Mr. N’s #SuperBowl 51 Power Poll with Random HOF Thoughts #NFL

NFL Power Rankings

1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats came out flat and played worse than I have seen them in a Super Bowl since they lost to Chicago 46-10.  No D to speak of, Brady over and under throwing and even throwing a pick 6.  Down 28-3 at one point I kept uttering an F worded what the … – it was unbelievable.  Then they got 6 and it was down 19 at the half.  Then the Second half started and the Pats played D, Brady was on fire and the avalanche slowly picked up mo coming down on the huddled Falcons.  Before the smoke cleared the Pats had it tied and went into OT and put it away.  They are the first team to play a totally crappy first half and still win.  Congrats, you are the best this year. 




2.            Atlanta Falcons (2) – The Falcons had a first half for the ages.  Superb long runs, great passes and catches, Solid pass rush, great pressure, a pick six.  The party was on and they were up 25 and the game looked over.  They looked just like they did in the regular season when they took a big lead and put on prevent.  They played prevent and then their coaches did the stupidest things ever and gave away a Super Bowl.  When Jones made that amazing catch at the 22 they were up 8.  Run three times and kick a FG and they 11-point lead is insurmountable.  They ran once, they went for a pass and took a penalty then huge sack and had to punt.  The D continued its collapse into OT and they lost.  A huge embarrassing loss that will linger next year in the hangover of hangovers.





3.            Pittsburgh Steelers –




4.            Green Bay Packers –






5.            Kansas City Chiefs –





6.            Dallas Cowboys – Their owner is in the Hall of Fame now which is kind of like having a Bank President reward himself employee of the month.





7.            Seattle Seahawks –




8.            Houston Texans –






9.            New York Giants –


10.          Oakland Raiders – So the Billionaire (no mention of his wife Mrs. Howell) pulled out of Vegas stadium and now Vegas and Oakland are up in the air.  Late info from Fox Sports Radio suggests San Diego is ready to offer the Raiders a home come 2019.





11.          Miami Dolphins – Jason Taylor is in the HOF.  I remember one statement made about Taylor during his prime ‘he was a poor man’s Junior Seau’ – that doesn’t sound like a canton endorsing description but they are letting just about anyone except T.O. in these days.





12.          Detroit Lions –  





13.          Tennessee Titans –




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers –




15.          Arizona Cardinals –



16.          Cincinnati Bengals –




17.        Indianapolis Colts –




18.          New Orleans Saints –





19.          Philadelphia Eagles –




20.          Minnesota Vikings – With Bridgewater out likely til 2018 at least this is Bradford’s team and today it seems Dallas may want AP so that is the beginning of quite a face change for this franchise.





21.          Denver Broncos –  With Terrell Davis in the HOF it is official that good players get into Canton not just great ones.




22.          New York Jets – Rex Ryan wishes them luck!





23.          Jacksonville Jaguars –





24.          Carolina Panthers –





25.          Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan uses F words to describe the Bills lol




26.          San Francisco 49ers – Kyle S now seems interested in Jimmy G from NE and not Cousins.  It is not certain if he will be able to keep track of the various Niner game plans during the season.




27.          Baltimore Ravens –




28.          Cleveland Browns –





29.          Los Angeles Chargers –




30.          Washington Redskins –




31.          Los Angeles Rams – Kurt Warner will be in the HOF as a Ram.  Proof positive you can have 2 good years and that makes you a Hall of Famer.



32.          Chicago BEARS –





There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Conference Championship Weekend Power Poll #Rankings #Patriots #Falcons

NFL Power Rankings

1.            New England Patriots (1) – Came out with a simple game plan, beat the zone D of Pittsburgh.  There were holes that Jabba The Hutt could have run routes through.  Brady channeled his inner Darth Vader and tore them apart.  They scored and scored and scored.  Their D stopped them in the red zone over and over and even got turnovers.  The game was over well before the 4th Quarter and now The Evil Empire and Darth Vader are on their way to their 9th Super Bowl.




2.            Atlanta Falcons (4) – The Falcons got off to a fast start with a TD and a FG.  Their D played strong and kept getting turnovers.  Ryan was superb.  He spread the ball around and burned them with Sanu, he burned them with Julio, he burned them with Freeman.  By the half they were up by a ton and by the 4th quarter they had put up a 40 burger.  A dominating and powerful win that showed Atlanta at the top of their game.  If they play this way two weeks from now in Houston they could win the Super Bowl.  A great win.





3.            Pittsburgh Steelers (3) – Word of warning to rest of the NFL.  Even is your opponents are a bunch of A**holes -don’t call them that on social media.  Pittsburgh came in with that over their heads and then their D proceeded to play a weak zone that was tore apart again and again.  Big Ben overthrew deep balls and sometimes receivers dropped it too.  Down by a ton they got a little against prevent but too little too late.  A bad loss and they need to work on their D and find a pass rush with consistency.  A little better bulk on the O line wouldn’t hurt.




4.            Green Bay Packers (2) – From the start the Pack D was unable to stop Atlanta.  They fell behind early.  The Packer O missed a FG, fumbled in the red zone and were down 17 fast.  Aaron Rodgers tried to run a table but tripped over the leg and fell down.  He reared back to throw one of his classic ‘hail mary’s’ and he was picked.  The Pack couldn’t stop the run or the pass and fell down 4 or more TDs.  They got a little against prevent but when they went on side they turned it into a forty burger.  The Pack D has never been good and this game showed America how bad they are.  Rodgers was destroyed and the Pack lost and are ELIMINATED.  They get to go home and watch the Super Bowl and that is a happy thing for a BEARS fan even though I picked them.  Oh and Aaron…R-E-L-A-X!






5.            Kansas City Chiefs –





6.            Dallas Cowboys –





7.            Seattle Seahawks –




8.            Houston Texans –






9.            New York Giants –


10.          Oakland Raiders – It is official *unless owners don’t agree* that the Raiders will be Gamblers.  It could work for Vegas but I think this could be the beginning of the death knell for pro teams in Oakland.  Oakland needs revitalization and crime control.





11.          Miami Dolphins –





12.          Detroit Lions –  





13.          Tennessee Titans –




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers –




15.          Arizona Cardinals –



16.          Cincinnati Bengals –




17.        Indianapolis Colts – The Colts fired the GM, who they had just extended.  They stay still that Pagano is safe.  They also say they won’t say that Peyton Manning is in line for Head of Football Ops.  That isn’t a stone cold denial.




18.          New Orleans Saints –





19.          Philadelphia Eagles –




20.          Minnesota Vikings –





21.          Denver Broncos – 




22.          New York Jets –





23.          Jacksonville Jaguars –





24.          Carolina Panthers –





25.          Buffalo Bills –




26.          San Francisco 49ers – Evidently Kyle Shanahan will be the head coach.  It appears he and the Niners want Kirk Cousins so Kaep can start listing his lodgings in SF.




27.          Baltimore Ravens –




28.          Cleveland Browns –





29.          Los Angeles Chargers –




30.          Washington Redskins – Washington might be able to pry a 1st round pick from SF for Cousins so that is something to consider if they are too stupid to sign him long term.




31.          Los Angeles Rams – Wade Phillips is the new DC.  He is a great co-ordinator but not much of a coach.



32.          Chicago BEARS – They need a QB.  They can either get a vet like Ty Taylor or get a ND QB and have him back up someone not named Cutler until he’s ready.





There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Mr. N’s #NFL Division Weekend Power Poll #NFLPlayoffs #Rankings

NFL Power Rankings

1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats were stopped on first possession and that was it for Beli-Vader as he then drew up new ideas.  They scored a TD on a long drive, they put in a kick return and the game was effectively over.  It looked like they would cruise to a 15-point win but then they realized a lot of people had bet NE to cover so they kicked a late FG to cover the spread.  Next up they host a potentially difficult opponent in Pitt but they have the Death Star to fall back on.




2.            Green Bay Packers (6) – The Pack came roaring out and their D stopped the Cowboys for only a FG on opening drive.  Rodgers then ran the field over and over and scored 3 TDs.  A good note was that Rodgers was picked off so I don’t have to listen to ‘he hasn’t been picked off for 286 blah blahs anymore’.  They were up 18 but let in a late TD with really bad secondary coverage.  In the second half, they got it up to 28 and then their bad D let Dallas back in it and they gave up a tie.  They battled back for a lead, lost that lead and then won it as time expired.  They are on to Atlanta.  One thing I can’t believe but know in my heart is true – if bloody Green Bay goes to the Super Bowl I will be cheering on Tom Brady, Darth Vader and the Death Star.





3.            Pittsburgh Steelers (3) – Well Pittsburgh had to go on the road and then wait 8 hours while the NFL fiddled with tv ratings.  That being said Coach Tomlin decided to redefine himself.  He was mister go for it on fourth down all year.  He cost his team a couple of wins with his penchant for going for it.  Today he kicked field goals, not once – not twice but a record six times.  A very Raider like way.  The Steelers played pretty good D and moved the ball enough to get the necessary points.  They won a heck of a battle.  I don’t believe you have any chance of beating New England with only field goals.  I also don’t believe Antonio Brown should have poked Darth Vader by calling them A**sholes.  That will not be good for Pittsburgh in the Death Star.  A good win and now good luck.




4.            Atlanta Falcons (4) – Well that was some kind of game for Atlanta.  Evidently it takes a few minutes for a team to wake up after a week off.  They let in a TD and looked a bit tight on O.  Then the gates opened and Atlanta’s O opened up and scored with tds by rushing and passing.  The D woke up in the second half and started to whup on Seattle.  They put the game out of reach and soundly thrashed a really weak Seahawk team and are on the way to the Conference Championship weekend.  A great win but I still wonder if they can ‘hang’ with one of the NFL big boys.  The D just doesn’t play on point consistently enough.  They will need to step up their D game at least twice more to win it all.







5.            Kansas City Chiefs (5) – The Chiefs played a strong game and set a record by outscoring an opponent by 2 TDS and losing.  Their D managed to stop Pittsburgh every single time and they only let in field goals but that was enough for them to lose.  They really needed to score 3 tds but could only manage 2.  A fine year by KC and they will have a chance to build on this in what has to be the toughest division in football. Next year they will be the wild card while Oakland wins the division.





6.            Dallas Cowboys (2) – Dallas came out flat and their D was flatter.  They managed but 1 field goal to start and then they let in touchdown after touchdown after touchdown.  Down 21-3 and nearing the end of the first half it appeared that rust was all over the Cowboys.  They got a late 1st half TD and made it closer.  They fell well behind in the 2nd half.  Late in the game they battled and tied.  They then let in a FG.  Then they tied it.  Then with just over 30 seconds left the sad sack excuse for a Cowboy D let my most hated QB move down the field and they let in a FG and lost.  A grand season goes splat because in the end the Cowboy D sucks.





7.            Seattle Seahawks (7) – The Seahawks came out fast and ran the field and took a lead.  They held the lead until they gave up a safety and field goal.  After that the lights went out.  The ‘vaunted’ Seahawk D looked like the crap it is and was hung, drawn and quartered by the Falcon O.  After falling down by a ton, they managed to score once or twice against prevent.  Moment of the game was Doug Baldwin, after scoring a TD to make them only down by 16 instead of 23 with under 4 minutes left – he yelled at a Falcon defender ‘No chance in Hell’.  Evidently Baldwin likes to trash talk while he is being ELIMINATED from the playoffs.  Seattle had no chance in hell of winning the game at that point and they lost and they can go home and pout.  A deserved loss.




8.            Houston Texans (8) – The Texans stopped the first Pat drive and that was the high-water mark.  They needed to play clean in all phases and letting in a long kick return TD sunk that game plan.  You had 3 golden turnovers from Osweiler and the game plan is flushed down the toilet.  Down 11 in the first quarter they were done and done.  They got a TD but let in several and the season is over for Houston.  I am glad the Texans are keeping O’Brien.  It was not his fault that Osweiler was his QB so give him another year.  Perhaps give him a full off season with Tom Savage at QB and get back Mr. Overpaid on D and see what happens.






9.            New York Giants – Boat gate continues to resonate in NYC.  I think Mike&Mike *ah I did enjoy that show* said it best about Odell Beckham Gloves – you want to be the best WR in the NFL, you can’t be a no-show in the biggest game of the year.


10.          Oakland Raiders – I hear they are moving to Vegas but only after 2 more years in Oakland.  Nothing wipes out home attendance like lame duck status for a team.  That news coming out now has killed the Raiders home field until they get to Vegas.





11.          Miami Dolphins –





12.          Detroit Lions –  





13.          Tennessee Titans –




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers –




15.          Arizona Cardinals –



16.          Cincinnati Bengals –




17.        Indianapolis Colts – I hear that Indy tried hard to hire Jon Gruden but he refused.  How supported must Pagano feel knowing they kept him only because the guy they really wanted said no.




18.          New Orleans Saints –





19.          Philadelphia Eagles –




20.          Minnesota Vikings –





21.          Denver Broncos –  Hired a coach (Vance Joseph) and he is surrounding himself with veteran coaching talent.  Having a D specialist as head coach must mean that Elway wants to take a hand in QB development.




22.          New York Jets – Saw a draft preview that said Jets need a CB most of all.  Ok, who the hell is playing QB for this team?  They need a QB.





23.          Jacksonville Jaguars – They kept Doug Marrone now as their permanent head coach.  If his interim coaching was solely responsible for Bortles looking a little like an NFLer then maybe this is a good hire.  Evidently early evidence is Tom Coughlin is sticking his nose in Marrone’s biscuits and that means life isn’t gravy for the Jag head coach.





24.          Carolina Panthers –





25.          Buffalo Bills – Hires Sean McDermott late of the Panther D that couldn’t stop anyone without Norman at CB to be their head coach.  Uh huh.




26.          San Francisco 49ers –




27.          Baltimore Ravens –




28.          Cleveland Browns –





29.          Los Angeles Chargers – Fans egged the stadium offices, Rivers says he is numbed by the move to LA, Goodell doesn’t like it, they hired Anthony Lynn from Buffalo.  Good luck LABOLTS, you will need it.




30.          Washington Redskins –




31.          Los Angeles Rams – Hired Sean McVay, the youngest coach ever in NFL.  Um at least he is bringing in some talent who will be coaches in waiting if this job is too much for him.



32.          Chicago BEARS –


There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!



“Talk about your Nightmare Before Christmas (@Jets)”- Mr. N’s #NFL Week 16 Power Poll

NFL Power Rankings


1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats are totally dominating every facet of the game and this is the blowout everyone including Vegas, Santa, Rudolph and all the elves thought it would be. Ho Ho Ho what a blowout this was.  A forty burger and was never in doubt.  They are close to home field advantage now and just have to concentrate next week to seal it for sure.



2.            Dallas Cowboys (2) – The Cowboys spent the first half trading scores with Detroit and as the game went to the halfway point it seemed like it could be anyone’s game.  Then the second half started.  Dallas D put a hard hit on Stafford and possibly addled him.  The Cowboys then scored 3 unanswered TDs and blew out Detroit.  This opens the door for Washington but they didn’t want to walk in it last week.  A good win for a team that has clinched everything and needs to figure out if they want to risk much of their stars next week.



3.            Pittsburgh Steelers (3) – The Steeler seem to have been full of turkey, stuffing and possibly ham and glazed veggies as they started out slow.  Like the Who’s down in whoville they started to grow.  They found that having Bell score TDs was better than Boswell FGs and with a wink of an eye and nod to Antonio Brown up the chimney went Baltimore’s playoff hopes.  A super exciting come from behind win when the Steeler D had some issues.  The Steelers are in the playoffs!



4.            Oakland Raiders (4) – The Raiders came storming out and dominated a bad Colt team in all phases and put the game away and neatly had it under control…until the sack.  How can you be up 19 points and potentially have your season ruined?  Have the MVP of league get wrapped up with a sack and hurt his leg.  If Carr is done (and he is) so are the Silver and Black.  McGloin is ok but he’s no Carr.  A great but possibly season changing win.




5.            Atlanta Falcons (6) – The Falcon O can do no wrong and is ripping the what used to be a good Panther D in many splendid ways.  The Falcons D is getting it done.  They have joined in the cheap shots on Caaaam but hey there are no calls for that so why not?  The Falcons were never challenged.  The D played a good game and the O was able to just score enough to never have this in doubt.  A good win over a terrible team.




6.            Houston Texans (8) – The Texans seemed to sleep through the first half on Christmas Night. They must have been full of turkey.  They could muster very little against a game Bengal D and seemed destined to lose and keep the AFC South a mess.  Then there was one blown coverage and they took a slim lead.  One missed FG and they won and clinched!  It was like an ugly Christmas Sweater but Houston will wear it proud as they have won the South.



7.            Kansas City Chiefs (13) –Kansas City wasn’t very kind to Denver on Christmas night, this was never in doubt for a second.  The Chief D destroyed the Bronco Hapless O and the Chief O was explosive.  They beat down Denver every single way and clinched a playoff spot.  The Chiefs put the cherry on top by using Dontari Poe and his slim 346 pounds to toss a TD against the “BRONCO D”.  Let’s put this in our memory Poe tossed a TD against the ‘best secondary in football’ lol.  KC wins.



8.            New York Giants (5) – Last night in the pre-game the amiable Rich Eisen was trying to describe Eli Manning and his dual performance ability.  He struggled for stating what we all know is ‘the girl on the hill’ syndrome.  When She’s good she’s great and when she’s bad she’s awful.  When Manning has played well the G-men win tons but alas when he sucks…lets go to the wretched product that is TNF.  Eli proved once more that TURNOVERS ARE GOLD as he threw an early pick six that was the difference in the game.  He added 2 more third down picks and was just terrible and the G-men lost and may yet make the playoffs but they are not a threat to anyone with Eli at QB.





9.            Miami Dolphins (12) – A pretty good effort for 30 minutes.  They have a good rush O going and Moore is just doing enough.  The D is controlling Buffalo and they have a small lead.  The Dolphins did all they could to win and lose.  They pulled into a double-digit lead at least twice.  Their D couldn’t stop Buffalo at all and even fell behind.  A miracle late FG got them to OT and they ran on the back of Jay Ajayi and got a key win.  They are in the playoffs and if they get Tannehill back they could make some small noise in the playoffs.  A gutsy no quit win.





10.          Washington Redskins (15) – The Redskins seem to have shaken off whatever affected them last week.  The offense is running roughshod over the BEARS D and if their D can just keep its collective mind off what Santa is bringing then they should have this in hand.  The game was never in doubt, as sure as Santa was coming down chimneys tonight Washington gift wrapped a 40 burger and won.  Had they whupped a bad Carolina last week this game might have punched their playoff ticket but now they still have work to do and need help with this win.



11.          Green Bay Packers (19) – The Packers are having a field day with Aaron Rodgers ripping the Vikes D with TDs by pass and even by run.  Pretty Ok Pack D has them nicely out in the lead.  The Packers were never slowed on O.  Rodgers put up a ton and the D didn’t let in near enough to make this close.  Now it comes down to week 17 versus Detroit. Altho the way the rest of the NFC is playing Green Bay may have a wild card sown up by Boxing Day.



12.          Seattle Seahawks (17) – The Seattle Seahawks have been flat in so many ways today.  They were unable to stop either pass or run and were knocked down into a hole.  The Seahawks managed to battle back in the 2nd half and got some points going.  The Hawk D didn’t make much of an effort in the same time frame and it seems that the Seahawks will lose and continue to crawl on their tummies into the playoffs.  Seattle came all the way back but missed an extra point so it is tied.  The vaunted Hawk D couldn’t make a late stop and they lost and finally it is Christmas Eve! *The Seahawks move up because they are in*





13.          Detroit Lions (14) – For a while it looked like Detroit was going to be heard on Boxing day night.  They matched Dallas point for point and looked legit.  The second half brought a complete collapse on O and D. They never scored another point, they let in 21 and now they are hanging on by their fingertips to the playoffs. They face the surging Packers and I would bet dollars to donuts that Detroit will miss the playoffs and this will be one of the great collapses in NFL History.  A bad loss.





14.          Tennessee Titans (9) – The Titans are back to the ways of last week and started out very slow and are trailing a bad Jag team badly.  If they can pull their collective head out of their ass, they could still win this game or they are throwing away their football playoff chances.  Whatever playoff chances this team had went down with Mariota’s ankle.  They lost badly to a very very very very bad Jag team and I am sticking a fork in them even if no one else does.  The Titans are done.





15.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10) – One really has to think making the playoffs is allergic to most of the teams in the NFC.  Tampa came out in a must win game and played flat on O and D and O and D.  They fell behind.  They never seem to really get close and when they got to within one possession they on side kicked and splat.  Seems like Tampa just doesn’t want to make the playoffs and this loss will go a long way to putting a fork in them.





16.          Arizona Cardinals (25) – A pretty good all-around effort by Arizona.  Right from the stop the Cards were able to score with running and passing.  They jumped up on Seattle and their D has made just enough stops to put them in good position to win this game.  If the Cards can hold on they will have a moral victory.  The Cards D couldn’t stop Seattle and now they are tied.  A fast number of plays and the Card kicker actually hit a FG and they won.  That was an ugly win.




17.          New Orleans Saints (11) – The Saints are having a great day on O and are playing just enough D to be in control for most of this game.  Brees has hit a ton of passes and they never had a real challenge.  They have it in hand and with a bad Special teams call this game may be over.  A good win for New Orleans but this is really too little too late for the Saints who are done.




18.          Cincinnati Bengals (16) – The Bengals D continued its eliminated from the playoffs resurgence.  They are much like a baseball team who plays well once knocked out.  The Bengals shut down the Texans for most of the game and Cincy got just enough to have a lead.  Then Adam PACMAN strip club shooting big mouth scumbag who should be banned from the NFL Jones blew a coverage and let in the TD that put them behind.  Then their kicker did his best Blair Walsh imitation and missed the game winner and they lost.  This could be it for Marvin Lewis and Dalton should go with him.





19.          Buffalo Bills (18) – The Bills have been beaten twice for TDs in the first half and have only managed 7 to answer.  The Bills need the D to tighten up or they are not going to threaten Miami much.  The Bills fell behind a lot but never gave up.  They battled back to take a lead and managed to look like they would pull out a win.  Then, their Head Coach didn’t call a time out in time.  I have never seen a Head Coach screw that up.  I have defended Ryan here for weeks but MY GOD that is about the only thing a Head Coach is solely in charge of and he screwed that up and eventually they lost.  Ryan should be fired now.  A terrible loss and they are eliminated.   Ryan and Ryan are fired and now Taylor is benched and maybe out.  I hope Chicago has Tyrod on a speed dial.




20.          Jacksonville Jaguars (27) – A great start for Jacksonville.  Bortles has been better in the first half then he has been in a few months.  The D is playing solid again and they are nicely in the lead in a meaningless game for them.  The Jags had their best offense day of 2016 and they even played good D too.  They won this game going away and I guess they can take pride in this one although the season is pretty much a hole.





21.          Carolina Panthers (20) – Caaam has had no luck but since it’s Christmas he has gifted Atlanta with golden turnovers.  With no O and no D this game is rapidly on its way to a total blowout.  The Panthers could get no real offense that mattered and their D couldn’t hold down Atlanta.  I believe now finally all the talking heads in the NFL NETWORK can state clearly that the Panthers are ELIMINATED.  That would be a gift to me.





22.          Indianapolis Colts (21) – How bad is Indy?  Watch the first half tape of this game.  Luck tossed golden pick after golden pick.  The Colts D couldn’t stop a fly farting.  By the third quarter they were down by 19 when they luckily knocked out Oakland’s starting QB.  With their opposition deflated and in prevent they were able to score a little and get it close but they lost and are ELIMINATED.   





23.          Philadelphia Eagles (28) – They got their All pro tackle Lane Johnson back from suspension and he added strength to a terrible O line.  Wentz had a bit more time and was able to move the ball well.  The Eagles played good solid D and got turnovers and the O scored just enough.  It was a nice win for a terrible Eagles team who is just happy to play spoiler when they can now.





24.          Minnesota Vikings (23) – The Vikings have no answer to Rodgers or Nelson or much of anything Green Bay tries.  Bradford has made a couple of good throws and a couple of bad ones.  They traded FG for TD and that will not win here and they are down a ton so it doesn’t look good.  The Vikings D was just terrible today and were blown out by Green Bay.  There was no hope whatsoever that Minnesota could score enough to keep up.  An ugly loss and voila Minnesota is eliminated.





25.          San Francisco 49ers (30) – San Fran must have shot their whole load in last week’s effort.  They have been terrible on O and poor on D and are in the process of being defeated by a team that could barely walk out of their locker unescorted.  A Christmas miracle occurred with the Niners finding some O and putting up 15 points in seconds and they took a slim lead.  The D sealed it with a pick and then they had to kneel 3 times and punt to win but they did win.





26.          Baltimore Ravens (7) – The Ravens, a kind of aboriginal Christmas symbol *thanks Northern Exposure* were playing the Grinch early and were beating up a Steeler team that didn’t seem to bring their D to this game.  The vaunted Raven D then had issues stopping LeVeon Bell but that is a common ailment in the NFL.  Then they made one good drive and took the lead and played one bad series of D and lost.  They are ELIMINATED!





27.          Denver Broncos (22) – Denver sucks.  Denver is ELIMINATED. The Cheap shot cheating Denver D allowed a 70-yard TD and allowed a Dontari Poe TD toss.  The Denver O sucks.  The Denver team sucks.  Denver is ELIMINATED.





28.          Cleveland Browns (32) – A great first half for Cleveland. The O is hitting on both pass and run and the D has gotten turnovers.  The Browns played a good 30 minutes and have a lead. Can they play another 30?  The Browns D played hard for 60 and even they played well on special teams.  RGIII played like crap and Kessler couldn’t do much but it was enough and they gutted out an ugly win.  Merry Christmas Cleveland you are out of the 32nd slot.






29.          San Diego Chargers (24) – I could write an encyclopedia on how hard it is for a team to play hard against a bad team.  The Chargers D seems to have not realized they need to try to stop Cleveland.  They are being whipped by an RGIII led O and that is worth coals in their stockings.  They need to wake up or they are gifting a first win to the Browns.  The Chargers were at their self-defeating best and made every effort to lose this game.  In the end their kicker gave his all to lose and did it.  They just lost to the rotten Cleveland Browns.  I would be very happy, If I was San Diego, if this team will not just move out of town but PLEASE change the name.  Humiliating.




30.          New York Jets (26) – No Petty, dying by the Fitz, no D, no O.  Talk about your Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton should cast the Jets in the remake.  This was scarier than a good Night of the Living Dead remake with Tony Todd.  The Jets were terrible, are terrible and once again did enough to get their ill coach fired.  Terrible loss.




31.          Los Angeles Rams (29) – The Rams have been total crap for a month.  Today, they have found a tiny amount of offense and have scored more points here than they scored in the last 3 or 4 weeks combined.  They have also found some D.  They aren’t allowing their customary 50 burger.  It was going to be a Ram win but then the Ram D made its appearance.  They somehow just folded up and let in 2 scores in a matter of seconds.  Then the O tossed a pick and it seemed over.  Then the interim head coach called 3 time outs on Kneel downs and forced time to expire on a punt.  That was about the stupidest thing I have ever seen and still the Rams lose.  What a terrible loss and pretty classless too.





32.          Chicago BEARS (31) – Really poor D for most of the first half. It was a bad pick early that hamstrung the BEARS O.  After a while Chicago got some O going and are managing to keep their head above water here but it may be too much to ask for the BEARS D to keep Washington off the scoreboard in the 2nd half.  The BEARS D let in 40 again and they had FIVE picks.  Talk about the Gold in a silver and gold Christmas.  What a loss.  The BEARS all deserve coal in their stockings.


There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!



“Inexplicably the #Vikings can’t find the end zone”: Mr. N’s Week 14 Power Poll #NFL #Rankings

NFL Power Rankings


1.            New England Patriots (3) – The Pats came out with good D and just enough O to have a nice lead and the game looked over.  Then a shootout broke out.  Lucky for New England Brady is very hard to beat and he tore up a previously good pass D for over 400 yards.  The Pats won and they sadly sit atop now. 




2.            Kansas City Chiefs (4) – Chiefs had the home field and that is often all you need on Thursday.  They were able to hit a few passes and that was that.  Their D was able to handle Oakland tho the loss of their best tackler probably guts them the rest of the year.  The Chiefs won but now may be much worse off after that injury so TNF killed them too.  Congrats on the win.




3.            Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys picked a bad time to have a bad game.  They went on the road to a heated division rival who was suffering injuries and laid an egg.  Dak looked ordinary and tossed 2 golden picks and took the fire out of the O quickly.  Fumbles and sacks followed.  That O line, oft vaunted, couldn’t hold up an injury damaged Giant pass rush.  They managed only 1 TD and let in more than that and lost.  They need to give their head a shake as it doesn’t get easier now.




4.            Detroit Lions (5) – The Lions have been in the driver’s seat from the start.  Good O and some good D and they are well in control of this match.  The Lions failed to ever just put away the Bears.  They self-defeated some but then watched Chicago match em self-defeat for self-defeat.  They see sawed and led then trailed then pulled ahead and held on for dear life.  Thank the Good Lord Detroit won.  If Geek Bay can lose then all will be flowers and sunshine. (it isn’t)





5.            Pittsburgh Steelers (7) – Playing in the snow the Steelers have concentrated with their strengths and used LeVeon Bell to destroy the Bills and are well out in front.  They thought using Bell was good so they did it over and over and over.  The Steelers were well out in front and played some prevent and let in a cheap TD late but to no avail.  The game was over and Pittsburgh won.  They at least temporarily lead the AFC North.




6.            Oakland Raiders (2) – The Raiders have been spectacular this year and this was a premium matchup to determine division title, wild card and even home field.  That would have been incredible…at 1pm on Sunday.  Unfortunately for the whole football world they were forced to waste this matchup in the garbage that is TNF.  Oakland was obviously hurt by the short week.  One of their key OL men couldn’t get back in 4 days and their key secondary parts were down due to the SHORT WEEK.  They couldn’t stop a speedy receiver and down they went.  It means the Cheatriots probably have home field now and KC leads the division and this was shameful.  I would have loved to have seen this matchup for real.  Oakland lost.





7.            Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9) – This titanic clash lived up to the preview.  The Bucs O had some problems getting the ball moving a lot today but the D came to play.  They scored a little when they could but they got golden turnover after golden turnover and they held on a for a key win.  This is a tough little team when Winston, Martin and the D are all going.




8.            New York Giants (10) – Well the Giants needed this win and gave their all.  They put together an effort that was terrific.  This was a classic the sum was better than the parts.  The secondary shut down Dez, the pass rush got home against a ‘storied’ O line.  Eli was able to hit OBG for a key TD and the G-men pulled out a win.  The good news is they continue to be 2 up on Green Bay.





9.            Atlanta Falcons (11) – Well this is the third week in a row when a team just had a live practice against the Rams.  I think Atlanta took the same tours as New England.  They got to see swank pads, saw Kanye and Beyoncé’s west coast pad, did some body surfing, drove the 101 in convertibles and served a 40 burger on the just deplorable Rams.  A walk over win.





10.          Baltimore Ravens (8) –   The Ravens were never in the game for the first 30 and by the time they got into it they were down by 14.  They did outscore NE by 7 in the second half but that was 7 too little.  Now they are out of the division lead and could be in trouble to even make the playoffs.





11.          Houston Texans (19) – A slow start for Houston but the D has played hard and got the game under control.  The pretty crappy Texan O has got something going and they are in a good position at the half with the lead.  The Texans managed to have their D bend but not break.  They managed to play good enough O to have a lead they never let go of.  A superb win that puts them on a collision course with the Titans.




12.          Washington Redskins (13) – Classic Washington is struggling against the Eagles and it took well into the 3rd quarter before they could get the O firing up.  The D is playing ok but they are lucky to not be way behind…they need to show more intensity.   The Redskins showed intensity in the wrong way with vicious cheap shots.  They practically killed Darren Sproles.  Cousins managed to get the key late TD and the D held on for a much-needed win.  That helps their playoff hopes immensely.




13.          Miami Dolphins (15) – Playing in tight battle with Arizona.  The O is struggling to get much going but the D is playing well but you have a feeling the game could open up quick.  Turnovers will be key here.  The Dolphins battled and had a lead.  The late injury to Tannehill should have by all rights destroyed them.  In a gutsy performance, the much-aged Matt Moore got the job done and won the game for the Fins.  They are still mathematically alive but the road to the post season is a tough one without their starting QB.  A good win.





14.          Cincinnati Bengals (18) – A ho hum match but credit to Cincy for giving it some effort playing a bad team.  They are well out in front and tho not blowing out the Browns, this is probably over already. The game was over.  Cincy simply was in control and they did let in a TD but nothing of note.  A win over a bad team that counts as a win, over a bad team.





15.          Arizona Cardinals (14) – Playing in a tight battle with Miami.  The O is struggling to get much going but the D is playing well but you have a feeling the game could open up quick.  Turnovers will be key here.  Palmer paved a golden road with turnovers.  The Cards O totally sucked for the first half but then got some points later to tie the game.  Inexplicably the D, which is supposed to be good, couldn’t stop Miami’s last drive and they lost.  Stick the fork in the Cards they are now playing for paychecks and draft picks.  Ugly loss that lands right at the feet of Carson Fitzpatrick Palmer.





16.          New Orleans Saints (16) – The Saints had everything to lose in this game and they lost it all.  Brees was terrible and turnovers were golden and he did that over and over.  They played pretty good D but the O could do very little and they really lost the special teams battle too.  A bad loss that effectively ends their hopes for playoffs.




17.          Tennessee Titans (21) –  The Titans have early on found that there is much ado about nothing in regards to the Bronco D.  They have not only run all over them but the BEYOND uber vaunted Von Miller is a non-factor as Tennessee completes any number of passes.  The Titan D has shut down the moribund Bronco O and the Titans have it well in hand.  The Titan D seemed to go into a bit of a pass prevent and they let Denver roll all over the field.  They let in lots of pass yards and one TD but when it came down to it, the Titans D made the stop and they won.  The AFC South may yet go through Tennessee.  Great win.




18.          Denver Broncos (12) – Well Denver can’t run, can’t throw and today can’t play D.  The fact that they sit in a Wild Card slot for now is more indicative of luck than talent.  Unless they find something here they may not be in the Wild Card as of 4pm Sunday.  The Broncos had some ability passing but only could score one TD and a FG.  They had a shot late but couldn’t do it and now I sit to see if they can be booted out of the playoff spot again.  What a poor team.





19.          Seattle Seahawks (6) – I have said here for years that TURNOVERS ARE GOLD.  Seattle should be embarrassed.  Russell Wilson chose week 14 to go to Green Bay, on the ‘game of the week’ and laid a 4 Pick egg????  What a terrible effort.  Simply losing one starting safety shouldn’t gut a team.  The utter lack of ability and talent shown here makes me embarrassed I rated this team in the top ten.  A humiliating loss.  Please, the sake of my sanity, can the talking heads stop talking about Seattle being a team to beat in the NFC.  Horrible loss.




20.          Buffalo Bills (17) – An offense that could do nothing for most of the first half and a D that couldn’t stop the run and now the Bills are well behind.  The Bills could do nothing when Pittsburgh was trying.  Once prevent started they did get some offense but too little way too late.  A loss that further sinks the Bills.  The word that Rexy and the ownership are not getting along is bad.  The Bills are building something and need consistency.  To dump Rex and bring in a new guy could set them back another 3 years or more.





21.          Minnesota Vikings (23) – Inexplicably the Vikings can’t find the end zone.  They have moved between the 20’s but managed only FGs.  On the positive their kicker can kick field goals.  The D has held the Jags to FGs but this game is way too closer than it should be.  Minnesota never got it going today.  They even trailed the Jags for a while.  They did get the lead back and the D held on and they won.  An ugly win but it helps keep Green Bay looking in from the outside.






22.          Green Bay Packers (24) – Rodgers has had a good day in the snow.  Multiple TDs, racking up tons of points.  A terrible, terrible, terrible D has managed to get tons of golden turnovers and they have won this game going away.  They may yet reach the playoffs but I am still going to be sticking pins in my Aaron Rodgers doll.





23.          San Diego Chargers (22) – Well San Diego was knocked out of playoff consideration last week and it shows this week.  They have shown no ability to play today.  They have been beset with injuries and lack of production on O and lack of ability on D.  Can they show anything today?  Rivers showed they still have heart.  They tried and tried and got it within a couple of scores but that was all they could do.  They lost it badly and their time in San Diego isn’t going to end memorably.





24.          New York Jets (25) – A terrible start and this team, on the ropes with sinking morale, found themselves ready to be blown out by a terrible team.  The Jets didn’t give up.  The D got their wind and started playing well.  Petty grew into an NFL QB on the field in this game.  He started making reads and finding receivers.  He drove them for points by the 3 and then to a key TD and then to a game tying FG.  In OT, he drove the team to a winning TD.  Petty is very possibly the future at QB for the Jets.  If nothing else, he is a HELL of a lot better than Geno.  Nice win.





25.          Carolina Panthers (26) – Having a party at home today. The Panthers are using being virtually eliminated from the playoffs to inspire them.  Great D, solid O and they are shutting out the Bolts for most of the first half.  This game seems over at the half.  The Panthers were never challenged and simply put away a San Diego team who never really had a chance as the injuries piled up.  A meaningless win for a team that isn’t very good.





26.          Indianapolis Colts (20) – Well the Colts scored first and then Luck got picked and the Colt D has shown its ability *they don’t have any* and they find themselves down two possessions in a critical division game and need to step up in the 2nd half.  The Colts got it going a little in the 2nd half and made it close.  They tried and brought it to within one possession but when it was on the line they couldn’t make a stop and catch up and lost.  They now are third in their division and their defense is exposed as rotten.  Houston has no O and they beat up this CRAPPY COLT D.





27.          Chicago BEARS (27) – The Bears are trying but they are what they are.  They have some good rush O, some moments of pass O, some penalties, some bad D, some ok D.  They are down and probably out already.  Barkley and the Bears played pretty good on O.  Getting well north of a century in penalties didn’t help.  They had one shot late to stop Detroit and failed. They had one shot late to win it and failed.  They lost and are eliminated and are maybe playing for a top pick.  They need a QB but who is the best one now?




28.          Philadelphia Eagles (28) – Decent effort by the piss poor Eagles.  They lead for more than half the game and are still keeping this close.  They could steal a win here.  The Eagles gave their all on O and D.  They kept it close and lead til late but their D got beat once for a big one.  The O got stopped on the last drive and down they went.  Another loss for a team that loses a lot.





29.          Los Angeles Rams (29) – I don’t think LA has ever seen 3 weeks of terrible football like this team has had now in a row.  This was the third humiliating loss.  They never had a chance and look like they are overmatched in every area of the game.  This franchise needs to hit the reset and judge every player and coach and see who has any future and can the rest.  Just about the worst team but for SF/Jacks/Clev.  Terrible loss.




30.          San Francisco 49ers (30) – The Niners couldn’t have hoped for a better start.  The smoke from pregame barely cleared and they were out in front by 2 touchdowns.  The offense didn’t manage to do much else for the next 58 minutes or in OT.  The D played ok for a while but little by little they started to give and give and after FG after FG they started to get dissected by a young QB.  They managed only 3 points more but let in 17 and went to OT.  They then lost.  Well this is a terrible team and they are pretty poorly led by a pretty poor coach.




31.          Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – The Jags are playing out the string but playing pretty good D today.  The O can’t get anything but FGs but they are in this game and they have no business being in it so good effort so far.  A brave and gutsy effort by Jacksonville.  Well played *for them* on D and O.  They took a late lead but couldn’t hold it and lost a close one.  A game effort in the loss.





32.          Cleveland Browns (32) – Some in the organization actually thought RGIII might show he can be the QB for 2017.  Some said he might get them a win today.  They might need to score a point or two.  They are being shut out and look all the world like a team steaming towards 0-16.  Note to Joe Haden, I too think Alabama could shut out the Browns.  The Browns weren’t shut out, which was good.  They lost again which is how they go.  They simply have no shot at beating anyone and I really sincerely wonder if they can win one in 2017.






There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan

“You are Who You are” Mr. N’s #NFL Week 13 Power Poll #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys took a page from the ‘hey it sucks to play on TNF’ book. They looked often flat and struggled on O and D against a team they should have just rolled over. They got enough out of Elliott to seal the deal. They then got enough out of the refs to steal the deal. By any virtue of imagination, the Cowboys should have been tied and gone to OT where anything could have happened but they were awarded a win. It was ugly and you can thank the NFL for the horror show that is Thursday Night Football.

2. Oakland Raiders (2) – The Raiders seem to have not found their mojo yet. The D is having great trouble even appearing to be tackling dummies to the Bills rush and the more they fall behind the more one has to wonder if the D can muster anything and if the O can muster a comeback. What a difference a half makes. The D suddenly found their groove and Khalil Mack showed clearly why Von Miller couldn’t’ even tie his cleats. Mack dominated while the O opened up and caught and passed the Bills. The Raiders then blew out Buffalo and won this game in a laugher. The Silver and Black, hard on the nerves but fun to watch!

3. New England Patriots (3) – Pats have taken a West Coast vacation. Lots of sun and sand and touring movie star houses, oh and they are kicking the ever-loving crap out of the terrible LA Rams. This game was a breeze for the vacationing Pats. They enjoyed the sun, saw the Kardashians and had cocktails and oh yeah, they stomped the Rams. An easy win.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (4) – The Chiefs are supposed to have D and efficient O. There is no D here but plenty o’ O and they were tied in a shootout but snuck out to a lead. Last team to play bad D here will lose. The Chiefs used O I didn’t think they had and they pulled out to a nice lead. They went to prevent and that got them down by 1. Then Eric Berry made a spectacular pick on a two point try and won the game with the return. Amazing win, this team is going to be very dangerous if they can play offense like this in the playoffs.

5. Detroit Lions (6) – The Lions O is doing great and their D is doing what it often does and they are in a shootout at the half. Last team who scores wins. Detroit changed the script and played good D in the second half and got turnovers and sealed the game. Solid game by Detroit and they are nicely out in front in the NFC North and there isn’t thing one Geek Bay can do about it.

6. Seattle Seahawks (9) – Seattle got the gift of an advent pick on the first play and never ever looked back. Losing Thomas for the year may take the OOM out the Legion of Boom but that didn’t stop them on Sunday night. It was never in doubt. Seattle blew the doors off and trounced the Panthers. They are in the driver seat in their amazingly crappy division.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (10) – Pittsburgh was in control from start to finish. Big Ben got it going with his weapons and scored only 3 TDs but it seemed like they could have scored more. The D played a strong game and Pittsburgh was never challenged. They won this handily and are still neck and neck with the Ravens for the Division.

8. Baltimore Ravens (16) – Ravens on a roll-on D and surprisingly on O. They can do no wrong and this game, now up by something like 3 TDs may be over at the half. This game was over. The Ravens blew out Miami and are making a point they may yet be heard from in the AFC North. A nice win.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11) – The Bucs went on the road and suffered a ton of injuries to the receiving corps. By the end of the first quarter they were testing out popcorn salesmen to see if they could run routes. They battled on O and D and got into a see saw match. They got a couple of great golden turnovers and Winston got them the winning score. The D held on for the great road victory. They are a game or so out of the division lead and now in the Wild Card and control their destiny. Way to go Bucs.

10. New York Giants (5) – The ‘vaunted’ Giants D got whupped today. No pass rush seen at all, the secondary looked like a bunch of overpaid hacks. The O was flat and could do little. They got a cheap TD late against prevent to make this game seem closer than it was. A rotten game and they saw their win streak go splat. It is a game like that which makes one wonder if they are just pretenders who will be one and done come playoff time.

11. Atlanta Falcons (7) – Defense seems to be something left of Christmas lists here today. Atlanta has marched the field a few times but have had trouble getting TDs. It may be last team who scores wins here. That was quite the amazing second half for Atlanta. They were down 2 scores but they battled back and brought themselves into a one point lead very late – for about a second or two. Then the Falcons went for two, Matty Melt tossed a pick and it went for 2 and they lost. Yep. No refs messed this one, the Falcons did it all on their own. What a way to lose and if any other team in their division has ability then the door just popped open.

12. Denver Broncos (17) – The Broncos went on the road and brought their D. Unfortunately, they had to bring their O too and it was as useless as it always is. Only a terrible Denver Bronco team who is being called great by reputation, can play a close game against a bad Jag team. Denver won this and currently have crawled into a Wild Card spot but don’t anyone be fooled. This Bronco team sucks.

13. Washington Redskins (12) – The Skins had 10 days to prepare and were taking on an offensively challenged team prone to turnovers. So? They struggled and couldn’t make the necessary throws, protect the QB or run well. The D was burned and burned and the Skins were defeated. They now sit out of the playoffs and it is their own damn fault for blowing a winnable game.

14. Arizona Cardinals (20) – The Cards have been a disappointment for most of the year and this game didn’t look good for them. They are undermanned on O and the D has had issues and they faced an offensive powerhouse. What happened? A fantastic performance by Palmer with no picks this week as they scored again and again. The D played well and this was the best game Zona has had in weeks. They still are basically a walking corpse but it was a good win.

15. Miami Dolphins (8) – Me thinks the Dolphins were reading the press clippings about their win streak as they are getting walloped here. What a terrible effort. They need to give their collective heads a shake or they are toaster cased here. The Dolphins were blown out and looked rotten. What a terrible effort and this loss hurts them in the playoff chase.

16. New Orleans Saints (15) – The Saints are in the shootout everyone thought they would be in and this will be a last team who scores wins. Well New Orleans D won the competition today – which D would suck more. They let in a lot of Lion points and then Brees had an uncharacteristically bad day and some golden turnovers too. The Saints lost and this hurts them as they had a chance to gain ground in the NFC South but blew it. A bad loss.

17. Buffalo Bills (14) – The Bills brought out a great game plan and ran and ran. Nothing could stop the run so they just ran and ran and ran. The D was pretty good early and they had a nice lead in a tough road environment. Then the roof fell in. The Bills O was shut down and the D was ripped and before they knew it they were down 14 and it was all over. A tough loss for the Bills who now have a difficult road to the wild card if not impossible.

18. Cincinnati Bengals (27) – This is about the best effort this poor Bengal team has shown in more than 6 weeks. They are kicking it with solid O and good D and are well in control. Cincinnati was in cruise control and never looked back. They ran up a nice lead and played good D. If they weren’t buried in the AFC they might take more from this but alas a meaningless win on the way to missing the playoffs.

19. Houston Texans (18) – No O, it doesn’t usually work in Texas with good field conditions and Oswieler is terrible in the snow. It is an open question whether than can score even a point here The Texans struggled and muddled and did get a point or two and a cheap TD late but never had a shot and lost. They continue to crawl on their stomach through mud and debris into the playoffs..

20. Indianapolis Colts (23) – Well that was quite a day for the Colts. How nice of them to get a Christmas present early. The Jets simply decided to gift them a game. Luck threw well with no pressure or threat from a backfield. Indy ran easily against a non-existent Run D. The Colt D was able to run over the Jet O with little effort. It was like Indy played a CGI team. A simple blow out win which proves even a bad team can destroy someone who doesn’t try.

21. Tennessee Titans (21) – On the bye and while on the bye they are now tied for first. If they win out they will win their division. It is in their hands. Can they pull it off or is this idea just a bunch of Malarkey?

22. San Diego Chargers (19) – The Bolts at home got into a classic San Diego type of game. They played good D and missed some plays. They played some great O and missed some plays. They had a lead, they gave it up. They pulled ahead, they turned it over. They had a great play and a bad play. In the end, they fell behind and couldn’t come back. It wasn’t their best effort and this pretty much ends any hopes San Diego had before they move to LA too. A tough loss.

23. Minnesota Vikings (22) – The Vikes had pretty decent D for the game and it held down Dallas and kept them under 20 points. The O had spurts but found it tough sledding to get into the end zone. They managed to keep it close into the 4th and made one late drive for a TD to make it a 2-point game. The Vikings were set to get the 2 pointer but the refs ruled that they wanted Dallas to win so they didn’t call the penalty. Minnesota was awarded a loss by the refs. Too bad.

24. Green Bay Packers (25) – Inclimate weather is the only thing holding back Green Bay’s O in the first half. Seeing Rodgers bang his head off the turf marks the 10,000th time he has done this but the NFL has decided concussion protocol doesn’t apply to him. When he retires early ala Troy Aikman…oh and Green Bay has a slim lead. Green Bay was able to use their crappy D to hold down the crappy Texan O and Rodgers tossed another TD and the pack wins. What was sweet was how Detroit won so GB is STILL 2 out and the wild card is in the NFC East. Have a RELAXed time missing the playoffs.

25. New York Jets (24) – Who knew how much the Jets hated their head coach? That was the biggest ‘lets get the coach fired by a shitty effort on national tv’ that I have ever seen. They didn’t try in any facet of the game. This was abominable and if I was the owner I would consider firing 53 players. Just a disgrace and the Jets lost and looked bad doing it.

26. Carolina Panthers (13) – Caaaaaaaaam didn’t wear a tie and got benched for 1 series. Carolina forgot they had to play and got smashed for 60 minutes. This was about as ugly a loss as Carolina has suffered in years. A full on forty burger served on national tv. This embarrassing loss ends any shot Carolina had and they will be sitting at home this year wondering what the hell happened.

27. Chicago BEARS (30) – playing in a blizzard the BEARS D has had some great plays and some terrible plays. They let SF march the field a couple of times but bent and didn’t break. Late the BEARS scored a TD. Turnovers will be critical with 2 bad teams in the snow. The BEARS were able to pile it on like snow blown by wind and never looked back. Solid rush O aided by terrible weather and Chicago won a game! Means little but it’s a win. What sucks is Baker Mayfield is staying in college. Sigh.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (26) – The Eagle D is the issue here or the utter lack of any such a thing. Wentz is showing it might have been good that he wentz in the 2nd overall pick *ok I stole that from Stugotz*. They are down and could be out already. The Eagles were out. Wentz turned it over and the D was shredded and down went the bad Eagles. The D has played maybe 3 good games but when you look like crap like that…you are NOT good.

29. Los Angeles Rams (28) – One would have thought that with a near 50 burger served on this alleged D last week that they would come roaring out today. Nope. The Rams signed Fisher to an extension (he was 1 yard from a Super Bowl title in 1999 – LAST MILLENIUM) and they are playing terrible. This could be very ugly. This was ugly and nothing is uglier than this loss AND an extension to Fisher. What a mess LA is.

30. San Francisco 49ers (29) – San Fran has played about as good as they can in the snow in Chicago. O has got them a couple of FGs and the D has only let in one TD. It will be a lot of effort for San Fran to maintain themselves in these conditions. Well SF just never got acclimatized and were off their feed. It got so bad they put Gabbert in! They were destroyed by the BEARS and if Cleveland wins one…they can yet be 32.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Well Jacksonville gave all they had here. Their D battled and disrupted the Bronco’s laughable O. The Jags O struggled but got a little here and there and kept it close for most of the game. A decent effort by the team that needs still a ton of help and another loss for Jacksonville.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – On the bye. The Browns have 4 left and now we have to seriously wonder if they can win even 1 game this year. If they sign Jay Cutler in 2017, as a BEARS fan I would thank them, but that might mean another 0-16 then.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan

Who’s #1? Mr. N’s #NFL Week 12 Power Poll #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (1) – The Cowboys came out of the gates with a huge dose of Zeke and they marched the field and scored. The D has played tough against the run and has bent and not broken in the first 30. Dak has been challenged but held up pretty well and at the half are well in control. Dallas D played pretty well. If this D plays like that and the offense is what it is…they can’t be beat. I grow weary of every mother’s expert saying ‘Seattle is the best’ ‘New England is the best’ – – -let’s see either of those teams beat the Cowboys. The O rolled up the Skins D and the special teams and D played well and Dallas has won 10 in a row. They are THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL. A solid win.

2. Oakland Raiders (3) – The Raiders got off to a great start with some solid D and a great Carr led O and they jumped out to a nice lead. Part way along this happy Silver and Black road Carr almost broke his pinkie on a snap and had to leave. The Raider D then faced a veritable buzz saw. They were lambasted for 25 straight points and the Raiders were down and all seemed for naught. Then, in a moment that may live in history in the glory of Raider ball, Carr with a glove on returned. He drove the Raiders for the tie and then led them to a small lead. It came down to the end with the D needing to make one stop and THEY DID! Mack with the sack and the Silver and Black is BACK! What a fantastic win and this team is THE BEST IN THE AFC!!!!!!

3. New England Patriots (4) – The Pats found themselves in a dog fight with a hated division rival. They had trouble scoring and they had a lot of trouble stopping the Jets. They trailed for most of the game but they kept it close. They were given the ball with not much time left and down by 1. It seemed predestined as New England drove for the leading score and then the D shut down the Jets. A solid Division win on the road. Well done.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (5) – Luck is with the Chiefs. They couldn’t score at all in the early going but still got 9 from D and special teams. The O finally got some life and went toe to toe with Denver and all the while the Chiefs played solid D. The game was tied and went OT. The Chiefs had no luck to move the ball until the 14th min of OT and they did enough to seal the win. A gutsy win on the road that sets them nicely in the Wild Card race.

5. New York Giants (6) – Evidently the Giants *probably rightly* think they don’t have to try all that hard to win. They have allowed the Browns O to push them around the field. They are bending not breaking and are trading TDs for FGs. They will likely win but this is a LOT harder than it should be. The Giants were able to use their D to take over the game in the second half and they won this game for them. Not a great effort but it can be hard to beat terrible teams. It is hard to self-motivate. It was a win.

6. Detroit Lions (9) – The Lions brought the energy for the first half. Stafford made a lot of moves and throws but some were to air. The Lions D made some great plays BUT the Lions were the Same Old Sorry Assed Lions and made key self-defeating penalties and cost them two turnovers. They have crept out to a 3-point lead but the laughable excuse for a head coach has used up all his challenges. Even money if they can win this. Detroit’s O shut down in the 2nd half and they could barely manage any yards. They fell behind and were in trouble. Instead Stafford led his team on a great drive to tie and then the Lion D grabbed a pick and gave them the chance to win. Detroit gutted out a win. Well done. They are alone atop the NFC North.

7. Atlanta Falcons (11) – Finding themselves barely leading in a shootout. The Falcon D needs to tighten up a bit but on the positive they are in the lead. The Falcons O was not to be denied. They poured it on *So As To Speak* against the Cards and just held on and won it pretty easily. The Falcons are making a nice surge now. A good win.

8. Miami Dolphins (12) – Had a slow start but got it going a bit and are in a bit of a tough slugfest yet ahead at the half. The Dolphins got it going early in the second half and took a nice lead. There seemed to be a kind of prevent happen. The Dolphins D struggled mightily against the NINER O and very nearly lost the game. They sneak out a very ugly win and are lucky they won this one.

9. Seattle Seahawks (2) – It was said before this game started that Seattle had a really long trip here. Evidently jet leg was felt by the O line. Seattle gave Wilson no protection. He ran for his life or was sacked. The Seahawks managed only a FG and a safety and that is all. The fierce TB D just manhandled them. The Hawk D played ok but by letting in even one TD it was over. What a bad loss for a team that was looking like a real powerhouse. You don’t get your ass handed to you like this if you are a powerhouse.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (13) – Not only did Pittsburgh get a nice Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving they got to play scrimmage against a bunch of turkeys. Ben was able to do whatever he wanted and they combined for 4 TDs and that was 3 more than they needed. The D handled all Scott Tolzien had and more. A pretty relaxed win for Pittsburgh. Happy Holidays!

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) – Mrs. N my soulmate and co-football watcher with me states that the Buc D has come to play and boy have they. Turnovers are gold and they are fighting Seattle tooth, fang and claw. The Bucs D was the story. They dominated the line play, they sacked and harried and bothered Wilson. Winston and his offense got only 2 TDs but that was one more than they needed. What a great win by a team that is looking more and more like a tough team to play. Well done.

12. Washington Redskins (7) – Washington’s D didn’t have an answer to Zeke early and then had trouble stopping Dak later. The Skins O moved between the 20’s and couldn’t get any further. They can’t win this game if they trade FGs for TDs. They need a lot more D and a LOT more O or they are going to lose this game. A very tired Skin D just didn’t have anything. Cousins did all he could to win this game and got them THAT close. They lost a close one and it hurts a little but it really lays at the feet of the NFL for scheduling them a Sunday Night and a THURSDAY afternoon. Tough loss.

13. Carolina Panthers (10) – The Panthers started out slow in this match. They had trouble scoring against the Raider D and the Panther D was missing their MLB Luke. They fell well behind and it seemed like a hard day for them. Well look out because here comes Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Newton rose to the occasion and drove them for 25 unanswered and they took the lead. But then the Panther D couldn’t stop the Raiders and they fell behind again. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam had one shot to tie but he was destroyed by the Raider D. This loss basically eliminated the Panthers. What a tough loss.

14. Buffalo Bills (15) – The Bills seem to be guilty of mailing this in in the first half. They better get one hell of a locker room pep talk of they could lose to a bad team. The Bills came out strong in the second half and got the O working. They were able to pull ahead and stay ahead. The D, missing a key secondary component from early on, struggled some but made the stop it had to and they won the game. It was ugly in that they had to battle to beat the Jags but it is a win.

15. New Orleans Saints (19) – Superb O has been the story for New Orleans. They have scored and scored and scored against what can be a good D. Their poor D has let in a ton and it may be that this game will be a ‘last team who scores wins’ one. The Saints put an end to that concept quick. Brees rolled up the Rams D and spit it out. They nearly put a 50 burger on them. A pretty easy win for the Big Easy. Well done.

16. Baltimore Ravens (18) – The Ravens are pretty much having their way against the Bengals. They can’t get all the TDs they might want but they smartly keep kicking it and are well in front. The Ravens made the most out of kicking FGs and playing D. They were well ahead but a kind of prevent let in a TD and that made it close. They held on and when it came down to the end the D made a great stop and they won. They will need to face the resurgent Steelers to decide this division. I still think in my heart of hearts this team isn’t very good. It was a win.

17. Denver Broncos (8) – The Broncos had a slow O start but pretty good D but stumbled and trailed early in a really quiet start. The Broncs got it going and managed to trade score for score and got the game tied and went to OT. They played a defensive minded OT and then with time nearly expiring the coach went for it on a 62yd FG and missed and that was the game. A bonehead coach call and down goes the Broncos. What a loss.

18. Houston Texans (16) – Houston is struggling to get any O going here and their D has played tough but been beaten on some big pass plays. Unless they can manage to get a roll going on O they are in trouble already. The Texans were victimized by the Charger pass game all day. The O struggled for most of the day. It finally came down to a last shot for the O and when push came to shove they just couldn’t do it. This team may crawl on its belly to the AFC South Title but my Gawd will that be an ugly Division title.

19. San Diego Chargers (22) – Rivers started a little slow but got it going and has led a couple of great drives for TDs. The Charger D has not been challenged too much by a bad O and San Diego is in the lead. The Bolts managed to get just enough TDs and then the D made a solid effort (albeit against a substandard QB). They had to make one stop to win and they did. A gutsy win for the team with heart.

20. Arizona Cardinals (14) – The Cards got Tyrann Mathieu back but he hasn’t helped so much. They are in a shootout against a great O and this O can’t hold up if you ask me. They need better D in the 2nd half and they need more points to win. The Cards O was not able to get any more points. Palmer is just too much of a turnover machine. The Cards D didn’t bring their A game and the O was barely a D and that made the whole thing an ugly L. This team may be done after this loss.

21. Tennessee Titans (24) – The Titans allowed a BEARS drive for a TD and then they shut them down and played superb on D. The Titan O started a little slow and then started to roll and are now completely dominating this game. The Titans were so far in front they went into full on prevent. It was such good prevent that they ended up barely holding on for a slim win because of a drop in the end zone. They should have just won this going away but they let Chicago back in it and that is why this Titan team is a pretender. It was a win.

22. Minnesota Vikings (20) – Vikings D seemed to have too much turkey on Wednesday night as they looked very sleepy for much of the first half. Only once, late, did they man up and make a key stop. They had one good drive but a bunch that collapsed. They trail a bit at the half and need to get a whole heck of lot consistent on O and D to win this game! The Vikings exercised an effective short pass game in lieu of a run game and got the game tied and then into a lead. Minnesota had a 3-point lead with 4 minutes left and had the Lions pinned at the 2. All the D had to do was stop Detroit 4 times and keep that team from gaining a silly 60 yards and they win. What did they do? They let Detroit march into field goal range and allowed a tie. Then with inside 2 and a shot to win the O tosses a golden pick and they lose. Well done, the team earned this loss.

23. Indianapolis Colts (21) – The Colts, who are bad with Andrew Luck, had to play without him. The offense, which sputters with Luck, did virtually nothing with Tolzien. The D had no chance against the Steeler’s big three. The only time Indy got into the end zone was when their punter threw a 35-yard completion on a trick play. The rest of the night Pagano kept going for it on 4th down and turning the ball over on downs. If they had kicked 3 after 3 after 3 they might have forced Pittsburgh to work harder and maybe make a mistake. Alas that is hyperbole as Indy did nothing and lost. A poor team.

24. New York Jets (23) – The Jets really looked petty by not using Petty. They brought back in Fitz and they lived by Fitz and died by the Fitz. He was very Fitz like. He drove the Jets to a lead and then it was up to the Jets D to make the stops. They didn’t and the Jets lost. Another loss but it was a decent effort.

25. Green Bay Packers (28) – Evidently the bad Packer D just had to play the Eagle O. They could shut down that O and that made them look NFL capable. Rodgers did his best 3 yard per completion as he threw 3,500 passes for 310 yards. The Pack won a game. Congrats. If you win out I will eat my Bears baseball cap.

26. Philadelphia Eagles (25) – Evidently the vaunted Eagle D can only perform well once every 5 games and this wasn’t one of those nights. They were crap. They let GB think they are good. The Eagle O was total crap and this was a terrible effort and this rotten team lost another.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (26) – Dalton isn’t helped being without his #1 WR as he is making bad throws. The D has bent a lot and broke once and they can’t score any way and are trailing badly. The Bengals didn’t give up and managed to get a score to make it a one possession game. Dalton is still more the reason they struggle than why they win. They had a final shot to tie the game and Dalton failed again. Their season is in the dumpster after this loss and they can thank Andy Dalton.

28. Los Angeles Rams (27) – The D has been shredded in the first half. Goff has looked great in his second start. He is mature and making excellent throws. They are down at the half but have every chance the way their Rookie QB is slinging the rock. Goff did pretty darn good here. He did turn it over but it was the D that failed miserably. They could stop nothing and the Rams were blown away. If Fisher wasn’t on a hot seat before he is now.

29. San Francisco 49ers (29) – Give San Fran full credit they are giving their all here. They took an early lead but the woe-begotten D has been beat and they trail and it is a long road for this poor excuse of a Niner team. San Fran didn’t give up today. They fell well behind but that didn’t deter them. You might say Colin K wouldn’t stand for that! He led them back and brought them to within one score. He led a late drive and got within about 1 yard of winning but lost. A game effort by the Niners.

30. Chicago BEARS (30) – Well they played a good 5 or 6 minutes. Since then there hasn’t been much to note here. D unable to stop Tennessee and the O can’t do a thing. This could be severely ugly unless a miracle occurs in the 2nd half. The Bears O had a good second half but it could have been superb if the stupid receivers hadn’t dropped at least NINE passes – 2 that were TDs. The Bears lost because a guy dropped the game winning TD as time expired. An Ugly loss. The only uglier thing was the pre-game mention that Chicago might want to STICK WITH CUTLER in 2017. AAAAAAAAAAGH. Cut that walking piece of SHIT and do it NOW.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (31) – Jacksonville is playing just like they do every single week. Today it is working somewhat well since there is not much effort put against them on O or D. Doubtful they can pull off an upset unless it is gifted to them. The Jags D had trouble with LeSean McCoy. Bortles ran wild and tossed more than a couple of TDs. This was the best Jag effort in weeks. In the end, it came down to one shot to win and they couldn’t do it. A game if losing effort.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Using McCown at QB puts them down at the start. The D has played ok and only let in 2 TDs in the first half. Getting only 2 FGs isn’t going to cut it. If they can get TDs they have a shot. I don’t think they have a shot. The Browns were overwhelmed in the 2nd half by the Giant D. Turnovers were gold, are gold and is gold so as to speak. They could not score much and down they went on the much shorter road to 0-16.

There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties! Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!

Mr. N The BEARS Fan