, the D can’t deal with speed and this either will be the wake up that inspires them or the slightest chance this is signalling they are on the way down.
5 4 Minnesota Wow what a game!  Bradford had the best game of his career and the Vikes D brought it like everyone knew they would.  Their kicker even kicked field goals.  If they can maintain this effort they could challenge GB.
8 5 Kansas City A superb win and too much can be made of this easily.  What we can take away from this is that Alex Smith threw a great deep ball and now he has targets who can run.  The Chiefs lost Berry at S and that may do more to harm this team than this win does to make them better.  Still a great start to their year for one game.
11 6 Dallas A good game by the Cowboys with solid O.  The D here is also hard to judge since they faced a team with no offensive line whatsoever.  How good they are will start to be shown in week 2.
3 7 Arizona Well they played a pretty good 45 minutes but then their D just crapped out and they lost one late.  They should have won it and now we have to wonder if they are just old?
7 8 Pittsburgh They struggled on O all day and had to battle to overcome a game Cleveland squad.  LeVeon showed clearly how important preseason is.  A solid D, a bad O and they need to get their game on quick.
12 9 Carolina What a nice gift to start the season, they played SF and walked all over that moribund team.  A good win against a bad opponent.
10 10 Atlanta The Falcons had all they could handle from the BEARS and they barely eeked out a win.  That says more about the issues Atlanta has then how good Chicago may be.
15 11 Denver The Broncs had the game well in hand, their D got scorched late and then they snuck out on the tummy with a close win.  If this represents the D then there are problems a mile above everyone else.
17 12 Baltimore A great win for the Ravens.  The D looked fierce and the O was solid.  Can they keep this up is the question.
16 13 Tampa Bay on a weather bye and this means no breaks rest of year so this will be a bad year for a team that was on the rise.
20 14 Detroit The Lions looked like the same old sorry assed Lions for 45 min and then the most overpaid QB in America led another come from behind win.  We will see how good they are as time goes by.
23 15 Philadelphia Philly played a great game and looked solid on O and D.  They are one of the few teams I saw that looked Legit.
9 16 Houston Evidently the emotion of the week wore on them and they were flat on all aspects.  They have  short week and are starting a rookie QB.  Good luck.
26 17 LA Rams That was the week’s biggest blowout but we must temper our enthusiasm until they play like that against an NFL team.
24 18 Jacksonville They had a great game against a team who didn’t seem to be there.  You do have to be impressed by the Jag D.  Seems what I saw coming in 2017 may have arrived in 2018.
13 19 Seattle The smell in the North West isn’t fish, it’s the Hawk O line or lack there of.  Unless they figure out how to block someone this team is in serious trouble.
14 20 Tennessee Hunh.  Dumb coach call #1 is the onside kick to start the year.  And they lost it and let in a TD. It was pretty much over then.  We will see if they have any of the ability the pundits think they do.
20 21 New Orleans They were hung drawn and quartered by the Vikes.  So much fot the vaunted improved D. The D still sucks.
19 22 Washington You can’t turn the ball over a million times in a division game and expect to win.  They need better discipline to start and maybe better O too.
30 23 Buffalo A great game but they did beat the Jets who are doing all they can to lose em all.  A nice win though.
25 24 LA Chargers They had a slow start but gave their all and nearly stole a division win.  A good effort in a loss.
27 25 Cleveland They played a hard game and Kizer looked good. The D looked impressive.  Can they get that effort for 60 is the question.
6 26 NY Giants They had no O line and if they have no O without gloves then this team is in great trouble. The D got scorched too.  I need to see them play better to have my preseason faith restored in any way shape or form.
22 27 Indianapolis If they play as bad as they did in Week 1 in week 2 they will be on an express ride to 32.  That was horrible.
28 28 Miami on a weather bye and this team wasn’t very good to start with so this pretty much guts any chance they didn’t have to be a force in the AFC. (This was already gutted when they hired Jay fricking Cutler to QB them.)
21 29 Cincinnati No offense and the D looked bad.  They need to bounce back on Thursday or the coach’s ass is on fire.
29 30 San Francisco What a terrible performance by a universally bad team. They are as bad as I thought they were.
31 31 Chicago My BEARS gave a game effort and but for multiple drops they might have won this game but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and North Korean Nukes.  A loss is a loss.
32 32 NY Jets This is the home of dumb coach decision #2 – down 2 scores late with a 4th and short near midfield what do they do?  Punt and never get the ball back.  I think they are intentionally trying to lose them all.
Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Arguments, Agreements?  All welcome! As always I will be happy to take money, preferably tens and twenties!
Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Preseason Power Poll 12-1! Who’s #1? Click and find out! #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings


12. Carolina Panthers – a team that is relying on the health of Cam’s Arm for their success. It is a tough division too.


If Cam has issues – 7-9
If Cam is ok – 9-7
A great year – 11-5


11. Dallas Cowboys – Pre-suspension for the woman beating scumbag RB this team was much higher in my preseason list. Without him they slide because it’s a drop off to the next best.


A rough year – 7-9
Battling year – 9-7
If they can overcome – 12-4


10. Atlanta Falcons – most teams suffer a Super Bowl Loss hangover and this team will be no exception. They still have most of the weapons but teams will be gunning for them and you can’t overlook the concussion their RB suffered early.


A tough year – 9-7
A decent year – 10-6
They come together – 11-5


9. Houston Texans – this team is D and D and D. If either Savage can be ok or they turn it over to DeShaun fast and it works then this team could surprise. Still the D is enough to do some business this year.


If they have little O – 8-8
If they get some O – 10-6
If DeShaun Watson is the real deal – 12-4


8. Kansas City Chiefs – They have built a pretty solid team and the addition of the rookie RB Alvin Kamara could be the spark the O needs.


A poor year – 9-7
A decent year – 11-5
If it all works – 13-3


7. Pittsburgh Steelers – This team is going to score a lot of points and the late addition of Joe Haden at CB gives the D a huge boost. The last hurrah of Big Ben is near but this could be the year for the Steelers.


If they just coast to the Division – 12-4
If they are in control – 13-3
With Haden they are a force – 14-2


6. New York Giants – The Gmen seem to have built a team poised to make a Super Bowl run. The suspension of Elliott pretty much gives them the division. This team could a force.


A rough year – 9-7
A decent year – 11-5
They are a super team – 13-3




5. Minnesota Vikings – I love this D and Bradford has a full year of the offense, better running backs and an improved line. The schedule is pretty easy too.


A bad year – 9-7
A decent year – 11-5
A super year – 12-4


4. Oakland Raiders – This team was great last year and now they add Beastmode and their D got help too. They could give Oakland a championship before they go to Vegas.


A rough year – 11-5
A good year – 13-3
They are unstoppable and just win baby – 14-2


3. Arizona Cardinals – pundits say there are a lot of issues, I say they have one of the easiest schedules ever. Yes they are old but they could go out with a bang.


A bad year – 11-5
A good year – 13-3
They win what they could – 14-2


2. Green Bay Packers – The Pack may be back and this time Rodgers could get his Super Bowl return. It will take a lot of good football to knock the Pack off the top of the NFC heap this year.


A bad year – 12-4
A good year – 14-2
They may just go – 15-1


1. New England Patriots – doesn’t seem like anything can slow them down. They won the Super Bowl, they won the off season, they suffered several key injuries and just shrugged. They have to be favored to win it all no matter what.


They have a ‘bad’ year -13-3
A good year – 14-2
They may just win them all this time – 16-0


There you have it and next up is the regular season!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan