Mr. N’s #SuperBowl 51 Power Poll with Random HOF Thoughts #NFL

NFL Power Rankings

1.            New England Patriots (1) – The Pats came out flat and played worse than I have seen them in a Super Bowl since they lost to Chicago 46-10.  No D to speak of, Brady over and under throwing and even throwing a pick 6.  Down 28-3 at one point I kept uttering an F worded what the … – it was unbelievable.  Then they got 6 and it was down 19 at the half.  Then the Second half started and the Pats played D, Brady was on fire and the avalanche slowly picked up mo coming down on the huddled Falcons.  Before the smoke cleared the Pats had it tied and went into OT and put it away.  They are the first team to play a totally crappy first half and still win.  Congrats, you are the best this year. 




2.            Atlanta Falcons (2) – The Falcons had a first half for the ages.  Superb long runs, great passes and catches, Solid pass rush, great pressure, a pick six.  The party was on and they were up 25 and the game looked over.  They looked just like they did in the regular season when they took a big lead and put on prevent.  They played prevent and then their coaches did the stupidest things ever and gave away a Super Bowl.  When Jones made that amazing catch at the 22 they were up 8.  Run three times and kick a FG and they 11-point lead is insurmountable.  They ran once, they went for a pass and took a penalty then huge sack and had to punt.  The D continued its collapse into OT and they lost.  A huge embarrassing loss that will linger next year in the hangover of hangovers.





3.            Pittsburgh Steelers –




4.            Green Bay Packers –






5.            Kansas City Chiefs –





6.            Dallas Cowboys – Their owner is in the Hall of Fame now which is kind of like having a Bank President reward himself employee of the month.





7.            Seattle Seahawks –




8.            Houston Texans –






9.            New York Giants –


10.          Oakland Raiders – So the Billionaire (no mention of his wife Mrs. Howell) pulled out of Vegas stadium and now Vegas and Oakland are up in the air.  Late info from Fox Sports Radio suggests San Diego is ready to offer the Raiders a home come 2019.





11.          Miami Dolphins – Jason Taylor is in the HOF.  I remember one statement made about Taylor during his prime ‘he was a poor man’s Junior Seau’ – that doesn’t sound like a canton endorsing description but they are letting just about anyone except T.O. in these days.





12.          Detroit Lions –  





13.          Tennessee Titans –




14.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers –




15.          Arizona Cardinals –



16.          Cincinnati Bengals –




17.        Indianapolis Colts –




18.          New Orleans Saints –





19.          Philadelphia Eagles –




20.          Minnesota Vikings – With Bridgewater out likely til 2018 at least this is Bradford’s team and today it seems Dallas may want AP so that is the beginning of quite a face change for this franchise.





21.          Denver Broncos –  With Terrell Davis in the HOF it is official that good players get into Canton not just great ones.




22.          New York Jets – Rex Ryan wishes them luck!





23.          Jacksonville Jaguars –





24.          Carolina Panthers –





25.          Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan uses F words to describe the Bills lol




26.          San Francisco 49ers – Kyle S now seems interested in Jimmy G from NE and not Cousins.  It is not certain if he will be able to keep track of the various Niner game plans during the season.




27.          Baltimore Ravens –




28.          Cleveland Browns –





29.          Los Angeles Chargers –




30.          Washington Redskins –




31.          Los Angeles Rams – Kurt Warner will be in the HOF as a Ram.  Proof positive you can have 2 good years and that makes you a Hall of Famer.



32.          Chicago BEARS –





There you have it, as always I would love it if someone just reads all the way through my ramblings and also will accept money, preferably tens and twenties!  Any thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements are always welcome!


Mr. N The BEARS Fan


MR N’s #NFL #Superbowl Weekend Power Poll #SB50 #Superbowl50

 NFL Power Rankings

1.              Denver Broncos (2) – The Broncos came out with a solid game plan and executed it to a tee.  They relied on D and got a lot of help from Carolina mistakes and Ref decisions.  The offense was beyond putrid but the D was able to get the job done.  They won one for Pat and for Peyton and the next person who says they can repeat is the stand up comedian of the year.  A team that finished first because of their win but I tell you this team is in no way the best in the NFL.

2.              Carolina Panthers (1) – The Panthers came out nervous.  Caaaaaam missed at least 3 wide open receivers for what would have been long gains or tds.  There was a challenge that the NFL got wrong and ruled not a catch and that changed the game completely and took away what would have been a Panther lead in the 1stquarter.  For all the over throws, penalties and turnovers the Panthers deserved to lose.  They were the worst team today.  I would love to see the Panther effort that they used against Arizona –  play against the Broncos.  I see them as the huge fave for the Super Bowl in 2016.  A bad loss for a great team.

3.                Arizona Cardinals.

3a.            New England Patriots.

4.            Kansas City Chiefs.

5.            Green Bay Packers.

6.            Pittsburgh Steelers.

7.            Seattle Seahawks.

8.            Minnesota Vikings.

9.          Washington Redskins.

10.          Cincinnati Bengals.

11.          Houston Texans.

12.          New York Jets.

13.          Indianapolis Colts.

14.          Detroit Lions.

15.          Buffalo Bills – LeSean McCoy offseason training is beating 2 off duty cops nearly to death with a champagne bottle.  Methinks he is in a load of trouble once he is arrested.

16.          Philadelphia Eagles.

17.          New Orleans Saints

18.          Miami Dolphins.

19.          Oakland Raiders.

20.          New York Giants.

21.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

22.          Jacksonville Jaguars.

23.          San Diego Chargers.

24.          Baltimore Ravens.

25.          Atlanta Falcons.

26.          Los Angeles Rams.

27.          San Francisco.

28.          Chicago BEARS.

29.          Cleveland Browns – Evidently they covered for Manziel when he showed up drunk at practice.  The fine for the Browns should be huge for this horrific behavior..

30.          Tennessee Titans.

31.          Dallas Cowboys.

As always, I love all thoughts, comments, arguments or agreements.  I appreciate someone reading my views.  I would also offer my analysis work to ESPN as some of theirs need help or I will take cash, preferably tens and twenties!

MR N the BEARS Fan

MR N’s #NFL Week before SuperBowl Random Thoughts‏

superbowl 2014

We are about 7 days from the Super Bowl which will arguably match the Best D versus the Best O. If there was one QB who could find and exploit openings in the Seahawk D it is Peyton Manning. If there is one D that can harass Peyton Manning with pressure, even knocking him down, and get him off his game…it’s the Seahawk D. Weather will be key. Clear, no precip…expect Manning to eventually overcome any obstacle. Windy and it will be a ground game.


That brings up the next interesting point…


Denver’s top RB Knowshon Moreno is a scat back who can also catch coming out of the backfield. He will present issues for Seattle but not anything they aren’t built to deal with. Marshawn Lynch is a #Beast. He is hard to stop and is simply a north south plower. The Denver D is built around fast linebackers who are the answer to fast RB’s like RunDMC on Oakland. They are not built to stop a bruising back and that could be a huge factor if weather has an impact on this game.


If I had to pick the game right now I would think Denver 20-17 but that could change as we get closer to game time. Those are my thoughts as of now!