Mr. N’s #SuperBowl 51 Power Poll with Random HOF Thoughts #NFL

NFL Power Rankings

1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats came out flat and played worse than I have seen them in a Super Bowl since they lost to Chicago 46-10.  No D to speak of, Brady over and under throwing and even throwing a pick 6.  Down 28-3 at one point I kept uttering an F worded what the … – it was unbelievable.  Then they got 6 and it was down 19 at the half.  Then the Second half started and the Pats played D, Brady was on fire and the avalanche slowly picked up mo coming down on the huddled Falcons.  Before the smoke cleared the Pats had it tied and went into OT and put it away.  They are the first team to play a totally crappy first half and still win.  Congrats, you are the best this year. 




2.            Atlanta Falcons (2) – The Falcons had a first half for the ages.  Superb long runs, great passes and catches, Solid pass rush, great pressure, a pick six.  The party was on and they were up 25 and the game looked over.  They looked just like they did in the regular season when they took a big lead and put on prevent.  They played prevent and then their coaches did the stupidest things ever and gave away a Super Bowl.  When Jones made that amazing catch at the 22 they were up 8.  Run three times and kick a FG and they 11-point lead is insurmountable.  They ran once, they went for a pass and took a penalty then huge sack and had to punt.  The D continued its collapse into OT and they lost.  A huge embarrassing loss that will linger next year in the hangover of hangovers.





3.            Pittsburgh Steelers –




4.            Green Bay Packers –






5.            Kansas City Chiefs –





6.            Dallas Cowboys – Their owner is in the Hall of Fame now which is kind of like having a Bank President reward himself employee of the month.





7.            Seattle Seahawks –




8.            Houston Texans –






9.            New York Giants –


10.          Oakland Raiders – So the Billionaire (no mention of his wife Mrs. Howell) pulled out of Vegas stadium and now Vegas and Oakland are up in the air.  Late info from Fox Sports Radio suggests San Diego is ready to offer the Raiders a home come 2019.





11.          Miami Dolphins – Jason Taylor is in the HOF.  I remember one statement made about Taylor during his prime ‘he was a poor man’s Junior Seau’ – that doesn’t sound like a canton endorsing description but they are letting just about anyone except T.O. in these days.





12.          Detroit Lions –  





13.          Tennessee Titans –




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers –




15.          Arizona Cardinals –



16.          Cincinnati Bengals –




17.        Indianapolis Colts –




18.          New Orleans Saints –





19.          Philadelphia Eagles –




20.          Minnesota Vikings – With Bridgewater out likely til 2018 at least this is Bradford’s team and today it seems Dallas may want AP so that is the beginning of quite a face change for this franchise.





21.          Denver Broncos –  With Terrell Davis in the HOF it is official that good players get into Canton not just great ones.




22.          New York Jets – Rex Ryan wishes them luck!





23.          Jacksonville Jaguars –





24.          Carolina Panthers –





25.          Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan uses F words to describe the Bills lol




26.          San Francisco 49ers – Kyle S now seems interested in Jimmy G from NE and not Cousins.  It is not certain if he will be able to keep track of the various Niner game plans during the season.




27.          Baltimore Ravens –




28.          Cleveland Browns –





29.          Los Angeles Chargers –




30.          Washington Redskins –




31.          Los Angeles Rams – Kurt Warner will be in the HOF as a Ram.  Proof positive you can have 2 good years and that makes you a Hall of Famer.



32.          Chicago BEARS –





There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


“Talk about your Nightmare Before Christmas (@Jets)”- Mr. N’s #NFL Week 16 Power Poll

NFL Power Rankings


1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats are totally dominating every facet of the game and this is the blowout everyone including Vegas, Santa, Rudolph and all the elves thought it would be. Ho Ho Ho what a blowout this was.  A forty burger and was never in doubt.  They are close to home field advantage now and just have to concentrate next week to seal it for sure.



2.            Dallas Cowboys (2) – The Cowboys spent the first half trading scores with Detroit and as the game went to the halfway point it seemed like it could be anyone’s game.  Then the second half started.  Dallas D put a hard hit on Stafford and possibly addled him.  The Cowboys then scored 3 unanswered TDs and blew out Detroit.  This opens the door for Washington but they didn’t want to walk in it last week.  A good win for a team that has clinched everything and needs to figure out if they want to risk much of their stars next week.



3.            Pittsburgh Steelers (3) – The Steeler seem to have been full of turkey, stuffing and possibly ham and glazed veggies as they started out slow.  Like the Who’s down in whoville they started to grow.  They found that having Bell score TDs was better than Boswell FGs and with a wink of an eye and nod to Antonio Brown up the chimney went Baltimore’s playoff hopes.  A super exciting come from behind win when the Steeler D had some issues.  The Steelers are in the playoffs!



4.            Oakland Raiders (4) – The Raiders came storming out and dominated a bad Colt team in all phases and put the game away and neatly had it under control…until the sack.  How can you be up 19 points and potentially have your season ruined?  Have the MVP of league get wrapped up with a sack and hurt his leg.  If Carr is done (and he is) so are the Silver and Black.  McGloin is ok but he’s no Carr.  A great but possibly season changing win.




5.            Atlanta Falcons (6) – The Falcon O can do no wrong and is ripping the what used to be a good Panther D in many splendid ways.  The Falcons D is getting it done.  They have joined in the cheap shots on Caaaam but hey there are no calls for that so why not?  The Falcons were never challenged.  The D played a good game and the O was able to just score enough to never have this in doubt.  A good win over a terrible team.




6.            Houston Texans (8) – The Texans seemed to sleep through the first half on Christmas Night. They must have been full of turkey.  They could muster very little against a game Bengal D and seemed destined to lose and keep the AFC South a mess.  Then there was one blown coverage and they took a slim lead.  One missed FG and they won and clinched!  It was like an ugly Christmas Sweater but Houston will wear it proud as they have won the South.



7.            Kansas City Chiefs (13) –Kansas City wasn’t very kind to Denver on Christmas night, this was never in doubt for a second.  The Chief D destroyed the Bronco Hapless O and the Chief O was explosive.  They beat down Denver every single way and clinched a playoff spot.  The Chiefs put the cherry on top by using Dontari Poe and his slim 346 pounds to toss a TD against the “BRONCO D”.  Let’s put this in our memory Poe tossed a TD against the ‘best secondary in football’ lol.  KC wins.



8.            New York Giants (5) – Last night in the pre-game the amiable Rich Eisen was trying to describe Eli Manning and his dual performance ability.  He struggled for stating what we all know is ‘the girl on the hill’ syndrome.  When She’s good she’s great and when she’s bad she’s awful.  When Manning has played well the G-men win tons but alas when he sucks…lets go to the wretched product that is TNF.  Eli proved once more that TURNOVERS ARE GOLD as he threw an early pick six that was the difference in the game.  He added 2 more third down picks and was just terrible and the G-men lost and may yet make the playoffs but they are not a threat to anyone with Eli at QB.





9.            Miami Dolphins (12) – A pretty good effort for 30 minutes.  They have a good rush O going and Moore is just doing enough.  The D is controlling Buffalo and they have a small lead.  The Dolphins did all they could to win and lose.  They pulled into a double-digit lead at least twice.  Their D couldn’t stop Buffalo at all and even fell behind.  A miracle late FG got them to OT and they ran on the back of Jay Ajayi and got a key win.  They are in the playoffs and if they get Tannehill back they could make some small noise in the playoffs.  A gutsy no quit win.





10.          Washington Redskins (15) – The Redskins seem to have shaken off whatever affected them last week.  The offense is running roughshod over the BEARS D and if their D can just keep its collective mind off what Santa is bringing then they should have this in hand.  The game was never in doubt, as sure as Santa was coming down chimneys tonight Washington gift wrapped a 40 burger and won.  Had they whupped a bad Carolina last week this game might have punched their playoff ticket but now they still have work to do and need help with this win.



11.          Green Bay Packers (19) – The Packers are having a field day with Aaron Rodgers ripping the Vikes D with TDs by pass and even by run.  Pretty Ok Pack D has them nicely out in the lead.  The Packers were never slowed on O.  Rodgers put up a ton and the D didn’t let in near enough to make this close.  Now it comes down to week 17 versus Detroit. Altho the way the rest of the NFC is playing Green Bay may have a wild card sown up by Boxing Day.



12.          Seattle Seahawks (17) – The Seattle Seahawks have been flat in so many ways today.  They were unable to stop either pass or run and were knocked down into a hole.  The Seahawks managed to battle back in the 2nd half and got some points going.  The Hawk D didn’t make much of an effort in the same time frame and it seems that the Seahawks will lose and continue to crawl on their tummies into the playoffs.  Seattle came all the way back but missed an extra point so it is tied.  The vaunted Hawk D couldn’t make a late stop and they lost and finally it is Christmas Eve! *The Seahawks move up because they are in*





13.          Detroit Lions (14) – For a while it looked like Detroit was going to be heard on Boxing day night.  They matched Dallas point for point and looked legit.  The second half brought a complete collapse on O and D. They never scored another point, they let in 21 and now they are hanging on by their fingertips to the playoffs. They face the surging Packers and I would bet dollars to donuts that Detroit will miss the playoffs and this will be one of the great collapses in NFL History.  A bad loss.





14.          Tennessee Titans (9) – The Titans are back to the ways of last week and started out very slow and are trailing a bad Jag team badly.  If they can pull their collective head out of their ass, they could still win this game or they are throwing away their football playoff chances.  Whatever playoff chances this team had went down with Mariota’s ankle.  They lost badly to a very very very very bad Jag team and I am sticking a fork in them even if no one else does.  The Titans are done.





15.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10) – One really has to think making the playoffs is allergic to most of the teams in the NFC.  Tampa came out in a must win game and played flat on O and D and O and D.  They fell behind.  They never seem to really get close and when they got to within one possession they on side kicked and splat.  Seems like Tampa just doesn’t want to make the playoffs and this loss will go a long way to putting a fork in them.





16.          Arizona Cardinals (25) – A pretty good all-around effort by Arizona.  Right from the stop the Cards were able to score with running and passing.  They jumped up on Seattle and their D has made just enough stops to put them in good position to win this game.  If the Cards can hold on they will have a moral victory.  The Cards D couldn’t stop Seattle and now they are tied.  A fast number of plays and the Card kicker actually hit a FG and they won.  That was an ugly win.




17.          New Orleans Saints (11) – The Saints are having a great day on O and are playing just enough D to be in control for most of this game.  Brees has hit a ton of passes and they never had a real challenge.  They have it in hand and with a bad Special teams call this game may be over.  A good win for New Orleans but this is really too little too late for the Saints who are done.




18.          Cincinnati Bengals (16) – The Bengals D continued its eliminated from the playoffs resurgence.  They are much like a baseball team who plays well once knocked out.  The Bengals shut down the Texans for most of the game and Cincy got just enough to have a lead.  Then Adam PACMAN strip club shooting big mouth scumbag who should be banned from the NFL Jones blew a coverage and let in the TD that put them behind.  Then their kicker did his best Blair Walsh imitation and missed the game winner and they lost.  This could be it for Marvin Lewis and Dalton should go with him.





19.          Buffalo Bills (18) – The Bills have been beaten twice for TDs in the first half and have only managed 7 to answer.  The Bills need the D to tighten up or they are not going to threaten Miami much.  The Bills fell behind a lot but never gave up.  They battled back to take a lead and managed to look like they would pull out a win.  Then, their Head Coach didn’t call a time out in time.  I have never seen a Head Coach screw that up.  I have defended Ryan here for weeks but MY GOD that is about the only thing a Head Coach is solely in charge of and he screwed that up and eventually they lost.  Ryan should be fired now.  A terrible loss and they are eliminated.   Ryan and Ryan are fired and now Taylor is benched and maybe out.  I hope Chicago has Tyrod on a speed dial.




20.          Jacksonville Jaguars (27) – A great start for Jacksonville.  Bortles has been better in the first half then he has been in a few months.  The D is playing solid again and they are nicely in the lead in a meaningless game for them.  The Jags had their best offense day of 2016 and they even played good D too.  They won this game going away and I guess they can take pride in this one although the season is pretty much a hole.





21.          Carolina Panthers (20) – Caaam has had no luck but since it’s Christmas he has gifted Atlanta with golden turnovers.  With no O and no D this game is rapidly on its way to a total blowout.  The Panthers could get no real offense that mattered and their D couldn’t hold down Atlanta.  I believe now finally all the talking heads in the NFL NETWORK can state clearly that the Panthers are ELIMINATED.  That would be a gift to me.





22.          Indianapolis Colts (21) – How bad is Indy?  Watch the first half tape of this game.  Luck tossed golden pick after golden pick.  The Colts D couldn’t stop a fly farting.  By the third quarter they were down by 19 when they luckily knocked out Oakland’s starting QB.  With their opposition deflated and in prevent they were able to score a little and get it close but they lost and are ELIMINATED.   





23.          Philadelphia Eagles (28) – They got their All pro tackle Lane Johnson back from suspension and he added strength to a terrible O line.  Wentz had a bit more time and was able to move the ball well.  The Eagles played good solid D and got turnovers and the O scored just enough.  It was a nice win for a terrible Eagles team who is just happy to play spoiler when they can now.





24.          Minnesota Vikings (23) – The Vikings have no answer to Rodgers or Nelson or much of anything Green Bay tries.  Bradford has made a couple of good throws and a couple of bad ones.  They traded FG for TD and that will not win here and they are down a ton so it doesn’t look good.  The Vikings D was just terrible today and were blown out by Green Bay.  There was no hope whatsoever that Minnesota could score enough to keep up.  An ugly loss and voila Minnesota is eliminated.





25.          San Francisco 49ers (30) – San Fran must have shot their whole load in last week’s effort.  They have been terrible on O and poor on D and are in the process of being defeated by a team that could barely walk out of their locker unescorted.  A Christmas miracle occurred with the Niners finding some O and putting up 15 points in seconds and they took a slim lead.  The D sealed it with a pick and then they had to kneel 3 times and punt to win but they did win.





26.          Baltimore Ravens (7) – The Ravens, a kind of aboriginal Christmas symbol *thanks Northern Exposure* were playing the Grinch early and were beating up a Steeler team that didn’t seem to bring their D to this game.  The vaunted Raven D then had issues stopping LeVeon Bell but that is a common ailment in the NFL.  Then they made one good drive and took the lead and played one bad series of D and lost.  They are ELIMINATED!





27.          Denver Broncos (22) – Denver sucks.  Denver is ELIMINATED. The Cheap shot cheating Denver D allowed a 70-yard TD and allowed a Dontari Poe TD toss.  The Denver O sucks.  The Denver team sucks.  Denver is ELIMINATED.





28.          Cleveland Browns (32) – A great first half for Cleveland. The O is hitting on both pass and run and the D has gotten turnovers.  The Browns played a good 30 minutes and have a lead. Can they play another 30?  The Browns D played hard for 60 and even they played well on special teams.  RGIII played like crap and Kessler couldn’t do much but it was enough and they gutted out an ugly win.  Merry Christmas Cleveland you are out of the 32nd slot.






29.          San Diego Chargers (24) – I could write an encyclopedia on how hard it is for a team to play hard against a bad team.  The Chargers D seems to have not realized they need to try to stop Cleveland.  They are being whipped by an RGIII led O and that is worth coals in their stockings.  They need to wake up or they are gifting a first win to the Browns.  The Chargers were at their self-defeating best and made every effort to lose this game.  In the end their kicker gave his all to lose and did it.  They just lost to the rotten Cleveland Browns.  I would be very happy, If I was San Diego, if this team will not just move out of town but PLEASE change the name.  Humiliating.




30.          New York Jets (26) – No Petty, dying by the Fitz, no D, no O.  Talk about your Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton should cast the Jets in the remake.  This was scarier than a good Night of the Living Dead remake with Tony Todd.  The Jets were terrible, are terrible and once again did enough to get their ill coach fired.  Terrible loss.




31.          Los Angeles Rams (29) – The Rams have been total crap for a month.  Today, they have found a tiny amount of offense and have scored more points here than they scored in the last 3 or 4 weeks combined.  They have also found some D.  They aren’t allowing their customary 50 burger.  It was going to be a Ram win but then the Ram D made its appearance.  They somehow just folded up and let in 2 scores in a matter of seconds.  Then the O tossed a pick and it seemed over.  Then the interim head coach called 3 time outs on Kneel downs and forced time to expire on a punt.  That was about the stupidest thing I have ever seen and still the Rams lose.  What a terrible loss and pretty classless too.





32.          Chicago BEARS (31) – Really poor D for most of the first half. It was a bad pick early that hamstrung the BEARS O.  After a while Chicago got some O going and are managing to keep their head above water here but it may be too much to ask for the BEARS D to keep Washington off the scoreboard in the 2nd half.  The BEARS D let in 40 again and they had FIVE picks.  Talk about the Gold in a silver and gold Christmas.  What a loss.  The BEARS all deserve coal in their stockings.


There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!



MR N’s #NFL Conference Championship Power Poll‏ #NFLPlayoffs #Superbowl

NFL Power Rankings


1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – The Seahawks did something I hadn’t seen since they played Dallas during the regular season.  They played like total crap at home for nearly 45 minutes.  Sparkless offense, poor defense, bad coverage, poor tackling and turnovers.  If you ever need to know how not to play winning playoff football, watch the first three quarters of the game.  Then the 4thquarter came and Seattle’s O came alive and they ripped up the standard poor GB D to get the game to OT and then ripped the poor excuse of GB D to win the game.  For the most part they played like they didn’t deserve to be in the game and then they played like a force.  They need to bring their A game to Arizona.  Play like that again and you will lose the Super Bowl.  Not sure now which Seahawk team will show up for the Super Bowl.

2. New England Patriots (2) – The Pats are Super Bowl bound for the 6th time under Brady.  They are a very tough matchup at home.  Unfortunately for New England the Super Bowl is in Arizona.  They game planned well and are who they are.  I firmly believe that win or lose Brady and Belicheck should walk away from the game.  Go out on top.  As for the game let me quote my Week 11 power poll “As for the game, they ripped the currently sappy Colts apart.  Great win.”

3. Green Bay Packers (4) – The Packers came out strong and played their standard game plan and totally dominated the game from the first whistle til into the 4th quarter.  Failure to convert in the red zone early would in the end be very critical.  The two bad picks Rodgers tossed were critical too.  The Packer D and Special teams playing like crap in the 4th quarter and OT were very critical.  In the end the Packers simply took Aaron Rodgers advice and relaxed all the 4th quarter.  They then relaxed in OT and now they can R-E-L-A-X all off season as they are defeated and done.

4. Indianapolis Colts (3) – They played the same way they did in Week 10 in New England, here is what I said then: “The Colts seem to have been a mirage.  They now just fold when faced with a modicum of D.  Luck is no longer able to carry this team out of the holes it falls in.  If they don’t do a major head shake and get it together…they may yet lose the division to the suddenly hard charging Houston Texans.  It is make or break time for Indy.” – well they managed to win the Division and they won two playoff games which is a nice step forward but they never gave their head a shake when they needed to and they indeed folded.  I think the Colts are moving forward nicely and next year I think they may make the Super Bowl.

5. Dallas Cowboys

6. Denver Broncos –The Broncos seem to be about to hire Gary Kubiak as their new Head Coach.  Kubiak was never very effective in Houston and he seems to be getting this job as he was Elway’s backup.  Good luck Denver.

7. Carolina Panthers

8. Baltimore Ravens

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Detroit Lions

11. Arizona Cardinals – Must be galling to the Cardinals that their home locker room will house the Seattle Seahawks.  If they could only have had some O in the playoffs the Cards could have had the dream.

12. Cincinnati Bengals

13. Houston Texans

14. Kansas City Chiefs

15. Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan has guaranteed playoffs next year for Buffalo.  I don’t think that is a crazy promise as the Bills are close and Ryan may be the guy who brings them to the promised land.

16. San Diego Chargers

17. Atlanta Falcons – no coach yet as the other candidates are all landing someplace.  Will they get anyone or is Dimitroff turning off all the candidates with his ‘style’?

18. Miami Dolphins

19. New York Giants

20. Oakland Raiders – Jack Del Rio is their coach.  He has never won much more than the wood chopping contest in a locker room.  Can he bring the playoffs to Oakland?  It will depend on how he handles the existing core talent.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

23. San Francisco 49ers – They hired Jim Tomsula as their new coach.  He had been an interim coach for one game years ago and has been something like their O line coach for years.  He is a ‘safe’ hire but I don’t know if this puts the closer to the playoffs than they were with Harbaugh.

24. New Orleans Saints

25. Minnesota Vikings

26. New York Jets – They hired Todd Bowles.  I think there are a million juries out on how good a move this will be.  Bowles is touted for the quality of the D he Co-ordinated in ‘Zona.  That could be or he was just blessed with great players.  We will have to see how good a coach he is.

27. St. Louis Rams

28. Cleveland Browns

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

30. Tennessee Titans

31. Chicago Bears – The Bears hired John Fox as their coach.  An inspired choice to help turn around a D that is in terrible shape.  He gets D’s back on their feet and that is the number one job for him here.  The Cutler issue will have to be dealt with quickly and it will be interesting to see if that hot mess is still the Chicago QB come August.

32. Washington Redskins

There you have it, as always I am happy to get any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I will be happy to accept money, preferably tens and twenties!

 MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL Division Weekend Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings #NFLThoughts

NFL Power Rankings


1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – The Seahawk D is amazing and playing lights out.  They have one issue and that is one CB who is making mistakes and has allowed one Carolina TD.  The play of Wilson has been great and with a four point half time lead, the Seahawks are in good position.  The Seahawks just played a solid second half and Russell Wilson drove the length of the field to put the game away.  The pick 6 by Kam Chancellor simply guaranteed Seattle would cover the spread.  Wilson and the Legion of Boom overwhelmed the Panthers and now await the next victim.  Excellent game.


2. Indianapolis Colts (5) – The Colts seem to have used the last week to find something that they haven’t had all year.  Their D is playing well.  They have getting good play from their front seven.  I didn’t even know they had a front seven.  The secondary is playing sharp.  Andrew Luck is being the dynamic force he always is.  Boom Herron is putting on a display for the ages.  Playing with an injured shoulder he is playing like a modern version of Emmitt Smith.  The Colts are looking amazing.  I have not seen them look this good this year.  They are about 20 minutes of winning a game in amazing fashion.  The Colts did it!  They waited until the 3rd last week of the season to play their best all round game of the year.  Simply amazing D and O and a solid team effort.  If they muster this effort again next week they will simply roll over the Pats and be on the way to Arizona.  Can they?


3. New England Patriots (3) – Can’t imagine what is going on in New England.  They have been beyond dominant at home all year and they came out flat today.  Before they even woke up, they were down two scores.  Finally, Brady pulled his head out of his ass and tied the game.  His tossing of a late first half golden turnover led to the crappy Pat D letting in another score and they trail at the half.  The Pats need to come out in the third quarter and quickly tie the game.  They need to play D more like they have previously at home or they will be going home after this.  So they got the kickoff and gave the ball back to Baltimore and allowed another TD.  They are hopefully getting their off-season plans ready.  Unless they wake up, this thing is over.  An exciting 2nd half that was highlighted by Brady singlehandedly carrying his team to victory.  Excellent D to take over the golden turnovers.  A nice win. 


4. Green Bay Packers (2) – The Pack D had a great first series and then Rodgers tore up the Cowboys and took a good lead.  The Pack D then played poorly and we’re tied.  The better O will win this game.  The Packers are making a lot of mistakes in play calling and in on field discipline.  If Green Bay gets the win here it will be because they tighten up their play and work hard.  Not playing a good game so far and will need to improve fast.  Superb play by Rodgers led the Pack to a nice come from behind victory.  Their D has so many issues and their QB has leg issues.  It will be a tough time in Seattle.


5. Dallas Cowboys (4) – The Cowboy D didn’t have an answer to the first drive by GB and were quickly down by 7.  A nice drive by the ‘Boys’ got the game tied.  A questionable PI call in the endzone helped Dallas get the score.  It was said in pre-game this isn’t an ‘allstar’ ref crew…so I guess we can expect poor calls.  Dallas held the lead through the first half and seem to have momentum early in the second half.  The sense that is hanging about the game is that the ‘not all star refs’ are heavily penalizing GB to the  benefit of the Cowboys.  The Cowboys tried hard in the end but it wasn’t enough.  Their D couldn’t make the stops and on a key play Dez Bryant didn’t catch a ball and let the ball hit the ground and that ended the game.  A non mother beating WR would have pulled the ball in but hey, you beat your mother, bad things carry on…karma.  Ok time to find a QB and a new coach and a new RB as Murray will never be the same again.


6. Carolina Panthers (6) – The first half of this game has been the titanic defensive battle that was advertised.  The Panthers are giving no quarter but have made the few key mistakes and that has them down.  Ball control, turnovers and missed coverages could end up being the tale of this clash.  The Panthers played as hard as they could but in the end, it was the mistakes that got them.  Caaaaam tossed a couple of key picks and initiated a fumble and that ended it.  In the end, the Panther D played great but made a few mistakes that were fatal.  A good year but they need to keep developing and hope that Cam grows into a better QB who makes better decisions.


7. Denver Broncos (7) – The Broncos D has issues.  I have focused on that fact for weeks.  Their secondary has missed a ton of coverages.  The Broncos are poor in press coverage and poor in man to man.  They resort to holding to make up for their deficiencies. The pass rush can’t get through the Colt blocking.  Manning is missing most of his throws and CJ Anderson seems slowed by injury.  They may have just got a lucky turnover to keep them in this game otherwise they are simply fighting for their playoff life.  The Broncos never managed to get anything going at all.  Manning was terrible, their D was porous and in the end this sad shadow of last year’s Bronco team is done.  I think if all is fair Peyton should hang them up.  This team’s window has closed. 


8. Baltimore Ravens (8) – The Ravens got off to the best start they could hope for with two quick TDs and then their D slid back and allowed the Pats to tie.  A late first half pick led to the third Raven TD and a half time lead.  If Flacco and the D play way above their heads for 30 more minutes, they will win this game.  Gutsy call, going for it on 4th and 6.  Making it and adding another TD is a feather in the cap for the only Harbaugh not at Michigan.  What a final half.  The Ravens thought they had it but were beaten by a trick play and a late bad pick by Flacco.  The taking of a timeout by Baltimore late was completely classless and he should be ashamed.  The loss was going to be a good effort by the Ravens but it was just cheapened and made ugly by the utter lack of sportsmanship.  To force that punt was so classless I am so unimpressed.  You should have just lost with dignity.  Harbaugh is the kid who won’t give up and holds his breath until he turns blue. A postscript note is that the 5 year old coach just can’t lose with dignity.  He publicly accused the Patriots of cheating via substitution and it is clear that the moves were legal.  How immature is he to be out coached and his QB out QB’d and he still has to cry that it wasn’t fair.  Get a pair John; obviously you aren’t man enough to lose with class like Marvin Lewis did.



9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Detroit Lions


11. Arizona Cardinals – it’s funny how even Kurt Warner was considering offering his services for Arizona during the Wild Card.  it says something about Lindley that it really seems likely that a QB retired for several years, who is 43, likely, would have outperformed him.


12. Cincinnati Bengals

13. Houston Texans

14. Kansas City Chiefs

15. Buffalo Bills – The hiring of Rex Ryan as Head Coach is an inspired choice for this franchise.  Ryan comes into a great situation for him…a team with a D better than what he left, a good running game in place and the same division.  It would not be hard to believe that Ryan could have the Bills in the playoffs next year, 2016 for sure.


16. San Diego Chargers

17. Atlanta Falcons

18. Miami Dolphins

19. New York Giants


20. Oakland Raiders – I was heartened to read this week that Tony Sparano is now the favorite to become the full time head coach.  They keep Sparano, keep building, and watch out for the resurging Silver and Black.


21. Philadelphia Eagles

22. Jacksonville Jaguars


23. San Francisco 49ers – nearly every assistant is up for interviews for HC or O/C D/C jobs.  I didn’t even realize Eric Mang-idiot was on their staff


24. New Orleans Saints – The news that Rob Ryan is staying on as D/C is a bit of a shock.  It appeared it was that Payton and him couldn’t stand to be in the same room anymore.  We will see how long this lasts.


25. Minnesota Vikings

26. New York Jets

27. St. Louis Rams


28. Cleveland Browns – Manziel threatens to spend the entire off-season in Cleveland.  Hotels and bars get ready for the weekly party…TMZ get your cameras ready…Smirnoff…they will need vodka.


29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – They have spent time studying Mariotta and Winston.  Not sure if either is a franchise QB but if I leaned towards one, it is the Duck.


30. Tennessee Titans


31. Chicago Bears – They have hired a new GM and Ryan Pace may be the best hire they have had since Ditka in the early 80’s.  Pace is a football guy who has a plan and is ready to build.  He wants D that will try every play.  That I would enjoy seeing.  He has a relationship with Doug Marrone from when they were in New Orleans and Marrone would be a good HC for Chicago.


32. Washington Redskins


There you have it!  As always I am thrilled to have anyone offer thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements…just read it and make me happy!  I will also accept money, preferably tens and twenties!

 MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL Wild Card Weekend Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings #NFLPlayoffs

NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – on the post season bye and await the first victim to head into that home field.  Barring something untoward occurring, they are still two easy wins from playing in the Super Bowl.


2. Green Bay Packers (2) – on the post-season bye and their home field of Lambeau will give them an almost undefeatable advantage in the Division round.  They don’t have home field beyond that so I don’t see them as more than one bye, one win and done.


3. New England Patriots (3) – on the post season bye and their home field advantage will be the key to their success this year.  I can’t see them losing until they get to Arizona and get spanked in the 49th Super Bowl by Seattle.


4. Dallas Cowboys (4) – Am I watching a rerun of Thanksgiving?  Last time the Dallas O line played this bad the excuse was that they only had 2 days and just a walk through and weren’t ready.  What is the excuse now?  The beyond any reasonable explanation of bad tackling is mind boggling.  So many times the Cowboys could have forced punts, stopped drives over and over by just tackling.  If Dallas doesn’t pull their collective head out of their arses they will be going home and defeated by a not very good team.  2nd half will bear careful watching.  Ok what a second half.  Dallas stormed back and took a lead.  They got some key turnovers and D stops but they also got the benefit of something never before seen.  A Cowboy defender interfered with a Lion and was flagged…then they took up the flag???? I was also flabbergasted by a 2nd year Cowboy who forced a fumble and tried to run with it and fumbled it and lost it back to Detroit.  They were lucky to win and should be easily dispatched next week.  A not very good team.


5. Indianapolis Colts (6) – Superb opening drive with solid rush, good passing and good pass and run blocking.  Nice start for Indy.  Indy needs to get TY Hilton to realize this is the playoffs and he needs to step up.  Dropping a TD pass and later not catching a key drive extender is not how a team performs in the playoffs.   The holes in the secondary created the opportunity for a Cincy TD.  They have to tighten up the D (at least today) if they want to win.  The Colts managed only 13 points in the first half.  They would have easily had 23 if TY Hilton could catch every pass thrown his way. The Colts should be well in front and need to keep it up and catch all of Luck’s throws or they may lose this game.  The Colts played decent D in the second half and added a key FG and that was that.  A good game by Indy.  Uncharacteristically they actually played in the first 30 minutes.  A full game and now they will be fully tested on the road against Denver.


6. Carolina Panthers (8) – The Panthers D is playing hard and are keeping the Cards off balance.  Early good field position became only a FG.  They need to get a 7 and that will put severe pressure on the Cards.  Another drive, well led by Caaaaaaaaaaam and a TD and now if Carolina can just play D they have this and will be rewarded with getting publicly spanked in Seattle in a week.  Carolina committed the first golden turnover on special teams and added a bad penalty to lead to them allowing a touchdown.  They need to take advantage of good field position to get more points.  Or they can throw a pick like Caaaaaaaam did and it lead directly to another TD.  Now this struggling O is behind and needs to get it going or they are in severe trouble.  They got great field position off another bad punt and terrible tackling let them walk into the endzone.  Taking a turnover back put them now 13 over and this D should be able to hold this with just over 19 minutes left.  If Carolina wins this just remember they only did this as they played a team who didn’t have a punter.  The Key pick by Kuechly has almost ended the legit chances of Arizona and now the Panther D just have to hold on for 8 minutes.  A good win but I doubt they can score seven against Seattle.



7. Denver Broncos (7) – on the post season bye and they are in the same spot as Green Bay.  They are set up for a win in Division round and a bad loss on the road in the Conference Championship.


8. Baltimore Ravens (12) – The Ravens have had issues from the start keeping the rush off Flacco with a backup LT there.  They had no luck getting anything going with the pass but were able to use the run game to perfection and that gave them a lead well in the second quarter.  Their D has bent but not broken and that has kept them only allowing field goals early.  A decent start for a team lacking discipline.  The offense couldn’t do another thing in the first half and the D continues to bend not break.  a one point lead is better than trailing but they need to get the O moving to get in control of this game.  The Ravens got another FG and now with another TD the Ravens are almost too far up to be caught with just over a quarter left.  Must wait to see.  The Ravens were able to take advantage of the terrible pass D from Pittsburgh and with a late golden turnover recovery they sealed the deal.  Not a great win and they will be spanked by the Patriots but they move on.


9. Pittsburgh Steelers (5) – The Steelers are able to move the ball between the 20’s pretty well but lack the drive to get it into the end zone.  They will find pretty quick that trading field goals for tds is the recipe for going home in the playoffs.  Not off to a great start and need to tighten up their rush D and their offense and play from behind early.  Yet another Field Goal puts the Steelers just down by one.  They have to reach the end zone as their D isn’t made to keep another team down right now.  The bad Steeler D let Flacco toss a TD and now the Steelers need two more touchdowns in 15 minutes or their season is done.  And their season is done.  Sometimes this year Pittsburgh’s D played terrible and they decided to return to that tonight.  The late Pick tossed by Ben killed their chances.  Disappointing but a team that lost badly to Tampa and the Jets had the capability of playing bad in the playoffs.  This team needs to find a QB of the future as Ben will suddenly no longer be there at any point in the future.


10. Detroit Lions (9) – The Lions have gotten off to nice start.  They haven’t really done anything amazing.  I give them credit.  They have simply used their O and D gameplans and Dallas has decided to do very little to disrupt them.  They are getting great pressure on Romo, they are stuffing the run, they are getting large gains in the passing game and long runs.  They will continue to lead and be successful until someone decides to either block them or tackle them.  What a second half.  The Detroit O was incompetent and their D was cheap shotting and playing dirty and they never got another point.  Now to be totally fair they did get a first down on a pass interference that then was taken back after the flag was picked up.  How that happened I do not know.  Bottom line is a bad Detroit team is eliminated and that is fine.  They were the worst 11-5 I have seen in a while and were no good at all.  Suh should be banished by the way.


11. Arizona Cardinals (10) – The Cards didn’t get the start they hoped for with a 3 and out and a bad punt.  Lucky to be down only 3 early.  Really poor secondary play early compounded with bad tackling (the type not seen by Arizona ALL YEAR) has them now down double digits and this could be a long day for Arizona.  Taking advantage of a key special teams turnover has got the Cardinals right back in the game but it’s close and the poor punts of Arizona may be the deciding factor.  Taking the ball away from Carolina may be the difference now.  An unlikely lead.  Can the D hold it now?  The answer is no.  Poor punting continued and that lead to a poor tackling demonstration and a TD allowed.  Then a golden special teams turnover and now down by nearly two TDs… this offense needs a miracle or they are done.  Special teams mistakes have buried this squad and now they need two TDs in 15 minutes against a tough D or done.  Good luck!  They got a key late turnover to give them life and promptly turned over the ball to consider their offseason plans.  Still need a huge miracle to even get it close.  No miracle and the dream ends.  Got pretty far with that many injuries.  Need a QB and they can keep it rolling.


12. Cincinnati Bengals (11) – The Bengals will go as far as their D takes them today.  The first drive gives indications that the Bengals D will take Cincy home after this game.  What an empty D to start.  The Bengals got their D working a little and then got a good drive to get a tying score.  Cincy has to take advantage of the holes that are prevalent in the Colt Secondary.  The Bengals find themselves lucky to be down by three at the half.  They got one golden turnover that helped but they can’t rely on Indy dropping passes all game.  They need to tighten up D and O.  The Bengals O was totally flat and you can say what you will about no playmakers…the issue behind Cincy struggles is the man behind center.  Cincy now has lost again.  Do you cut Dalton and Fire Lewis?  They have made the playoffs something like four straight years…some teams would love that kind of failure.








13. Houston Texans

14. Kansas City Chiefs

15. Buffalo Bills – with Marrone walking away one has to wonder now  – who wants to coach here and what impact will this change have on EJ Manuel?  Buffalo is not trending up with this happening.

16. San Diego Chargers

17. Atlanta Falcons  – Matt Ryan may be the ‘set’ QB but that D needs way more help than just a defensive minded coach.  Not as rosy of a coaching opening as people see it.

18. Miami Dolphins

19. New York Giants – The G-men gave Coughlin another year but with a ‘warning’.  With that team as it is (ODB and pray)…if they are only going to keep Coughlin if the Giants win…they might as well have canned him now.

20. Oakland Raiders – they are actively searching for a new coach instead of just hiring Sparano and if they do that they will set back a team that has a great chance to take the next step.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – Kelly gets full control and this could work if he can get in the players that have the skills and attitude to play in his system.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

23. San Francisco 49ers – This coaching job may not be as exciting as people think, that D is going to get old fast and they have little or no receivers to speak of.

24. New Orleans Saints

25. Minnesota Vikings

26. New York Jets – Woody likes Marrone and he might be a good fit for the Jets.

27. St. Louis Rams

28. Cleveland Browns – I see Cleveland cutting Manziel and drafting a new franchise QB.  Want the definition of a franchise that doesn’t have a plan or a clue?  See Cleveland.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

30. Tennessee Titans

31. Chicago Bears – Rex Ryan would be a good fit here but knowing Chicago like I do they just want to give as little money as possible to a coach.

32. Washington Redskins


There you have it, as always I appreciate any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I love it when people just read my work!  As a rule I will be only commenting on teams still alive in the playoffs unless there is significant news (10 of 20 eliminated teams had news I commented on this week!).  Enjoy the playoff views.


A question:  What is your opinion of that picked up Pass Interference flag in the Det/Dall game? I want to hear from everyone!


I will also accept money, preferably tens and twenties J

RIP Stuart Scott


MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL Week 17 Power Poll‏ #NFLNetwork #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.           Seattle Seahawks (1) – An uncharacteristic slow start at home was overcome with the characteristic solid D play in the second half.  The Seahawks slowly wore down the Rams and then tore it up and won the game going away.  The beyond the shadow of a shadow of a doubt Best team in the NFL with home field till they play in Arizona in February.


2.           Green Bay Packers (3) – The Packers had to work hard to win the division but they did it and got a much needed bye.  Rodgers was the difference and he single handedly won the game for Green Bay.  They really needed this win and if they get healthy, they will be hard to beat in two weeks.


3.          New England Patriots (2) – With nothing to play for and biding time till their bye the game is going like a hard practice for the Pats early.  The Pats are going through the motions and those motions have them down to Buffalo half way through.  The Pats just decided this game didn’t matter and put the stamps on the envelope early.  Ok we will see how good they are come week 2 of the playoffs now.


4.          Dallas Cowboys (4) – The Cowboys have jumped out to a nice lead against a rotten team.  Romo and Murray and Mother Beating Dez have given Dallas a big lead and this game is all but over.  The Cowboys won the game going away and look ready to battle in the playoffs.


5.          Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – Big Ben was tossing his cookies early and tossing at TD once the game started.  With the O line playing so strongly Ben has all day and looks composed in the pocket.  Out to a nice lead and if they can hold it they will be home next weekend.  The Steelers struggled in the 2nd half and Ben tossed some golden turnovers but when it came down to it…a key turnover and a deep pass and the Steelers will win their division and host the Ravens.  That should be blood on the field next Sunday for sure.


6.           Indianapolis Colts (8) – The Colts have nothing at all to play for (seems pride isn’t part of the Colt makeup) and they are playing like that early.  Luck got untracked and tore up the Titans and now has taken the rest of the day off.  The Colts should be able to hold the lead for the 2nd half.  The Colts managed to hold on and win the game.  Now they get to face a probably crappy team in the wild card but will have to tighten up their entire game to have any hopes of playoff success.


7.         Denver Broncos (10) – The Broncos blew out the Raiders and landed a first round bye.  Manning still doesn’t look like the Manning of 2 months ago.  I think that ship has sailed.  They have good rush O with CJ Anderson and will need to rely on that for playoff success.  The D has issues and their road to the Super Bowl may not be as rosy as last year.


8.         Carolina Panthers (11) – The Panthers brought real game today and dominated from start to finish.  The car accident seems to have created a more mature, dedicated and serious Caaaaaam and he is a leader now.  The Panther O played well and the D was amazing.  A superb win that gives them the division title and a playoff home game (mostly because the NFL is too stuck in its ways to have the teams re-seeded).  I hope they bask in the glow for a bit because it will likely all end next weekend.


9.          Detroit Lions (5) – The Lions battled the Packers right till the end.  They gave their all and played good D.  The offense struggled (as it often does)…two TDs to megatron wasn’t enough for the Lions.  They lost and lost badly to Green Bay and now get to go to Dallas and face a hot Cowboy team.  I see a one and done in their future.


10.       Arizona Cardinals (7) – The team that is doing it with baling wire, duct tape and QB whispering almost snuck another win.  Lindley did what he could with limited ability…he tossed some TDs, he tossed a LOT of picks and they ended up 3 points short.  I think it is not beyond the realm that this team can find enough to go to Carolina next weekend and kick some Panther ass.


11.        Cincinnati Bengals (9) – The Bengals D is having huge trouble with the Steelers O line.  They can generate no pass rush pressure and that is leaving their secondary hanging out.  The Bengals O needs to get more productive fast or they are on the road in a week.  Two picks for Dalton are golden and he should know better but he is what he is.  The Bengals used two key picks in the second half to help keep them in the game and just when it appeared they were starting to gain ‘Mo’…a fumble…a critical mistake by a DB and now it appears the Bengals only reward is a road game vs. Indy next week.  They are just not that good.


12.          Baltimore Ravens (14) – The Ravens are in a win and get help situation but don’t seem to be playing as good as one would think they would be so far.  The total lack of offense by Baltimore is shocking.  How awful is Baltimore to not be blowing this bad Brown team away?   The Ravens got a win and made the playoffs.  Congrats!  You are the worst team in the playoffs in a long time and it won’t take much of an effort to make this sorry team one and done next week.


13.        Houston Texans (13) – Solid D and workable O was going ok for the Texans but a golden turnover has the Texans down.  The Texans have battled back to a lead and the way everyone seems to be playing they could yet sneak into the playoffs.  Well done Houston. You played hard and won the game.  They didn’t make the playoffs but played pretty well.  They need a ton of help on O and keep the D humming and they will be alright.


14.         Kansas City Chiefs (16) – Chiefs need to win and have tons of help and so far are bringing it in this divisional matchup.   Excellent effort from the Chiefs D has the team in good shape and a key early 2nd half turnover could seal this deal.  A gutsy game by Chase Daniels and the Chief D got them an unexpected win.  The Chiefs need to get better on O to have a shot in 2015.


15.        Buffalo Bills (17) – The Bills are going down with the QB that brought them to this sorry state and so far Orton is playing like a vet QB who couldn’t win a game to get his team in the playoffs.  Orton has driven the Bills to a bit of a lead and with New England not attempting to play; this game may belong to Buffalo.  The game did belong to Buffalo.   They didn’t play great but they did try.  A nice win to end the year. It may not be as positive as it could have been as they stunted EJ Manuel with the use of Orton.  Buffalo needs to figure out what they are doing at QB and fast.


16.         San Diego Chargers (12) – In a win and in situation the Bolts don’t have the energy one would think they would have early today.  The Chargers got a TD but are being punished by a resurgent Chief D and are down and facing playoff elimination and the clock is ticking.  The clock ran out.  What a colossally horrible effort that was.  I am shocked and offended and the Chargers should be more shocked and offended.  Terrible effort and it killed off a playoff dream.  Now Rivers may as well retire.

17.         Atlanta Falcons (15) – What can I say about Atlanta that I haven’t already said?  The D is a joke, a bad joke.  They can’t cover, they have issues tackling.  The team cannot score enough to make up for what that group of imposters allows.  An ugly loss that puts their coach out of work.  They have so many issues I wouldn’t expect them back in the playoffs for a couple of years at least.

18.         Miami Dolphins (18) – Dolphins struggling to get O working against a reasonably effective Jet D.  With nothing to play for one wonders how hard Miami wants to play.  The Dolphins continue to play like they wish the year was over.  The Dolphins were never really interested and lost badly.  Can’t fault them as once their playoff hopes ended they all were looking for the door.  Tannehill is the real deal.  There are some comers on D.  They aren’t far off being a contender.


19.     New York Giants (19) – The G-men seem to be wanting to end the season on a roll and are playing tough early vs. their rivals.  Good pass offense by Eli has the Giants battling and they could yet sneak out a morale aiding win.  The Giants couldn’t do it.  Their D let them down.  Well that was quite a year and it may be time for Eli and Tom to have their parade.


 20.           Oakland Raiders (20) – Ah Oakland…they went on the road and met a buzz saw of Denver rushing O and some good D play.  They got blown out and the D got thumped.  Another to put in the OOOPS column.  Carr had a fine rookie year, Hayden is a good young CB, Mack is the MAN on D, and Murray is the RB future.  I am given hope by Davis jr saying Sparano may yet be their coach.  If they keep Tony this team is on the way up faster than if they try to start over with some ‘sexy’ name coach.


21.          Philadelphia Eagles (22) – In a divisional game with only pride on the line the Eagles are playing ok early.  A still up for grabs battle and the Eagles are keeping it competitive.  The Eagles dug out a win and that is a nice way to end a disappointing season.  They need to continue to grow and really need to figure out who their QB is.

22.      Jacksonville Jaguars (21) – The Jags O is having the expected issues with the Texan D but a key pick six for the Jag D has them out in a lead early.  The Jags are still battling but need to get points against a tough D.  The Jags gave their all and kept their heads in the game.  A good young squad that has to keep moving forward.  They are a team with hope.

 23.      San Francisco 49ers (25) – The joke that is SF got a win with some nice early O and D that played ok.  They got the win and they lose their coach.  Who would really want to coach this team?  The QB is not the star that everyone thinks he is.  He has issues and a lot of them are just above his shoulders.  The D is not getting any younger and once badly injured…it often leads to more injuries.  I think Harbaugh will to be seen as getting out right as the sun was setting on the Niners.

 24.      New Orleans Saints (26) – The lost season can’t end soon enough as the Saints have trouble moving the ball early against the lowly Bucs.  The Saints are so bad they are now in danger for being pounded by Tampa.  I think this is as sad as I have ever seen them play since the Saints stopped being laughing stocks in the NFL.   The Saints battled back and got a win.  Now they will fire the D co-ordinator and then face the unenviable task of figuring out the future of a rapidly aging team.

 25.       Minnesota Vikings (27) – Bridgewater showing early how brilliant Minnesota was in acquiring this franchise QB.  Better days are ahead for the Vikings.  Those better days don’t seem to include today as the Viking O is so flat lining that I think it is dead.  They have managed but 3 points against a terrible D.  Finally a TD pass from Bridgewater has provided some life for Minny.  That TD was enough to give Minnesota the win.  They have a future but need to seriously improve the D or having a franchise QB won’t matter much.

26.        New York Jets (28) – The Jets are playing well again in week 17 and it’s kind of funny how they have heart finally after a season of no heart. The Jets are playing well and are going out with a fight at least.  Geno Smith has done enough to prove to me he is the franchise QB of New York.  I just assume this team is too stupid to recognize it.  The Jets need help all over and canning the coach and GM won’t fix all that is wrong here.

27.       St. Louis Rams (23) – The Rams came out and played a very hard for the first half and held a lead for a while.  The lack of O really started to be felt and in the end two field goals were not enough to match the Seahawks.  Good effort but this team needs to keep the D coming on, keep working on fixing the O line and they need to find a QB of the future.  A team with issues.

28.      Cleveland Browns (24) – The Browns had a week of turmoil and immaturity but are bringing all they have early.  The Browns D is playing well.  Connor Shaw isn’t horrible and the Indians are tied with the Orioles 3-3.  The Browns played pretty good considering how sad of state the franchise is in.  A loss and now they need to cut a bunch of first round picks and figure out the next step.

29.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31) – The Bucs have nothing to lose and are just playing to make New Orleans look bad.  The Bucs have jumped out to a nice lead and with the D playing hard they are in good shape.  Tampa stopped playing and got put away.  What a team of quitters.  They are in a mess and need to find a direction to move forward.  Who is their QB?


30.        Tennessee Titans (32) – The worst team in the league is playing their usual hard style early.  Can they play 60 today?  They couldn’t play 30 and are down and this may be ugly by the time it’s over.  The Titans tried harder in the second half than they have in a long time.  It was never a blow out and in my view they are no longer the worse team in the NFL.  They need a ton of help going forward and need to get players in who want to try hard for 60 minutes.


31.             Chicago BEARS (30) – The abomination of the season was shown by the first offensive set of downs.  Only the 2014 Bears could take a 2nd and 1 and false start and delay of game it into a 2nd and 11 and eventually punt.  Fire the QB.  The lack of production continues but two field goals have them up by three in an outdoor snore fest.  The Bears again showed no heart on O and barely scored against a weak D and lost.  What a fitting ugly way to end an ugly year.  Fire nearly everyone is my suggestion.


32.             Washington Redskins (29) – The sad sack Redskins are down double digits early on and this could be ugly soon.  The severe lack of D for Washington is still a constant.  The Redskins can’t stop anyone.  The Skins in the end were destroyed and I think they deserve to end the year with the award of WORST team in the NFL.  They need a ton of help on O and D.  What a mess.

There you have it!  As always I enjoy sharing my in game and post game thoughts with everyone!  I also enjoy every thought, agreement, comment, argument…just read it if you like!  I will always take cash, preferably tens and twenties – Charlie Brown’s sister said it first – all she wants is what she has coming to her, all she wants is her fair share!  Happy New Year everyone!!!!

 MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL Super Bowl 48 Power Poll‏

seahawks SB 48 champs

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – Well that was a dominant win in every sense of the word. Faster, stronger, more efficient. Destroyed on D, Special Teams and Offense. Looked for the world like a group of young guys beating up a team of retirement home residents. I don’t know if they can do this again, very few teams ever do it twice in a row but they can certainly relish this win. This team, with their coach, is the BEST in the NFL. They have a lot of free agent issues and contract things coming so it will be interesting to see if they can win their own tough division next year.


2. Denver Broncos (2) – Well they got schooled nationally. Peyton Manning doesn’t like the word embarrassed to be used to define their loss but if the cleat fits…The Broncos got a lot of press about their improved D in the playoffs. The simple fact is they had a D that couldn’t cover all through the season and they were lucky enough to have Manning out score whatever their D allowed. They met a D that strangled Manning and their D couldn’t cover Seattle’s not very superb WR. The Broncos can keep scoring lots and make the playoffs again but they are not capable of playing with the big boys of the NFC. If I was Manning I would walk away…he is not winning one with Denver and if they face Seattle or SF in the Super Bowl next year it will be 49-6.


There you have it! As always I love to see every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I will also accept cash, preferably tens and twenties!





3. San Francisco 49ers (2) – Came out with a great game plan and used it to effectively dominate the first half. The great play by their QB was stunted by multiple picks that he threw that cost them the game. There was a horrible incident where a member of the SF team, on the sideline, clotheslined Sea Special Teamer Jeremy Lane during a play. I am hopeful but not certain that the NFL Will hit SF with a massive fine. That sort of classless behavior cannot be allowed in the NFL.


4. New England Patriots (4) – The Pats got spanked and that is a super surprise. The biggest surprise was that you can lay the blame fully at the feet of Tom Brady. He over-through his open receivers so many times that it literally cost the NE Pat offense a chance to be competitive in this game. Never saw that coming and getting one year older isn’t going to make New England better next year.



5. Carolina Panthers (2) – Played their heart out in the first half, outnumbered by facing the 49ers and the Referees too. It is virtually a capital crime to have an incredible battle between two amazing teams ruined by horrible refs. Whatever chance this team had in this game was ended early by horribly biased bad ref calls and it is no surprise that a young team couldn’t come back from it. They will dominate next year and I can’t wait to see Carolina play SF next year and pound them pillar to post.


6. Indianapolis Colts (6) – I told Indy that they couldn’t do this again and let a team take a lead on them in a game like this. Now they have a hole to dig out of and Andrew, turnovers are GOLD. This year the Colts went one game further. They got schooled by failing to play a full 60 again. I think with some D improvements and another year of experience for Andy Luck I think they could be AFC Championship game bound next year.


7. San Diego Chargers (7) – The D did a fair job of holding Denver to only 14 in the first half. The Offensive line was horrendous letting a not great Denver pass rush Sack Rivers 3 times and totally destroy any SD passing game. They must keep holding Denver down and mount some sort of pass game or this is over now. The D played well enough to give them a shot but it was the inability of the O line to block in the first quarter that sealed it. A good effort and we will see if they can build on it next year.


8. New Orleans Saints (8) – Troubled by the rain more than wind, chippy cheapshot D makes them look bad and being shutout in the first half really defined the Road Worriers. Brees was able to use terrible referee calls and cheap shot utilizing D to get within one score but in the end the Aint D was the walking crap hole it always is and their alleged big shot Dback Keenan Lewis couldn’t even push #BeastMode out of bounds. Go slink into the offseason and figure out how to pay bigger bounties next year.


9. Green Bay Packers (9) – Terrible start on O and the D was bad between the 10’s but stout in the goal line area for the most part. They are staying in the game and if within 7 in the 4th Q they will have a shot. Green Bay gave their all and battled and battle til the very end but just couldn’t make the stops. A team who’s D was an issue all year lost because their D couldn’t make a stop. Ding Dong the Pack is dead which is happiness for a BEARS Fan.



10. Philadelphia Eagles (10) – The Eagles are shooting themselves in the foot and are keeping a dangerous Saints team in the game and that may come back to haunt them yet. Let the haunting begin. They didn’t play good enough on offense to allow for their D to play as bad as it did and win the game. Close doesn’t count and they need to get a lot better on D or they will be lucky just to be one and done in the playoffs next year (everyone else in their division is awful so they can win it).



11. Kansas City Chiefs (11) – Blew Indy away in the first half without any real dominance. They lost their best offensive weapon almost from the start and then they simply ran their offense. Not being tackled has been their secret weapon. The Chiefs gave all they had and their offense couldn’t do anymore. The D was actually shredded but to be fair it was shredded by injury first. A good effort but fell one point short.



12. Cincinnati Bengals (12) – Solid rush attack, some but not many good throws by Dalton and on and off D got them a slim lead at the half. They need to toughen up their tackling and take the opening kick of the 2nd half for 7 and that would put them on the road to the Division round. They had a shot and blew it. The Bengal D couldn’t deal with the run and Andy Dalton proved once more that turnovers are GOLD. The fumble, the multiple picks…there was nothing that they could do to overcome the turnovers. If I was Cincy I might fire both the HC and the QB and start over fresh twice. This isn’t working and their window will close sooner than they think.



13. Arizona Cardinals (8) – D was flat early but the Off came together late to make it a game but in the end they are just a team that is THAT close to playoffs. They could win their division next year. They are that good.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (14) – Gave their all, veterans know how to perform late in the year when it is on the line. They did all they could to give themselves a shot at the playoffs. Good try. They need to get younger on D in a big way and they need to draft a new QB, Big Ben is Big Old and Battered. Need more help on O too. Rebuild time.


15. Baltimore Ravens (13) – When it came down to it, Flacco proved that turnovers are gold and he can throw picks with the worst of them. An ugly end to a pretty ugly year. They need WR help, and to try to build on what they have on hand…close but not elite by a long shot.


16. Tennessee Titans (22) – A solid performance that will hopefully put and end to the spurious talk that Munchak should be fired…he didn’t hurt Locker and that was what killed this team’s year. All they need to do now is get their QB healthy, draft solidly, add one or two players and they will be wild card at least next season.


17. Dallas Cowboys (17) – How ’bout ‘Dem Cowboys? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team in the NFC. So much fun to continue to watch Jerry Jones celebrate wildly during games he eventually loses. Smart owners celebrate after a win not after a first down. This team needs a QB, needs a RB who isn’t fragile or a fumbler, needs a WR who is a talent but not a mother beater. Their secondary is horrible. They are lucky Washington and NYG are in their division so they may yet finish 2nd again next year but out of the playoffs. Fire Garrett.


18. St. Louis Rams (15) – Shockingly undisciplined and mistake filled game. A good year of promise ends on a very sour note. They need to decide pretty quick if Bradford is their future or was he a flop. Do they give him zillions or draft a new one and kind of start fresh? They need help at WR too and another left tackle might help Bradford too.


19. Chicago BEARS (16) – Off did all it reasonably could to win the game but the D just isn’t good enough to be playoff capable. They face a ton of contract issues that could and likely will gut this team. They were good enough to be a serious playoff contender but the mass injuries destroyed their D. This may not even be a top 25 team with all the players they can’t re-sign.


20. New York Giants (24) – A sad sack Giant team that pulled out a win for the gipper and for their old coach. They must rebuild. They need a new QB to get ready behind a massively aged Eli and they need to inject talent to a horrible O line and need to add talent to the missing link of a secondary. Years away from playoffs.


21. Buffalo Bills (23) – In a veritable monsoon Buffalo tried but failed. They still need to build on their foundations and are likely 2 years away from contending but they are coming along.


22. Jacksonville Jaguars (18) – They were a team that seemed to have started their offseason before they played their last game. Never in the game. They did play .500 in the last 8 and have some talent but desperately need a franchise QB, need talent who doesn’t use drugs at WR and need lots of help on D. Years away. If they draft Manziel they will be in a media circus of crappy QB play until 2020.

23. Minnesota Vikings (28) – A gutsy last game won in their old dome. This team needs a ton of help. There are a ton of franchise-like QBs coming available and the Vikes need to draft one. They need to get WR help, they need D help, they need O line help. Oh and can your head coach would be what I would do first thing Monday am. (written Sunday night Dec 29)


24. Detroit Lions (20) – Stafford played poorly and the D quit. The self defeaters self defeated themselves again. This team needs to can their head Thug, cut some problem players, draft character, get younger on O and try again. A team that can’t win with who they have because talent with lack of discipline/maturity is no talent at all.


25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Were never able to make a stop in the first half and were so far behind they could never come back. The D was destroyed and the team needs to start fresh next year. They are talented enough to even surprise some people next year. ((that they fired their coach now may set back any hope this team has for rapid improvement especially if the new guy wants his own QB))


26. New York Jets (26) – A great game by Geno Smith for a change that saved Sexy Rexy’s job and let the season end on a positive. A team that needs to cut #Buttfumble ASAP and start to move forward.


27. Miami Dolphins (25) – FINALLY! This team of dysfunctional bully supporting, gang color wearing scumbags is put to rest. They have to cut management and players and work to bring some respect back to what used to be a classy organization. They should run Ireland out of town on a rail.

28. Atlanta Falcons (29) – I will give them credit for this, they have played great the last 2 weeks. It is a nice way to end a horribly disappointing season. They did everything but win. This is exemplary in how a team with a poor D that wins a lot will fare when facing a tougher schedule the next year. Atlanta needs to spend an offseason continuing to build a porous D and they need to get younger at WR and they need a new TE now and perhaps draft/sign a good backup QB…if Ryan gets hurt this team will go plop.


29. Cleveland Browns (27) – Never were in it, seemed like they were already starting their off season. The total team meltdown and anonymous bitch sessions post game are sad and that the organization is going to fire Chud who simply is guilty of being the face of botched organization decisions? An awful team can’t draft good players…that doesn’t happen and Cleveland is still YEARS away from contending.


30. Washington Redskins (30) – A monsoon ended any slim chance this bad team had of winning their last game. They need to gut the team and start again…not sure if anyone will be able to play on this team with Snyder treating RGIII better than the rest. Shanahan will be fired but who wants to coach there??? A team in super long term turmoil. Oh and this D is just horrid so draft D, draft D and then later DRAFT D.


31. Oakland Raiders (31) – Were blown away from the moment the game started. The D never tried and the O didn’t offer much either until it didn’t matter. This team has some talent. It needs to add more and become more disciplined. It would be a huge mistake to tear this team down. They are on the way up.


32. Houston Texans (32) – JJ Watt and pray for rain…that is the menu for the Texans. This team is loaded…with Crap. Schaub should get a small parade on the way out of town. They need help at QB, WR, RB, TE, LB and DBs…I don’t see playoffs for this team again for at least 2 seasons.