Mr. N’s #SuperBowl 51 Power Poll with Random HOF Thoughts #NFL

NFL Power Rankings

1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats came out flat and played worse than I have seen them in a Super Bowl since they lost to Chicago 46-10.  No D to speak of, Brady over and under throwing and even throwing a pick 6.  Down 28-3 at one point I kept uttering an F worded what the … – it was unbelievable.  Then they got 6 and it was down 19 at the half.  Then the Second half started and the Pats played D, Brady was on fire and the avalanche slowly picked up mo coming down on the huddled Falcons.  Before the smoke cleared the Pats had it tied and went into OT and put it away.  They are the first team to play a totally crappy first half and still win.  Congrats, you are the best this year. 




2.            Atlanta Falcons (2) – The Falcons had a first half for the ages.  Superb long runs, great passes and catches, Solid pass rush, great pressure, a pick six.  The party was on and they were up 25 and the game looked over.  They looked just like they did in the regular season when they took a big lead and put on prevent.  They played prevent and then their coaches did the stupidest things ever and gave away a Super Bowl.  When Jones made that amazing catch at the 22 they were up 8.  Run three times and kick a FG and they 11-point lead is insurmountable.  They ran once, they went for a pass and took a penalty then huge sack and had to punt.  The D continued its collapse into OT and they lost.  A huge embarrassing loss that will linger next year in the hangover of hangovers.





3.            Pittsburgh Steelers –




4.            Green Bay Packers –






5.            Kansas City Chiefs –





6.            Dallas Cowboys – Their owner is in the Hall of Fame now which is kind of like having a Bank President reward himself employee of the month.





7.            Seattle Seahawks –




8.            Houston Texans –






9.            New York Giants –


10.          Oakland Raiders – So the Billionaire (no mention of his wife Mrs. Howell) pulled out of Vegas stadium and now Vegas and Oakland are up in the air.  Late info from Fox Sports Radio suggests San Diego is ready to offer the Raiders a home come 2019.





11.          Miami Dolphins – Jason Taylor is in the HOF.  I remember one statement made about Taylor during his prime ‘he was a poor man’s Junior Seau’ – that doesn’t sound like a canton endorsing description but they are letting just about anyone except T.O. in these days.





12.          Detroit Lions –  





13.          Tennessee Titans –




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers –




15.          Arizona Cardinals –



16.          Cincinnati Bengals –




17.        Indianapolis Colts –




18.          New Orleans Saints –





19.          Philadelphia Eagles –




20.          Minnesota Vikings – With Bridgewater out likely til 2018 at least this is Bradford’s team and today it seems Dallas may want AP so that is the beginning of quite a face change for this franchise.





21.          Denver Broncos –  With Terrell Davis in the HOF it is official that good players get into Canton not just great ones.




22.          New York Jets – Rex Ryan wishes them luck!





23.          Jacksonville Jaguars –





24.          Carolina Panthers –





25.          Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan uses F words to describe the Bills lol




26.          San Francisco 49ers – Kyle S now seems interested in Jimmy G from NE and not Cousins.  It is not certain if he will be able to keep track of the various Niner game plans during the season.




27.          Baltimore Ravens –




28.          Cleveland Browns –





29.          Los Angeles Chargers –




30.          Washington Redskins –




31.          Los Angeles Rams – Kurt Warner will be in the HOF as a Ram.  Proof positive you can have 2 good years and that makes you a Hall of Famer.



32.          Chicago BEARS –





There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


MR N’s #NFL #SuperBowl Power Poll‏ #NFLRankings

NFL Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots (2) – The Patriots came out with an effective plan and were able early to take full advantage of a D that didn’t seem to want to stop it.  They were stifled trying to run the ball but were able to use the pass to make a number of long drives for TDs.  The picks by Brady are telling and show that he is not the QB he was 10 or even 5 years ago.  That this team came from 10 points down and took the lead and then that their D was able to make the stop is amazing.  I give New England full credit for taking advantage of their opportunity.  They clearly wanted this game more and played hard for 60.  I think Tom Brady and Bill Belichick need to quickly announce their retirements.  Get out while on top and let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.  Don’t come back, I beg you…let this be the glorious end to two glorious careers.

2. Seattle Seahawks (1) – I said pre-game that if early on the D is just letting the Pats move the ball all over I would just sit there scratching my head.  I scratched it a lot in the game.  How can a team, who’s D has been beyond dominant most of the last 10 weeks, simply be not prepared for a Super Bowl?  I have to hope that the injuries were far more severe than we know.  That might explain the terrible effort put on by the D for most of the game.  Russell Wilson and the O did a magnificent job getting those 24 points.  Being up by 10 in the 4th quarter should have been game over.  I cannot fathom how the Seahawk D let the Pats march the field twice.  If I was Atlanta, I would think twice about hiring this D co-ordinator…they had two full weeks to prepare and it seems the D didn’t bring their A game.  Shameful.  They were the best team they just played second best today.

3. Green Bay Packers – Not sure I agree on Rodgers as MVP.  Playing QB with a sore leg makes you the MVP?

4. Indianapolis Colts

5. Dallas Cowboys – DeMarco Murray was O player of the year and gets my vote for MVP.

6. Denver Broncos

7. Carolina Panthers

8. Baltimore Ravens – early co-co fave for SuperBowl 50.  I think that should have been announced on April 1st is that has to be a joke.  They barely got into the playoffs, their QB is vastly overrated and their D has extreme issues.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Detroit Lions

11. Arizona Cardinals – Well deserved coach of the year.  The Cardinals, with a QB, could be the team that keeps Seattle out of SuperBowl 50.

12. Cincinnati Bengals

13. Houston Texans – JJ Watt was the no doubt Defensive POY.  He would have been a good MVP choice.

14. Kansas City Chiefs

15. Buffalo Bills

16. San Diego Chargers

17. Atlanta Falcons – They hired Dan Quinn, late of Seattle’s D Co-ord job as their head coach.  Good luck.  He will bring the same D to Atlanta as soon as they have the LOB.

18. Miami Dolphins

19. New York Giants

20. Oakland Raiders – Huge congrats to Tim Brown for making the HOF.  I had the pleasure of watching his whole career and this guy was a great a WR as he was a kick and punt returner.  Amazing player.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

23. San Francisco 49ers

24. New Orleans Saints

25. Minnesota Vikings

26. New York Jets

27. St. Louis Rams

28. Cleveland Browns – Johnny Manziel has gone into rehab.  Good for him.  I hope he gets the help he needs and turns his young life around.  He needs to get back in control if he wants success in living and not just the NFL.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Stupidity award goes to Warren Sapp.  Good thing he was great at football because he’s terrible at living life.  A lot of pros and ex-pros hire escorts.  To hire one and then refuse to pay and create a scene that gets you arrested? Sapp needs severe help.

30. Tennessee Titans

31. Chicago Bears

32. Washington Redskins

There you have it, as always I am happy to get any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I will be happy to accept money, preferably tens and twenties!

 MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL Super Bowl 48 Power Poll‏

seahawks SB 48 champs

1. Seattle Seahawks (1) – Well that was a dominant win in every sense of the word. Faster, stronger, more efficient. Destroyed on D, Special Teams and Offense. Looked for the world like a group of young guys beating up a team of retirement home residents. I don’t know if they can do this again, very few teams ever do it twice in a row but they can certainly relish this win. This team, with their coach, is the BEST in the NFL. They have a lot of free agent issues and contract things coming so it will be interesting to see if they can win their own tough division next year.


2. Denver Broncos (2) – Well they got schooled nationally. Peyton Manning doesn’t like the word embarrassed to be used to define their loss but if the cleat fits…The Broncos got a lot of press about their improved D in the playoffs. The simple fact is they had a D that couldn’t cover all through the season and they were lucky enough to have Manning out score whatever their D allowed. They met a D that strangled Manning and their D couldn’t cover Seattle’s not very superb WR. The Broncos can keep scoring lots and make the playoffs again but they are not capable of playing with the big boys of the NFC. If I was Manning I would walk away…he is not winning one with Denver and if they face Seattle or SF in the Super Bowl next year it will be 49-6.


There you have it! As always I love to see every thought, comment, argument or agreement! I will also accept cash, preferably tens and twenties!





3. San Francisco 49ers (2) – Came out with a great game plan and used it to effectively dominate the first half. The great play by their QB was stunted by multiple picks that he threw that cost them the game. There was a horrible incident where a member of the SF team, on the sideline, clotheslined Sea Special Teamer Jeremy Lane during a play. I am hopeful but not certain that the NFL Will hit SF with a massive fine. That sort of classless behavior cannot be allowed in the NFL.


4. New England Patriots (4) – The Pats got spanked and that is a super surprise. The biggest surprise was that you can lay the blame fully at the feet of Tom Brady. He over-through his open receivers so many times that it literally cost the NE Pat offense a chance to be competitive in this game. Never saw that coming and getting one year older isn’t going to make New England better next year.



5. Carolina Panthers (2) – Played their heart out in the first half, outnumbered by facing the 49ers and the Referees too. It is virtually a capital crime to have an incredible battle between two amazing teams ruined by horrible refs. Whatever chance this team had in this game was ended early by horribly biased bad ref calls and it is no surprise that a young team couldn’t come back from it. They will dominate next year and I can’t wait to see Carolina play SF next year and pound them pillar to post.


6. Indianapolis Colts (6) – I told Indy that they couldn’t do this again and let a team take a lead on them in a game like this. Now they have a hole to dig out of and Andrew, turnovers are GOLD. This year the Colts went one game further. They got schooled by failing to play a full 60 again. I think with some D improvements and another year of experience for Andy Luck I think they could be AFC Championship game bound next year.


7. San Diego Chargers (7) – The D did a fair job of holding Denver to only 14 in the first half. The Offensive line was horrendous letting a not great Denver pass rush Sack Rivers 3 times and totally destroy any SD passing game. They must keep holding Denver down and mount some sort of pass game or this is over now. The D played well enough to give them a shot but it was the inability of the O line to block in the first quarter that sealed it. A good effort and we will see if they can build on it next year.


8. New Orleans Saints (8) – Troubled by the rain more than wind, chippy cheapshot D makes them look bad and being shutout in the first half really defined the Road Worriers. Brees was able to use terrible referee calls and cheap shot utilizing D to get within one score but in the end the Aint D was the walking crap hole it always is and their alleged big shot Dback Keenan Lewis couldn’t even push #BeastMode out of bounds. Go slink into the offseason and figure out how to pay bigger bounties next year.


9. Green Bay Packers (9) – Terrible start on O and the D was bad between the 10’s but stout in the goal line area for the most part. They are staying in the game and if within 7 in the 4th Q they will have a shot. Green Bay gave their all and battled and battle til the very end but just couldn’t make the stops. A team who’s D was an issue all year lost because their D couldn’t make a stop. Ding Dong the Pack is dead which is happiness for a BEARS Fan.



10. Philadelphia Eagles (10) – The Eagles are shooting themselves in the foot and are keeping a dangerous Saints team in the game and that may come back to haunt them yet. Let the haunting begin. They didn’t play good enough on offense to allow for their D to play as bad as it did and win the game. Close doesn’t count and they need to get a lot better on D or they will be lucky just to be one and done in the playoffs next year (everyone else in their division is awful so they can win it).



11. Kansas City Chiefs (11) – Blew Indy away in the first half without any real dominance. They lost their best offensive weapon almost from the start and then they simply ran their offense. Not being tackled has been their secret weapon. The Chiefs gave all they had and their offense couldn’t do anymore. The D was actually shredded but to be fair it was shredded by injury first. A good effort but fell one point short.



12. Cincinnati Bengals (12) – Solid rush attack, some but not many good throws by Dalton and on and off D got them a slim lead at the half. They need to toughen up their tackling and take the opening kick of the 2nd half for 7 and that would put them on the road to the Division round. They had a shot and blew it. The Bengal D couldn’t deal with the run and Andy Dalton proved once more that turnovers are GOLD. The fumble, the multiple picks…there was nothing that they could do to overcome the turnovers. If I was Cincy I might fire both the HC and the QB and start over fresh twice. This isn’t working and their window will close sooner than they think.



13. Arizona Cardinals (8) – D was flat early but the Off came together late to make it a game but in the end they are just a team that is THAT close to playoffs. They could win their division next year. They are that good.


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (14) – Gave their all, veterans know how to perform late in the year when it is on the line. They did all they could to give themselves a shot at the playoffs. Good try. They need to get younger on D in a big way and they need to draft a new QB, Big Ben is Big Old and Battered. Need more help on O too. Rebuild time.


15. Baltimore Ravens (13) – When it came down to it, Flacco proved that turnovers are gold and he can throw picks with the worst of them. An ugly end to a pretty ugly year. They need WR help, and to try to build on what they have on hand…close but not elite by a long shot.


16. Tennessee Titans (22) – A solid performance that will hopefully put and end to the spurious talk that Munchak should be fired…he didn’t hurt Locker and that was what killed this team’s year. All they need to do now is get their QB healthy, draft solidly, add one or two players and they will be wild card at least next season.


17. Dallas Cowboys (17) – How ’bout ‘Dem Cowboys? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team in the NFC. So much fun to continue to watch Jerry Jones celebrate wildly during games he eventually loses. Smart owners celebrate after a win not after a first down. This team needs a QB, needs a RB who isn’t fragile or a fumbler, needs a WR who is a talent but not a mother beater. Their secondary is horrible. They are lucky Washington and NYG are in their division so they may yet finish 2nd again next year but out of the playoffs. Fire Garrett.


18. St. Louis Rams (15) – Shockingly undisciplined and mistake filled game. A good year of promise ends on a very sour note. They need to decide pretty quick if Bradford is their future or was he a flop. Do they give him zillions or draft a new one and kind of start fresh? They need help at WR too and another left tackle might help Bradford too.


19. Chicago BEARS (16) – Off did all it reasonably could to win the game but the D just isn’t good enough to be playoff capable. They face a ton of contract issues that could and likely will gut this team. They were good enough to be a serious playoff contender but the mass injuries destroyed their D. This may not even be a top 25 team with all the players they can’t re-sign.


20. New York Giants (24) – A sad sack Giant team that pulled out a win for the gipper and for their old coach. They must rebuild. They need a new QB to get ready behind a massively aged Eli and they need to inject talent to a horrible O line and need to add talent to the missing link of a secondary. Years away from playoffs.


21. Buffalo Bills (23) – In a veritable monsoon Buffalo tried but failed. They still need to build on their foundations and are likely 2 years away from contending but they are coming along.


22. Jacksonville Jaguars (18) – They were a team that seemed to have started their offseason before they played their last game. Never in the game. They did play .500 in the last 8 and have some talent but desperately need a franchise QB, need talent who doesn’t use drugs at WR and need lots of help on D. Years away. If they draft Manziel they will be in a media circus of crappy QB play until 2020.

23. Minnesota Vikings (28) – A gutsy last game won in their old dome. This team needs a ton of help. There are a ton of franchise-like QBs coming available and the Vikes need to draft one. They need to get WR help, they need D help, they need O line help. Oh and can your head coach would be what I would do first thing Monday am. (written Sunday night Dec 29)


24. Detroit Lions (20) – Stafford played poorly and the D quit. The self defeaters self defeated themselves again. This team needs to can their head Thug, cut some problem players, draft character, get younger on O and try again. A team that can’t win with who they have because talent with lack of discipline/maturity is no talent at all.


25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Were never able to make a stop in the first half and were so far behind they could never come back. The D was destroyed and the team needs to start fresh next year. They are talented enough to even surprise some people next year. ((that they fired their coach now may set back any hope this team has for rapid improvement especially if the new guy wants his own QB))


26. New York Jets (26) – A great game by Geno Smith for a change that saved Sexy Rexy’s job and let the season end on a positive. A team that needs to cut #Buttfumble ASAP and start to move forward.


27. Miami Dolphins (25) – FINALLY! This team of dysfunctional bully supporting, gang color wearing scumbags is put to rest. They have to cut management and players and work to bring some respect back to what used to be a classy organization. They should run Ireland out of town on a rail.

28. Atlanta Falcons (29) – I will give them credit for this, they have played great the last 2 weeks. It is a nice way to end a horribly disappointing season. They did everything but win. This is exemplary in how a team with a poor D that wins a lot will fare when facing a tougher schedule the next year. Atlanta needs to spend an offseason continuing to build a porous D and they need to get younger at WR and they need a new TE now and perhaps draft/sign a good backup QB…if Ryan gets hurt this team will go plop.


29. Cleveland Browns (27) – Never were in it, seemed like they were already starting their off season. The total team meltdown and anonymous bitch sessions post game are sad and that the organization is going to fire Chud who simply is guilty of being the face of botched organization decisions? An awful team can’t draft good players…that doesn’t happen and Cleveland is still YEARS away from contending.


30. Washington Redskins (30) – A monsoon ended any slim chance this bad team had of winning their last game. They need to gut the team and start again…not sure if anyone will be able to play on this team with Snyder treating RGIII better than the rest. Shanahan will be fired but who wants to coach there??? A team in super long term turmoil. Oh and this D is just horrid so draft D, draft D and then later DRAFT D.


31. Oakland Raiders (31) – Were blown away from the moment the game started. The D never tried and the O didn’t offer much either until it didn’t matter. This team has some talent. It needs to add more and become more disciplined. It would be a huge mistake to tear this team down. They are on the way up.


32. Houston Texans (32) – JJ Watt and pray for rain…that is the menu for the Texans. This team is loaded…with Crap. Schaub should get a small parade on the way out of town. They need help at QB, WR, RB, TE, LB and DBs…I don’t see playoffs for this team again for at least 2 seasons.


MR N’s #NFL Week before SuperBowl Random Thoughts‏

superbowl 2014

We are about 7 days from the Super Bowl which will arguably match the Best D versus the Best O. If there was one QB who could find and exploit openings in the Seahawk D it is Peyton Manning. If there is one D that can harass Peyton Manning with pressure, even knocking him down, and get him off his game…it’s the Seahawk D. Weather will be key. Clear, no precip…expect Manning to eventually overcome any obstacle. Windy and it will be a ground game.


That brings up the next interesting point…


Denver’s top RB Knowshon Moreno is a scat back who can also catch coming out of the backfield. He will present issues for Seattle but not anything they aren’t built to deal with. Marshawn Lynch is a #Beast. He is hard to stop and is simply a north south plower. The Denver D is built around fast linebackers who are the answer to fast RB’s like RunDMC on Oakland. They are not built to stop a bruising back and that could be a huge factor if weather has an impact on this game.


If I had to pick the game right now I would think Denver 20-17 but that could change as we get closer to game time. Those are my thoughts as of now!



Mr. N’s Final Power Polls for 2012

A look back at my thoughts on the 12 playoff teams of last year as their seasons ended, one week at a time.
After Super Bowl 2012
1. Baltimore Ravens (2)- Came out strong and calm and took a huge lead.  D Collapsed, then there was a late FG, a badly missed call that went in their favor and they win the Super Bowl!
2. San Francisco (1) – Terrible and undisciplined 1st half.  Strong out of the darkness, poor play calling and one missed call by the refs and down they went.  They didn’t play well enough in the first half to deserve the win.  The fault lays completely with their defense which was exposed again.  The Rep of the SF D is better than the D.
After Conference Championship Weekend 2012
3. Atlanta (3) – They showed their offensive flare in the first half and their defensive incompetence pretty much for the last 45 minutes.  They are bad, they were a terrible first seed and they are finally gone. 
4. New England (2) – Turnovers are gold.  An offense that can’t score at home in a Conference Championship game is Platinum.  They have had bad D all year and it showed it’s colours when it counted.  They didn’t deserve the SuperBowl and they didn’t get to it.
After Divisional Championship Weekend 2012
5. Seattle (2) – D was flat and played poorly.  Russ Wilson did all he could to win the game and the D did all it could to lose it.
6. Green Bay (3) – I said that if they played as poorly in the playoffs as they did in Week 17 they would go home.  They did and they are.
7. Denver (1) – D played horribly, turnovers are gold.  Undisciplined play, highly questionable decision to kneel with 31 secs left and 2 time outs in a tie game.  Ugly finish.  Went just as far with Tim Tebow at QB interestingly enough.
8. Houston (6) – Were in it for 30 minutes.  They were totally destroyed in the last 30.  They just can’t play with the big boys.
After Wild Card Weekend 2012
9. Washington (2) – Had a quick start then nothing.  D was exposed and they were overmatched, outplayed, outcoached.  Down the went.  A good season.  They need to upgrade on D and get some receivers and an O lineman or two.  That’s all!
10. Indianapolis (6) – Were steamrolled.  Luck couldn’t do it one more time.  A good year and a team that played beyond their means this season.  They will only get better.
11. Minnesota (8) – Webb being in didn’t help.  Neither did not tackling, not throwing, stopping the run game.  It was ugly and a sad way for the year to end.  They need to continue to build, this team has hope but some serious holes.
12. Cincinnati (10) – Never showed up.  Played scared.  Poor play calls, bad clock management.  Bye.  A team that struggles with itself more than it’s opponents and they need to figure that out.

Training Camp Starts Tomorrow

Back to Football blue
It’s the Sunday afternoon before Football training camp!  The NFL kicks off the regular season in about 6 weeks!
There has been lots of talk about Baltimore’s chances of repeating.  This seems highly doubtful to me. (I will speak of that in great detail in my preseason power poll).  They had lightning in a bottle last year.  Unless they can get another Ray Lewis to inspire them with his retirement run it is unlikely this denuded of talent team has the ability to win it’s division let alone another Super Bowl.  Thoughts?